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Interviews with the most brilliant minds in Bitcoin. Learn how to empower yourself and your community with Bitcoin, the people's money.

Interviews with the most brilliant minds in Bitcoin. Learn how to empower yourself and your community with Bitcoin, the people's money.


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Interviews with the most brilliant minds in Bitcoin. Learn how to empower yourself and your community with Bitcoin, the people's money.






Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert: The 220k Bitcoin Orange Pill

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are preaching Bitcoin in the Keiser Report since 2011. The Report is broadcasted on RT to a global audience and the YouTube channel has 4.1 million subscribers. In 2020 the dynamic couple started their own show, the Orange Pill Podcast. Max Keiser has made a bold price prediction for Bitcoin in 2021, he says it will reach 220,000 USD. I am asking him, why he thinks that this will be the case. We are talking about Stacy and Max’s background and why Max left Wall...


Philippe Bekhazi: Bitcoin Mining in Practice

My guest is Philippe Bekhazi, he is the CEO of XBTO Group a company active in market-making, OTC trading, venture capital, and Bitcoin and Ethereum mining. Our main topic is Bitcoin mining. XBTO Group is runnning a mining facility that is powered by electricity generated from Niagara Falls. Philippe Bekhazi is also the CEO of Stablehouse a regulated market-leading stablecoin platform bridging centralized and decentralized finance enabling payments, foreign exchange, trading and treasury for...


Jameson Lopp: Bitcoin Mining and Censorship

My guest is Jameson Lopp, he calls himself a professional cypherpunk. His mission is to use his skills as a technologist to build tools that empower individuals. Our topic is nicely called “clean” mining or to say it in a more distinct way: censored mining. Is this an attack on Bitcoin and what are the possible strategies and outcomes? Jameson is the Co-founder & CTO of Casa a company dedicated to helping you to secure your bitcoin. It’s the second time that Jameson is my guest, listen to...


Ben Arc: Building Bitcoin DIY Hardware and Software

My guest is Ben Arc from Wales. He is a FOSS hobbyist, advocate, and educator. FOSS stands for Free Open Source Software. Ben has been building hardware and software for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network since around 2014. We are talking about the Welsh Bitcoin scene and his projects like Bowser, a DIY Hardware Wallet, lnbits or the Nostr messaging client, which could enable completely decentralized markets and social media apps. Ben Arc's personal Bitcoin story Bitcoin scene in Wales?...


Farooq Ahmed: Bitcoin in Pakistan

My guest is Farooq Ahmed, he is the President of the Bitcoin Association Pakistan. Pakistan is a country of over 200 million people, between Afghanistan and India. I recently released interviews with Fereshteh Forough and Sunny Ray about those countries as well. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading is banned in Pakistan at the moment, nonetheless the use of Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining is rising. We discuss: Farooq Ahmed’s personal Bitcoin story The situation in Pakistan Bitcoin’s legal status...


Sunny Ray: Bitcoin's Win vs. India's Central Bank

My guest is Sunny Ray, he is a co-founder at Unocoin which is the first and leading bitcoin platform in India serving 1.5 million people. Sunny's family stems from India and while he is spending most of the time living in Toronto, Canada he learned a lot about different cultures and their special ways to approach money and Bitcoin. We discuss Sunny Ray's Bitcoin story Start and learning's from Unocoin Bitcoin in India Bitcoin use cases in India The court case against the Reserve Bank of...


Bitcoin Q & A, Jan. 2021

I asked for your Bitcoin questions. Here are my answers. Want to ask a Bitcoin question too? Subscribe to get a notification for the next Q&A I was joined by Chris Chester. 0:01:00 Introduction 0:03:40 If you had to specify your options for preferred exchange, cold storage wallet, hardware wallet, software wallet, multi sig wallet - which would you choose and why? 0:09:21 Software wallets 0:12:15 Counter arguments to custodial wallets 0:16:50 Cold...


Fereshteh Forough: Bitcoin in Afghanistan

My guest is Fereshteh Forough, she is the founder of “Code to Inspire”, which is the first coding school for women in Afghanistan. We will be talking about her journey and her learning’s from being a refugee, the general situation in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, which is one of the least developed nations in the world and of course about Bitcoin in Afghanistan and how it is used to support the female students of “Code to Inspire”. Topics: Fereshteh’s learning’s as a refugee Situation...


Derek Muhney: The Business of Bitcoin ATMs

My guest is Derek Muhney, Director of Marketing & Strategy at CoinSource the largest Bitcoin ATM network in the world. We are discussing the impact the 2020 pandemic is having on their business, about how Bitcoin ATMs work, and Bitcoins future from his perspective. Topics: Derek's personal Bitcoin story Coinsource company development Impact of the pandemic Volume of transactions and users How does a Bitcoin ATM work from the user perspective Setting up an ATM Privacy and regulation Bitcoin's...


Desiree Dickerson, Ryan Gentry: Lightning is Bitcoin

My guests are Desiree Dickerson and Ryan Gentry. They are working for one of the - in my eyes - hottest companies in the Bitcoin space. Lightning Labs was founded in 2016 by Elizabeth Stark and Olaoluwa Osuntokun. The Lightning Network is a second layer protocol on top of the Bitcoin network. We will be talking about the Lightning Network, what it is and what it is enabling, their most interesting products and about their outlook for the Lightning Network in 2021. Topics: Their personal...


