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The Anita Posch Show: A Bitcoin only podcast

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Interviews with the builders of Bitcoin. Empower yourself and (l)earn Bitcoin.

Interviews with the builders of Bitcoin. Empower yourself and (l)earn Bitcoin.


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Interviews with the builders of Bitcoin. Empower yourself and (l)earn Bitcoin.






Christian Decker: The Lightning Network and Greenlight Nodes

My guest is Christian Decker one of the architects of the Lightning Network, a Bitcoin OG and a Core Tech engineer at Blockstream. He wrote the world’s first PhD dissertation about Bitcoin and has been involved in the community since 2009. Topics: - Introduction Christian Decker - The first eleven years - Growth of the Lightning Network - Privacy on the Lightning Network, Taproot - Hurdles for the adoption of Lightning - Purpose and goals of "Greenlight" - The future of Lightning and Bitcoin...


Jeff Gallas & Rootz: RaspiBlitz and the Speed of Lightning

My guests are Jeff Gallas and Rootz of Fulmo, an open source company dedicated to the research and development of the Lightning Network. They are the organizers of the Lightning Hackdays and the first Lightning Conference that took place in Berlin in 2019 and are supporters of the RaspiBlitz project, a Lightning and Bitcoin full node. "If you run a Lightning node you're a part of replacing the VISA and Mastercard networks." - Rootz Topics: 03:17 Introduction Fulmo 11:30 Development of the...


Adam Back: Future of Bitcoin and Blockstream

My guest is Adam Back the inventor of Hashcash, that was used as the proof-of-work method in Bitcoin. His work is cited in the Bitcoin whitepaper as well as in the Tor Browser whitepaper. Adam is a seasoned cryptographer with a PhD in computer science and distributed systems. As co-founder and CEO of Blockstream he is building the infrastructure for the internet of the future. Topics: - Blockstream's funding and future plans - Decentralization of mining - Greenlight: Lightning nodes for...


Andreas M. Antonopoulos: Lightning Unleashes Bitcoin

My guest is Andreas M. Antonopoulos one of the worlds foremost experts on Bitcoin and open blockchains. Andreas is an educator, author of five books and an excellent speaker. His new co-authored book "Mastering the Lightning Network" will be published at the end of 2021. I was especially excited to be able to speak with him in person while we both visited Berlin. Our topics: - the state of Bitcoin in 2021 - Taproot and why it's important for Bitcoin - the battle between regulators and DeFi -...


Team Satoshi: Sports and the Road to Bitcoin

My guests today are Vitus Zeller and Richard Taylor my team mates at Team Satoshi, a decentralized sports team. We're talking about the interconnections between Bitcoin and sports and how you can participate in this movement. - Introduction Vitus and Richard - What is Bitcoin for you? - Why are you active in the Bitcoin space? - What is Team Satoshi and its goal - Bitcoin and sports - where is the connection - How do you stay healthy? Mental fitness - First adventure of Vitus, Satoshi...


Lyn Alden: Bitcoin for Billions, Not Billionaires

Lyn Alden is one of the sharpest minds in the bitcoin space, an investment strategist with a background in engineering and finance, Lyn started investing at a young age and made equity research and investing her primary business. She is focusing on value investing with a global macro overlay. Recently she shared the stage at the Bitcoin2021 conference in Miami with Lightning Labs CEO Elizabeth Stark on the topic of Bitcoin for billions, not billionaires, which is the core of my work in the...


Meron Estefanos from Eritrea: Bitcoin Can Take Down Dictators

Meron Estefanos is a Swedish-based Eritrean human rights activist and journalist, who works tirelessly to aid and raise awareness about the plight of Eritrean refugees, who have been kidnapped, tortured, raped and held for ransom in the Sudan and the Sinai. In her efforts to rise up against the dictatorship in Eritrea she is engaging researchers in Ethiopia, who she has been paying with bitcoin. We’re also discussing the fact that Bitcoin can take down dictators and many human rights...


Don't Trust, Verify! Scammers Send Fake Hardware Wallets

Bitcoin the last 12 years, bullish signs, trading volume in the last year, reactions towards El Salvador's decision to make bitcoin legal tender, fake hardware wallets, Blockstream's Bitcoin strategy. Read here ▶ 📧️ Subscribe for free ▶ ---------- Anita Posch is author of the book (L)earn Bitcoin (July 2021), host of the Anita Posch show 🎧 and Bitcoin advocate and solopreneur. She is a member of the...


Samson Mow: Blockstream's Bitcoin Strategy

In this episode I talk with Chief Strategy Officer Samson Mow about Blockstream’s Cypherpunk origins and their far stretching engagement in the Bitcoin space – from their Green and Aqua wallet, to their mining business, the Liquid sidechain and the Blockstream satellites, which enable receiving Bitcoin without the Internet. Samson Mow’s Bitcoin story Why Bitcoin is important Blockstream’s Cypherpunk background What is Liquid? Lightning Network and c-lightning Blockstream Green vs. Aqua...


A New Bitcoin Epoch - Legal Tender in El Salvador

What does it mean, that Bitcoin will be legal tender in El Salvador? Taproot will be locked in successfully. Read here ▶ 📧️ Subscribe for free ▶ ---------- Anita Posch is author of the book (L)earn Bitcoin (July 2021), host of the Anita Posch show 🎧 and Bitcoin advocate and solopreneur. She is a member of the board at Bitcoin Austria - an educational non-profit organization. Anita translated two...


