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The B2B Digital Marketer podcast is about the innovative and new digital marketing methods to build brands and capture more leads for small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and startups trying to sell to other companies while debunking the hype and deleting the dreary. Join in to meet some of the brightest B2B digital marketing minds in the world.


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The B2B Digital Marketer podcast is about the innovative and new digital marketing methods to build brands and capture more leads for small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and startups trying to sell to other companies while debunking the hype and deleting the dreary. Join in to meet some of the brightest B2B digital marketing minds in the world.






461 Preston Brown - The 6 Returns You Expect in Your Business

The success of a business is a shared interest for employees, entrepreneurs, and CEOs alike - a positive return on their investments and efforts. However, the demands of running a business can sometimes cause us to lose sight of the key factors that contribute to success. In this episode, we explore the 6 crucial returns that serve as markers of business success. Our expert guest, Preston Brown, shares his valuable insights and lessons learned on his own journey to success. He'll reveal the...


460 Gary Geiman - Your Secret Roadblocks to Business Growth

Having trouble finding solutions to business problems is a common experience among entrepreneurs and business owners. Sometimes, it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture or the obvious solutions that are right in front of us. This is because we get so focused on what we are trying to accomplish. However, most of the time, the answers are right in front of us. It is helpful to have someone assist us in seeing them. Consider it like cleaning a dirty window. Having grime and dirt on it...


459 Todd Caponi - Wildly Successful Sales Leader Playbook

​​In today's fast-paced and constantly evolving business world, it's essential to regularly reevaluate and update our marketing and sales strategies. That includes improving or replacing outdated tactics that are no longer working. Trying to push products or services aggressively on potential customers is an old-fashioned approach to selling. Rather than focusing on building relationships, modern sales strategies usually prioritize understanding potential customers. The consultative selling...


358 Christina Del Villar - The One Thing Marketers Need to Succeed

Most companies and executives don't really understand what marketers bring to the table. A marketer's efforts are often unknown and unrecognized and the people are often misunderstood or misrepresented. To some, the role of a marketer is often interchangeable - lumped up into one single role - if they're a marketer, then surely they can write or build a website. As a result, the outcomes that they are judged on are often just based on the basic and non-essentials, and marketing has become...


357 Avi Kumar - How to Know You're a Savvy Marketer

There are a few key characteristics that can help you determine if you are a savvy marketer. First, a savvy marketer is always learning and staying up-to-date on the latest marketing trends and techniques. They are willing to try new things and are not afraid to experiment in order to find new and effective ways to reach their target audience. In addition to gaining knowledge and experience, it's also important to develop the key skills that are essential for success in marketing. This...


356 Emily McGuire - Modern Email Strategies for Lead Nurturing

Email has changed. In today's world, we're dealing with a lot of conditions and situations that we've never experienced before - including email. The majority of organizations struggle with their email marketing and aren't getting the conversions they want. The open rate of their emails continues to decline. In spite of all the changes, email remains one of the top-performing channels for organizations. So how do you do it properly post-pandemic? Is it still used in the same way as it was...


355 Jonathan Kazarian - Top Mistakes with B2B Event Strategies

Taking advantage of B2B events can bring your brand to the attention of your customers. Every day, consumers are bombarded with pitches and advertisements, so you need to make your event stand out. Increasingly, companies are seeking ways to stand out from the crowd, and event marketing is an excellent starting point. In addition to providing new channels and methods for connecting with future and returning customers, event marketing allows you to collect customer data from other sources....


354 Daniel Priestly - 5 Reasons Why Quiz Funnel Marketing Sucks

Marketing is filled with a sheer amount of noise. For the last decade, marketers have become expert broadcasters - from blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, social media, ads, and websites. There is no shortage of information. It’s overwhelming. And the COVID situation has 50x the noise. It seems like you have to be a master of psychology to stand out and make a difference. In a world where we’re all vying for attention, how do you grab your ideal client’s attention and evoke a response? How...


353 Brianna Haag - What's New for B2B Events in 2023

Life is finally starting to return back to normal - a new normal. Everyone is going back to face-to-face. However, things will not be the same. We won’t be going back to the pre-pandemic past. As humans, we change, we adapt, and we will be doing things differently moving forward into the coming years. For B2B events, things are also looking a bit different. With virtual and hybrid events getting more popular, people have more flexibility in their event choices, and as B2B marketers, we have...


