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The weekly podcast that discusses the topics of faith, family, fitness, finances and future possibility in hopes of inspiring and equipping you to make your own path and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The weekly podcast that discusses the topics of faith, family, fitness, finances and future possibility in hopes of inspiring and equipping you to make your own path and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.


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The weekly podcast that discusses the topics of faith, family, fitness, finances and future possibility in hopes of inspiring and equipping you to make your own path and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.






Meg Glesener on the Secret to 31 Years of a Healthy Marriage

Podcaster Meg Glesener of Letters from Home shares her insights on 31 years of a happy, healthy marriage. See the full show notes at


What You Speak Over Your Spouse Matters

What you speak over your spouse matters. It's what gets you through the valleys, struggles, and plateaus of your marriage relationship. You may be familiar with the old adage, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." It was often the advice given to console those who were bullied through taunting, brought to the edge, or past the edge, of anger. Hip Hop Harry probably had it right though, "Words have power! Words have power!" They really do. Throughout...


Ten Free Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

Brandon and Jerry share ten free tips that you can use any given day to strengthen your marriage. These tips may seem simple, but it is often the little things that will build trust as we discussed in episode 232. Give this episode a listen and start applying one of their tips today. See the full show notes at


Dating Your Spouse to Stay Connected

Brandon and Jerry discuss why you should date your spouse, provide date ideas, and some do's and don'ts to help you be successful again. See the full show notes at


Marriage Facts That Offer You Hope - The Good News

Brandon and Jerry discuss three standout marriage facts from Shaunti Feldhahn's book, The Good News About Marriage, to offer you hope in your own marriage outlook. See the full show notes at


How Married Couples Can Exercise Selfless Love and Make the World a Better Place

Bill Hutcheson shares his experiences in marriage and ministry to show us how our marriages based on selfless love can drive purpose and passion. About William “Bill” Hutcheson We each have a selfless love story within us and within our own marriages. Bill Hutcheson combines his experiences working in ministry and counseling couples to help us get out of the insanity phase of marriage into a thriving relationship built on selfless love that drives both passion and purpose. Bill Hutcheson...


Ryan Mains Ultrarunning to Raise Awareness for Firefighter PTSD

Ryan Mains shares his story about ultrarunning to raise awareness for firefighter PTSD as a firefighter who is struggling with PTSD himself. Some first responder mental health statistics include the following: Resources and Links Ryan finishing up the 130 km ultrarunning event “Run for Our Lives” in 2020, view video on Facebook Follow Ryan and his cause on the Facebook Page, Run for Our Lives The Illinois Firefighter Peer Support Hotline has a page dedicated to Run for Our Lives and...


Dad Coming Home Military Veteran Ben Killoy on Fatherhood

Marine Corps veteran, Ben Killoy, discusses the importance of dad coming home and being home, and the importance of building a tribe of dad friends. See the full show notes at


Fathering Together a Non-Profit to Encourage the Positive Role of Fathers

Dr. Christopher Lewis shares the evolution of a simple blog into a platform that encourages the positive presence and role of fathers. See the full show notes at


Decide if Working for a Startup Company is Right for You with Steve Kahan

Steve Kahan is an author and TEDx Speaker who shares the pros and cons of working for a startup company. See the full show notes at


Joel W Hawbaker Bringing Help for Blended Families

Joel is a blended family coach, author, and speaker who loves helping blended families overcome obstacles and grow by teaching them the 10 Commandments of Blended Family Life. See the full show notes at


On the Brighter Side of Marriage, Life and Business - Monica Tanner

Monica Tanner is the host of On the Brighter Side, a show that focuses on healthy marriages. She also blogs and provides resources on her website by the same name. See the full show notes at


How a Lawyer Momma of Six Helps Families Find Financial Independence

Wendy Mays, a mother of six children, shares her story of hanging up a solid career as a defense lawyer to help families find financial independence through House of FI. See the full show notes at


Turning Dyslexia Into a Ministry of Helping People Improve Communication

Lisa Placencia shares her story of overcoming dyslexia to earn a Masters Degree in Communication where she has spent the last 23 years helping churches and people improve communication. See the full show notes at


Leveraging Credit to Grow Your Small Business with Gerri Detweiler

Credit expert Gerri Detweiler discusses the pros and cons of leveraging credit to grow a small business and explains what a credit report is for small businesses. See the full show notes at


A CentsAble Chat with Personal Finance Coach Bobbi Olsen

Bobbie Olsen, host of the podcast CentsAble Chat, shares insights on budgeting made easy for your personal finances. Full show notes at


Nancy Guberti on How Nutrition and Wellness Starts with Mindset

If you're ready to get out of a rut and live life at optimal health, Nancy Guberti will talk through how mindset is the key to your health and wellness. See the full show notes at


How to Apply the Hero's Journey to Your Life with J Scott MacMillan

Author, filmmaker, and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming life coach J. Scott MacMillan centers his work around the theory of the Hero’s Journey. Drawing upon the concept’s relatable and inspirational nature, MacMillan has adopted tools to help himself and others for the last 15 years. See the full show notes at


Katina Stith Overcoming Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking and Suicide

Katina Stith is a friend of ours who shares how she turned her pain from sexual assault, human trafficking and suicide into a ministry for human rights. See the full show notes at


Making Child Care Business Adjustments During COVID-19

Kainee Bram returns to share insights on how she has had to adjust her business during the COVID-19 quarantine, or shelter-in-place, order. Listen to how she has kept the business running and serving others in a safe and diligent manner. See the full show notes at