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How do leaders and their companies achieve high performance and profitable cultures by encouraging employee happiness? This is the core question and the Profitable Happiness™ Podcast has the answers. My name is Dr. Pelè ... welcome to the Profitable Happiness™ Podcast.


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How do leaders and their companies achieve high performance and profitable cultures by encouraging employee happiness? This is the core question and the Profitable Happiness™ Podcast has the answers. My name is Dr. Pelè ... welcome to the Profitable Happiness™ Podcast.






281: Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace, with Maria Morukian

Imagine a workplace where everyone gets to tell their story, and where everyone feels a sense of belonging. Sounds utopian, right? Brace yourself for an enlightening conversation with Maria Morukian, acclaimed author of the book, "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Trainers." We delve into her journey of becoming a voice for the voiceless and her commitment to ensuring every story gets told, and every voice heard, forging an environment that resonates with DEI principles. In her signature manner, Maria declares that "inclusion is NOT enough," and imparts her wisdom on how trainers and talent development professionals can help embed DEI into an organization's core. Be prepared to have your perspectives challenged and broadened by this riveting discussion. You can reach Maria Morukian online here: Website: LinkedIn: Book:


280: Transforming Workplace Stress into a Positive Force, with Dr. Sharon Grossman

Have you ever wondered about the actual cost of burnout - on personal and organizational levels? Did you know that your beliefs about stress can significantly alter your experience of it? Our guest today, Dr. Sharon Grossman, an expert on Burnout, takes us through this invisible crisis, its root causes, and its impacts on productivity, healthcare costs, and workplace culture. This episode offers fresh perspectives on stress, highlighting its often-overlooked benefit and how it can be leveraged positively. You can connect with Dr. Sharon Grossman online here: Website: LinkedIn: New Book: "The Stress Advantage" —


279: Bridging the Leadership Gap, With Rose Fass

What does it mean to be a leader? Rose Fass, the trailblazing founder and chairman of fassforward, invites us to unravel this complex question in our latest deep-dive episode. Rose, a veteran leader and author, leverages her new book, "The Leadership Conversation" to help us demystify some common misconceptions about leadership, emphasizing the importance of listening and the critical idea that "leadership happens in conversations!" This episode is a veritable gold mine for anyone yearning to bridge the leadership gap and lead more effectively. To connect with Rose Fass online, please visit: Website: LinkedIn:


278: Profitable Happiness: A New Perspective on Business Performance, with Dr. Pelè

Imagine a world where your EMPLOYEE HAPPINESS directly links to PRODUCTIVITY at work. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Well, our guest, the thought-provoking Dr. Pelè, a best-selling author, musician, and software architect, makes a compelling case for this dream to be a reality. In an episode host reversal, Dr. Rick Garlick had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Pelè, our regular host, to discuss Dr. Pelè's journey from a war-torn country to becoming an influential thought leader. Dr. Pelè's unique insights about how focusing on employee happiness leads to increased business performance is something you'll definitely want to hear! To learn more about Dr. Pelè online, visit: Speaking: Book: Software: LinkedIn: YouTube:


277: Breaking Free from Patterns and Fostering Grounded Leadership, with Tony Martignetti

Ever been trapped in a pattern that's holding you back? Our guest today, Tony Martignetti, a distinguished Leadership Coach and Chief Inspiration Officer, has turned this common dilemma into an opportunity for growth and transformation in today's organizations. Tony deftly explains how even well-established patterns can be detrimental if they're not serving your purpose and underlines the importance of breaking free from these patterns to foster alignment with your organization and the people who surround you. To connect with Tony Martignetti online, visit: Website: LinkedIn:


276: Navigating Workplace Change and Stress, With Chris Young

What if stress, that ogre of modern life, could be our friend? We pose this provocative question to our special guest, Chris Young, the Director of Workforce Development at the Texas Department of Transportation. With his impressive background in military service, diplomacy, consultancy, and workforce development, Chris offers a fresh perspective on stress and change. He introduces us to "Eustress" and "Distress," the two faces of stress, which in some ways are loose, parallel opposites to the two forms of happiness: "hedonistic" and "eudaimonic." If you've been wondering how to navigate rapid change in the workplace, Chris's insights are what you need. Join us for an invigorating chat about compassion, empathy, and business self-care. To learn more and connect with Chris Young, visit: LinkedIn:


