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Talking about Crypto-Economy and the Future of Money

Talking about Crypto-Economy and the Future of Money
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Talking about Crypto-Economy and the Future of Money




Caitlin Long about financial freedom and why Bitcoin matters

Been in Bitcoin since 2012 and a blockchain evangelist since 2014, Caitlin is the Co-founder of the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition and gubernatorial appointee. She served on Morgan Stanley’s internal blockchain working group and has 22 years of corporate finance experience on Wall Street. Caitlin is a writer on Forbes and a graduate of Harvard Law School, the Kennedy School of Government and the University of Wyoming. We talk about how she got into Bitcoin, Austrian National Economics, Wall...


Jeff Gallas über den Erfolg von Bitcoin und die Entwicklung des Lightning Netzwerks

Jeff Gallas ist seit 2011 im Bitcoin Bereich tätig. Seine Firma “fulmo” ist ein Research StartUp mit dem er den Lightning Hackday organisiert und die Entwicklung des RaspiBlitz unterstützt. Wir haben uns in Berlin im neu eröffneten B.part Berlin Coworking Space getroffen und über folgende Themen gesprochen: * Jeffs Werdegang und sein Interesse an Bitcoin * Lightning Netzwerk und den Stand der Entwicklung * die Frage des Erfolgs von Bitcoin * RaspiBlitz * Lightning Hackdays * offene und...


Leah Wald on possibilities for women in the Bitcoin space and why we still are in a bear market

Leah Wald is a development economist, financial analyst and Partner & Executive Vice President at Lucid Investment Strategies. Together with Tyler Jenks she is the host of their Hyperwave Channel on YouTube. Leah began her career at 19 working at the World Bank in the Africa Region and has applied social entrepreneurship to help goat herders in Mongolia, local entrepreneurs in Washington, D.C. as well as to first-time businesswomen in India. In this Bitcoin & Co. episode we discuss these...


Adam Back on the Magic of Cryptography and why Bitcoin matters

"The properties I like about bitcoin are, that it's censorship resistant and permissionless and you don't need to establish a bank account to use it and that's great for people in emerging markets that can't participate in expensive things.", says Adam Back. **** Please share, like and recommend! **** Follow me and the podcast on YouTube: Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook:...


Demelza Hays the way to the highest-quality money, the next Bitcoin bull market and advice for small investors

How cryptocurrencies could support women in India | Obstacles for the lightning network as a micropayment method | Relationship of hashrate and Bitcoins price | Decentralized stablecoins backed by Bitcoin | Maybe the next bull market has started | Large investors are not ready yet | Electricity providers getting into mining and investing | Security of Bitcoin | Facebook-Coin | Personal advice for small investors | The problem with utility tokens **** Please share, like and recommend! ****...


Shermin Voshmgir about Bitcoin as a governance revolution

Shermin Voshmgir is the director of the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics at the Vienna University of Economics and the founder of BlockchainHub in Berlin. Shermin states, that Bitcoin and Blockchains are more than an rapidly evolving technology, they will shift the economy completely and need research and application of new governance models. She sees Bitcoin as the beginning of an amazing governance revolution and envisions Tokens and Smart Contracts as the killer application of...


Robby Schwertner about Blockchain Use Cases with Return On Society and Asian Markets

Robby Schwertner, aka CryptoRobby is an advisor, speaker and analyst in the blockchain space. His mission can be summarized with the hashtag #ReturnOnSociety. He is supporting blockchain use cases with an added value to society for instance in green energy, real estate and mobility solutions. As Robby has lived and worked in Asia, we also discuss the differences between the european and asian cryptospace. Please share, like and recommend! Follow the podcast on


Aaron van Wirdum “It’s Bitcoin or bust.”

Aaron van Wirdum is a technical editor for the Bitcoin Magazine. He started writing articles debunking Bitcoin myths in his personal blog in 2013. We are talking about * the value propositions of Bitcoin, * why he believes it is Bitcoin or bust, * the privacy improvements in Bitcoin and Lightning and * which effects "Cryptocurrencies" issued by central banks or "Facebook coins" could have. Recorded at the Israel Bitcoin Summit in January 2019. Please share, like and recommend! Follow the...


Alena Vranova on the Importance of User Experience in Bitcoin

I met Alena Vranova at the Israel Bitcoin Summit in Tel Aviv in January 2019. We talked about how she got into Bitcoin, why user experience is the most important factor for user adoption, why she wants her Mom to use Bitcoin, about her hopes that the Lightning Network - as a global financial network - is about to explode in 2019. We discuss how TREZOR, the hardware wallet manufacturer she co-founded, and CASA, where she is the Head of Business Development and Strategy, support the security...


The Lightning Network explained with René Pickhardt

"Lightning is Bitcoin", says René Pickhardt a mathematician, data scientist and contributor to the Lightning Network. We talk about the evolution, goals and possible roadblocks of the Lightning Network and how it will bring massive utility to the Bitcoin Blockchain. René Pickhardt is also the author of the German Wikipedia article about the Lightning Network and he is creating an educational book about Lightning. Please share, like and recommend! Follow the podcast on Twitter...


