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Conversations about Life Science, Science, Business, M&A, Technology, Pharma, and Philosophy. Do you want to stay updated? Join the LSG2G Community:

Conversations about Life Science, Science, Business, M&A, Technology, Pharma, and Philosophy. Do you want to stay updated? Join the LSG2G Community:




Conversations about Life Science, Science, Business, M&A, Technology, Pharma, and Philosophy. Do you want to stay updated? Join the LSG2G Community:








#41: The 7 Key Success Factors of Building Great Life Science Companies.

This episode will discuss what it takes to build companies that develop novel therapies, vaccines, and diagnostics in the pharma industry. Since the pandemic, everybody got familiar with the key elements of pharma product development. But let’s take a closer look into the value chain of the industry. What does it really take to pick up a technology and bring it to patients? Questions we will discuss: Some questions we will focus on: About Christoph Lengauer (from Third Rock...


#40: beaconsmind - Max Weiland About Starting a Company and get it to a Dual Listing in only 6 years

In history, most of the time, humans needed to provide everything they needed to make a living for themselves. Trading goods were part of life but didn’t take up most of the world’s population’s time. Industrialization changed the job profiles, the needs of workers, and the availability of goods. In this century, many people in the western world have jobs to provide services and get what they need for getting through the day in shops. Since I can think I mostly get my shopping done on...


#39: All You Need to Know About the Novel €95.5 Billion Horizon Europe Programme...

This podcast episode will discuss the EU’s next framework program for research and innovation, Horizon Europe, and the exciting opportunities this program offers businesses, scientists, and investors. With the launch of the Horizon Europe program just weeks away, we will share insight into the program's novelties, where to start, and tips on how to be successful. The Podcast Host, guests Kimberly Cornfield and Michael Browne will discuss questions like: What is new in Horizon Europe? The...


#38: Dusica Lukac - The Magic of Corporate Finance

In this podcast episode, we will discuss several different forms of growth and scaling up companies. In the era of the fast-growing unicorns and skyrocketing valuations, we try to disassemble the growth path and see what a founder can do to benefit most of these options. As we are excited about the next podcast episode let us just say ‘Hopin' our podcast episode for more. Dusica Lukac holds an Executive MBA from Carlson Business School, Minnesota, the US and Wirtschaft Universitaet Wien,...


#37: Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading

In this podcast episode, we will discuss how blockchain technology is utilized in the energy sector beyond the well-known utility of a payments system, her experiences in entrepreneurship and innovation, including start-up life in Berlin. Ana Trbovich is the Grid Singularity co-founder & COO and Vice-Chair of the Energy Web Foundation. She serves on UNECE Carbon Neutrality and DENA SET Hub Advisory Boards, and previously acted as an independent board member at the European Institute for...


#36: Secrets of Life Science Investments - An Introduction to Hadean Ventures

It was great fun to talk with Walter Stockinger, Co-Founder of Hadean Ventures, about the topic of Life Science Investments. We covered the following questions: Use the opportunity to get your answer directly from a VC. Link to the Video of the Recording: YouTube Speaker: Astrid Woollard Christian Soschner Walter Stockinger Organizations: CS Life Science Invest Hadean Ventures Scytale Ventures Be part of our Network: Subscribe here:...


#35: Why You Don’t Need to Quit Your Job to Be an Entrepreneur

This one is an episode for the go-getters and never-giveupers. Astrid and Christian had great fun talking with Essa Saulat, Chief Growth Officer of the Austrian digital health company Symptoma. Essa is a seasoned entrepreneur and helped many start-ups getting off the ground. In this episode, he shares his life story of overcoming adversity, keeping moving forward relentlessly, and ultimately changing his world and the worlds of many people he met in his life for the better. He shares in...


#34: Deal Structuring With the Pharma Industry - From the Investors Perspective

Drug Development is a challenging process. It needs profound basic research, translating scientific results into products and moving them towards the market. Making things more challenging deal structuring is also a b2b business, which means selling products to the pharma industry that completes the product development and brings therapeutics to patients. How does structuring deals with the pharma industry really work to sign one of those multi-billion dollar contracts? Sascha Bucher is a...


#33: Bridging the Biotech Valley of Death: From Patient-Owned Therapeutics to Modular Drug Development.

For more than 10 years the blockchain technology has shaped our economy. The background technology is mostly invisible for average users like me. On the front end, cryptocurrency has hit the news. I remember well the highs of Bitcoin in 2017. And recently, Bitcoin is rising again. But, and this is something I want to learn, what applications do exist that can improve the life science industries? Is there something else in the background that will help us solve the problems we have in drug...


