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A podcast covering business, sports, and entertainment from a POC perspective.

A podcast covering business, sports, and entertainment from a POC perspective.


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A podcast covering business, sports, and entertainment from a POC perspective.






Up in Smoke? The Story Behind Recreational Marijuana Legalization in New Mexico with Rep. Javier Martinez



The Rio Grande Sound with Drew Newman & Kenny Riley

It all started with a feeling. Long-time music engineer Kenny Riley and musician/entrepreneur Drew Newman met by chance while Drew was in the Albuquerque area and immediately knew that they would one day work together. At the time, Drew was playing with an LA-based band and Kenny was working as an engineer on various local […]


The Founder’s Mind with Adam Mutschler and Dr. Frank

Anyone that has ever started a business will tell you that it’s an emotional roller coaster. Invariably, you will ask yourself if you have what it takes to run a successful business and will question whether or not your product or service is viable. In this episode, Charles invited Adam Mutschler and Dr. Frank to […]


EdTalk with Amanda Aragon

Working in the private sector, Amanda Aragon knew that New Mexico as a state performed poorly when it came to educational outcomes for its children. She was working for a Farmington-based oil and gas company at the time doing corporate philanthropy work that touched on education, but she had a drive and a passion to […]


March Madness with A.J. Bramlett

After moving from Chicago to Albuquerque at age 5, A.J. Bramlett quickly developed a love for basketball. That love for the game would eventually lead him to a state championship with La Cueva High School and a national championship with the Arizona Wildcats. In this episode, A.J. talks about being mentored by legendary coach Lute […]


The Reluctant Entrepreneur: A Conversation with Ayanna Freeman

Sometimes businesses happen by necessity. Sometimes they happen by chance. In the case of Ayanna Freeman, it was a combination of both. Tired of western approaches to treating ongoing allergy issues, Ayanna began to study the human body and how it worked. At the time, she was designing clothing for Dillard’s and enjoying the comforts […]


Never Really Said: Ryan Montaño

His genre-spanning sound can be heard on the country influenced single Never Really Said and the John Mayer inspired Honey Girl. He is a staple on contemporary jazz stations across the country and is headlining jazz clubs and jazz festivals throughout the U.S.


Laying Down the Law with Shammara Henderson

Sitting in her grade school classroom, Shammara Henderson recalls her teacher playing the O.J. Simpson trial on the old school, box TV that was the best technology at the time. As most young people do, Shammara would dream. Her dream was to be a professional ballet dancer. But, watching legendary defense lawyer Johnnie Cochran in action would change her life trajectory forever. Henderson practices law at Freedman Boyd Hollander Goldberg Urias & Ward, P.A. and is on the short list of...


One More Silver Dollar: Marc Quiñones

At age 9, Marc Qui?ones was introduced by a family friend to salsa legend Tito Puente. Along with long-time collaborator Bobby Allende, Marc was seen as somewhat of a child prodigy in New York salsa circles. Qui?ones comes from an impressive lineage of musicians, including father Tony, late uncle Rafael, and younger brother Camilo. The […]


Próspero: Creating Opportunities for BYMOC

What are the possibilities when community-based organizations have the space to be creative and innovative with funding? In this episode of Portraits in Color, you will hear about an interesting collaboration between city government, philanthropy, and nonprofits that create economic opportunities for boys and young men of color (BYMOC). Pr?spero represents a unique approach to […]


Burque’s Rude Boy: Michael Silva

After being fired from a job he loved, Michael Silva was faced with a tough decision�go back and take his chances in a struggling, post-recession job market or pursue his dream to be an entrepreneur. He chose the latter. Michael has built businesses that combine his love for music, affection for his home of Albuquerque, […]


The Power of Mentorship: Mentor Me

Mentor Me is a powerful collaborative of grantees, funded by the Albuquerque Community Foundation that pairs young men of color with adult mentors to build healthy relationships, learn valuable leadership skills, and become leaders in their communities. Its origins are rooted in a national movement, spearheaded by President Obama, in response to the tragic murder […]


The Beautiful Mind with Erica Davis Crump

In this episode, Erica Davis Crump sheds light on mental health awareness and the stigma around mental health that exists in the African American community. When Erica experienced issues of anxiety and depression as a child and young adult, these issues were often dismissed and even ignored by family members. She has dedicated her life […]


Mass Incarceration in America: Isaac Bryan

Since the Reagan-era ‘War on Drugs,’ which expanded Nixon-era policies, our nation has seen a dramatic increase in the prison population. Despite increasing evidence that large-scale incarceration is not an effective means of achieving public safety, our nation continues to “cage” men and women of color at disproportionate rates. The problem has now extended to […]


Tech Talk with Alonso Indacochea

Alonso Indacochea shares his unlikely path to entrepreneurship. With a story that plays out like an episode of HBO�s Silicon Valley, Alonso discusses the journey from coding bootcamp, to starting a business, to eventually selling his business. This episode has some great nuggets of wisdom for those seeking to start a business of any kind. […]


Being Image: Andrew Garrison

We live in a world where we constantly seek affirmation, whether in the form of “likes” on social media, or through our relationships. Andrew Garrison, author of the award winning book, Being Image stopped by the studio to share simple exercises to claim your authentic being and remove the distractions in our lives to enter […]


Imma Star with Carlos Contreras

In episode 8, Carlos Contreras stops by the studio to discuss the One Albuquerque campaign, the hustle of a creative entrepreneur, and the daily discoveries raising a 4-year old creative. Carlos is the Marketing and Innovation Director for the City of Albuquerque, working in the Mayor�s Office. He also runs an independent production company, Imma […]


The Funky Drummer with Dr. Frank

In episode 7, Dr. Frank moves from the producers chair to the �hot seat� to discuss his musical career with Charles. Starting out as an 8 year old sax player, Dr. Frank talks about growing up in a musical family, how he got his first big break in music, how Soul Divine was almost �Velvet […]


Open for Business with Annemarie Henton

In episode 6, Charles catches up with Annemarie Henton, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for Albuquerque Economic Development. They discuss bringing major players to Albuquerque, including Facebook and Netflix, the power of mentorship, and why you should choose Albuquerque over Silicon Valley or Hollywood. Charles and Dr. Frank also discuss the G.O.A.T.�right now� […]