10 Jahre Bitcoin. Die Geschichte einer revolutionären Erfindung.

Das ist eine spezielle Folge, denn sie erscheint am 3. Januar 2019, exakt 10 Jahre nachdem der erste Block der Bitcoin Blockchain das Licht der Öffentlichkeit erblickt hat. Das Thema dieser Episode sind daher die Ursprünge, die Entstehungsgeschichte und die Menschen, die hinter der Kreation von Bitcoin stehen. Ausserdem hören Sie etwas über den aktuellen Stand der Bitcoin Blockchain in Zahlen. Bleiben Sie auf dem Laufenden, abonnieren Sie meinen Newsletter:


Prof. Alfred Taudes Visionär und Wegbereiter der Kryptoökonomie in Österreich

Nach beruflichen Stationen in Deutschland und Japan ist Prof. Alfred Taudes 1993 zum Professor an der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien ernannt worden. Seither lehrt und forscht er auf den Gebieten Industrie 4.0 und Big Data. Seit Beginn 2018 ist er wissenschaftlicher Leiter des Instituts für Kryptoökonomie. Als solcher ist es ihm und seinem Team gelungen, das bis dato größte Blockchain Forschungszentrum der Welt zu gründen. Bleiben Sie auf dem Laufenden, abonnieren Sie meinen Newsletter:...


Pamela Morgan on Inheritance Planning for Crypto-Assets

I am talking with Pamela Morgan, she is the author of "Crypto-Asset Inheritance Planning: A Simple Guide for Owners" a book about strategies to store your private keys for bitcoin and other digital assets safely for your heirs. Pamela is an educator, attorney and entrepreneur. She has studied Business and Computer Programming before pursuing a Juris Doctors degree. In early 2015 Pamela has founded Thirdkey solutions, a key consulting firm that works with individuals and organizations to...


Blockchain and Data Privacy with lawyer Prof. Nikolaus Forgó

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó is the Head of the Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law at the University of Vienna in Austria. We are talking about the implications of GDPR on Blockchains. What should Blockchain developers do? Where can data protection law be a problem? What are the most important regulations you should invest your 2 minutes of time on. If you like my work, please consider tipping me: 3JyeVERPFbHBAq5pEeskVMPWgkMgzDkXBj


Bitcoin and the Austrian School of Economics with Rahim Taghizadegan

In this episode I talk with Rahim Taghizadegan about the interconnections between a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and the ideas and philosophy of the Austrian School of Economics and we take a look at the broader picture, the economical context. What is money? How did mass-consumerism arise? Are cryptocurrencies a chance to change the existing economy, which is based on credit expansion, to the better? Rahim is an economist, book author and principal of the Scholarium, a learning enterprise...


Krypto-Steuerberaterin Natalie Enzinger

Natalie Enzinger ist Steuerberaterin in Graz und auf Steuerfragen in Bezug auf Kryptowährungen spezialisiert. Seit 2014 hat sie umfassendes Wissen im Bereich der Besteuerung von virtuellen Währungen und anderen Blockchainanwendungen aufgebaut. Die passionierte Mountainbikerin erzählt uns, wieso sie sich auf Krypto-Assets spezialisiert hat, gibt Einblicke in die Kooperation mit den Finanzbehörden, rät dazu alle Transaktionen sorgfältig zu dokumentieren und warnt davor die Steuerbehörden zu...


Andreas M. Antonopoulos on Bitcoin, privacy, human rights and the future of Bitcoin

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is one of the rare bitcoin and open blockchain experts who approaches the subject from an educational, political, cultural, and human perspective - not only discussing the technology in investment terms. We discuss Bitcoin in the context of human rights, privacy, blockchain projects and their impact on society and the economy, how a multi-currency world could look like, what his first purchase with bitcoin was, which books he recommends and - being self-employed since...


Saifedean Ammous, Economist and Author of “The Bitcoin Standard”

Todays guest is Saifedean Ammous. He is the author of "The Bitcoin Standard" a book about the history of money, austrian economics and the reasons why Bitcoin is superior to other forms of money tried in the past. In this talk Saifedean is talking about Austrian economics, it's relation to Bitcoin, what sound money and inflation are, why proof-of-work is so important and his vision for money and bitcoin in the future. Also we talk about the origins of his personal interest in Bitcoin and why...


Ist Bitcoin Geld?

Alle Welt redet über Bitcoin - immer noch. Vor einem Vierteljahr faszinierten uns die steigenden Kurse, jetzt schlägt die Debatte in Häme um. Die Blase gilt als geplatzt. Hat sich das Thema damit erledigt? Wir wollten verstehen, was Bitcoin & Co jenseits des Hypes für Individuen und Gesellschaften bedeutet. Anita Posch, Speakerin und Autorin mit dem Schwerpunkt Kryptowährungen, hat sich Zeit genommen für unsere Fragen. Eine ihrer überraschenden Prognosen: "Durch Bitcoin wird das Bewusstsein...


Was ist Bitcoin?

In dieser ersten Ausgabe des Bitcoin & Co. Podcasts geht es um die grundlegenden Fragen: Was ist Bitcoin? Wie ist Bitcoin entstanden und was sind Blockchains? Bleiben Sie auf dem Laufenden, abonnieren Sie meinen Newsletter: