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50 | What's Love Got To Do With It

In this episode Cat and Andy discuss something that is almost never talked about in the world of IT. This can improve your results and greatly improve your career.


49 | The Biggest Thing That Holds You Back From Starting a Venture

In this episode Cat and Andy discuss the biggest thing that holds consultants back from starting their own venture. This one thing is something that all consultants experience. Those that get through it can start their venture. Those that don't are usually stuck where they are at.


48 | Do You Have the Wrong Idea of Competition

In this episode we discuss how many consultants carry through an immature view of competition of their youth. We discuss how changing your view of competition causes more accountability and puts you in the driver's seat for your success.


47 | Three Simple Approaches to Problem Solving a Process

In this episode we discuss how to problem solve a process. This systematic approach to solving a problem that occurs in a process will help you solve problems quicker and have a method to prove out your results. Many people are guessing when trying to problem solve but these approaches will help you every time a process fails.


46 | I Don't Have Enough Money to Not Work

In this episode Cat and Andy discuss the fact that many people who want to go on their own and start their own venture are stuck with the worry that they don't know what do to bridge the earning gap between employment and self-employment. Many think they must quit their current job before beginning out on their own. Cat and Andy discuss this myth and much more on venturing out on your own.


45 | 5 Step Blueprint to Becoming Self-Employed in IT

Andy and Cat conduct a master class that reveals the 5 things successful IT consultants have in common, and what everyone else misses. If you think you have what it takes to become self-employed, then plug in and see how you measure up in each of these steps. In this episode, we discuss:


44 | Three Directions of Fear

In this episode we discuss in more detail on fear plays its role after the epiphany or the aha moment. We talk about: - the three directions that fear will drive someone - why it's important to get out of Dreamland - how you can use fear to direct you to your goals


43 | The Aha Moment

How many times have you heard about that 'Eureka' moment.. or the 'Aha' moment? Really it means more than you think. And when you think about it, the root of the motivation is surprisingly different than you think. In this episode, we discuss:


42 | Compound Interest of Learning

In this episode Andy discusses Compound Interest of Learning. He explains the concept of Compound Interest of Learning and how applying small lessons will improve your life immensely. He also discusses how using this one approach can help you complete 30 to 35 books per year allowing you to be exposed to hundreds of lessons to improve your life and career.


41 | 7 Steps of Dealing When Your Expectations Are Not Met

In this episode we discuss 7 steps to dealing with when your expectations are not met and disappointment strikes. in Episode 39 we discuss how to prepare for disappointment but in this episode we talk about about what you can do when you are disappointed and your expectations are not met. Successfully dealing with disappointment and missed expectations is one skill that successful people have. They are able to move through disappointment. Here are 7 steps to helping you move through this.


40 | Who Needs Connections? How Important are they Anyway?

Connections has had somewhat of a bad rep over the years. Sure we all know deep down that they are important, but many times, we feel guilty about capitalizing on them. We seem to confuse it with nepotism. Yet they are fundamentally opposite of each other. In this solo round, we're going to dive into:


39 | 7 Things You Can Do To Prepare Before Disappointment Strikes

Dealing with disappointment is a skill that all successful people have. In this episode we talk about 7 things that you can do ahead of time that will better prepare yourself for when disappointment happens. All human beings experience disappointment and it is unavoidable. It is how we deal with it or prepare to deal with it that can separate us from others. We discuss: -why dealing with disappointment is important -7 things you can do to prepare - one thing that you can do that will...


38 | 7 Things You Can Do When You've Been Wronged

In this episode Andy identifies 7 steps that you can use when someone does something to upset you. He uses an example of when he unknowingly cut in line in the airport and upset another person. He'll provide the 7 steps as well as something that you can use to make yourself feel more powerful when someone does something to upset you.


37 | Using LinkedIn Effectively

In this episode Andy interviews Tracy Enos. Tracy is the author of the best selling book LinkedIn Publishing to Profits. Tracy shares with us tips and techniques to better use LinkedIn to show our strengths, generate business and use the tool to effectively generate more income.


36 | How Your Career Will Benefit From Writing Content

In this episode Andy discusses how writing can help improve your career. He discusses the fact that most people suffer from obscurity and that writing can help you be better known in your industry. He discusses: - a three (3) step process to writing - an approach to writing articles - one step that is the most difficult in the writing process


35 | Let Resistance Be Your Guide

In this episode Andy discusses Resistance. Resistance is something everyone faces however it can be something that we can use to our advantage. In this episode we cover: - A book everyone should listen in regards to dealing with resistance - 7 way of dealing with resistance - How smoke is to fire as resistance is to your success


34 | Springboard Your Career with Networking

In this episode Cat and Andy discuss some ways to network. They explain often our resistance to initiating contact with someone new reverts back to our childhood. They discuss: - methods of networking at conferences - ways to prepare for meeting the right people while at conferences - tips of dealing with anxiety when in a room with new people Andy tells the story of Atlanta Braves baseball GM Alex Anthopoulos and how his baseball career started with one simple but stressful call to the...


33 | Who Needs Education? The Real Deal to How it Affects Your Career

What's the real deal about education anyway? Back in the day, it was so very special to have, but today... everyone and their dog has a degree. In this episode we’re going to take a dive into: - How instrumental your life’s learning to your life’s accomplishments - Where we develop the skills that are crucial to our success, and what those are. - How there’s no such thing as one perfect environment. But more importantly how we figure this out, and how we can piece together the perfect...


32 | How Can IT Consultants Generate Passive Income

Passive income is discussed often today in business circles especially when it comes to self employed individuals. Also the development of Specialized Skills is encouraged by most however few people provide a clear framework on what this means. In this Episode Cat and Andy discuss Passive Income as well as General and Specialized Skills. They will discuss: -their definition of Passive Income - ways of developing Passive Income for consultants - benefits of developing strong general...


31 | Dealing with Cash Flow and Invoicing

In this episode Cat and Andy discuss Cash Flow and Invoicing techniques. Invoicing is one of the necessary tasks of being an independent consultant. Also managing cash flow effectively reduces stress and puts you in a position to better manage your personal and business finances. This will help you setup procedures to -be paid sooner - know how much money you will need when you go on your own - various items to be aware of before you choose to go on your own