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How Sales and Product Work Together to Achieve Product-Market Fit | Rod Feuer

How can you build a product based on feedback and observations, all while staying true to the problem you’re trying to solve in the first place? On this week’s episode of Better Product, you’ll hear from Rod Feuer, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Costello, an AI-driven software platform designed to help salespeople sell better. When it comes to Rod’s target market, he knows his users. He understands exactly what they do, how they do it, the way they make decisions, and what is...


What's in a (Digital Product) Name? | Cara Wagner

What matters most when it comes to digital product? Is it design? Is it the features? The functions? Or is it marketing? Cara Wagner (@cara_saur) is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Mimir, a software company that grows the software engineering workforce through its core product, Mimir Classroom. In this episode, Cara digs into how to develop marketing strategies for your product. You’ll also hear a brand new perspective on how product companies should think about...


Navigating a Complex Product Roadmap to Launch | Jeremy Leventhal

When is the right time to build a new product? And who should lead the charge: Sales or product? What features should you build and when? These are the questions we explore in this week’s episode. We’re talking to Jeremy Leventhal, Chief Product Officer for Springbuk, a health analytics software company. You’ll hear product management best practices and Jeremy’s insight when it comes to first to market versus best in market. Learn how he managed a complex roadmap for launching a new...


Identifying Product Market Success in the Public Sector | Dan Moyers

Where does digital product fit in a market that traditionally relies on manual processes? In this episode with Dan Moyers, Vice President of Product and Solutions for 120WaterAudit, we dive into a digital product in the public sector and how to build product features that are customer informed - not customer driven. You’ll learn the difference. You’ll also hear how Dan leverages design deliverables for both the product development team and sales and how to use those mockups for product...


How to Add New Features and Balance Workarounds | Myles Grote & Tyler Hill

What would happen if the engineers who created the product actually spent time with the end users? That’s what Myles Grote, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, and Tyler Hill, Chief Design Officer, of Upper Hand, wanted to find out. Hear how an off site experience gave new perspective and drove innovation for this digital product company. Join us as our hosts dig into the details of what it takes to transform a product company to find the right market fit. You will learn how design...


Connecting the Product Dots by Looking Backwards | Dan Hanrahan

How do you go from your first user to your millionth? How can product integrations be strategic for growing a company’s user base? And how do you decide what integrations are worth creating? These questions and more are explored in this episode with Dan Hanrahan, (@danhanrahan8), Founder and President of Sigstr. Dan gives us insights on packaging, pricing, and when to make the decision to build again. If you’re looking to evolve your product and take your company to the next level, then...


Pitch Perfect: The Five Minute Product Pitch | Chelsea Linder

The product pitch deck is often the ‘thing’ you need to fundraise, to share the vision and to secure buy-in. For many, the pitch ends up guiding the development of the product. On this episode, we’re talking with Chelsea Linder. She’s the Director of the gBeta Indy program - a seven week accelerator program for early stage companies. A common misconception we explore is that people think it’s easy to 1) develop a product and 2) raise money. But she’s telling us right now, those people are...


How a Product-Led Company Utilizes Storytelling Instead of Feature Pushing | Kyle Lacy

Does product lead marketing or does marketing lead product? This is the question we set out to answer on this episode with Kyle Lacy, VP of Marketing at Lessonly. Outside of exploring this question, you’ll learn how Kyle launched the brand’s first user conference that didn’t feel like a user conference, and how they doubled down on their brand messaging while making sure the company never lost the voice of its founder - Max Yoder. In this episode, you’ll learn why Lessonly’s do-better work...


Better Product: What's This All About? | Christian Beck and Anna Eaglin

What is better product? And how do we create it? From Innovatemap, hosts Christian Beck and Anna Eaglin are on a mission to answer these questions. In its first season, Better Product will feature product leaders and product practitioners from marketing to design. This podcast was created based on the belief that the better products we have in the marketplace, the better experiences we create, the better work we inspire, and the better our lives become. Connect with Christian...