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Bringing Cannabis To Television With Cannabis Club TV

Today on Blunt Business we’re joined by Danny Keith, the CEO of Cannabis Club TV, Danny has built, operated, and sold numerous businesses and has also raised over $20M in nonprofit and corporate fundraising. He’s worked in social media, Internet development, nonprofits, surf and action sports, and professional sports with the Golden State Warriors minor league affiliate Santa Cruz Warriors before founding Cannabis Club TV. We speak about the steps you took to make Cannabis Club TV into...


Effectively Targeting Consumers For Digital Consumption In Cannabis

Today on Blunt Business were joined by the Founder and CEO of AdLoop, Josh Segal. AdLoop is a leading advertising technology platform servicing both enterprise companies and consumer brands, which recently announced the launch of AdLink, a new tool that allows advertisers the ability to effectively target consumers for digital consumption. We speak about effectively targeting specific demographics that are appropriate for cannabis content consumption, the response from dispensary owners and...


The Obstacles That Are Being Experienced In Quebec In Regards To Canadian Legalization

Today on Blunt Business were joined by the founder of Potsoul, Sam Poirier. Potsoul is a family-owned business in Quebec, Canada founded to foster cannabis education, culture, and a community of like-minded cannabis enthusiasts. Sam is an expert in growing practices and takes a unique approach to cannabis consumption. He has a master’s degree in botany and produces cannabis using sustainable, environmentally safe, and wholly organic practices. We speak about some of the obstacles that are...


The Highest Quality Alkaline Drinking Water Available Nationwide

Today on Blunt Business were joined by Richard Wright the President, and CEO of The Alkaline Water Co. His company made the headlines by announcing your A88 Infused Beverage Division is entering into a Technology-Licensing Agreement with Infusion Biosciences. The Alkaline Water Co. aims to achieve sector leadership by ensuring that Alkaline88 is consistently the highest quality alkaline drinking water available nationwide. They aim to partner with top distributors, co-packers and key...


Cannabis-Related Stocks, Regulations And New Applications Are Set To Dominate

Today on Blunt Business were joined by Ronan Levy, Chief Strategic Officer of Trait Bioscience. Ronan is co-founder of Grassfed Ventures Inc., a private equity and advisory firm focused on the cannabis and biotechnology industries. Prior to joining Trait, Ronan served as Senior Vice President, Business and Corporate Affairs at Aurora Cannabis Inc., which he joined after Aurora acquired CanvasRx Inc. in 2016, a company Ronan co-founded Ronan also serves on the Board of Directors of Province...


The Future Of Cannabis Banking

Today on Blunt Business we are joined by Tyler Beuerlein, Hypur, Executive Vice President of Business Development. Hypur is a technology provider that enables Financial Institutions to enter and scale within highly regulated industries. Tyler's role with the company touches every aspect of other business including relationships with their Bank and Credit Union clients, Government Officials, Regulatory bodies, and the industries those institutions serve. He is deeply immersed in the State...


Creating Cannabis Oil Using Aquaponics

Today on Blunt Business we are joined by Warren Bravo, CEO of Green Relief. We speak about his company and their methods such as aquaponics. Using fish to grow cannabis in a natural ecosystem environment, aquaponics doesn't require the use of fertilizers and produces an end product as pure and natural as possible something particularly important with cannabis oil. We also talk about the certain strains and what they provide in terms of benefit and how they are different. With the kind of...


The Cannabis Industry's Standard Wholesale Ordering Platform

Today on Blunt Business were joined by Ryan Smith, CEO & Founder of LeafLink Claire Moloney, first hire & Growth Manager at LeafLink, managed the Leaflink list. LeafLink recently released it’s first-ever LeafLink List, honoring the best-selling and fastest-growing cannabis brands and products on its b2b e-commerce platform, which hosts over $600M per year in wholesale orders. LeafLink is the cannabis industry's standard wholesale ordering platform with over $600M in annual orders....


Navigating The Waters Of Investment And VC Funding

Today on Blunt Business we speak with Vincent Ning, the CEO and cofounder of Nabis. Nabis is a software-enabled licensed cannabis distributor based in Oakland, CA, providing cannabis brands and cultivators with a full suite of distribution services around logistics, sales, and software. We speak about how they have had to navigate the waters of investment and VC funding to get the company to where it is today. Plus the real truth about supply and demand in California from their perspective.


Where Cannabis Producers And Retailers Showcase And Discover Products

Today on Blunt Business We’re happy to welcome the CEO & Co-Founder of Confident Cannabis, Steve Albarran. We learn about a company that empowers all verticals in the supply chain and ultimately consumers to know what is made, who makes it, and what it’s made of in real-time. Confident Cannabis is the only place where cannabis producers, processors, wholesalers and retailers showcase and discover products from verified businesses with test results directly from licensed labs.


