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In this podcast, we feature stories from highly successful Experts and Creative Entrepreneurs who have built impressive influence and business success by turning their passion into Profitable Happiness™. For a weekly journey of marketing, music, and motivation, subscribe to the PROFITABLE HAPPINESS™ Podcast with Dr. Pelè.

In this podcast, we feature stories from highly successful Experts and Creative Entrepreneurs who have built impressive influence and business success by turning their passion into Profitable Happiness™. For a weekly journey of marketing, music, and motivation, subscribe to the PROFITABLE HAPPINESS™ Podcast with Dr. Pelè.


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In this podcast, we feature stories from highly successful Experts and Creative Entrepreneurs who have built impressive influence and business success by turning their passion into Profitable Happiness™. For a weekly journey of marketing, music, and motivation, subscribe to the PROFITABLE HAPPINESS™ Podcast with Dr. Pelè.






202: Imagining the future and 'LeaderING', With Nancy Giordano

Imagine if you could see far into the future. What would you see? Would you be safe? Would things be great? Or would your present thoughts, actions, and realities have produced a future of difficulty and strife? Now, imagine that today, you're sitting across a virtual table from someone who has spent years as an expert, global, strategic futurist who can tell you precisely what you need to be thinking and doing in order to ensure a powerful and prosperous tomorrow. But you better take notes,...


201: Launching Your Strategy For Business Growth, With Ike Ikokwu

Has your entrepreneurial dream turned into the proverbial nightmare? Are you uncertain about your next chapter? Would you like to get results now in your business and plan a successful exit out of corporate? If any of these are true for you, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? Nope. Call my next guest. In this episode, we meet brilliant Business Growth Strategist and Keynote Speaker Ike Ikokwu, who helps executives and entrepreneurs alike, plan and execute their business and career growth...


198: Where Energy Healing Meets Business Success, With Sandra Camacho

Is all that we perceive with our five senses truly all that there is? What could be affecting our personal and professional performance, that is outside of our five senses? How can we learn of our energy and heal our business potential more proactively? These questions and more were discussed in this episode with Dr. Sandra Camacho, auric field consultant, energy healer, and intuitive business coach who helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs up-level their energy so they attract more clients,...


199. From Nada To Prada, With David Brier

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. But what is the value of words given as testimonials from some of today's top business leaders and influencers? Read this: "David Brier is brilliant with branding." Daymond John, Shark Tank and CEO FUBU "David Brier is a branding genius who will revolutionize the way you do branding." Grant Cardone These are just a few of the comments from top influencers about our guest, David Brier, who is known as Google’s #1 Rebranding Expert, Slayer...


200: From The Center Of The Media Universe, With Christopher Martin

What do "The Oprah Winfrey Show" Alum, "60 Minutes," the Emmy Awards Winner's List, and the Peabody Awards Winner's List all have in common? My guest in this episode! Christopher Martin has been at the center of the media universe for many years and is today navigating new success paths for the future. In this episode, we meet CEO and Founder Christopher Martin, who is a Corporate Storyteller and Marketing Megaphone for today's top Businesses. The best ways to connect with Christopher...


196: Breakthrough Sales And Leadership Performance, With Ryan Estis

I'd like you to close your eyes and go back fifteen years. Imagine you're sitting with me in a National Speakers Association meeting for the first time, and you're seeing this dynamic young speaker who not only speaks with a powerful command of his voice tones, storytelling, and deep research-based insights, but he's doing the strangest things with his arms! He's holding them up so high and for so long and he masterfully uses them to sustain a thought in your mind with his speech. And when...


197: LinkedIn Marketing for Boomer Entrepreneurs, With Ted Prodromou

PROBLEM: You’re 50+ and you’ve been aged out of your career, laid off, or you’re starting your own business for the first time. Now you're looking at your LinkedIn profile, not sure what to do next. You know there's got to be a path to your next level of success, but you're not sure how to get started. Who you gonna call? TED!! In this episode, we meet CEO and Best-selling Author of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business, Ted Prodromou. My Favorite Quotes from Ted Prodromou in this...


194: The Making Of A Maverick, With Marlo Higgins

Webster's dictionary describes the word 'Maverick' as "an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party." There is no dispute about the success potential in being a maverick. However, in today's noisy, global, socially crowded world, even the truest maverick would have a tough time standing out. Yet my next guest has put in the research and personal experience that convinced her, not only about the power inherent in being a maverick, but about a specific path for...


195: Scaling Your Social Media Content, With Sam Lister

I'm imagining a scene in 'Back To The Future', when a time-traveling young man meets the time-machine inventor that made his presence in the past possible. Only this time, I'm the time traveler and I'm predicting that the person in front of me will achieve great things, like be the next Elon Musk, or Steve Jobs. Sound fantastic? Perhaps. But after listening to Sam Lister, a young, social media creator, I couldn't help but feel I was peering into the future. I had a good feeling about my...


