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You'll learn our top strategies to improve your career, confidence, lifestyle from us and other crazy successful seasoned consultants in IT and Management. Engage in the conversation as we discuss everything that brought us longevity and success over the years in the consulting industry.

You'll learn our top strategies to improve your career, confidence, lifestyle from us and other crazy successful seasoned consultants in IT and Management. Engage in the conversation as we discuss everything that brought us longevity and success over the years in the consulting industry.


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You'll learn our top strategies to improve your career, confidence, lifestyle from us and other crazy successful seasoned consultants in IT and Management. Engage in the conversation as we discuss everything that brought us longevity and success over the years in the consulting industry.






180 | How Do We Identify Ourselves

In this episode, Andy shares the experiences that made him think about how we need to be aware and make sure that our past experiences, especially the negative ones, are not how we identify ourselves. We need to bring the good things that serve us forward. So, tune in now and know how to avoid slipping back to the negative experiences in the past that may lead us to identify ourselves through it. Quotes: “We Also Want To Be Very Aware Of… How We Identify Ourselves.” “Make Sure That...


179 | Why It's Important To Respect Other's Work & Service

In this episode, Andy speaks about the importance of respecting others’ work and service. We need to be responsible and frugal with our money and resources but there is a balance we need to recognize where we also need to acknowledge the value of the product or service we want to have and pay for it accordingly. Take a quick break, listen in, and learn why it’s important to respect others’ work and service. Quotes: “The Universe Is Really A Reflection Of Ourselves. So, If We're...


178 | The Constant Impacts of Time Management

In this episode, Cat and Andy talk about time management and what it looks like especially with the self-employed. They established the importance of having non-negotiables for the present and for your future. Tune in now and know the top 3 things you can do to level up your time management skills and become more effective in reaching your professional and personal goals. Quotes: “There are The Non-Negotiables That Are Today, The Things That We're Doing, Current State, But There Are...


177 | Using Tech To Access and Improve Communication

In this episode, we have Cat and Andy discuss the use of technology to help improve our communication skills. They talked about how our time has made more room for authenticity, but we still need to have it according to our role. Listen in now and learn three things you can immediately do to improve your communication. Quotes: “It's okay to show vulnerability in your speech, it just has to come from a place of authenticity.” “Watch the conversations we have in our private...


176 | Learning Based On Ability to Admit We May Be Wrong

In this episode, Andy shares his experience where he had to learn to go back and validate his past assumption and acknowledge the value of fixing the facts gathered. He explains why we tend to avoid this especially in consulting and in business and showed its importance and the value it can add to your service and to the business. So, give this episode a listen and practice it as you seek to always improve your skill and service. Quotes: “There's a cost to not validating our...


175 | Our Intentions Are Not Always Conscious To Us

In this episode, we are with Andy as he talks about intentions and how they are not always conscious to us. Listen in now and learn how to look into your intentions and apply strategies that develop yourself to your full potential. Quotes: “Interestingly Enough, Intent Is Not Always Conscious To Us, But It Is Made Visible Through Our Behavior.” “We Will Never Fully Meet Our Full Potential Without Mature Intentionality Towards External Contribution.” “How We Define The Community We...


174 | Looking for Big Problems

In this episode, Andy explains how big enough problems can fuel consultants and keep them going. Know the power questions to ask yourself and identify if you are set for the next big challenge, so tune in now and learn how to take the next step that will keep you going. Quotes: “We Should Be Challenged Enough That We're Tired. We Shouldn't Be Exhausted.” “When You Go To Live Out Your Consulting Career, You're Gonna Go Through All Kinds Of Ebbs And Flows. You're Gonna Have Peaks And...


173 | Battle the Elements Not Each Other

In this episode, we have andy share insights on elements we, as human beings, face and how important it is to recognize that in the challenges that we experience, we need to battle the elements and not each other. He also points out that in times where elements are being dealt with by technology or other enhancements, it is important to think of productive ways to use our available time instead of creating other conflicts with each other. Click play now and listen to this episode’s nuggets...


172 | How to Deal with Defiance

In this episode, Andy shares tips on dealing with defiant people. We all need a little bit of defiance to keep us pushing for what we aim for but knowing how to deal with solid defiance that goes against what you think is best for the situation is vital to be able to manage the relationships involved and to protect yourself as well. So, listen in now and learn these helpful tips. Quotes: “We All Have To Have A Little Bit Of Defiance In Us To Really Achieve Anything Significant In Our...


