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Introducing the Philosophy, Ideas and People Behind Bitcoin.

Introducing the Philosophy, Ideas and People Behind Bitcoin.


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Introducing the Philosophy, Ideas and People Behind Bitcoin.






Lyn Alden: Bullish on Bitcoin – a Strategic Value Investors View

Lyn Alden wrote a longform article about the 3 reasons why she is investing in Bitcoin. Lyn Alden is an investment strategist with a background in engineering and finance. She focusses on value investing with a global macro overlay. Why are you bullish on Bitcoin? "The first reason is, that, Bitcoin has demonstrated that it has a pretty strong network effect over time. The second reason is the halving, most of the bullish price action of Bitcoin tends to happen in the first year or two after...


Andy Edstrom: Why Buy Bitcoin? Investing Today in the Money of Tomorrow

My guest today is Andy Edstrom from Los Angeles. Andy spent 17 years in the investment world on Wall Street, working for Goldman Sachs and is now a wealth manager at his familiy’s firm West Cap Group. In the course of his consulting work, more and more people asked him about Bitcoin, that’s why he wrote a book about it called “Why Buy Bitcoin – Investing Today in the Money of Tomorrow“. Andy Edstrom recently took on the role of “Head of Institutional at Swan Bitcoin” and as always this...


Elena Tonoyan, LocalBitcoins COO: Bitcoin Provides Financial Inclusion and Will Grow

Joining me is Elena Tonoyan, she is the Chief Operating Officer at LocalBitcoins, the peer to peer bitcoin exchange that was founded as early as in 2012. We are looking into the history of LocalBitcoins, it’s growth, and optimistic outlook for the years to come. You will also learn about the values and usecases of Bitcoin that Elena finds important, because they solve real problems and have a positive impact on peoples lives. Our topics: history and growth of LocalBitcoins financial...


Gigi: Bitcoin From Speculative Asset to Savings Technology

My guest today is Gigi a software developer and computer scientist. Gigi wrote "21Lessons", a book in which he shares his learnings from falling down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. Two years ago he quit his job and started to work solely in the Bitcoin space. "Bitcoin already has all three functions of money. It is a store of value, medium of exchange and unit of account. It's just not evenly distributed yet." - Gigi "As I see Bitcoin evolve, I think it will be a global settlement layer for...


Chimezie Chuta: Light Up Africa With Bitcoin Nodes

"A lot of Nigerians are using Bitcoin. Majorly among the young population. Those between the age of 22 and 35-40 are deeply using Bitcoin." says Chimezie Chuta. He is a software developer, founder of blockchaingroup Nigeria and a Bitcoin user since 2015. With his "Spacebox" project he aims to put Africa on the map of Bitcoin and Lightning Network fullnodes. "Every week bitcoin worth 18 Million USD are exchanged in Nigeria." - Chimezie Chuta Topics include: Bitcoin in 2015 Blockchain...


Rahim Taghizadegan: Money Is a Spontaneous Order Measuring the Cooperation of People

Rahim Taghizadegan is an economist, book author and principal of the Scholarium, an independent learning enterprise based in Vienna, Austria. He studied physics, sociology and economy and is an expert on the Austrian School of Economics. His recent book is called “The Zero Interest Trap”. We discuss: Differences in tackling COVID-19 in Singapore and Austria How to be prepared for crisis Loss of trust in politics Privacy aspects of health data usage Social unrest and wealth inequality The...


Moritz Wietersheim: Why Bitcoin Is Superior to Altcoins or Stock Nonsense Like Wirecard

Today's guest is Moritz Wietersheim. Moritz is the CEO and Co-Founder of Crypto Advance a company that focusses on security improvements and the secure management of private keys in the Bitcoin space. Together with CTO Stepan Snigirev the Specter wallet is developed, which allows you to have an air gapped and watch only wallet that runs together with your Bitcoin core node. That way you protect your privacy. Preparing for the interview I found out that Moritz and I we both, started to work...


Tim Akinbo: Bitcoin is a Store of Value for the African People

My guest in this episode is Tim Akinbo. He comes from Nigeria and is involved in the Bitcoin space since 2014. I got to know Tim when I asked for bitcoin donations for a school in Harare, Zimbabwe. He contacted me on Twitter and offered to setup a BTCpayserver so that we can receive lightning payments, too. That was of great help. I looked him up and realized that Tim is also a Bitcoin Core contributor, Software developer and has a lot of experience with e-commerce and international...


Amiti Uttarwar: Developing Bitcoin – The Only Crypto Project With a Very Clear Goal

In this week's episode I had the pleasure to interview Amiti Uttarwar. She is as far as I know the first female engineer contributing to the Bitcoin Core code. Amiti is working full time as a Core developer, focusing on the peer to peer aspect of the protocol. Her latest contribution is a pull request that improves wallet privacy. I enjoyed our chat a lot, because Amiti has a clear and concise way to communicate which had even a calming effect on me. Maybe her daily meditation practice is...


Chris Maurice: Chances and Challenges of Running a Bitcoin Exchange in Africa

In this episode I talk with Chris Maurice, the CEO and Founder of Yellow Card Financial, a Nigeria based bitcoin and cryptoexchange. Chris started his entrepreneurial endeavors as a SEO consultant at the age of 16 after that he sold bitcoin on eBay and in the backrooms of Taco Bell restaurants. Chris tells us how he came up with founding an exchange and why he did that in Africa. “Dollar can be extremely difficult to access in most countries, Dollar is a complete pain to handle whether...