Helping Cultivators Achieve Sustainable Scalability Via Innovative Solutions

Today on Blunt Business we speak to the Chief Technology Officer of urban-gro, Larry Dodson. urban-gro is a systems integrator that helps cultivators achieve sustainable scalability via innovative solutions that drive down costs, increase economic yield and reduce environmental impact. The company’s ag tech division, Soleil Technologies, delivers data-driven microclimate intelligence using high-density sense and control technology to improve crop quality, consistency, and operational...


the first African American woman to own a marijuana dispensary in Colorado

Today on Blunt Business we are happy to speak with the first African American woman to own a marijuana dispensary in Colorado. We are talking with Cannabis Activist and Entrepreneur Wanda James was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis by High Times magazine in 2018, one of the 2016 Cannabis Business Executive (CBE) 50 Most Important Women in the Cannabis Industry, and has earned her a lifetime achievement award at the 2017 Cannabis Business Awards for her role in the...


The Process Of Transforming Ideas Into Glass Accouterments

This week, we are joined by MJ Arsenal's Co-founder Josh Camitta. We are going to take a deep dive into the process of transforming ideas into glass accouterments with insight on intellectual property in the cannabis space. Before they entered the cannabis space they Josh was a former professional golfer who also did sales and operations for the PGA Tour, we talk about how he found his way into the cannabis space. As well as how things came about when Josh recently announced a collaboration...


Recruiting Talent From Mainstream Business Into Cannabis

Today on Blunt Business we are joined by Olivia Mannix. Olivia is the Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Cannabrand. Olivia is a cannabis industry pioneer and cannabis marketing and business expert. She has been named one of the top 50 PR Influencers by PRWeek and Top Brand Influencers by AdWeek. At 23 years old, she founded Cannabrand –an award-winning, full-service marketing agency and business consultancy and the first to specialize solely in the cannabis industry. We talk about...


Providing Safety Solutions For The Domestic And Global Food And Cannabis Industries

Today on Blunt Business we speak to Arthur de Cordova, the managing director and co-founder of Ziel. Arthur's company focused on providing safety solutions for the domestic and global food and cannabis industries through radio frequency and microwave technology. Arthur built multi-million dollar sales of technology products for over a decade in the clean energy space, providing innovative technological and financial solutions to Fortune 500 companies. He led the strategic account initiatives...


The CBD Energy + Focus Energy Drink

Today on Blunt Business we are joined by Joy Smith, founder of Joy Organics. Joy Smith is a speaker, mentor, mother of four, and grandmother of five. Born in the city of Chicago, Joy grew up in a home marred by divorce, drugs, and abuse. At 18, she gave her life to Jesus and began the process of releasing the pain and anxiety of her childhood and stepping into who God created her to be. He brought redemption into her most agonizing experiences, making her a living testament of His goodness....


Using High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide To Turn Cannabis Into Essential Oils

Today on Blunt Business we are joined by Pete Patterson, the COO & Co-Founder of Vitalis Extraction Technology. The technology behind the Vitalis Extraction Technology (Vitalis) can be used to decaffeinate coffee or even make perfume, but the Pete saw a rare opportunity in a budding market. Along with his two business partners Joel Sherlock and James Seabrook, the trio began creating the Vitalis business plan, which applied CO2 extraction technology to the cannabis industry. At their Kelowna...


A Fine Balance Between Perfection And Delivery

Today on Blunt Business we are joined by ICan founder and CEO, Saul Kaye. Ever since Saul remembers he has looked at a business and tried to break it down to understand it and figure out how to optimize it. He loves to improve a good idea and make it great. Saul understands that there is a fine balance between perfection and delivery – and drives hard to execute. He has been blessed with several successes in his career. His experience in pharma and customer service has given him a...


The Benefits Of Indoor Farming To Someone Who Is A Proponent Of Sun-Grown

Today on Blunt Business we are joined by Phil Gibson. Phil is the Vice President of Marketing for AEssenseGrows, a precision sensor and software technology company specializing in fully automated aeroponic platforms for indoor plant production. AEssenseGrows was founded on solving three 21st century issues: the need for high growth yields for a growing population, food safety, and conservation of resources. To attain these goals, they had to re-invent the entire process of agriculture down...


Perspectives on the Cannabis Investment Landscape

Cited by Forbes as “one of the women venture capitalists changing the world - grooming the next generation of female entrepreneurs.” Jeanne Sullivan is a co-founder of an NYC-based venture capital firm and longtime tech investor, now cannabis investor and advisor as General Partner of the ArcView Group – an organization with more than 600+ investors focused on the cannabis sector and she now serves a General Partner of the ArcView Venture Fund.