El Salvador First Country to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender - Bitcoin Beach Improving Lives

June 9, 2021 a historical moment for Bitcoin. The first country of the world, El Salvador, made Bitcoin officially legal tender. Michael Peterson initiated Bitcoin Beach in El Zonte and started this whole development. I spoke with him two weeks before, he said, he is expecting a country to adopt Bitcoin, but we didn't know, that it will happen so soon. Listen to the story of Bitcoin Beach and the people of El Salvador. Our topics: Michael Peterson's Bitcoin story What is Bitcoin Beach?...


Bitcoin on the Moon - Last Week in Bitcoin

This week's news: _Taproot on the way _Bitcoin adoption in Zimbabwe _Inflation hits new records _News from China and India _Bitcoin was on the moon _building a permissionless future Read here ▶ 📧️ Subscribe for free ▶ ---------- Anita Posch is author of the book (L)earn Bitcoin (published in July 2021), host of the Anita Posch show 🎧 and Bitcoin advocate and solopreneur. She is a member of the board at...


Exiledsurfer: Building a Permissionless Future with Sovryn

Exiledsurfer is an early Bitcoiner, a Co-founder of Parallele Polis and now part of the communication team of Sovryn a Bitcoin-native DeFi platform. We’re talking about the historical developments and the roots of Bitcoin as a Hippie Utopia coming true, the community discussions around the differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin, and who the real enemies of Bitcoin are. Tldr: it’s companies like Coinbase. exiledsurfer’s Bitcoin story The Bitcoin Foundation Early history and different...


Last Week in Bitcoin: Keep Calm and Carry On

This week's learnings: _Bitcoin privacy improvements with Taproot _mining developments in China _solar power is bad? _hodlers hodl _state of the Lightning Network _Bitcoin and new art forms Image credit: Read here ▶ 📧️ Subscribe for free ▶ ---------- Anita Posch is author of the book (L)earn Bitcoin (published in July 2021), host of the Anita Posch show 🎧 and Bitcoin...


Rarescrilla: Bitcoin Enables New Art Forms

Rarescrilla is a hip-hop musician and producer, who joined the cryptomusic journey in 2014 and created DJ PEPE in 2016 with a first of its kind access token based on the Counterparty platform, which is extending Bitcoin’s functionality. In 2020 he dropped the “Sound Money” album, a niche hip hop themed bitcoin album. Now he is into programmable music, where the owners of music layers control the output, which makes it living art and music. Rarescrilla’s Bitcoin journey First NFTs in 2014?...


Last Week in Bitcoin: Bitcoin Is on Sale and That's Good

This week's learnings: buy and earn bitcoin now. _Bitcoin dipping, what's next? _volatility is good _where Bitcoin is needed the most _Sub-Saharan Africa's trading volume up in 2021 _Bitcoin, NFTS and the arts _US regulatory crackdown will spur decentralization Music: Rarescrilla Image credit: Read here ▶ 📧️ Subscribe for free ▶ ---------- Anita Posch is author of...


Adam B. Levine: Bitcoin, NFTs and the Arts

My guest is Adam B. Levine the managing editor for podcasts at Coindesk, and host of the longest-running English language talk show about Bitcoin called “Speaking of Bitcoin” (formerly known as Let’s Talk Bitcoin). I appreciate Adam’s work a lot, I have been an avid listener of his podcast for many years. Adam is also the CEO of, has minted some NFTs and had Metakovan on his show, who bought Beeple’s NFT for $ 69 million – the most expensive NFT sold at an auction so far. Our...


Last Week in Bitcoin: The Eco-Narrative Against Bitcoin and Why It Doesn't Use Proof-of-Stake

With this week’s Tesla dismissing Bitcoin for its energy use and at the same time Elon Musk pumping the joke currency Doge another level of hypocrisy has been reached. We’re looking into why Elon Musk suddenly dismisses Bitcoin, how Tesla’s income relying on renewable energy credits, Elon Musk pumping Doge, and why Bitcoin doesn’t change to proof-of-stake? With shout outs to Andreas M. Antonopoulos, John Carvalho and Gabriel Shipton on behalf of Julian Assange. Image credit:...


Gabriel Shipton: Defend Julian Assange, Defend Free Internet

This episode was recorded on World Press Freedom Day 2021, the perfect date for a conversation with Gabriel Shipton, half-brother of Julian Assange. We are talking about the current state of Julian, who is the first publisher charged under the US espionage act and is awaiting further trials locked up in Belmarsh high security prison, the connections between WikiLeaks, journalism and Bitcoin and why and how Bitcoiners can support Julian's case. The current state of Julian Assange WikiLeaks...


Last Week in Bitcoin: Don't Mess with Bitcoin

Don't mess with Bitcoin, the most interesting stories in Bitcoin: _Bitcoin empowers Zimbabweans _Buckminster Fullers' energy and wealth vision _Iran trying to regulate mining _censored mining _mining more decentralized _Taproot activation _Buffett and Munger yelling at Bitcoin _DeFi on Bitcoin _global adoption of Bitcoin Read here ▶ 📧️ Subscribe for free ▶ ---------- Anita Posch is author of the book (L)earn Bitcoin (will be...