275: Revitalizing Healthcare Leadership and Engagement, with Lara Burnside

Are you ready to tap into the pulse of healthcare leadership? Join us as we navigate the uncharted waters of this subject with our distinguished guest, Lara Burnside. Lara, a seasoned executive leadership coach, international speaker, and Chief Experience Officer at C.S.E. Leadership, brings her rich experience and wisdom gathered over 25 years in the healthcare sector. From discussing the current struggles in the healthcare industry to sharing her inspirations, Lara encourages leaders to reignite their passion and compassion, thereby influencing their teams positively. To connect with Lara Burnside online, visit: LinkedIn:


274: The Power of Leadership in Shaping Organizational Culture, with Amechi Udo

Imagine you're stuck in your career, unsure of how to ascend further or maybe you're craving for a shift in your role within the organization. What if you could turn things around? Enter Amechi Udo - career change coach extraordinaire! Amechi's unique insights have empowered mid-level and senior professionals to reshape their roles and organizations. Join us for an enlightening conversation where Amechi unfurls the importance of leadership and its profound impact on workplace culture. To connect with Amechi online, visit: LinkedIn: Website:


273. The Intersection of Faith and Leadership, With Kneisha Sanders

How often do we feel obligated to fit into a certain mold to progress in our careers? Is there a way to break free from this pattern and become the leader we desire to be? Find out as we welcome Kneisha Sanders to our show. Kneisha, an executive coach, diversity and inclusion expert, and author, shared her insights on how she empowers leaders to make choices that align with their true selves rather than conforming to established norms. Kneisha doesn't stop there. She brings a unique approach to leadership by integrating faith into business, believing it's an instrumental tool for leaders. To connect with Kneisha Sanders online, visit: LinkedIn: Website: Article 1: "Is the Whirlwind Spiraling into Burnout? 5 Ways to Claim Back your Time and Peace of Mind" Article 2: "Stop the Whirlwind and Deliberately Lead Energetic Teams: 9 Things to Consider when Burnout Leaders are Managing Burnout Employees"


272: Unleashing the Power of Employee Experience, With Christi Gilhoi

Ever wondered about the links between engaged employees, positive employee experiences, and organizational performance? Well, tune in as we unravel this intriguing concept with our special guest, Christi Gilhoi, an Employee Experience Executive who designs data-responsive ‘people-first’ programs to ensure all employees feel valued, connected, empowered, and supported. Christi enlightens us by emphasizing the crucial difference between employee engagement and experience, highlighting the significance of a holistic approach that factors in joy, meaningful experiences, and purpose. To connect with Christi online, visit: LinkedIn:


271: Rethinking Employee Engagement and Performance, With Jason Lauritsen

Are you ready to challenge your traditional understanding of employee engagement and workplace productivity? Strap in for a transformational conversation with renowned expert, Jason Lauritsen, who compels us to rethink our current systems and beliefs. In a riveting analysis, we explore how legacy management and HR practices have led to low global engagement over the past 30 years. Drawing an insightful parallel between these outdated perceptions and the Matrix, we dissect how this misplaced view impacts overall performance and employees' experience, underscoring the need for a radical shift in perspective. To connect with Jason Lauritsen, please visit: Website: LinkedIn:


270: The 'Broken Cookie Effect': Building Success for Women Leaders, with Patty Block

What if you discovered a simple yet powerful metaphor that perfectly illustrated a common pattern of undervaluing and underpricing, particularly prevalent among women in business? Meet Patty Block, our insightful guest for this episode, as she brings to life the 'Broken Cookie Effect,' a striking metaphor that resonates deeply with women business leaders who often settle for less. To connect with Patty Block online, visit: Website: Assessment: LinkedIn:


269: Elevating Performance Through Communication and Connection, With Dr. Kimberly Davis

What if the secret to high performance in your organization wasn't about the latest technology but the way your team communicates and connects? We explore That question with our guest, organizational behavior management expert Dr. Kimberly Davis. With her intriguing journey from mortgage broker to behavior management specialist, Dr. Davis shares how she uses her expertise to modify and improve human behavior, touching upon the challenges that arise without good communication in cultures. Join us and discover the link between emotions and performance and how understanding this connection can lead to work cultures that foster happiness and personal growth. To connect with Dr. Kimberly Davis, visit: Website: LinkedIn:


