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67 | Being an Effective Specialist

In this episode, Cat is going to talk with us about how to be an effective specialist. As a specialist, there is an easy tendency of being very compartmentalized and shut out anything that is not that much connected to our specialty. However, this leads to a career downfall in the long run. Let’s join Cat and listen to this episode now and learn more about being a “Relative Specialist” and how this will greatly benefit your career. Quotes: “You Need To Know How Your Expertise...


66 | Self Improvement Landmines

In this episode, Andy is going to share about some setbacks that may happen as we are improving ourselves. We need to be aware of these to be able to understand the process we are going through and for us be prepared on what to do when these things happen. Let’s join Andy and tune in now to know more about these “landmines” to be able to avoid major setbacks and be on a successful self-improving journey. Quotes: “We’re not perfect, we’re going to have things that set us back a...


65 | Are You A Great Leader For Yourself

In this episode, Andy answers the question, “How to become a better leader?” There are a lot of things to look into when it comes to leadership. Today, Andy will share one key point that will get you to a starting point or further advance you in your leadership development journey. Tune in now and learn more about this. Quotes: “To Be A Great Leader We Need To Be Able To Lead Ourselves, We Need To Overcome Any Resistance Or Distractions.” Show Notes: (00:00) Podcast...


64 | Who Is Responsible for Your Development

In this episode, Cat and Andy are sharing great principles about self-development. People don’t just automatically get to their ideal place without any conscious effort to take the steps to get to the place of success. Let Cat and Andy shed light on this important matter, as it would help you achieve the goals and dreams you have for your career, as well for yourself personally. Tune in now and understand the importance of self-development and be the best version of...


63 |How Understanding Is Impacted by Language and Communication Mode

In this episode, we are discussing about how important our language skills are in communicating. There are more aspects in communication than just words, and some aspects give more value to communication than the words itself. Cath and Andy are sharing some insights about this. Go ahead and listen to this episode now and learn how to improve your language skills to better cater the needs of your clients and cultivate good communication that will be very helpful as we relate to different...


62 | If You Don't Do This One Thing, You'll Never Get There

In this episode, Cat and Andy are discussing about the key thing to do to actually make your plan succeed. No matter how you plan for the future, if you fail to assess where you are currently at, it will not have a good direction resulting to mediocre results and some wasted effort and resources. So come on and listen to this episode now and let’s understand the importance of self assessment and learn how to do it. Quotes: “If you are not identifying where you are at the...


61 | Removing Options That Create Distractions

In this episode, Andy is sharing about some helpful insights about things that may take our focus away from the tasks or goals that need to be done. In our time today, almost everything are conveniently available to us and this is why we need to thoughtfully watch ourselves and make sure that we are not choosing things that are luring us away from those that we need to focus on. Tune in and listen to this episode now and learn tips on how to take more control of your valuable...


60 | How to Get the Most Out of Reading

In this episode, Andy talks about the tremendous value in reading. He shares some insights and tips on how to get the most out of the book you are reading. Being able to gain knowledge about something is the beginning of wisdom that you can definitely use along the journey of success. So let’s join Andy and listen to this episode now and be encouraged in picking up that book that just might have the treasure of knowledge that you have been searching for. Quotes: “Books In...


59 |Is Starting Your Business in I.T. Really as Easy as a Checklist

In this episode, Cath and Andy are sharing some very good points about how important it is to be prepared and get all the information you need as you are starting you I.T. business. Starting up does have a lot of hurdles and struggles that you may go through but you can definitely avoid most of it and speed up your growth if get to start with some essential information to help you along the way. Listen to this podcast now and let Cath and Andy show you how to start and grow your...


58 | Productivity talk with Alexis Haselberger

In this episode, Andy is with productivity expert, Alexis Haselberger, and they are talking about the challenges people face with productivity, some common pitfalls that people run into with productivity tools, and some simple tips you can put into place to be productive. Being busy does not always translate to having accomplished something. It is good to know what to do to be able to actually accomplish what we set to achieve and actually moving towards our goal. Join us now and...


57 | How to 10x the Value of Your Most Valuable Asset

In this episode, Cat and Andy are talking about how to boost the value of your most valuable asset. In life’s journey, it is important to know what are the things you need to focus on to be able to achieve success, and make sure you keep going. So what are you waiting for? Tune in now and listen to this episode and be encouraged as you continue on the path of fulfillment. Quotes: “Push Yourself To Edge Of The Envelope And The More You Push, The Larger Your Envelope Is Going To...


56 | What's the Consequence of How you Think

In this episode, Cat and Andy are talking about the impact of consequences. In every decision we make, whether to stay in a company or go out on our own, there is always an outcome to that. For sure, you want to be able to make the best decision you can now to get to where you really want to be. Come on and tune in now and be encouraged to take that step that leads to success! Quotes: “There’s An Opportunity Cost With Everything That We Do.” “We Have To Make Our Own...


55 | The One Key to Success to Beat Anyone Better than You

In this episode Cat and Andy are going to talk about how to get ahead of smart and experienced people. If you want to be successful and be ahead others Cat and Andy tells us that the key to this is preparation. You need to organize your thoughts and make a to-do list to be more productive and not to forget the things you need to get done more effectively and efficiently. So come on and listen to get a head start and be successful on your endeavors. Quotes: “The Key To Success Is To...


54 | The Difference Between The Most Successful Entrepreneurs... And The Rest Of Us

What separates the most successful entrepreneurs from the rest of us? In this episode, Cath and Andy talk about what drives an entrepreneur to be successful and what makes them different from the rest of us. What fuels them and what traits do we need to learn from them. Cath and Andy give us hints and tips on what attitudes we should have to become successful entrepreneurs. So what are we waiting for? Let’s listen to this latest episode as this will help us through the journey of...


53 | Turning Ideas Into Innovation

In this episode, Cath and Andy are going to talk about turning ideas into innovation. They are going to give us some insights on what we can do with our ideas and how we can make those ideas happen. It is useless to have an idea if you don’t act and implement it. The most important thing that Cath and Andy said is that we should use our ideas to make the world a better place. So come on and listen to how we can apply our ideas and make it into fruition. Quotes: “Inspiration comes...


52 | Feeling the Fear and Doing It Anyway

In this episode Cath And Andy are going to talk about the fears that entrepreneurs go through and what we could do to face our fears. They are going in depth on the kind of fears that people go through, what influences our fears and what we should do to overcome our fears. They will also be talking about on the kind of mindset we should have in facing our fears to be successful entrepreneurs. So what are you waiting for? Let’s face our fears and listen to this podcast...


51 | Financial Techniques for Consultants

In this episode Cat interviews Sam Cellilni on different methods for consultants to use financial tools to improve their financial situation. This is a discussion on building long term wealth from your hard earned skills.


50 | What's Love Got To Do With It

In this episode Cat and Andy discuss something that is almost never talked about in the world of IT. This can improve your results and greatly improve your career.


49 | The Biggest Thing That Holds You Back From Starting a Venture

In this episode Cat and Andy discuss the biggest thing that holds consultants back from starting their own venture. This one thing is something that all consultants experience. Those that get through it can start their venture. Those that don't are usually stuck where they are at.


48 | Do You Have the Wrong Idea of Competition

In this episode we discuss how many consultants carry through an immature view of competition of their youth. We discuss how changing your view of competition causes more accountability and puts you in the driver's seat for your success.