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This show aims to serve marketers and digital entrepreneurs in B2B industries, and provide them with an opportunity to listen to quality content that will motivate them to succeed as well as strategically pivot their businesses.

This show aims to serve marketers and digital entrepreneurs in B2B industries, and provide them with an opportunity to listen to quality content that will motivate them to succeed as well as strategically pivot their businesses.




This show aims to serve marketers and digital entrepreneurs in B2B industries, and provide them with an opportunity to listen to quality content that will motivate them to succeed as well as strategically pivot their businesses.




Ep. 93: How to Fix The B2B Event Attribution Gap

Jonathan Kazarian (Founder & CEO, Accelevents) talks about how B2B marketers can fix the event attribution gap, the importance of using personalization in your event follow-up, why first-party data is so crucial, as well as which key metrics and major trends to focus on.


Ep. 92: How to Write B2B Content that Converts and Builds Relationships

Kathryn Strachen (Founder, Copy House) on developing content that builds relationships and converts prospects. She talks about how B2B content has changed, why creating customer avatars and conducting research is important, what metrics to focus on, and why you need both quantity and quality to succeed.


Ep. 91: How to Develop B2B Brand Strategies that “WOW!”

Christian DeGobbi (Marketing Director, Spruce Technology, Inc.) on what it takes to develop an effective B2B brand, why branding is a MUST HAVE for B2B companies, the different parts of a brand strategy, and how to measure the effectiveness of your brand efforts.


Ep. 90: How To Develop the Right GTM and Communications Strategy for Growth

Karin Samoylova (Global Product Communications Manager, Digital Portfolio in Robotics – ABB) talks about the differences between a GTM and a communications strategy, the components of each strategy, and what mistakes to avoid.


Ep. 89: How Communications Can Play a Strategic Role in B2B Organizations

Guerlyne Guercy (Communications Manager – People & Communities, Cisco) on the vital role that communications professionals play within an organization. Guerlyne also shares her experience on how to deal with internal pushback, and what metrics to focus on.


Ep. 88: How to Improve Customer Success Through Proactive Engagement

Mark Stagi (VP of Customer Success, Avoma) about why proactive engagement should be the top priority for CS teams across the board. Mark also discusses the mistakes to avoid, and what steps they can take to be more proactive with accounts.


Ep. 86: How AI Can Be Leveraged in B2B Marketing - Christian Klepp

Christian Klepp (Co-Founder/Director of Client Engagement, EINBLICK Consulting Inc.) discusses how AI can be utilized in B2B marketing. He talks the benefits of using AI in marketing, what tools to use, what marketers should consider before investing in AI.


Ep. 85: How B2B Marketers Can Deliver More Business Impact - Interview w/ Mark Stouse

Mark Stouse (Chairman & CEO, Proof Analytics) on what he believes the greatest enemy of a CMO is. He also elaborates on why it’s important for marketers to understand how their organization generates revenue and how their efforts should impact sales.


Ep. 84: How B2B Marketers Can Stand Out and Have a More Strategic Role - Interview w/ Stacey Danheiser

Stacey Danheiser (Founder & CMO, SHAKE Marketing) on why many B2B companies are drowning in a “sea of sameness”, what mistakes to avoid, and the importance of conducting market research. Stacey also talks about the 5 competencies that every B2B marketer needs to stand out and how they can position themselves and their companies more strategically.


Ep. 83: How to Get to That “Aha!” Moment When Conducting Market Research - Interview w/ Darshan Mehta

Darshan Mehta (Founder, iResearch.com) talks to us about the importance of getting to that “Aha!” moment, why having structured curiosity is paramount to success, what mistakes to avoid, what metrics to focus on, and some tips on how to generate better insights from market research.


Ep. 82: How to Stand Out in a Noisy Market Using Human-Centered Communication - Interview w/ Ethan Beute

Ethan Beute (Chief Evangelist, BombBomb) talks about what he calls “the case against digital pollution” and how B2B marketers and their companies can rise above the rest, generate attention, build trust and relationships, and grow revenue through a human-centered communication approach.


81. How to Use Podcasting as Part of Your B2B Demand Gen Approach | Casey Cheshire

Casey Cheshire (Founder & CEO, Ringmaster Conversational Marketing) on why podcasting is an important part of the B2B marketing mix, what mistakes to avoid, and the importance of understanding who your ideal guest (and audience) are. He also elaborates on some key metrics to measure and what major challenges podcasting faces.


Ep. 80: How to Improve Your Social Selling Approach on LinkedIn - Interview w/ Sandra Long

Sandra Long (LinkedIn Trainer & Speaker, Post Road Consulting) talks about what social selling is NOT, the importance of having the right strategy and content, and why B2B companies need to use thought leadership for strategic differentiation on LinkedIn.


Ep. 79: How to Generate Demand and Warm Up Accounts for B2B – Interview w/ Vladimir Blagojevic

Vladimir Blagojevic (Co-Founder, Fullfunnel.io) on the importance of conducting research, understanding your ICP, and what mistakes to avoid. He also provides tips on how to use demand gen and warm up accounts to generate better results.


Ep. 78: How to Boost Your B2B Content’s Performance – Interview w/ James Scherer

James Scherer (VP of Growth, Codeless) on how to address the content performance challenge using the pillar and post approach. He also elaborates on what mistakes to avoid, the importance of strategy and research, and what metrics to pay attention


Ep. 77: How to Get Product and Marketing Teams Aligned – Interview w/ Matt Young

Matt Young (Chief Executive Officer, UserVoice) on where the great misalignment between product and marketing teams lies, what “bridge building” tactics they can implement for better collaboration, and what metrics they should be paying attention to.


Ep. 76: How to Develop Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn – Interview w/ Lina Lotta Landgraf

Lina Lotta Landgraf (Digital Marketing Specialist, Dassault Systemes) on why people in B2B organizations need to develop their personal brands, some mistakes to avoid, and the benefits of creating good as well as relevant content on LinkedIn


Ep. 75: How to Create Demand from Virtual, Hybrid, and Onsite B2B Events – Interview w/ Julius Solaris

Julius Solaris (VP of Marketing Strategy – Events, Hopin) talks about the major events industry trends and shifts, what mistakes to avoid, and how B2B brands should think about events as a channel to generate demand.


Ep. 74: How To Get Buy-In To Invest In Content Marketing – Interview w/ Mark Raffan

Mark Raffan (Founder/CEO at Content Callout and Negotiations Ninja) talks to us about why marketers face pushback, what mistakes to avoid, and how thought leadership content can directly influence revenue. He also elaborates on how to get buy-in from decision makers.


Ep. 73: How to Increase Revenue from Your B2B Website – Interview w/ Michael Buzinski

Michael Buzinski (President/CMO, Buzzworthy Integrated Marketing) breaks down the approach that he’s been successfully teaching B2B service companies to generate more qualified leads and revenue from their websites for years.