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Inspiration for an extraordinary world




Podcast: Why cultural understanding is key to innovating Aussie tourism’s road to recovery

Widespread consumer behaviour, sentiment and aspirations were being largely driven at a cultural level before the outbreak of coronavirus. Heightened by the bushfire crisis, Aussies were already asking for simpler lives – and now six in 10 of us see the pandemic as the reset to how we re-evaluate how we are living. Travel and tourism expert Kirsty Macmillan talks to cultural behaviour guru Dan Roberson-Jones about how understanding culture and consumer behaviours will drive and innovate the recovery of Australia’s tourism industry. Learn more about Kantar’s travel and tourism expertise Discover more podcasts


Podcast: The evolving human story – how brands can connect with people through COVID-19 and beyond

As Australia’s flattening curve lends hope to easing coronavirus restrictions, headlines still scream Covid-19 is the biggest global challenge of our lifetime. No-one thinks its fake news; but understanding the human story is what allows brands to learn how to reframe their relevance as we look beyond the virus. Kantar Australia’s qualitative research guru Carolyn Reid talks to Brian Walker-Catchpole about the Australian story and why this isn’t time for inaction. She reveals why brands must anticipate the changing human story and cultural narrative and how pivoting their offer and message to meet changing human needs is the new brand normal. // Find out more about the Australian story // Contact Carolyn Reid


Podcast: The food we eat and why – bringing sensory research to life

Sensory science research expert Dr Denise Hamblin talks to us about taste as the intersection of biology, culture and commerce and how our preferences evolve over time. In an era where people are seeking comfort at home over sharing adventurous experiences on social media, Denise tells Amy ‘Fritz’ Fridlund how sensory research continues to help drive consumer loyalty through high quality product experiences that tune in to current day needs. // Learn more about sensory research


Podcast: Advertising and creative development during COVID-19 and beyond

This piece reflects the current position as of Friday 20 March 2020 - the day of recording. In this almost unprecedented situation, it is hard to give definitive advice; the following is based on experience from past crises, emerging evidence and third-party sources. It’s been proven that an increase in marketing spend during a recession can gain a long-term advantage for a brand. But COVID-19 has changed the business landscape almost overnight and prompted talk of recession – many brands are now constrained by budgets and circumstances and can’t use this strategy. Kantar’s Global Head of Creative Development Daren Poole talks to Brian Walker-Catchpole about whether brands should be slowing down marketing spend during crisis or whether there are long-term advantages for brands to continue business as usual. // Find out more


Podcast: COVID-19 learnings from Italy

In unprecedented times when physical human connection is being tested, we have turned to our network to share insights and learnings. Kantar Italy CEO Federico Capeci talks to Kantar Australia CCO Jonathan Sinton showcase both the Italian and Aussie spirit with a virtual coffee and discuss how Italian businesses and brands are navigating COVID-19 in a state of lockdown and what other countries can learn. Federico reveals why understanding new human behaviours is critical to understanding consumers and what is helping brands survive in this new environment. // Discover more coronavirus insights


Podcast: How to create well-branded ads for TV

Branding is the best single predictor of in-market effects. Kantar’s creative development gurus Sam Walters and Kris Katalbas reveal the strong relationship between an ad’s powerful branding results and the ability to drive short-term sales – and the three core principles to make this happen. // Find out more


Podcast: Transforming workplace culture through measuring equality, diversity and inclusion

80% of employees globally have observed some discrimination in their career – but only 1 in 3 feel empowered to escalate the matter. And almost half of employees (46%) believe ‘who you know’ rather than ‘what you know’ drives career progression. If you’re serious about inclusion, diversity and equality, then you have to get serious about measuring it. Global Director of Kantar’s The Inclusion Index Mandy Rico talks to Amy ‘Fritz’ Fridlund revealing key insights that businesses can take today to better action equality, diversity and inclusion and be champions for change. // Find out more about the Inclusion Index // Learn more in our webinar


