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Helping Cannabis Growers And More Leverage RFID

Helping cannabis growers and more leverage RFID with Bryan Lopez, CEO & Founder Brytemap Inc. My next guest’s company is focused on creating a user experience that increases sales and profitability for their clients in the areas of cultivation, processing, and retail. A recently introduced Scout, an all-new addition to the Brytemap suite of software solutions. Bryan unveiled it at the MJBiz in Las Vegas in December. Scout is designed for helping cannabis growers, processors and dispensaries...


Biotechnology And Cannabis

Biotechnology And Cannabis with Avicanna CEO Aras Azadian. Our next guest is an executive with experience in a range of industries but specializing in Biotechnology and has been involved in several successful startups over the past few years and has been involved in several other projects as a management consultant. Avicanna Inc is a multinational, innovation-focused cannabis company based out of Toronto. Our team met them at the 2020 Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference and they spoke to...


The Highest Common Denominator Elevating Your Base Self

The Highest Common Denominator Elevating Your Base Self with Roger Obando, Cannabis/Tech Entrepreneur, and Activist. Our guest is a technologist who has spent the majority of his career getting novel ideas from the whiteboard to reality. He is a Cannabis/Tech Entrepreneur, Activist and a Published Author of a new book, The Highest Common Denominator-Elevating Your Base Self. Roger came into cannabis as a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in software development and...


Cannabis And Hemp Consumer Insights

Cannabis and hemp consumer insights and strategy with Laura Albers and Ben Woo co-Founders of Oasis Intelligence. Today's guests have created new cannabis and hemp consumer insights and strategy firm, thus filling a much-needed void for marketers with actual consumer insights based on a 20,000 person strong research tracker across the US, with global to follow. Oasis Intelligence represents the voice of the consumer, a critical piece of the puzzle that’s been missing until now. Understanding...


Online Stores For The CBD Industry

Online stores for the CBD industry with Mark William Lewis Founder/CTO of Netalico Commerce. Our next guest specializes in web development of online stores for the CBD industry. With eight years of eCommerce development experience working with Magento, Shopify, and WordPress design. Netalico Commerce helps eCommerce companies grow their businesses for years through smart development and data-driven design. National Retail Foundation reports sales from CBD-based products are expected to...


Natural Hemp Oil Products

Natural hemp oil products with Nick DiFrancesco, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for PūrWell. Our next guest represents a company focused on providing pure, natural hemp oil products that promote general health and wellness. PūrWell utilizes a medical-focused approach to CBD whereby they have created pharmaceutical grade, custom formulations for specific ailments for the medical community and consumers alike. Its pharmacist-formulated tinctures include cannabinoid-rich,...


Top Cannabis Private Equity Fund

Top Cannabis Private Equity Fund with Larry Schnurmacher Managing Partner of the Phyto Partners Cannabis Venture Capital Fund. Our next guest is a managing partner for a Cannabis venture capital fund recognized by Forbes as a Top Cannabis Private Equity Fund which has invested in over 30 privately held Cannabis businesses. He was a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley but he then researched the growing cannabis industry and left Wall Street to be a part of it. Their firm’s portfolio touches...


The National Cannabis Risk Management Association

The National Cannabis Risk Management Association with Rocco Petrilli, chairman of NCRMA and NCRMA CXO, Tamala McBath. The vision of the NCRMA is to offer innovative risk management services that will enable our members to thrive from seed to sale in the emerging cannabis industry. NCRMA surveyed the association's 2,000+ members to hear their thoughts on some of the top risks facing the industry as we turn the corner into 2020. The media perception of the industry often skews negative, which...


Phyto-Nutrient Nutritional Products

Phyto-nutrient nutritional products with Todd Davis CEO and Chairman of CBD Unlimited. Our next guest’s company is a premier provider of phyto-nutrient nutritional products for humans, cats, and dogs. November last year, the USDA published its interim final rule for the regulatory framework for the production services of hemp. The Rule provides requirements that should be clear across the industry for all retailers, hemp producers, and federal regulators as it relates to economic, social,...


Insuring Cannabis Companies

Insuring Cannabis Companies with Laura Bianchi, Managing Partner of Bianchi Brandt & Hale. Our next guest has been a featured guest on Cannabis Radio, including co-hosting our coverage of a historical 2016 election night. For the past decade, she has worked with cannabis and hemp-based businesses and can speak to various related topics. On Aug. 20, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) announced that federally insured credit unions may offer financial services to legal hemp...