Andreas M. Antonopoulos: Bitcoin Outlook 2021

My guest is Andreas M. Antonopoulos, who has been one of my biggest inspirations on my Bitcoin journey. We are talking about Bitcoin the ultimate fairness system, why we need to strengthen privacy now, and the Bitcoin outlook for 2021. His talks have been inspiring and ensuring that is the space where my personal values and ethics find a place to work on something that is bigger than me, where I can contribute to changing the world to become a better place. Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a...


Chris Tramount: Bitcoin Art, A New Renaissance

My guest is Chris Tramount. He is the co-founder of Scarce.City an online marketplace for Bitcoin-related art and collectibles. We are discussing the possibilities to auction and verify digital art with Bitcoin and Lightning, and how this can enable a new Renaissance and completely new art forms. Our topics: Chris Tramount's Bitcoin story What is Scarce.City? How is a Lightning Auction working? What are Bitcoin collectibles? How artists can participate What is the business plan of...


Jukka Blomberg: LocalBitcoins in Latin America

My guest is Jukka Blomberg, Chief Marketing Officer at LocalBitcoins, the biggest peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace in the world. With 6 million customers and operations in 189 countries LocalBitcoins is a global company with insights into the development of the Bitcoin space for every continent. We discuss the trading volume of Bitcoin in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and the different use-cases for Bitcoin in different regions of the world. Topics: Investing in stocks in China compared to...


Nicolas Dorier: Be Your Own Bank with BTCPay

Nicolas Dorier is a decentralized systems software developer and open-source advocate. He has been active in the Bitcoin community since 2014 and has contributed to several Bitcoin projects, including Bitcoin Core, before founding BTCPayServer, an open-source payment processor used by thousands of merchants globally. He is also the co-founder of METACO, a provider of security-critical infrastructure for financial institutions. Topics: Nicolas’ background as a Bitcoin and open-source advocate...


Nigerian Feminist Coalition: Bitcoin Is Power

I am thrilled to have Damilola Odufuwa and Ire Aderinokun Co-Founders of the Nigerian Feminist Coalition as my guests today. If you are following the developments in Africa, then you have heard of the #EndSARS movement. A protest movement against police brutality in Nigeria. When the central bank banned the Nigerian Feminist Coalition from using the traditional financial infrastructure to collect donations, they started using Bitcoin to fund their activities. Let's hear from Dami and Ire how...


Roselyne Wanjiru: Bitcoin in Kenya

After covering Zimbabwe, Senegal, South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria, I have the honor to host a guest from Kenya. Roselyne Wanjiru is the Director of Growth & User Acquisition at Pesabase and an advocate for the digital economy in Kenya. "Bitcoin does not require an ID, does not require your tax ID, does not require any other major documentation. It just requires you to have an email address and that's it. And that's really huge." - Roselyne Wanjiru Topics: Roselyne's Bitcoin story Her...


Philip Agyei Asare: Bitcoin in Ghana

In this episode I am talking with Philip Agyei Asare from Ghana. He is the Co-founder and CEO of BTC Ghana and the Blockchain Foundation Africa. Philip hosted the first Bitcoin conference in Ghana in 2014. We are talking about Bitcoin adoption, about the fact that Chinese people in Ghana prefer to send Bitcoin home and why he believes that Africa is the future of bitcoin. "Most people in Ghana use bitcoin as a form of payment." - Philip Agyei Asare Topics: Philip's Bitcoin story Why Bitcoin...


Grey Jabesi: Bitcoin in South Africa

This time I am talking about Bitcoin in South Africa with Grey Jabesi the founder of Crypto University and the Hardc0re Crypt0 YouTube channel. In the first segment, you will hear a message from Miss Aurra. She is talking about the result of our call for bitcoin donations at St. Anne's school in Harare. The school had to be closed down due to the corona pandemic and a lack of funding. It is positive news. Don't let that hold you back. The school needs permanent funding! Topics: Importance of...


Fodé Diop: Bitcoin in Senegal

In this episode I am exploring the current situation in Senegal with Fodé Diop the founder of the Bitcoin developers meetup in Dakar. You will learn about his personal bitcoin story, the characteristics of his home country Senegal, the state of bitcoin adoption and more. I have never been to Senegal nor have I studied it in any way. That’s why I found it especially interesting to hear Fodé‘s stories. Topics: His journey from Ethereum to Bitcoin History and monetary situation in Senegal The...


Miss Aurra, Zimbabwe: Bitcoin Changed My Whole Life

Today’s episode is the start of a new series about Bitcoin in Africa. I have been traveling to Zimbabwe and Botswana in February 2020 to find out if and how Bitcoin is known and used there. When I left the African continent at the beginning of March it was unclear how the pandemic is going to change the economical situation of countries that were already in a deep crisis like Zimbabwe or Nigeria and how it would affect the adoption of bitcoin in Subsaharan countries. With the upcoming...