Carla Kirk-Cohen: Bitcoin Is the Ability to Take Back Control Over Your Financial Situation

Today's guest is Carla Kirk-Cohen she is a developer at Lightning Labs and is living in Cape Town in South Africa. Carla is building infrastructure around lightning nodes that makes it easier for people to run their own nodes at home. "I was really drawn to the security model of Bitcoin, really interested and thinking, oh, this can't possibly work. There must be some way that it breaks. And then going back and learning a bit more and realizing how incredible the entire system actually is....


Ray Youssef: Bringing Bitcoin Into Africa With Gift Cards Is Solving Real Problems

On today's episode I talk with Ray Youssef, Co-Founder and CEO of Paxful, a peer-to-peer marketplace for money transfers serving about 4 million people in every country of the world. He says that in the next five years Africa with its tremendous growth in trading volume is going to become the leading crypto continent. Topics: His start-up failures and learnings Why he was an MMA fighter and actor His couchsurfing time in New York and what it taught him Making money with gift cards The...


Leo Wandersleb: Bitcoin Wallet Security to Avoid Exit Scams

Our topic today is all about Bitcoin wallets and their security. I am talking with Leo Wandersleb a german developer living in Chile, who is the founder of a project called Wallet Scrutiny. The goal of his project is to avoid exit scams through the verifiability of the wallet source code. "The goal of Wallet Scrutiny is to avoid exit scams and to avoid major flaws that would make all the users of a certain wallet vulnerable to some back doors that get injected by the provider or by somebody...


Tuur Demeester: The Bitcoin Reformation in Times of COVID-19

Today I am talking with Tuur Demeester, who recommended Bitcoin as an investment to his readers at $5 back in 2012. I would say Tuur is a philosopher with a greater perspective and an historical approach to today's developments. We discuss his findings in his paper "The Bitcoin Reformation". Published that at the end of 2019 he is drawing comparisons between the Dutch reformation in the 16th century and the emergence of Bitcoin in this century. This bring us to discuss COVID 19 and Tuur's...


Andreas M. Antonopoulos: Bitcoin Removes Power From the Few and Gives It to the Many

Today's guest is one of my favourite people in the space Andreas M. Antonopoulos. We are going to talk about the adoption of Bitcoin, censorship and fake news, the use of Bitcoin in Zimbabwe, corporate and nation state digital currencies, why he does not believe in Austrian economics, why the so-called "left" does not embrace Bitcoin and more. Full Transcript: ‎ ---------- Thank you to my sponsors: Card Wallet - the safest cold storage...


Part 6: The Future of Bitcoin Is Big in Africa – With Alakanani Itireleng

In this episode I talk with Alakanani Itireleng, who founded the Satoshicentre in Botswana in 2014 and single-handedly built a growing Bitcoin community. She is the heart and center of Bitcoin education there, even the government is relying on her consultancy. We recorded this interview in February 2020, only days before the Covid-19 lockdowns went into effect. Her greatest ambition, the organization of a Bitcoin conference in Southern Africa will not come true soon. If you like to support...


Part 5: Afriblocks, Lightning Network, COVID-19 & Answering Questions – Bitcoin in Africa – The Ubuntu Way

In this episode you will get to know a young man from Zimbabwe, Tongayi Choto, who is a software developer, entrepreneur and a bitcoin maximalist. He has founded Afriblocks, a Global Pan-African Freelance platform that connects professionals across the world. We talk about the problems young Zimbabweans are facing and his approach to make lives better. In the second part of this episode, I will answer listeners questions about the current use of bitcoin and other methods of payment in...


Part 4: If Bitcoin Works in Zimbabwe, It Works Everywhere – Bitcoin in Africa: The Ubuntu Way

The fourth part of the six-part series about Bitcoin in Africa is an interview with a young woman from Harare. She calls herself a Digipreneur and is working as a teacher, too. With her organization that is focused on the digitalization of Africa, she aims to bring Zimbabwe forward. As the use of Bitcoin is outlawed and the state of human rights and free speech is rather poor in Zimbabwe, we agreed to not mention her name. We are talking about: * Chances for Bitcoin adoption * Shutdown of...


Part 3: Using Bitcoin in Zimbabwe – Bitcoin in Africa: The Ubuntu Way

In the third part of the six-part series about Bitcoin in Africa you will hear from two early bitcoin adopters based in Harare. We speak about * the different usecases for bitcoin, * how it can be exchanged to US Dollar and RTGS, * what the obstacles and pros are, * about regulation and * what the two online entrepreneurs want to tell people outside of Africa. After the two interviews I will answer a listener's question about the possibilities for rural communities to use bitcoin. Full...


Part 2 Zimbabwe: Living in a Multi-Currency World – Bitcoin in Africa: The Ubuntu Way

This is the 2nd episode of a six-part series about Bitcoin in Africa. In February 2020, right before the start of quarantine and travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, I travelled Zimbabwe and Botswana to get a picture from the ground about the usage of bitcoin in these countries. Zimbabwe and Venezuela are very ofted named as countries where bitcoin could be making a difference, in supporting people's economic situation. I wanted to see by myself, if this is true and in how...