171 | What Goes Around Comes Around

In this episode, we have Andy discuss how building relationships with relevant connections brings opportunities and growth. He explains what you can do to build these relationships especially when you are in a position of strength and not only when you need to build it because of lack. Tune in now and gain practical tips that you can do to effectively build your network. Quotes: “It's An Important Thing That We Are Constantly Building Relationships Because This Is Really A...


170 | Why Commenting Doesn't Always Add To The Conversation

In this episode, we are with Andy sharing about the importance of learning to hold back comments that do not add to the conversation. He talks about some reasons why people tend to give opinions even on things they may not fully understand. Listen in now and learn insights on how we can avoid getting into this situation and enjoy the results it brings to us as a professional and as a person. Quotes: “Even If We Are An Authority On The Topic, There Is Always Information That We're...


169 | Non Traditional Path To Consulting

In this episode, we have Andy talk about the two paths people take to consulting. He expounds on the traditional and non-traditional ways people get into consulting and emphasizes that both belong and need each other in the team. He also encourages those that start out through the non-traditional path to not be afraid to step out and continue in their consulting journey. So, click that play and listen in now! Quotes: “Somebody Who's Done It Already Has An Advantage Over Somebody Who...


168 | The Importance of Recognizing Others Accomplishments

In this episode, Andy shares how it benefits us when we recognize others’ accomplishments, especially in our competitions. He explains how different opportunities may open up and ideas or helpful insights come to us when we learn to recognize and accept other people and their success. Tune in now and understand why recognizing others’ accomplishments is critical. Quotes: “It's Very Important That We Recognize Other People And Their Success.” “The Competition Is There To Make Us...


167 | What Are The Knowns & Why Are They Important

In this episode, Andy talked about the concept of knowns. Listen now so you will have to learn a concept that actually came out of project management which may also be a help for you especially when it comes to planning and just being able to predict and anticipate things. Quotes: “So to plan for something that is not going to happen is really silly” “We need to have a plan in place for things that we are aware of that have happened and it may not have happened to us. But it may have...


166 | What I Learned From Living with a Troll

In this episode, Andy expounds on what a troll is and how it is showing up in our lives and affect us and sometimes others. Tune in now and you will learn practical tips on what you can do to effectively deal with situations where this troll shows up so you can move on to the next levels of growth in your life. Quotes: “The Troll Is Most Afraid Of Our Own Success… Because If We Succeed, Then The Trolls' Deficiencies Are More Apparent, It's More Recognizable.” Show Notes: (00:00) Podcast...


165 | How Cooperators Gain an Advantage

In this episode, Andy talked about how they cooperate with other individuals. Listen now so you will have to learn the various ways of cooperating with other people that may help you in so many things in life including your growth as a person. Quotes: “If we only operate our lives in a world where I help you, and the only help I get is from you, then I'm pretty dependent on you” “I just really encourage you to cooperate with others as best you can and find opportunities to...


164 | Why Have To May Be More Important Than Want To

In this episode, Andy talked about having to over want to. Things that you have no choice but to make it work. Listen on now as you will gain knowledge about a lot of things and how to make things work, focus and develop as well as how it is unique to each person. Quotes: “I don't think survival is a purpose, I think survival is a necessity” “Formal education is an important part. But we need to live with some level of skill that the marketplace in the world wants, there are people who...


163 | What I Learned From Changing A Tire

In this episode, Andy shared the benefit of doing things you don’t usually do or things the first time. Listen on now and you will learn as he expounds on what it does to you personally and how it fosters growth and development not only to your skills but your personal growth as well. Quotes: “Once You Get Through To Do That Task, Even Though It's Very Straightforward For Some People, You Feel Good About Yourself, You Learn One More Thing. It's Something That Builds On Our Confidence...


162 | Make The Initial Call - Multiple Times

In this episode, Andy shared the significance of making that initial call. He talked about Alex Anthopoulos of Atlanta Braves and how making that initial call set his path to the success he has now. Andy also gave tips on how to make that first call effective. So, tune in now and be encouraged to take that first step towards your goal. Quotes: “We Have To Continue To Make Those Calls.” “One Of The Things That Prevent People From Really Achieving Great Success Is That They Don't...


161 | Three Degrees of Separation With Networking

In this episode, we have Andy and Cat share with us how the market is opening up widely for consulting and the significance of connecting and building your network. You will also learn practical ways on how to connect and build relationships that will develop a healthy network that leads to growth and opportunities. So, click the play button and listen in now! Quotes: “Giving People Endorsements Is Probably One Of The Most Valuable Things That You Can Do On Linkedin.” “My...