268: Mental Health As An Organizational Reality, With Josh Rivedal

Most of us go about our lives conscious and aware of our physical health. We watch what we eat, we try to exercise, and we make sure to carefully nurse any wounds we get along the way, even if it's a small scratch on an elbow. But how many of us think about our mental health? Do we even realize it is there, every day, just like our physical health, in need of care and attention? So many organizational challenges could be avoided if we realized that focusing on employee "wellness" is not only important when it seems something is going "wrong." In fact, our wellness and mental health, like our physical health, always need attention. In this episode, we meet Josh Rivedal, a Mission Driven Speaker/Educator, Storyteller, Standup Comic, Author, and Cook—all centered around mental health and suicide prevention. Josh is also the Founder/CEO of The i’Mpossible Project. To connect with Josh online, visit: Website: LinkedIn:


267: Effective Workplace Leadership, With Paul Falcone

How can leaders build emotional relationships with employees to produce high organizational performance? This question often struggles from the misperception by many that "emotions" don't (or shouldn't) play a role in business performance. Thankfully, much research and evidence show it can be both "safe" and "fun" for leaders to make powerful emotional connections with employees while building high-performance cultures. In this episode, we meet Harper Collins bestselling author Paul Falcone, the former CHRO of Nickelodeon and head of international human resources for Paramount Pictures. You can connect with Paul online HERE: Website: LinkedIn:


266: Burn The Boats, With Matt Higgins

Few personal and professional success stories have caught my attention as powerfully as the story of Matt Higgins and his unique philosophy. Whether as a Founder, Investor, Educator, or CEO of multi-billion-dollar investment firm R.S.E. Ventures, no matter the role, Matt has always believed in trusting his instincts and never outsourcing his judgment. In his new book, "Burn The Boats," executive fellow at Harvard Business School, Guest Shark on Shark Tank, and famed angel investor Matt Higgins reveals the counterintuitive formula for a life of perpetual growth that has been practiced for thousands of years by military leaders and serial entrepreneurs alike—forget your Plan B and "burn the boats!" In this episode, Matt draws stories from scientific research, business experiences, and his own rags-to-riches life to show you how to "toss 'plan B' overboard and unleash your full potential!" Here's how to learn more and connect with Matt online: "Burn The Boats," on Amazon: Website: LinkedIn: Shark Tank:


265: The Pursuit of Profitable Happiness, With Dr. Pelè

How do leaders and their companies achieve high performance and profitable cultures by encouraging employee happiness? This is the core question, and in this episode of Tom Ruwitch's StoryPower Marketing show, Dr. Pelè has the answers. Dr. Pelè is an educator, musician, bestselling author, and the founder of Profitable Happiness®. He seeks to change the world through books, software, training, and music that help organizations build high employee engagement, experience, and performance cultures. DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE HOW TO CONNECT WITH DR. PELÈ Book: Website: Software: LinkedIn:


264: Respect In The Workplace, With Dr. Paul Marciano

In this episode, we meet Dr. Paul, the leading authority on Employee Engagement and Respect in the workplace. Over the past decade, his first book: "Carrots and Sticks Don’t Work," has sold worldwide and received many accolades, including being named one of the 100 Best Human Resource Books of All Time by Book Authority. In his newest book, "Let’s Talk About It: Turning Confrontation into Collaboration" (McGraw-Hill, 2021), readers learn specific skills, techniques, and strategies to deal with interpersonal conflict healthily and productively. How to contact Dr. Paul online: Website: LinkedIn:


263: Leading The H.R. Rebelution, With Debra Corey

After 20+ years as an award-winning and respected HR leader, Debra Corey now provides consulting, keynotes, and leadership workshops/training to inspire and help organizations get their HR strategies, initiatives, and culture right. She's on a mission to make a difference by: — rebelliously challenging traditional HR ways (because the world has changed). — to design and deliver HR programs to support their people (because they deserve it). — to help businesses succeed (because they need to). Debra Corey is a champion and leader of the "HR rebelution," driving change to make a better workplace—and world—where employees can be themselves, feel valued and appreciated, and ultimately do their best work.


262: Activating Meaning and Purpose for Cultures, With Dr. Alise Cortez

Is your company alive and on fire with “gusto,” pulsating with energy and innovation, wowing your customers, and producing great financial results? Kind of? No? Not at all? Well, let’s get to it! In this episode, we meet Author, Speaker, Organizational Logotherapist, and Radio Show Host Dr. Alise Cortez, who helps companies activate meaning and purpose in their culture and leadership to vitalize the entire enterprise. To connect with Dr. Cortez online, visit: Website: LinkedIn: