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The B2B Digital Marketer podcast is about the innovative and new digital marketing methods to build brands and capture more leads for small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and startups trying to sell to other companies while debunking the hype and deleting the dreary. Join in to meet some of the brightest B2B digital marketing minds in the world.

The B2B Digital Marketer podcast is about the innovative and new digital marketing methods to build brands and capture more leads for small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and startups trying to sell to other companies while debunking the hype and deleting the dreary. Join in to meet some of the brightest B2B digital marketing minds in the world.


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The B2B Digital Marketer podcast is about the innovative and new digital marketing methods to build brands and capture more leads for small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and startups trying to sell to other companies while debunking the hype and deleting the dreary. Join in to meet some of the brightest B2B digital marketing minds in the world.






226 Ken Lundin - How to Accelerate B2B Sales and Grow Your Brand Using a Holistic Approach

Businesses have been shell-shocked from the onset of the pandemic. Until now, people are sitting back letting things happen, thinking they can do nothing about it. But if you are in B2B sales, you know you have to generate revenue. You have to push through and make things happen. But how do you do that? You have to understand and take a holistic approach to sales. It's not just about marketing versus sales anymore. It's the overall system. In this episode, Ken Lundin shares his wisdom on...


225 Helen Yu - Five Disconnects Organizations Must Conquer For Growth, Acceleration, And Sustainability

Start-ups and organizations oftentimes encounter strategy-to-execution gaps that disconnect them from where they are to where they want to be. The five disconnects or gaps are: The “Define-Minimum” GapThe Product/Market Fit GapThe Customer Voice GapThe Process GapThe Measurement Gap Unless you are able to conquer these gaps, achieving success will be difficult. In this episode, Helen Yu shares what it takes to conquer some of these gaps and accelerate growth in your business faster.


224 Margie Agin - Brand Personality: How to Make Your Business Stand Out and Breakthrough

60% of B2B content never gets used and never gets seen. We live in a world where content is constantly being churned out, and junk content is all over the place. How do you stand out in that sea? How do you differentiate yourself and develop a brand personality that is unique to your customers? Differentiation is vital nowadays because B2B and B2C customers have the ability to change vendors quite easily. If you want your business to be sustainable, your marketing strategy needs to stand...


223 Steve Wiideman - SEO Best Practices - A Guide to Ethical, Effective, and Modern SEO

Marketers, as well as business owners, all strive to achieve results. This is why we implement SEO: to increase our business' bottom line. However, this focus on results often leads to gaming and manipulating the system. As a result, most practitioners today have bad habits and bad practices that are not just ineffective but also unethical. SEO can be done better - it can be done more effectively and ethically, leading to better results and a better experience for both the user and the...


222 Ana Maria Raynes - Don't Build on Borrowed Land - Why You Need a Website and Not Just Social Media

There are so many risks involved in building a business on top of social media platforms. Yes, there may be a lot of “people” there, but you are bound to their ever-changing, inscrutable policies. You never know the changes in the algorithm that may happen in the future. If you are going to build your business, build it on your own land - don’t build on borrowed land. In this episode, Ana Raynes shares why it is vital for businesses to have their own digital space and how you can run...


221 Mickie Kennedy - Are Press Releases Still Relevant in Today's Age of Social Media?

What is a press release? You often think of newswires and dot matrix printers spilling out the content inside a newsroom. Yet, there’s a general perception that PR and press releases are antiquated, that it no longer applies in today’s world of digital media. But are these perceptions accurate? You’d be surprised to know that there is actually an entire industry behind it where people are finding success. It’s actually still relevant in today’s age of social media. In short, press...


220 Howard Tiersky - How Digital Transformation Improves the Customer Experience and Make Your Business More Successful

People are loyal to brands that they love. They love the great value and customer experience that these brands bring. By embracing digital and undergoing a digital transformation, companies can use resources they could not use before and deliver a positive experience beyond what the customer expects. In our world today, customers live digitally. So if you want to deliver the same positive customer experience that most of these brands bring, you have to go through a digital...


Arjun Rai - How to Automate Your Digital Marketing Using a Smart Marketing Dashboard

The customer’s needs are always changing, and the marketing landscape is always evolving. As an entrepreneur or a small business owner, it’s important to stay up-to-date and to stay ahead of your competitors. But your time and resources are limited. You can’t do everything. How can you automate the process but still stay ahead? Enter HelloWoofy - a smart marketing dashboard for small businesses and underdogs. Arjun Rai shares his knowledge and expertise on digital ma


218 Noel Andrews - Remote Staffing: How to Create Really Great Customer Experience Through Really Great Team Members

A company is only as good as its people. The right team member is crucial if you want your company to produce the best results, and with the acceleration of remote work brought about by the pandemic, remote staffing is becoming a strategy that is widely used by most businesses. Remote work has allowed businesses to gain access to a pool of global talent. Businesses are no longer restricted to what can be found within their local area. Remote staffing has allowed businesses to provide better...


