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Cutting through the clutter of information to bring insights and wisdom for creating lasting impact in B2B marketing.


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Cutting through the clutter of information to bring insights and wisdom for creating lasting impact in B2B marketing.




Interview with Latané Conant, CRO of 6sense

In this episode of BBN Mixtape, Andrew Haussegger of Green Hat interviews Latané Conant, CRO of 6sense. They cover a wide range of topics including the current state of the marketing industry and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and the impact of AI on marketing. Latané also shares insights on budget allocation, the role of the CRO, and the application of marketing strategies to post-sale activities.


Spotlight Strategies: Mastering Media Attention in B2B Marketing

In this thought-provoking episode of "Spotlight Strategies," we delve into the diverse landscape of media platforms and dissect their roles in capturing and maintaining the attention of B2B audiences. Join us as we explore the unique dynamics of various media types, from display advertising to social media and video content. We'll analyze the effectiveness of each medium in conveying complex B2B messages and discuss how this relates to Share of Voice and building lasting connections with your audience. We also discuss the importance of creating standout creative content to earn attention via the media channels we select.


B2B Blueprint: Content Planning Mastery

This episode of BBNmixtape dives deep into the art and science of crafting and planning content for the business-to-business realm with Michelle Crawley from BBN's partner TricomB2B. If you've ever wondered how to tailor your content strategy to a specific audience and industry, align your narratives with complex sales cycles, or want to maximise the impact of your B2B marketing efforts, you've landed in the right place.


Creativity leads to Better Marketing Results

In the world of B2B marketing, content has typically and historically been dry and unengaging. Join us in this episode of riveting conversation with Ed Davis and Managing Director Stuart Jaffray from BBN partner GreenHat in Australia to explore the power of inspired visuals and compelling messaging. Discover how the right blend of education, entertainment, engagement, and inspiration can supercharge your strategy, captivate your audience, and drive business growth. For marketers, by marketers, tune in to BBN Mixtape, be bold and ignite your brand's creative spark!


The Courageous Marketer

BBN recently released an adaptation of our Norwegian Partner Iteo’s whitepaper, The Courageous Marketing Leader. In this episode of our podcast, we sit down with Andreas Thue, Owner and Founder of iteo, and discuss his views on what makes a courageous marketer. ACCESS OUR FEARLESS GUIDE FOR THE COURAGEOUS MARKETER



Our guest for this episode is David Jordan, President of Bader Rutter, and we discussed with him how the B2B marketing industry needs to reimagine itself. As B2B marketers, we’ve grown over-reliant on some old habits, fallen behind on new sea changes in technology and audience behaviour, and have digressed in our belief to make an impact on the businesses we help lead. Our business is due for a rebrand. By following the data and honouring the humanity of our audiences, we can drive a renaissance for B2B. Watch the presentation at Ignite USA HERE ACCESS OUR FEARLESS GUIDE FOR THE COURAGEOUS MARKETER


Leveraging Webinars for Effective B2B Marketing

This podcast episode emphasises the tremendous potential of webinars as a key component of B2B marketing strategies. With their ability to captivate audiences, foster connections, and generate high-quality leads, webinars have emerged as a vital tool in the modern marketer's arsenal. By incorporating webinars into their marketing efforts, businesses can stay ahead of the curve, maximize engagement, and drive meaningful business growth in the B2B landscape.


Coming to America - Part III

In this third episode of our mini-series about how to successfully bring your business to the Americas, Ed & Nikos are joined by Gordon Mackenzie, a seasoned sales and marketing professional in the Oil & Gas industry. Hailing from Scotland in the UK, Gordon has been successfully helping businesses expand and grow in the US for the last 20 years. His experience includes managing the integration of a small oilfield services company when it was acquired by one of Houston's three largest industry services companies. He is now helping an Australian-based company enter and grow in the Americas. Join us to learn more invaluable insights and advice when taking your business transatlantic.


Coming to America - Part II

Welcome to part two of a three-part podcast series with Ed Davis and Nikos Lemanis who are exploring the challenges and opportunities that businesses face when coming to America to expand. In this episode, among other things, we discuss the importance of planning, having enough budget and resources and how to avoid the pitfalls of moving to such a vast and diverse market like the Americas. So grab your coffee, and join us again as we explore the exciting world of transatlantic business.


A B2B Digital Marketer’s Take on the 'New Bing'

In this episode of BBNmixtape, Annette chats with Andrew Humphrey from BBN partner TricomB2B about his experience with The New Bing, Microsoft's revamped search engine that has received mixed reviews since its beta release. While The New Bing promised a more personalised and intuitive search experience, some users have reported several issues that have made their search experience frustrating and ineffective. Join us as we discuss if the New Bing really is as bad as some make it out to be, or should Google be worried? Let's find out.


