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What Do the Ironman, Death, and More Than 600 Advisors Have in Common?

John Hyland was unhappy. Fresh out of college, the big firm lifestyle of late nights and steak dinners had taken a physical toll. John felt unhealthy and out of shape. At a tailgate party he heard some friends talking about Ironman races, how impossible they seemed, how no average person could complete one. “I just had this a-ha moment in my mind,” John told me on a recent podcast. “I just had this moment of clarity and said to myself, "I need to do this." John finished the first of...


The Advisor Who Gets the Most Client Stories…Wins

Historically, the financial advisory business has been about a story of numbers. Today, it’s about a number of stories, say Mitch Anthony. Of course, good advisors always knew that viewing our industry as a matter of number-crunching was just a fairy tale. And today, revolutions in technology and an aggressive marketplace have made that fairy tale ancient history. Instead, pioneers in life-centered financial planning, like noted author and speaker Mitch Anthony, want to refocus our...


Your Value is in Transforming, Not Informing Your Clients

If you are in the “inform” business, and not the “transform” business, you won’t be long for this business. Technology services are quickly chipping away at the value-stack financial advisors offer to clients. There may come a time when, “I turn on my phone and I say, ‘Hi, Alexa. Tell me what my bank account is today. Transfer $10,000 from Bank A to Bank B. Open a 529 plan for my kid. Then, rebalance my brokerage account.’ And tell me how I'm doing against my goal of buying this house,”...


A Barron’s Top 15 Advisor on His Unorthodox Way to Billions in AUM

I’ve long said that there are many ways to be successful as a financial advisor. My guest today, Steve Cassaday, founder and CEO of Cassaday and Company, Inc., is a perfect example. His main marketing plan is a throwback to the 1990s. He spends hundreds of thousands of dollars per year doing high-end dinner seminars for a carefully selected group of people. And when they become a client, he creates a comprehensive financial plan for them but he does NOT use financial planning software to...


How to Ask Better Questions to Uncover Your Client’s Values and Motivations and Drive Desired Behavior

My guest today, Dr. Eliott Berkman, is a tenured Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon, where he directs the Social and Effective Neuroscience Laboratory and conducts field-leading, federally-funded research on goals, motivation, and behavior change. He's also the Associate Director of the Center for Translational Neuroscience, and an author who writes about psychology and neuroscience for lay audiences, including in Psychology Today. We talk about the concept of...


How to Build Your Ideal Tech Stack for Improved Efficiency and Client Experience

With the accelerating pace of technological change, how can you be sure you are making the right technology choices? What should your tech stack look like? One of the biggest changes in the financial advisory business over the past 10 years or so has been the rise of technology. Now, of course, technology has always been a part of the business -- as anyone who, like me, struggled with Advent Access performance reports in the 1990s can attest. But the accelerated rate of technology change...


How This RIA CEO Built His Business To Run Without Him For A Year

How long could your business survive without you? For financial advisors, I think that’s really two questions in one. Part one is a question of scale. Part two is a question of how you want to connect with your clients, build a sense of community, and run a modern advisory practice. Brighton Jones is one of the top fee-only wealth management companies in the country, and one of Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work For seven years in a row. Brighton Jones also placed on Barron’s List...


My 3 Words for 2018

If you could come up with 3 words for this year, that would drive your actions and keep you on track to make this your best year ever, what would those 3 words be? For several years now, I’ve begun the year by identifying 3 words that will set the course, give me direction, and totally excite me as I move through the year. I write these words at the top of my Daily Focus sheet and look at them daily throughout the year. The premise is simple. Pick 3 words that motivate you, remind you,...


How to Get Your Clients to Change Their Behavior--And Stick With It

People often times know what they need to do to reach their goal, or know what the “right decision" is, but they still don’t do it. It’s that old knowing-doing gap idea. And much of the popular literature about how to create better habits and change your behavior, are, unfortunately, based on weak science. The good news is, there is solid scientific research on how to change behavior and stick with this new behavior...and we're going to discuss it in today's podcast. My guest, Sean...


Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, ICOs, Blockchain: What Should Advisors Do?

Can I interest you in my new cryptocurrency, BelayCoin? You can use BelayCoin to pay for the services of my company, and every transaction is verified and recorded in the Ethereum blockchain. And over time, the value of BelayCoin may rise to reflect how in-demand my services are. Now, don’t go running for your credit cards – I’m just kidding. I haven’t actually set up a system like this. But if I did, would I be crazy, or ahead of the curve? On today's show, I sit down with Jim Dowd to...