#32: Tax & Funding Update 2021 - Tech in Austria – Ask the Tax Experts of KPMG Austria

A new year brings new tax rules. Astrid Woollard and Christian Soschner asked the Tax Experts of KPMG Austria to give an update on the newest regulations in Austria. We also had a chance to talk about tax advisors and auditors' roles in the start-up economy. Listen to this episode to learn what's new and when to consult advisors. If you have questions after listening to the episode, reach out to Michael and Oliver. For the videophile: The Video to the Podcast Resources mentioned in...


#31: This was 2020 - A Year in Review

What was hot and what not - in Blockchain and Life Science and other Tech Areas the speakers love. Listen about what was going on in the world in 2020 - besides SARS CoV 2. Speaker: Albert Missbichler ( Astrid Woollard ( Christian Soschner ( Elisabeth Pfneisl ( Gregory Mannix...


#30: How to Patent Digital Business Models

At the beginning of the new millennium, the next technological quantum leap began to emerge, known as the fourth industrial revolution – or Industry 4.0 for short. New technologies permit the development of new business models. In general, a business model describes a company’s business processes to achieve a defined business objective within the context of its social environment. The term sums up visions, ideas, defining features, and design models. In the context of digitization,...


#29: Ultraleap. Digital Worlds that Feel Human.

One problem in the digital world is: We cannot feel the interaction. Prof. Sriram Subramanian is working on solutions for this problem. He has spun out Ultraleap from the University of Bristol. The company translates the research into products for the digital world. In this episode, I will talk with Prof. Subramanian about real-life applications for his inventions, the importance of touch for well-being, and the potential for the life science industry. Speaker: Christian Soschner...


#28: How to Close a 20 million CHF Series B Round During a Pandemic

Let's sit down for a conversation about my favorite topic: Fundraising in the Life Science Industry. How is it to raise significant financing rounds during a pandemic when the research focus is not related to SARS-CoV-2? It is my pleasure to welcome Dr. Daniela Marino, CEO and Co-founder of Cutiss AG. Speaker: Christian Soschner ( Daniela Marino ( Organizations: CS Life Science Invest...


#27: How to Find Your Vision and Passion for Founding a Company

In the last episodes, I have talked with investors and decision-makers of the pharmaceutical industry about the importance of having a vision and passion for the life science company. I want to explore this topic further and ask the life science entrepreneur Christof Goetz to chat with me about finding your vision and passion for your company. Christof is a Serial Entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience managing complex business, software, and hardware development...


#26: Science Explained - PCR Tests for Dummies

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with two Diagnostics Experts. Irina Korschinek, CEO of Ingenetix and Albert Missbichler, Business Angel specialized in Diagnostics. Do you want to know answers to all or one of the following questions? • What is a PCR test? • Why is it the gold standard for measuring SARS-Cov2 Infections? • What does a positive or negative test result say? • Why do false positives and false negatives exist. Shouldn`t the test have 100% accuracy? • Why do...


#25: What Is the Secret to Successful Tech Transfer?

Did you know that the successful pipeline of one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in the United States started in Europe, and scientists from Prague played a key role? Did you know that profound expertise in turning deep tech life science into a business, scale it, and go public in the US can be found in Prague since the late 80s of the previous century? If you want to know which US pharmaceutical companies pipeline started in Prague, then listen to this Episode Number 25. I...


#24: How Young Scientist Are Trained Towards Entrepreneurship in Oxford

Listen to my inspiring conversation with Vassilis Ragoussis about initiatives that support young scientists to become Entrepreneurs. We dived deep into the entrepreneurial Life Science Eco-System in Oxford, Europe, and the United States. If you want to know what the Eco-System in Oxford is doing for young scientist entrepreneurs, this podcast is for you. Learn more about Oxford University Biotech Society and Oxford Foundry. Vassilis is an avid networker and a Ph.D. student at the...


#23: How Is Life These Days for Early-Stage Investors in Europe?

Listen to my conversation with Nicolaj Højer Nielsen about the life of an early-stage investors in Europe. Nicolaj Højer Nielsen is a serial entrepreneur and business angel who has been building startups since 1999. He focuses on high potential startups and has co-founded and invested in thirteen companies, primarily within IT. He has experience securing funding from all possible sources – friends and family, business angels, VC funds, and public funds. His expertise is based on reviewing...


#22: How Is China Managing the Coronavirus Situation in 2020?

We are in the 7th month of the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic in Europe. Governments are doing what’s necessary to deal with the situation. More and more governments are initiating strong measures to control the infection rate with SARS-CoV-2. Israel has announced a second lockdown from September 18 for about three weeks. There is a lot of coverage of European measures in the local news. Also, a lot of information is published about actions taken in the United States. I rarely read anything about...