Navigating B2B Marketing in the Windy City: Insights for Ignite USA

In this podcast, we'll be gathering some pre-event insights from B2B Marketing's Editor-in-Chief, Joel Harrison, who will be hosting their Ignite USA event in the bustling city of Chicago, where industry experts and thought leaders will gather in May to share their knowledge, expertise and innovativeness in B2B marketing. Listen to our fun bonus tips at the end of the podcast for the best places to visit in Chicago while you attend the event!


Coming to America - Part I

In today's episode, Ed Davis and Nikos Lemanis will explore the challenges and opportunities companies face when doing business in America. We'll dive into the cultural and regulatory differences between the two regions and share insights on navigating them. In a later episode, we'll also hear from a successful European business leader who has moved across the pond and learn about their experiences, lessons, and key takeaways. So please sit back, grab your coffee, and join us as we explore the exciting world of transatlantic business.


Marketing Automation Platforms Vs Funnel Software

Welcome to this episode where we discuss Marketing Automation platforms and Sales funnel software with expert Andy Penkalski from BBN partner Bader Rutter. While Marketing Automation platforms automate marketing tasks like email marketing and social media management, Sales funnel software helps track leads and optimise the sales process. Signs that your business needs both include inconsistent lead generation and difficulty tracking leads. When selecting a tool, consider features, compatibility, and ease of use, but the best tool depends on your specific needs. Tune in for valuable insights on optimising your marketing and sales processes!


Battle of the Social Media Channels

Being on social media is important, but you don’t have to be on every platform. Figure out where YOUR audience is. When someone Googles your business name, your organic social media presence will appear on the first page, so organic social media is important for your brand. In this episode, Josh McGee from BBN partner TricomB2B answers questions like what platform should B2B marketers put the most time and effort into? What platforms pose a challenge to B2B marketers? And why is it important to engage employees on your business's social media platforms?


Networking - Tips and tricks to improve and network like a pro

Our guest today is a professional and deliberate networker who knows a thing or two about creating and nurturing authentic business relationships. In today's world, networking is a necessity. It can help nurture leads which develop into lucrative business opportunities. But, for many of us, it's not easy. In fact, it can be extremely daunting, especially for introverts. Jennifer Valencia, a tax consultant from Houston, Texas, shares some tips and best practices in overcoming fears and inhibitions to help you have genuine and authentic discussions about your business with strangers!


The Content Machine: How much is enough?

In this first face-to-face recorded episode, Ed Davis chats with Chris Eifert from TricomB2B, a BBN partner agency based in the US. After participating in a client event hosted by the agency, Ed and Chris discuss the event's highlights around long-term brand and marketing effectiveness, sustainability and the ongoing debate around how much content businesses need to produce to be effective and differentiating. Enjoy!


Seek and you shall find: The search for perfect SEO

It's official! Google is pretty clever at filtering out poor content. That's great news for us and businesses that want to improve their Google search rankings by delivering content their customers want. It is terrible news for those who try and 'cheat the system' with AI-generated content and still try to hide 'invisible' keywords on their pages. Join us on this episode to learn some great tips on making SEO work for you from our SEO expert today, Dave Robinson.


The Bold and the Plentiful: B2B media amplification tactics previously reserved for B2C

In the next 30 minutes, Zoe Elmore, Head of Media at BBN London, will share her two cents on why there has never been a better time for B2B marketers & brands to be bold with their data, media and amplification strategy. We'll discuss how COVID has affected media consumption and how the media landscape has evolved to tip the scales toward focusing on tactics that have typically only been employed by B2C brands.


The Big Picture of B2B Marketing

In this episode of BBN Mixtape, we elevate our conversation and look at some macro events affecting the marketing industry. From discussing the consolidation happening among agencies, the shift in agency working practices, or how short-term, tactical execution continues to dominate long-term, strategic approaches, we dive into what agencies are getting right and where we can improve.


A Brand Story: Ascending to new heights!

Nearly ten years ago, the head of HR from a little-known petrochemicals business contacted BBN Partner Fifth Ring for support in evolving their brand. Little did anyone know at the time that both client and agency would learn a lot about each other, and how brands can be built and endure. This podcast explores the assignment from both sides of the table including the considerations by the client in selecting an agency, how the agency reconciled the multitude of challenges the client presented, and the inevitable speed bumps along the way.