Schwab Top Advisor Panel: What Decades of Experience Can Tell Us About Thriving in the Future

In the last 35 year, we’ve seen the following happen in the financial markets. Two leading financial advisors have been through it all and on today’s podcast, we come to you live from Schwab Impact 2017. We discuss what they’ve learned, share their insights on how to be successful going forward, and get the perspective from a Schwab executive on supporting and building excellent RIA firms. For 30 years, Charles Schwab has been providing services to independent RIAs and I was pleased to...


Ross Levin on "I-You" Relationships, Excelling in the “Slow Things,” and Building an Impactful RIA

Imagine you’re sitting down with a potential new client for the initial discovery meeting. What do you see sitting across from you? Unfortunately, many advisors see a “prospect,” “dollar signs,” or perhaps “a million-dollar account.” The philosopher Martin Buber called this an “I-It Relationship,” in which one person objectifies the other. On today's show, Ross Levin explains the importance of "I-You" relationships, how to master the "slow things," and the story behind building one of...


Seth Streeter on His Evolution From Managing Money to Redefining Wealth for Himself, Clients, and Staff

Financial advisors have a unique opportunity to make a real, immediate impact on people's lives -- if they're willing to break away from the old model that's only interested in improving return on investments. On today's show, RIA leader Seth Streeter explains how his firm not only delivers a first-class planning experience, but also helps their top clients "redefine wealth" and develop their "inspired life purpose." Seth Streeter is the CEO and founder of Mission Wealth, a leading...


Former LPL CEO Mark Casady Shares Lessons From the C-Suite

Mark Casady had a front row seat on the massive changes hitting our industry over the past 15 years of his tenure at LPL. Now that he's "retired," we discuss his career and the lessons he learned. During his 30-plus years in financial services, Mark likes to think his job was to be a classic "change agent." As chairman of the board and CEO for LPL Financial, Mark led the company through its IPO and grew it into the fifth largest brokerage firm in the United States. Today, you might say...


Advising Clients on How Their Money Integrates With Their Life

"Compassionate" isn't necessarily the first word that springs to mind when you think about the traditional financial planning model. But that's just another way that the old model is outdated. The shift in our industry from Return on Investment to Return on Life requires a new conversation between advisors and clients. Understanding your clients as people -- their goals, their fears, their perspectives, where they come from, where they want to go -- is the new step one in the discovery...


3-Time Olympic Medalist Lauryn Williams on "Winning" in Business, Life and Financial Planning

You can get the mechanics of a financial plan right, but if you miss the "life" part, you're shortchanging your clients. A financial plan is a tool to help your clients live a happier, more fulfilling life. Consumers can easily get their money managed through the big national brands like Vanguard, Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and the Robo Advisors, without your help. A key value an advisor adds is in helping clients create a thoughtful financial plan, and understanding how they can...


Essential Success Tips for Young Advisors From "40 Under 40" Honoree Hannah Moore

Curiosity. The best advisors have it. Hannah Moore's curiosity has led her down many roads and in today's podcast, she shares what she's learned about structuring the client meeting process, creating client personas, blogging to "just one person," using three words to define your business, succession planning, and much more. My guest today, Investment News "40 under 40" honoree Hannah Moore, is an expert on charting a course from young advisor to successful RIA. Hannah is a CFP® and owner...


Use Sten Morgan's "7 Mindsets" to Accelerate Your Firm's Growth

How do you go from a struggling, cash-strapped RIA to running a fast-growing, profitable top firm? Adopt Sten Morgan's 7 Mindsets and you'll be on your way. As the founder of Legacy Investment Planning, Sten Morgan has lived that dream, and overcome the obstacles that go with it. Sten was recently named one of the “40 Under 40” by Investment News, and his new book, “7 Mindsets of Success,” challenges entrepreneurs to change their mindsets, and see their businesses, and the world,...


Here's How Multibillion-Dollar RIA Firm Advice Period is Reinventing Wealth Management

By rethinking every aspect of how to price and deliver wealth management, AdvicePeriod has gone from a startup just a few years ago, to more than $6 billion in assets under advisement. We go under the hood to learn exactly how they did it. They're not shy about stating their take on the financial advisory business. "We're reinventing wealth management. The old model is totally outdated," says the bold headline at the top of their website. My guest today, Larry Miles, is a Principal and...


Surprising Insights From Schwab's RIA Benchmarking Study With Guest Jon Beatty

The latest RIA Benchmarking Study from Charles Schwab contains surprising insights and contradicts some common industry beliefs. I always look forward to Schwab's annual Benchmarking Study because it's full of data that I enjoy digging into to uncover the health of our industry. This year's report is no exception as it contains some nuggets that may surprise you. On today's show, Jon Betty, Charles Schwab's Senior Vice President of Advisory Services, joins me to sort through the results...


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