217 Donna Weber - Why Customer Onboarding Is Important in B2B Digital Marketing

Customer onboarding is the process of getting your new customers acquainted with your product or service. As B2B digital marketers, we seldom care what happens to them once they become paying customers. It is important to note that the customer journey is as important as the buyer journey, and B2B marketers also play an important role in that process. Oftentimes, companies experience churn, even though they have a great sales and marketing process, because they do not pay enough attention...


216 Leslie Ehm - Swagger: How to Keep It Real and Why Brand Authenticity Matters

Marketers and business owners are always concerned about how people perceive their business. After all, customer perception can either make or break a business. However, this obsession to create a positive image for our brands causes a problem in brand authenticity. You only put out an image of perfection and people cannot know who you really are and therefore cannot relate or trust you. If you want to establish trust with your customer, you must show your true self and keep it real....


215 Eric Schwartzman - The Digital Pivot: Why Transitioning from Traditional to Digital Marketing Matters

The pandemic has forced a digital pivot on all businesses. Traditional ways of doing marketing have been prohibited and there is no other way for your business to survive except to embrace digital. For legacy businesses, how do you implement this pivot? Do you even realize the importance of transitioning to digital? In this episode, Eric Schwartzman shares why it is important and how you can implement this transition from traditional to digital marketing.


214 Joe English - Sales Enablement: What Does Sales Need from B2B Marketing?

You’ve heard of the phrase, “It’s a lot cheaper to retain customers than it is to acquire.” If you’re working in customer experience then you probably live and die by this credo. And although there is truth to that statement, you still need to acquire new customers. If you want to have growth, you need a robust sales and marketing engine that brings in new customers everyday. And that’s where sales enablement comes in. What exactly does sales need from B2B marketing? Effective B2B digital...


213 Andrew Deutsch - How Can B2B Organizations Build Loyal Advocates for Their Brands?

Building brand advocates is every organization's dream when it comes to their customers. Brand advocates are the most loyal fans of your brand and share your value proposition with other people. In fact, brand advocates or loyal customers are five times more likely to purchase again and four times more likely to refer to a friend. The problem is, B2B marketers are not building advocates. They are focused too much on the numbers. They treat marketing as B2B and B2C, when in reality, it's B2H...


212 Navah Hopkins - Privacy Compliance: How Your Company Can Comply with Regulations and Why It Matters

When it comes to data and privacy compliance, most people think that it only matters to the big brands like Google, Apple, and Facebook. But if you aren't aware of it already, data is already a big part in business operations, and governments and legislators are stepping in to make sure that the usage of data is regulated and the privacy of the customer is protected. As B2B digital marketers, are you aware of it? Are you complying with the regulations? Customers are becoming more and more...


211 Stephen Denny - Unfiltered Marketing: Why Customers Don't Trust Your Marketing Message Anymore

Technology has become so easily accessible. Custom, curated media can easily be made and they constantly bombard the minds of our customers through digital interruption. There is growing doubt and distrust, and people don't believe our message so easily anymore. People want authenticity. They want raw, unfiltered marketing. As marketers, how do you keep up with this change? How do you come up with the strategies and tactics needed to regain their trust and be real and authentic at the same...


210 Stacey Danheiser - Stand-Out Marketing: How to Distinguish Yourself in a Sea of Sameness

Stand-out marketing is all about being differentiated and distinguished by your customers. In our world today, customers are constantly facing a bombardment of different marketing messages. They all sound the same and have very little value in them. Customers are lost and are unable to make the right decision. They are left with very little value and find no solution to their problems. How do you stand out from the competition? How do you get your message across and deliver value to the...


Maryna Burushkina - Growth Marketing How to Generate a Marketing Plan Using AI I Episode 209

Growth marketing is all about using technology and experimentation to develop a marketing strategy that is tailored-fit to the right audience. With the abundance of tools and information today, growth marketing has become the new way of doing marketing. It replaces the traditional marketing methods that we typically used, especially that businesses are online more than ever. Marketers and business owners are doing more digital marketing activities and using digital media in order to attract...


Jon Ferrara - Build Better Connections: How to Manage Customer Relationships Using Nimble "Jon Ferrara - Build Better Connections: How to Manage Customer Relationships Using Nimble | Episode 208

Every marketer and business owner strives to make new connections everyday. After all, relationships are important in life. Relationships help you get new customers, improve customer experience, and build up your brand. That’s why managing customer relationships is a vital part of your business. In a hyper-connected world, relationships can be easily formed, and you need a great tool to be able to manage all of them. However, you also need it to be personal and human rather than automatic...


Chris Richards - Personal Identity: Why Knowing Who You Are Matters in B2B Marketing | Episode 207

We all try to learn from others. But sometimes, as we try to learn from them, we unknowingly become like them. We understand what it needs to be unique and to stand out from the sea of sameness, but in the process of learning from others, we lose our personal identity. We've become less of who we are and more of who we're following. What does this have to do with marketing, you say? Well, if you know who you are, then you know who you'd love to work with. You know who your people...