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Attorneys across BakerHostetler’s practice groups discuss timely legal topics and provide unique insights and analysis.

Attorneys across BakerHostetler’s practice groups discuss timely legal topics and provide unique insights and analysis.


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Attorneys across BakerHostetler’s practice groups discuss timely legal topics and provide unique insights and analysis.




Self-Funded Employer Health Plans are Changing: What to Watch

The healthcare industry is rapidly changing, and self-funded employer sponsored health plans have more options to consider when creating solutions for their employees. In today’s episode, Jennifer Mills and Susan Hughes discuss the options that employers have, ways the market is going to continue to evolve over the next decade and what market forces are leading to that change. There isn’t a single solution for the complexities of this industry, but by evaluating the goals and outcomes of...


What Employers Need to Know About Vaccine Administration

BakerHostetler’s Labor and Employment Group Chair Amy Traub discusses considerations around vaccine administration for employers from the perspectives of employment law, employee safety and health, and labor-management relations. Questions and Comments:


COVID-19 Vaccine: Simplifying the Complex Life Cycle of the Vaccine

On today’s episode, we explore the complex life cycle of the COVID-19 vaccine and some common questions surrounding the authorization, distribution and administration of the vaccination. Questions and Comments:


AD-ttorneys@law: Consumer Reviews: Paid? Fake? Negative?

Let’s be honest. Customer reviews and testimonials influence buying decisions -- an online review can make or break the path to purchase. Amy Ralph Mudge is her authentic self as she outlines the legal framework and counts down an essential list of legal dos and don’ts. Questions & Comments:


Assessing Risks in a Deal, How to Partner with Your Business Team

Businesses are not stagnant, and products change both in name and content. Brands are acquired as part of an acquisition, lines are extended in licenses, product lines are extended as businesses change. How do attorneys work with their clients to maintain brand initiatives during business deals and transitions? Jacqueline Lesser will walk through the key issues in addressing brands in deal making and new business initiatives. Questions & Comments:


Fast Track or Slow Stroll? Find the Right Pace For Your Patent Prosecution Matters

For a company rushing to bring a breakthrough product to a red-hot marketplace, the goal may be a speedy patent prosecution at the United States patent office – but for a “stealth mode” company, the goal may be a slower and quieter process that gives the company time to refine its own products and to evaluate its competitors. No matter your business’s ultimate objective, your business has an interest in how quickly or slowly things progress at the patent office – and in this podcast,...


BakerHostetler Blockchain University: What You Need to Know About the Most Common Blockchain Networks

The third episode in the series focuses on the differences and similarities between the Ethereum Network, HyperLedger, and other key blockchain networks. Topics discussed include smart contracts, public versus private blockchains, distributed autonomous organizations (DAOs), blockchain “forks” and more. Questions & Comments:,


AD-ttorneys@law: CBD Marketing: A Path Through the Legal Fog

Being the best means continually building knowledge and pushing forward. And in a world of digital disruption, consumer marketers can’t afford to stumble. To navigate today’s most complex issues, thousands of subscribers read BakerHostetler’s AD-ttorneys@law weekly newsletter and blog and appreciate how the firm’s renowned team of advertising, marketing and digital media lawyers distills issues and offers practical takeaways. Now that same team brings you AD-ttorneys@law, the podcast. Our...


2020 Supreme Court Update

The U.S. Supreme Court’s October term started earlier this month, and promises to be an unprecedented session. How is the Court responding to the pandemic and adapting to a virtual environment? Which cases should you be keeping an eye on in the coming term, and what makes them so relevant? In this episode, we will highlight Supreme Court cases and trends, and the most important matters to note for the upcoming term. Questions & Comments:


How to Protect and Clear Your Medical Device During Development

Partner Hussein Akhavannik breaks down specific patent protection and clearance strategies for each stage of medical device development, from concept and design to the manufacturing and sale. Questions & Comments:


BakerHostetler Blockchain University: Bitcoin – Understanding the Phenomenon

The Bitcoin Network is the world’s first implementation of blockchain technology, and bitcoin is one of the world’s most widely used cryptocurrencies. In many respects, the blockchain market started with bitcoin, and so the origins and concepts underlying the Bitcoin Network can provide insights into the issues that drive the larger blockchain market. There are also just some really interesting stories surrounding the Bitcoin Network—like the fact that we still don’t know who actually...


