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A podcast hosted by BBB serving Central Ohio engaging local entrepreneurs in discussions about their journey and lending insight to our community of listeners.


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A podcast hosted by BBB serving Central Ohio engaging local entrepreneurs in discussions about their journey and lending insight to our community of listeners.




Building Community Beyond the Ink

Learn how a favorite body modification studio in Columbus got its start as we meet with the owner of Evolved Body Art, Nick Wolak. After developing a talent for tattooing and piercing during his time in Acapulco, Mexico, Nick returned to Columbus, Ohio to open a body art studio that is known for its unique company culture and their dedication to supporting their employees and guest artists. Evolved Body Art has become a leader in body modification as well as a leader in reducing their...


No Cookie Cutter Approaches

We spoke with Jenny Saunders, CEO of FCBank, on how their traditional core values help to promote integrity and character in every interaction with both their customers and employees. Listen to how their ‘Cardinal Rules’ are guiding principles for leaders and employees across the financial institution. As a 2020 BBB Torch Award recipient, their dedication and involvement with the Central Ohio community is a driving force of their company culture. Check out their community involvement at...


Building Your Media Presence

As an award winning journalist who decided to open his own consulting firm in the midst of a pandemic, Scott Light has unique insight into what it takes to engage with the media. Join us as we talk with Scott about how to effectively build media relations, why it's important to have collaborative working relationships with local journalists, and why a plan for crisis communications is vital for any brand, large or small. For more information on Scott Light Consulting, visit...


What We’ve Learned from COVID

We sat down with Lori Wengerd, the owner and president of Home Care Assistance a 2018 Torch Award recipient, to discuss how COVID-19 changed the in-home care industry, what we've learned from this experience and how to have tough conversations with the aging individuals in your life. For more information on Home Care Assistance visit their website at


The Importance of Business Trust

Join us as we have a conversation with Steve Lekas, cofounder and CEO of Branch Insurance about how important Trust is when it comes to business. Branch was a 2020 Torch Award for Ethics recipient and Steve walks us through how he conceived the idea of Branch, how Branch is building Trust with their customers and what being a Torch Award recipient means to them. To learn more about Branch Insurance, check them out at


Tips to Shop Online Safely

We had the opportunity to sit down with Connie Matthews, founder and owner of Reynon Educational Services and Training, and discuss cyber security. 2020 threw plenty of curveballs our way but most everyone was able to get used to working, learning and shopping online with ease. What didn't come naturally? Being prepared to deal with cyber security ourselves without an IT team backing us up. Listen in as Connie offers her tips and advice for making sure you and your information stay safe...


A Conversation with SBA and BBB

Listen in as Everett Woodel Jr. the U.S. Small Business Administration Columbus District Director and Kip Morse the President & CEO of BBB serving Central Ohio as they discuss how BBB and SBA have been helping small businesses through the pandemic, what's next for small businesses and how we can support small businesses during National Small Business Week and beyond.


Partnering to Help Small Businesses

Small businesses are a driving force in Columbus, and no one knows this more than U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). We were thrilled to have Everett Woodel, Jr., the District Director of SBA, stop by our office to discuss what resources SBA and BBB can offer to small businesses as well as the three pillars they use to help small businesses thrive. Let us know your favorite part of the conversation in the comments below!


The Impact of Small Businesses

Nevin Bansal, founder of Small Biz Cares, dropped by our studio to impart wisdom on how small businesses can have a large impact on their communities and how Small Biz Cares December Community Service Day is the perfect way to help out during the holidays. Let us know your favorite part of the conversation in the comments down below!


Pitching with Purpose

Paul Proffitt, founder of Sundown Group, stopped by our office to chat with us about what makes the perfect pitch and to discuss how Sundown Group is a partner for BBB's Ignite! Pitch with Purpose and Spark Awards event. If you'd like to submit a pitch, please click HERE. If you'd like to nominate a business or learn more about the Spark Awards, please click HERE.


The Value of Employee Input

We chatted with Scott McComb, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Heartland Bank, about how valuable employee input can be to help businesses be more trustworthy. Our Torch Award for Ethics are now accepting applications and nominations, to nominate a business or apply, please go to


How To Tell Your Story

We had the chance to sit and talk with Barry Chandler, Co-Founder of Storyforge, about how branding is changing from selling to storytelling. He gave us insight into how to tell your brand's story and, of course, Irish Whiskey. Let us know your biggest takeaways down below!


The Growth Multiplier Movement

We were lucky enough to have two experts on the Growth Multiplier Movement stop by and tell us their story. Paul Fuller is the Chief Growth Officer at Floriss Group and a leader in the Growth Multiplier Movement and James Rores is the CEO of Floriss Group. They explain how the Growth Multiplier Movement is changing how customer-facing teams interact with consumers and how RELA and their Care to Sell Program is recreating how the marketplace thinks of sales.


Planning A Successful Fundraiser

Executive Director of Central Ohio Youth for Christ Scott Arnold has years of experience running a non-profit, and engaging potential sponsors and supporters in the mission. Scott gives his insight on how events can help forge a relationship between donors and non-profits, and why fundraising isn't really about money at all.


What are the Benefits of being an Employee-Owned Business?

Kenneth Anders, founder of Kenneth's Hair Salons & Day Spas, tells his story - and how it motivated him to transition into an employee-owned business model. This episode defines what it means to be an employee-owned business and how it benefits both the entrepreneur and the company.


Business Scams

Kip Morse, President and CEO of your BBB Serving Central Ohio, gives examples of prevalent scams that often target Central Ohio business owners and employees. Learn what to look for, ways to protect yourself and how you can stay up-to-date with BBB's Scam Tracker.


What Is Conscious Capitalism?

Haley Boehning is the co-founder and principal at Storyforge, and the vice chair of Conscious Capitalism Columbus. Haley dives into the philosophy of Conscious Capitalism, why the world needs conscious business leaders and how organizations can get involved locally with the Columbus chapter.


Connecting With Media

Karina Nova is an Emmy winning journalist serving as the weekend anchor and a general assignment reporter for 10TV News. During this episode, Karina gives examples of what makes a good and bad media pitch, along with ways that new and established businesses and nonprofits can start building relationships with their local media stations.


Creativity and Coffee

Twin passions for coffee and entrepreneurship have driven Greg Ubert’s career for 25 years. As the owner of Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea, Greg speaks to the importance of thinking beyond a retail coffee shop to better connect with his community, creating opportunities along with new specialty coffee and tea flavors.


Story of a Startup

Two years ago, Jered Seibert with Warrior Wear left a lucrative career in mutual funds sales to pursue a business out of a passion. Jered describes his journey to creating men's yoga clothes and functioning as a startup in Central Ohio.