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Biznecdote is the podcast that tells the stories (anecdotes) of sales, marketing and product professionals and how they achieved success in business.

Biznecdote is the podcast that tells the stories (anecdotes) of sales, marketing and product professionals and how they achieved success in business.
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Biznecdote is the podcast that tells the stories (anecdotes) of sales, marketing and product professionals and how they achieved success in business.








Episode #8: Dana Jay Bein – Funny Business

Dana Jay Bein, comedian, teacher (ImprovBoston & MIT), and all around good guy shares his journey into the business of comedy in lieu of the normal ‘9 to 5.’ He opens up on his antithetical approach to marketing and promotion, that includes doing all things positive in his work from free hugs at Harvard to dancing hot tub shows complete with a streamer and soundtrack (nope, that’s not a typo – this man is pure entertainment). Sit back, relax and enjoy the man known as affectionately as DJB....


Episode #7: Don Schuerman – Not your everyday CTO

Don Schuerman, CTO & VP of Product Marketing at Pegasystems, shares his how he has succeeded in a variety of different roles (product, marketing, sales) during his 20-plus year career at Pega. He discusses why it’s important to understand both technology and people to be able to effectively deliver solutions (and get the occasional laugh). Try Pega today and see how it can help your company make better decisions and get work done at


Episode #6: Andrew Hally – From Consulting to CMO

Andrew Hally, CMO of Allego, a software company that is transforming the way companies train their sales teams using mobile, video, and peer collaboration, shares his journey to the C-Suite. From consulting to marketing, he has made a career of working with companies that disrupt the “status quo.” To learn more and get a free demo of how Allego can help improve your sales results click here:


Episode #5 – Marlow Hicks – Sales, Sports & Podcasting

Marlow Hicks, sales vet and sports fan, shares his experience working in BizDev at EnsoData, a company that helps health professionals automate the sleep scoring process and along with the lessons he’s learned working in sales. He also chimes in on his experience as a co-host of the 132 Breese Podcast that covers a wide range of sports topics especially on University of Wisconsin sports. To schedule a free demo of EnsoData click here To learn more about the 132 Breeze Podcast click here


Episode #4 – Brian Buell – Community Building with Crossfit

Brian Buell, the founder and owner of Commonwealth CrossFit, shares his experience as an entrepreneur building a business, a gym, and a community. From free workouts in Cambridge to a Church Basement to a warehouse fit for hard workouts and “fitness proms” Brian shares how he has built up Commonwealth CrossFit to be more than what you’d ever think of when it comes to CrossFit. Recorded LIVE at Commonwealth CrossFit in Somerville, MA.


Episode #3 – Jeff Foley – Scaling Marketing with Frameworks

Jeff Foley the VP of Marketing at Luminoso, a software company that applies artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to quickly analyze text data for companies, shares his journey from product management to marketing where he has become the king of setting up the frameworks needed to help companies scale their sales and marketing efforts. Recorded LIVE at Tatte Bakery in Cambridge - the unofficial home of the best pastries in Cambridge/Boston. For a free data analysis from...


Episode #2 - Chris Bent - Win, Lose or Draw - Just Do It Already!

Entrepreneur, artist, marketer, salesman; Chris Bent has a knack for getting his hands dirty in a variety of different parts of business and being an all-around zootility player but he's always focused on getting stuff done! Tune in to hear Chris' story from starting Piccles, a collaborative drawing platform to helping grow a few different startups.


Episode #1: Waseem Kawaf - Digital Marketing Tales from a Recovering Investment Banker

Waseem Kawaf heads up digital marketing for Stanley Black & Decker and recently completed a successful re-launch of its digital properties. He’s had a hell of a ride, but the journey to becoming a master of digital marketing started in a completely different area – investment banking! Hear his story and get his perspective in this episode recorded LIVE at the Andala Coffee House in Cambridge.


The Introduction to Biznecdote

Hi, I’m Mike Moore the host and creator of the Biznecdote podcast and I just wanted to give you some context on why I started it and what I hope to achieve. First for those who don’t know me, I’m a product marketer by trade and one of my favorite parts of product marketing is listening, learning and synthesizing information from the people I work with to help better inform marketing materials, go-to-market efforts, sales enablement, positioning and generally speaking help build solutions to...