Cannabis Cash And Products

Cannabis cash and products with Todd Kleperis, CEO of HARDCAR Distribution. Our next guest is the CEO of the nation’s leading secure logistics provider and distributor of cannabis cash and products, operating in ten states and Washington D.C. From Cash In Transit (CIT) to Cannabis Distribution, Cannabis Banking, Secured Cannabis Storage, Cannabis Financing, and Cannabis Transport, HARDCAR has all aspects of the cannabis market covered while continuing to reinforce compliance and public...


Environmentally Conscious Cannabis Enthusiasts

Environmentally conscious cannabis enthusiasts with Troy Ivan, CEO Of ExtractCraft. Our next guest runs a company that's helping economically and environmentally conscious cannabis enthusiasts get the most out of their plants. Extract Craft is a manufacturer of two at home ethanol extraction machines for concentrates and botanical oils of a wide variety. The Source Turbo and EtOH Pro. They are ethanol recovery appliances are easy and safe to use in the home or small business and make...


Customized Nano-Emulsions For Infused Products

Customized nano-emulsions for infused products with Vertosa CEO Ben Larson. Our next guest runs an innovative cannabis technology company providing customized nano-emulsions for infused products. Ben's company was originally Nanogen Labs until he rebranded under a new name, Vertosa. The new name embodies best-in-class products, service, and scientific expertise while paving the way for long-term vision and growth. VERT speaks to both green and truth – in line with our roots in cannabis and...


Scientific Research For Plant Cultivation

Scientific research for plant cultivation with George Hodgin CEO of Biopharmaceutical Research Company. Our next guest is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, a former Navy SEAL Officer and the CEO of Biopharmaceutical Research Company. This past August, the federal government announced it would begin processing dozens of pending applications for permission to cultivate the plant for scientific research. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's decision comes after...


Supporting The Compliance, Transparency, And Growth Of Cannabis Businesses

Supporting the compliance, transparency, and growth of cannabis businesses with Ashley Manning (Business Development Manager) and Adrienne Uthe (VP Sales & Marketing) for the National Association of Cannabis Businesses. Today we learn about the First Self-Regulatory Organization for the U.S. Cannabis Industry, the National Association of Cannabis Businesses. The NACB’s mission is supporting the compliance, transparency, and growth of cannabis businesses in the U.S. Led by a team of...


The New Multifaceted Cannabis Industry

The new multifaceted Cannabis Industry with Michael Apstein founding partner of Primary Growth Partners. Our guest has served on both for and non-profit boards, as an expert witness, has won numerous industry awards, and been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Success, Money, and on NBC’s Dateline. He is especially proud to have mentored executives and entrepreneurs towards their own success with several former mentees now serving companies as CEO. Well-known cannabis brands are doing...


Creating Iconic Global Brand Strategies For Cannabis

Creating iconic global brand strategies for cannabis with Conrad Lisco, Chief Marketing Officer of Fyllo. The company my next guest represents combining agency experience creating iconic global brand strategies with SaaS platform go-to-market rigor to accelerate growth and help brands and publishers realize the full potential of cannabis. Fyllo was founded and built by a team of former ad-tech employees and uses algorithms to track the changing landscape of cannabis laws around the U.S....


The Beneficial Effects Of Hemp Products

The beneficial effects of hemp products with Nick Womack Director of business development at GA Xtracts. Rapidly shifting regulations have resulted in a landscape where manufacturers are left without a trusted and ethical standard for reliably sourcing CBD. The founders of GA Xtracts are working to secure the long-term sustainability of the CBD industry by establishing connections with the FDA and university research groups to identify the most effective quality standards. GA Extracts shares...


Craft Cannabis Brands

Craft cannabis brands with Jamie Shaw Chief Communications & Culture Officer of Pasha Brands. Our guest works for Canada's largest organization of craft cannabis brands. Shaw is a founding partner of Groundwork Consulting, a co-author of the first Lift & Co. Retail Cannabis Training Course, a cannabis career training instructor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and sits on various boards and advisory committees, including the BC Independent Cannabis Association. One of Prime Minister...


Vaporization Technology And It's Future

Vaporization technology and it's future with Mladen Barbaric, Founder/CEO of Airgraft. We're joined by the Founder and CEO of a company that designs, develops, and sells vaporization hardware and software. They describe themselves as a responsible vaporization technology company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. The company has launched the Airgraft Clean Vaporizer, which includes cannabis concentrate pods, and an app to control the actual vaporizer. Made of polished ceramic, Airgraft...