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4 Ways to Learn Faster Than the World is Changing with Taylor Schulte

If you’re not learning faster than the world is changing, then you are going to fall behind very quickly. And businesses that fall too far behind usually don’t get a second chance to catch up. A big challenge for financial advisors is, how do you stay on top of everything that’s required to run a successful advisory business? As Josh Brown put it at the recent Wealth/Stack Conference, “A good advisor is both coach and quarterback, on-demand psychologist and personal friend, historian and...


Wealth/Stack Conference Recap: Should Advisors Be More Like Amazon or More Like Ritz-Carlton? Yes!

When was the last time you talked to a Netflix employee about your account? How about an Amazon employee? I’m guessing for most of you the answer is: never. Netflix automatically charges my credit card every month and uses its algorithms to push content it thinks I’ll enjoy to my home screen. A shipping problem or return request with Amazon is usually resolved with a couple swipes or clicks. It’s efficient customer service, but it’s all faceless, online, impersonal. Now, when was the...


How to Get Started in Email Marketing to Add New Clients and Deepen Your Relationship with Existing Ones from the Former Director of Newsletters at The New Yorker and at BuzzFeed

Email Marketing is one of the most effective, least expensive, and underutilized marketing strategies available to you right now. I’m on the record as saying a person’s inbox in the most valuable piece of marketing real estate you can own. When a person gives you permission to show up in their inbox on a regular basis, you can develop a personalized relationship that leads to new business and long-term loyalty. Now, you might be thinking, "Steve, have you lost your rocker here? Email is so...


How to Combine FinTech and Your Humanness to Build a Thriving Advisory Business

A top-notch tech stack is table stakes. And you won’t “out tech the tech titans” so you can’t win on technology. So what can a financial advisor do to remain relevant and thrive in the years ahead? You can double-down on your ability to humanize the advisor-client relationship, to understand and deliver on exactly what your clients really need, and you should do it in a technologically-enhanced way. “You're not competing on your toolkit or the software that you deploy in your office,”...


What is the Optimal Size to Grow Your Business so it Maximizes Your Profitability and Life Enjoyment with Carolyn McClanahan, M.D., CFP®

“You’re either growing or dying.” How many times have you heard that chestnut? Too many! But what if you decided you didn’t want to grow? What if you decided you’d be happy at the current size of your business and just add new clients when an existing client leaves or passes away? Does the thought of that idea make you vomit or is it liberating? If you decide it’s all about growth, what are you willing to sacrifice to scale? My guest today, Carolyn McClanahan recently decided her...


Three Keys to Crafting Seminars That Connect with Audiences and Turn Prospects into Clients with Matt Gulbransen

The classic educational seminar still works if you spend the time, and yes, the money to do it right. My podcast guest today, Matt Gulbransen, has mastered the science—and art—of delivering seminars that convert. Matt is the President of Pine Grove Financial Group, which is an RIA operating in the St. Paul, Minnesota area. In our conversation, Matt discusses what attracted him to seminars, what works for him, a few things that don't, the kinds of events he hosts, the formula he uses to...


20-Year Navy SEAL Veteran Shares 3 SEAL Maxims That Drive Elite Performance

Today I’m going to share 3 maxims used by Navy SEALs that drive their elite performance. These maxims have been used by SEALs for decades and have proven their worth in thousands of Special Operations missions in every corner of the world. The good news is, they’ll work for you too. Apply them to your business and to your personal performance and watch your results soar. My guest today is Commander David Sears of the United States Navy. David retired after serving for 20 years in the Navy...


Servicing the Financial and Psychological Needs of Ultra-High Net Worth Investors Through a Multi-Family Office with David Dunn

Imagine for a moment if you could build a highly profitable practice that served a total of just 10 families and individuals. And through your personalized, indispensable service you could create clients for life, and perhaps even for a generation or two. That’s exactly what David Dunn is doing at Kingsbridge Wealth Management. David describes Kingsbridge as a family office featuring a “full stack financial infrastructure” that provides high-net-worth families and individuals with...


What Golf Great Jim Flick Taught Billion-Dollar Advisor Michael Bapis About Winning in Business

You’re not going to reach the top of this profession without having a competitive streak in you. And when you channel that competitiveness into “winning” for your clients and “winning” in the growth of your business, that’s a dynamite combo. Today’s guest, Michael Bapis, is a competitor who played golf for the University of Utah, then collegiate-level basketball while studying abroad in Greece for two years. After finishing school, he moved to Phoenix and ran Jim Flick's Golf School at...