Podcast: How brands can get sustainability right in the decade of purpose

The role of brands is changing. Consumers now demand their brands deliver a positive impact in their lives and the world they live in. Brands recognised for high commitment to purpose have grown brand value twice the average with +212% brand growth. As we embark on a decade with a ‘new normal’ where environmental crises have changed everything from the way we think to the way we act, Kantar’s Anne Rayner and Amy Fridlund discuss the role of brands in sustainability – one of the issues you’ve told us your most passionate about. // Find out more


Podcast: The new rules of digital measurement in the cookieless era

Kantar’s media and digital gurus discuss how digital media measurement will change with increased privacy rules and plans for restriction to cookies – something that Kantar research reveals that marketers are not prepared for.


Podcast: Optimising touchpoints in financial services

Kantar Touchpoints Research Consultant Helen Kerr discusses key findings from a recent study on Australian retail banking touchpoints. She reveals those that are reaching existing customers and those that can impact potential customers and how that fits into the current Australian banking climate. // Discover our financial services expertise // Discover our touchpoints expertise Helen Kerr


Podcast: How brands can meaningfully connect with consumers

Sustained growth is getting harder for brands as Aussie consumers are less impulsive. Kantar Australia Head of Brand Guidance Gareth O’Neill reveals the insights from brand new research into how brands can meaningfully connect with Australians and deliver growth.


Podcast: Winning with women in financial services

Kantar Australia financial services expert and Head of Creative Development Sam Walters discusses insights to the greatest social and commercial imperative in Australian financial services today. He reveals how financial service providers are meeting – or failing to meet – the needs of their female customers, and what our banks and providers can do to change the status quo in this era of distrust. // Find out more


Podcast: Putting data and insights at the heart of strategy with Eric Salama

Kantar Global CEO Eric Salama reveals what businesses and brands need to consider in this data-driven world and why they must incorporate insights into their strategy and at the heart of their decision-making.


Podcast: Lessons from Australia’s most valuable brands

Innovation and brand experience have proven to be critical factors driving performance according to the latest BrandZ™ Top 40 Most Valuable Australian Brands report. Kantar Australia brand and analytics gurus Ryan France and Jarrod Payne reveal the report’s insights and why building a strong brand is key to resilient businesses.


Podcast: The power of connection and optimising touchpoints

Dr. Niels Neudecker leads Kantar’s global practice for touchpoint management and he speaks with Brian Walker-Catchpole on the power of consumer connection through marketing touchpoints. Based New York City, Niels holds a PhD in marketing performance management and brings a world of experience working with the top global brands to help them achieve their sales and profit goals. He is a highly sought after thought leader who regularly speaks at international conferences and is published in high ranked journals. Connect with us for effective insights for your touchpoints management.


Podcast: Why a data centric culture is imperative for your brand

Kantar Australia Business Intelligence Director John Cucka reveals the importance of creating a data centric culture, the evolution of big data and the role of AI. // Discover our analytics expertise


Podcast: Getting innovation right to drive growth

Kantar’s Global Head of Innovation, Ray Crook reveals the secrets and pitfalls to getting innovation right today to drive growth and revitalise your brand.


Podcast: Transcending creative across borders

Does your creative work in markets beyond or Australia? Or have you been given global creative and want to know how to make it tick at home? Kantar’s Creative Development specialist Dan Lauder talks to Amy ‘Fritz’ Fridlund about the nuances of transcending creative across borders. // Find out more about how Kantar can support your creative development insights


Podcast: Celebrating humanity through immersion

How women in rural India influenced Matt Beal’s approach to research Kantar’s Matt Beal traveled to rural India as part of measuring Google’s ‘Internet Saathi’ program – something he found to be both a privilege and an incredible learning experience about what really comprises effective research.


Podcast: Transforming exceptional customer experience

Kantar Australia’s Head of CX Jake Pilgrim discusses how brands can achieve effective CX strategies beyond just having the technology. Discover our Customer Experience expertise