192. Unleash Your Business 'Swagger', With Leslie Ehm

Have you ever wondered what that magic thing is that powers the most successful people we know? Notice how they float around in slow motion, music playing in the background, hair whipping in the wind? Yeah, with all that 'it' factor, and confidence? Guess what that is? It's SWAGGER, (just kidding)....but whatever it is, our next guest has invested years of research and experience studying this phenomenon, and is able to share the following: all of us can unleash our inner swagger! In this...


193: Building Success Through Cumulative Advantage, With Mark Schaefer

"How can we rise above the din of infinite options to create sustainable meaning with an audience or group of customers? Following the old rules of digital engagement is not enough, not nearly enough. Even being "great" is insufficient in the face of overwhelming competition redefining the limits of excellence every day. From the best-selling author of KNOWN and Marketing Rebellion comes a practical guidebook built for the modern world. " — CUMULATIVE ADVANTAGE In this episode, we meet Mark...


191: Creating Your Greatest Impact, With Andrew Guy

In the now seminal book, 'Start With Why', Simon Sinek urges us all to consider the things that inspire us before we launch our business or entrepreneurial efforts. Yet when one takes that powerful, sage advice, the next question one must ask is usually, 'HOW' will I get all this done? How will I achieve the business or entrepreneurial success I seek. In this episode, we meet Andrew Guy, who seeks to bring the word 'HOW' into greater focus so that we can all have a solid bridge between...


190: The Path To Authentic Brand Authority, With Mary Henderson

In the pursuit of external business success, far too many of us leave behind the true essence of our authenticity, our internal passion, and our natural brilliance. What a joy it is, however, when we discover that our greatest success is not out there somewhere, but rather, has been within us all along. In this episode, we meet the absolutely incomparable Mary Henderson, who is a renowned personal branding specialist and CEO at Mary Henderson Coaching. She helps coaches, consultants &...


188: The Business Of Relationship Advice, With Crista Beck

It has become very clear in today's business landscape that the most important (and most profitable) categories for personal development advice are to be found in the following three camps: Health, Wealth, and Relationships. Given our human nature, it is arguable that the most powerful of these is Relationships, because they affect everything else so palpably. What isn't so obvious, yet equally powerful, is just how much business owners can learn from the art of dating and finding love. In...


189: Introducing The Credibility Nation, With Mitchell Levy

"As we transition from the industrial age to the global village, the rules of the game of business (and life) change. Today, and into the future, credibility is one of the key components of success. I’m helping to define how credibility is changing and how to achieve it." — Mitchell Levy. In this episode, we meet global credibility expert Mitchell Levy, who is on a singular mission to serve humans who want to be seen as Credible. My Favorite Quotes from Mitchell Levy in this episode,...


187: The Power Of Experiential Leadership Development, With Matthew Confer

One of my all-time favorite sayings is: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ” — Aristotle. Another one is more tongue-in-cheek, but just as powerful: "You can't learn to play soccer at a seminar. " —Anonymous. Both quotes make the point that learning is only a first step...we need to EXPERIENCE things to truly learn them well. Most of us would agree that we learn best by doing, but it is not always clear how to make it all come together for the...


186: The 4Ps Of A Successful YouTube Strategy, With Owen Video

Have you ever wondered how to use YouTube as a core part of your marketing mix? Have you ever wondered how video can become an integral part of your online content marketing? And have you ever wondered how to convert all of the great content you're creating into clients? If so, you'll love the message and methods of our next guest, who is so committed to these causes, he has included them in his name! In this episode, we meet Founder and CEO Owen Video, whose firm helps Company Brands &...


185: The Practice Of Shipping Creativity, With Seth Godin

Whether you are a painter or a business leader, a salesperson or a home-maker, as long as you are in the business of solving problems and helping others, you are a creative. This is one of several new, status-quo-busting sentiments from the mind that gave us 'PERMISSION MARKETING', invented EMAIL MARKETING as we know it today, and has written 20 best-selling, seminal books such as 'The Dip', 'Permission Marketing', 'All Marketers are Liars', 'Purple Cow', and my current favorite, 'THE...


184: Mindset, Happiness, And Humans 2.0, With Mark Metry

Every once in a while I get so lucky to be able to meet and learn from a true leader who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. You can't listen to my next guest without being in awe of his humility in the face of massive personal and professional success. With 97,000 followers on LinkedIn and a Top 100 Podcast, you can just tell that he's inspiring so many other people with his powerful story of mindset, mental health, and his own steady journey of growth from business profit to...


183: Become More Purposeful, Productive, and Profitable, With Curt Mercadante

Picture this: he's living a modern-day nomadic lifestyle deep in the mountains with his wife and children. He sports a half-graying beard and a trim, healthy build in a suit. He is a seasoned business storyteller, a top LinkedIn influencer, and knows how to help you get in 'flow' to build a profitable business. Is this guy your next business sage, or perhaps the body double of Tom Hanks in 'Castaway'? In this episode, we meet Curt Mercadante, Principal and Founder of Merc Enterprises, where...