352 Jeroen Corthout - Why Does CRM Fail and How to Fix It

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology is one of the most basic and foundation tools that digital marketers use to manage customer relationships and interactions with potential customers. At some point in time, all marketers will have had some kind of interaction with a CRM. In fact, running a business without one is costly. However, just having a CRM does not necessarily guarantee success. How you use it matters. Various studies have put the CRM failure rate around 18% to 69%....


351 Itamar Shafir - The 5 Musts of B2B Marketing Funnels

By analyzing your B2B sales funnel, you will not only be able to generate more sales, but it also enables you to improve your sales processes, which will enable you to understand your customers better. Depending on the business, a sales funnel can have three or more stages. Despite the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all model, basically, all sales funnels function similarly. An organization can use the sales funnel as a tool to visualize and quickly understand the process of turning a...


350 Derek Osgood - How Rapid Growth B2B Companies Go To Market

The art of effective marketing is difficult to get right. Between creative needs, limited budgets, and platform decisions, marketers have a lot to manage when developing their marketing strategy. The biggest determinant of efficient marketing, however, is your target market. If you’re not properly targeting your target market, your sales pitches and marketing campaigns will likely fall on deaf ears. You might as well not be marketing at all. The biggest difference, though, is between...


349 Jessica Embree - How to Double B2B Sales with Zero Salespeople

One of the most significant goals of B2B sales and marketing teams is to be able to generate valuable leads that will convert into clients. This is no easy task, but if done correctly, it will help your business beat the competition and grow tremendously. It is critical to your organization's success that you find a high number of quality leads. There is no point in pursuing unqualified leads who aren't truly interested in your services, and having no leads is completely ineffective. In...


348 John Bertino - How Not To Get Burned Hiring the Wrong Marketing Agency

Finding the most suitable B2B marketing agency for your business can be an overwhelming task. The industry is extremely competitive, and finding the right advertising and digital marketing agency can be a daunting process. A large number of websites, profiles, and content are available, so how do you decide which one is right for you? Searching for an agency can quickly spiral out of control when you factor in how long it takes to schedule a phone call or meeting. As B2B Digital Marketers,...


347 Matt Young - How To Be A Product Market Fit Innovator

Adapting to new ideas has the potential to drive a company’s success. In order to be innovative, it will require a specific mindset and process that will enable the company to be open to new ideas. As B2B Digital Marketers, what are the innovations that your company is engaged in to enhance the products that you have? What steps will be taken to improve the service provided to clients? What adjustments will be made? This episode features Matt Young discussing how you can improve your...


346 Kison Patel - How to Get the Most Value for Your Business

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a tool that drives growth in a company. If you are looking to drive that growth, you know that business valuation is an important aspect of it. One of the key drivers for B2B digital marketing is business valuation. As B2B Digital Marketers, what are you doing as far as business valuation is concerned? How are you positioning your company to be more attractive? What are the strategies and models you need to put in place to ultimately drive the growth you...


345 Brian Walker - Why Half of Your B2B Marketing Budget is Wasted

The task of creating budgets has always been a complex endeavor. Even before the lockdown, the effectiveness of marketing budgets has been on a decline, and now that we are coming out of the lockdown, budgets have become even more challenging. The majority of marketers don’t realize that half (or even more) of their budgets are being wasted on things that don’t bring returns on their investment. As a B2B Digital Marketer, you have to see to it that you are getting the results you want on...


344 Stephen Timme - How to Speak the Language of B2B Executive Buyers

B2B buyers are looking for partners that can help grow their business. They are looking for solutions to their problems. As B2B digital marketers or sellers, you have to understand how you can effectively communicate your solution to them so you can close the deal and have a successful relationship together. However, most of the time, you are stuck with the jargon, and you are not able to communicate effectively the value that your partnership can give to your customers, and so the deal...


343 James Scherer - How to Create High-Performing B2B Content Strategies

The digital landscape has grown fiercely competitive. Companies are publishing more blogs, articles, and content by the hour. What’s worse is, that good content gets sucked in with bad content, and standing out from the noise gets immensely harder. If you’re going to succeed as a B2B digital marketer, you need a plan. You need a good content strategy. However, what worked 2-3 years ago may no longer work today. Simply sticking to the same old marketing tactics doesn’t work anymore. You...


342 Mark Raffan - Top B2B Content Strategies to Ditch in 2023

Content marketing is a necessity in this day and age. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, then you need to have a good content marketing plan in place. Planning for 2023 starts as early as now. However, some strategies may not necessarily work. Just because it worked 5 or 10 years ago doesn’t mean it’s going to work today. You need to ditch some B2B content strategies for 2023. In this episode, Mark Raffan shares the top B2B content strategies to ditch in 2023. He also shares the...