Get Clear, Get Heard, and Get Referred with "King of Clarity" Steve Woodruff

I'm convinced that one of the keys to success is to have extreme clarity. But clarity can be difficult to define, and even harder to achieve. In our business, many advisors don’t do a thorough enough job defining themselves to an ever-more-crowded marketplace. “We help you achieve your financial goals” might fit well on your website’s masthead. But does a phrase like that really say anything meaningful about who you are as an advisor, what kind of value you bring to the planning process, and...


How to Design a "Day 1" Advisory Firm That Endures for Decades

If I only knew then what I know now … As advisors and business owners, we all think about this from time to time. But how often do you actually put what you’ve learned into action? Right now, you’re probably sitting on a lesson or idea you could use to transform your business. In fact, you might have enough “A-ha!” moments stored up to do something really exciting, like starting your dream RIA from scratch. My guests today did just that. Dennis Morton and Katie Brown are the co-founders...


Sterling Shea on How Barron's Top Advisors Stay at the Top

A master class from Sterling Shea on how to revamp your business and thrive as a world-class financial advisor, taught by someone who literally writes the book on where our industry is going and how the best of the best stay at the top.


Creating Sustainable Value in a Fast-Tech World With Brie Williams

How can financial advisors build an enduring business with sustainable value? Contrary to what we often hear and read, it's not all about tech. It's about being indispensable in your clients' lives. Today's guest, Brie Williams, says there are four areas we should focus on to create sustainable value. These four areas can form the core of your client-centric approach to business. Brie is Vice President of State Street Global Advisors and Head of Practice Management for the Global SPDR...


How to Make Capitalism Work for Everybody with Anthony Scaramucci

Capitalism is taking a beating right now. Rising wealth inequality and low social mobility have been festering for decades. The median income of Americans hasn’t budged in 30 years. The overall share of GDP accruing to capital has risen significantly relative to labor. And I could go on. So is capitalism the problem? No. We don’t need to ditch capitalism, we just need to evolve it so more people can benefit from it. But how do we do that? For some answers, I reached out to Anthony “the...


5 Steps to Raising $90 Million in New AUM a Year Through Seminars

Seminars work. I’ve had multiple advisors on my podcast in recent months who are all killing it with seminars. In fact, today's podcast guest, Bill Keen, raised $90 million in AUM last year from seminars. Sure, it seems old school in the age of Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom, but people still value human to human live contact. You can only Google, click, and swipe so much before you just want to hear an actual person give you some good, solid information about how to live the best life...


A Millennial Advisor's Tips for How to Pass the CFP® Certification Program

A growing financial advisory firm needs lots of top talent. What are you doing to deepen your roster of advisors? Do your brightest employees see a path for themselves from, say, a business or marketing degree to CFP® certification? And if so, what can both the employee and the employer expect during that process? Well, confession time: it's been a couple years (actually decades) since I got my CFP®, so I don't think I'm the best person to answer those questions. I decided to go to a...


The Marketing Strategies That Delivered $6 Billion in Organic AUM Growth in 3 Years with David Bach

David Bach is one of the most well-known names in personal finance and the RIA space. In 2018, AE Wealth Management ranked as the second-fastest-growing RIA in America according to Investment News and Financial Advisor Magazine. David is also an 11-time best-selling author, including 9 New York Times best-selling books that have sold over 7 million copies and been translated into 19 languages. His latest, “The Latte Factor,” is also a huge hit. And on top of all that, David’s massively...


“Non-Obvious” Trends That Could Shape the Future of Your Advisory Firm

Rohit Bhargava is the founder and chief trend curator of the Non-Obvious Company, which helps companies and leaders win by learning to see what others miss. He’s also the founder of three successful companies, and advisor to multiple startups, and a bestselling author of five books on a wide variety of topics, including the future of business, how to build a brand with personality, and why leaders always eat left-handed. We talked about some key trends from the 2019 edition of “Non-Obvious”...


The 4 Words That Describe the Value Financial Advisors Deliver With Doug Lennick

As technology automates much of the “mechanics” of money, advisors need to evolve to the more emotional aspects of money. After all, simply helping rich people get richer isn’t usually a driving motivator for advisors—or clients. In my conversation with Doug Lennick, the co-founder of Think2Perform, an author, and former EVP of Advice and Retail Distribution for American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise Financial), he shared four words that he believes underlie the real value...


Using Your Relationship to Money as a Path to Personal and Professional Growth With Brent Kessel

Today's guest is Brent Kessel. Brent is founder of Abacus Wealth Partners, which has more than 50 employees and more than $2 billion in assets under management. About ten years ago I was reading a Buddhist magazine and did a double-take when I saw an ad for a financial advisory firm on its back cover. Abacus Wealth has been on my radar ever since. "I have been a student of different kinds of Eastern traditions, mostly yoga and mindfulness meditation, for over 25 years," Brent says. "As...