Patenting All Things Cannabis: A Primer

Cannabis sales in America are an economic force, legal reported sales exceeded 10 billion in 2019. Eleven states allow legal recreational use (like alcohol for those over 21) and legal for medical use in an additional 23 states. Federal laws continue to identify cannabis as a schedule one substance. However, Federal intellectual property law does not follow that prohibition. Questions & Comments:


Promoting the Progress of Science: Written Description and Enablement

You’ve finished drafting the patent application for a critical, clinical stage invention. The scientific team wrote up the examples and they even included comparative data. You’ve finalized the claims and specification. You’re certain that the invention is novel. You’ve got your strategies for overcoming any potential inherent obviousness rejections nailed down. But have you given much thought to the enablement and written description requirements? Well you better, since Post-Grant Reviews...


Does Copyright Literally Protect Source Code Figuratively?

Learn how copyright can protect your software “Beyond Source Code” to cover both screen displays and UX, how the scope of software copyright law might be impacted by the pending Supreme Court opinion in Oracle v. Google, and the importance of this IP protection to the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Questions & Comments:


BakerHostetler Blockchain University: What is Blockchain and Why Should I Care?

Blockchain technology is widely anticipated to disrupt major industries and business operations over the next several years. But with all of the “hype” in the blockchain market, at times it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction and identify the real value in this new technology. To help bring things into focus, we’ve crafted a five-part series to introduce blockchain from a technological, market, and legal perspective. Our first episode provides an introduction to what blockchain...


Capital Markets: The Nuts and Bolts of a Direct Listing

Direct listings have been gaining traction as an alternative to the traditional IPO approach to going public. A direct listing is the registered sale of a company’s stock and the listing of that company’s stock on an exchange without using an underwritten offering. Although they share some procedural aspects, direct listings and IPOs differ in certain significant ways. We discuss the nuts and bolts of direct listings in this episode. Questions & Comments:


Navigating Expense Reimbursement Amidst the New Work-From-Home Normal

In Mid-March, much of the nation’s workforce began working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many employers had to rapidly adjust to utilizing a virtual workforce. With this unprecedented shift in working habits, employers may be overlooking business-related expenses being incurred by their employees. We intend to offer a brief refresher regarding employer obligations with regard to expense reimbursement amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Questions & Comments:...


Promoting the Progress of Science: Avoiding Inherent Obviousness

You’ve thought long and hard about how your company’s clinical stage invention is novel over anything that’s ever been done before. Your analysis is finished, right? Not even close. The novelty barrier to patentability can be high, but the obviousness barrier can be even higher. Stephanie Lodise discusses the concept of “inherent obviousness” and strategies for avoiding it. Questions & Comments:


Litigating in a Pandemic: Tips on Dealing with the New Abnormal

In a time of social isolation can litigation still be used to bring parties together to resolve problems? Are there advantages to the technology being relied upon by the courts and mediators and are clients and litigators facing different challenges in this new abnormal? Join partner John Siegal in a discussion about the adjustments courts and litigators are making from ways to manage documentary exhibits, additional stress on witnesses from isolation, zoom fatigue and just “making it work.”...


CA Privacy Law Reboot – CCPA 2.0

The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) is going to be on the November 3 ballot. The CPRA would amend the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to provide a greater level of rights for consumers and more stringent restrictions on data practices of businesses, including regarding the use of personal info for advertising and marketing purposes. Questions & Comments: