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Michael Redd, former NBA All-Star turned world-class investor, unpacks the stories of successful entrepreneurs and athletes who risked everything to get where they are today. Betting On Yourself explores how these incredible successes built their legacies by taking their success into their own hands.

Michael Redd, former NBA All-Star turned world-class investor, unpacks the stories of successful entrepreneurs and athletes who risked everything to get where they are today. Betting On Yourself explores how these incredible successes built their legacies by taking their success into their own hands.


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Michael Redd, former NBA All-Star turned world-class investor, unpacks the stories of successful entrepreneurs and athletes who risked everything to get where they are today. Betting On Yourself explores how these incredible successes built their legacies by taking their success into their own hands.




Dionte’ Johnson: Do What You Can Control

Today, Michael welcomes Dionte’ Johnson on the podcast. He’s a former fullback for the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals and The Ohio State University Buckeyes, entrepreneur, founder of the Columbus, OH sneaker boutique Sole Classics and the brand development agency Canvaas. “What I had to do was go back to the drawing board.” - Dionte’ Johnson In this episode, they talk about Dionte’s childhood years, his college and professional football career, his love of Columbus, and his remarkably creative...


Coss Marte: Never Quit

Coss Marte, fitness trainer, author, and founder of ConBody, the prison style fitness bootcamp joins Michael on the podcast today. “Betting on myself ... I feel like what I’ve done is born out of desperation. I think maybe my DNA is built a certain way, my mom is a hustler too. I saw her coming up from nothing and coming to America and giving us an opportunity here, you know, my brothers and my sister, to explore a better life. And we really took advantage of that, seeing that great role...


Erik Hersman: The White African

Erik Hersman, co-founder and CEO of BRCK (a 'backup generator for the internet'), technologist, investor, writer, Marine, and advocate of technological and entrepreneurial innovation in Africa, joins Michael on the podcast today. “I like solving big problems, and there’s big problems to solve.” - Erik Hersman They discussed Erik’s amazing life growing up in South Sudan and Kenya, the surprisingly difficult cultural transition he faced when moving back to the United States for college, and...


Coach Ryan Day: Operating in a High-Stakes World

Ryan Day, Head Coach of The Ohio State University Football program, joins Michael on the podcast today. They discussed Coach Day’s incredible career as a coach in the NFL and at The Ohio State University, a former college football player, his incredible spirit, and how to operate in a high-stakes world. Coach Day is an inspiring, tough, and loving guy. Around him, you get the feeling that “everything’s going to be OK.” And that’s part of the reason why he’s been such a legendary and...


Peter Feigin: You can figure out a way to win

Peter Feigin, President of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks and formerly Vice President of Marketing for the New York Knicks and Director of Marketing at Six Flags, joins Michael on the podcast today. They discussed his incredible career accomplishments at major brands, his rise from recruiter to President, handing out parking tickets in the Bucks lot, working for social justice in the epicenter of the global movement, and his unique leadership style. When asked about what betting on yourself...


Caleb Zipperstein: The Big Power of Small Improvements

Former Israeli Defense Forces Soldier, political analyst, and current Director of Value Creation and Venture Capital Lead at Empower Africa, Caleb Zipperstein, joined host Michael Redd to talk about the power of small improvements, the unexpected twists and turns in his life, and what Betting on Yourself means to him. “What does it mean to bet on yourself. I feel that a lot of the success I may have had in life is really a by-product of the people I’ve been fortunate to surround myself...


Corey Maggette: The Relentless Work Ethic

Legendary, 14-season veteran of the NBA, Corey Maggette, joined host Michael Redd to talk about the “no days off mindset,” leaving Duke early to chase his NBA dream, and stepping up his game to play with the most elite athletes on the planet. “No one in the history of the Duke organization had ever left, especially as a freshman. And I felt at that time it was a great opportunity to pursue this dream that started when I was 12 years old at The Boys & Girls Club [of America], to bet on...


Kenny Sipes: Taking the Leap with No 'Plan B'

Entrepreneur and Founder of The Roosevelt Coffeehouse, Kenny Sipes, joined host Michael Redd to talk about his winding path to entrepreneurship, jumping (and risking it all) without a net, and what it means to bet on himself. “I was either going to plan a church … go be a missions pastor at another church, start a non-profit, social justice organization, or go work for one. And those were what was on the table.” – Kenny Sipes Kenny Sipes – Founder and Executive Director of Redeeming...


Allan Houston: Everything Matters

Allan Houston, two-time NBA All-Star, Olympic Gold Medalist, and Founder of social impact and leadership development company FISLL, rapped with host Michael Redd about his rise to becoming a top NBA player, and his subsequent successes, failures, and hard lessons learned. “Relationships are the currency of life.” – Allan Houston Allan is a legendary shooting guard from the Detroit Pistons and New York Knicks. In addition to making the 1999 NBA finals with the Knicks, he’s also served as GM...


Elizabeth Blount McCormick: The Importance of Adopting a ‘No Fear’ Attitude

President and owner of Columbus-based Uniglobe Travel Designers, Elizabeth Blount McCormick, spoke with host and friend Michael Redd about the art of approaching business (and life) without fear, why a “no” often leads to a better “yes,” and the importance of adopting a “no fear” attitude. "Nothing beats a failure but a try. And the worst thing you can hear is a ‘no.’ But the one phrase I live by is ‘a no leads to a better yes’. There are times I’ve been told no, but that means something...


Steven Lim: Reaching Millions by Tasting Food

Steven Lim, owner of Watcher Entertainment, and the creator/host of the YouTube series “Worth It,” joined host Michael Redd to talk about second-guessing himself, taking risks when he wanted to play it safe, and rejecting – then accepting – a job offer that would ultimately open the door to his viral online success. “I didn’t start making videos because I wanted to make cat videos… I came here because I wanted to make really meaningful, impactful videos about culture, identity, and food.” –...


Tim Staples: Jumping Into the Deep End

Entrepreneur Tim Staples joined host Michael Redd to talk about his hard-fought wisdom and experience, a reminder to place your bets carefully, and how to always be prepared for change. “I like to think of passion as like a metal detector for where the good stuff is.” – Tim Staples Tim Staples has carved a space for himself in the marketing and advertising world, first in sports, then in the entertainment industry, and now with major brands like Pepsi, AT&T, MARS, Adobe and The Olympics....


Nina Yang Bongiovi: Making a Difference Through Storytelling

Award-winning Hollywood film producer, Nina Yang Bongiovi, chatted with host Michael Redd about the challenges and hurdles she’s overcome, how she forged her own path in an ultra-competitive industry as an Asian American, and how to make a difference in the world. “Being willing to spend the time to develop the talent is really important. And I also choose people who are underrepresented in our industry … that’s critical.” – Nina Yang Bongiovi Nina is an American film producer with over 20...


Ira Sharfin: Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

The CEO of Columbus-based office design and furnishing company, Continental Office, Ira Sharfin, spoke with host Michael Redd about his passion for life-long learning, and why he teaches the mantra “bet on yourself” to his own family. “The best thing you can do is bet on yourself. It’s not that you don’t need other people – you always need people to help you – but no one can do it for you. There are no handouts.” – Ira Sharfin Ira is the CEO of the award-winning, Columbus-based, office...


Christoph Sonnen: Waiting for the Perfect Wave

Entrepreneur and venture capital expert, Christoph Sonnen, reunited with host Michael Redd to talk about his road to success and what betting on yourself really means to him. “Great business ideas are like surfing. You won’t make it if you’re too early, you won’t make it if you’re too late.” – Christoph Sonnen Christoph is the co-founder and CEO of leAD sports accelerator and is also a partner at ADvantage Sports Tech Fund, joining forces with Jeremy Pressman and friend Michael Redd with a...


Chris Sacca: Putting It All on the Line

Welcome to Season 2 of Betting On Yourself! We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off this season than with an amazing interview host Michael Redd did a couple of years ago with venture investor and entrepreneur, Chris Sacca. Chris spoke at length with Michael about his road to success, times on his journey when he had to put it all on the line and bet on himself, and how he came to be one of the most successful venture investors ever. “Startup investing is one of my things — but it’s...


Special Edition - Harry Tomi Davies: Driving Change in Africa

In a special edition of Betting on Yourself, host Michael Redd partnered with his friends at Empower Africa for an exclusive podcast episode – as part of their virtual networking event – to help drive business and growth in Africa. Guest Harry Tomi Davies (aka TD) is an advisor, author, public speaker, and angel investor. “Measure life, not by money, but by time, because that’s what life really is. It’s about how you spend the experiences.” – Harry Tomi Davies TD spoke with Michael about...


Achea Redd: Fear-"less”

Mental health advocate, award-winning author, and influencer, Achea Redd, spoke with host and husband Michael Redd about her own journey from diagnosis to recovery, and her mission to help end the stigma associated with seeking mental health care, especially for women of color. “We have to let go of who we think we should be and embrace what is.” – Achea Redd Achea Redd is the author of “Be Free. Be You,” and founder of the non-profit, Real Girls F.A.R.T. – a space designed to empower and...


Lindsay Karas Stencel: Shatter the Glass Ceiling

Venture capitalist and attorney, Lindsay Karas Stencel, chatted with host Michael Redd about how success in competitive athletics translates to business success, her journey from elite athlete to high-powered lawyer, and her passion for supporting emerging and diverse voices in business and beyond. “I’ve always liked the idea of taking a concept and applying capital and talent and to turn that into what ultimately, in the best-case scenario, becomes a successful, high-growth company....


Charli Cohen: Always Trust Your Instincts

British fashion designer and entrepreneur, Charli Cohen, spoke with host Michael Redd about blending the digital and physical worlds, the value of staying small and agile through the pandemic, and how trusting her instincts has had a huge impact on fashion. “This whole COVID situation has been quite a leveler for the industry and been a way for smaller, more agile brands to stand out and innovate during this time.” – Charli Cohen Charli planned her first fashion collection at the age of 13...