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Episode #09 - Devin Hornick - KORE1

In this Boardroom Session we meet my great buddy and networking mad man Devin Hornick of KORE1. He is one of the most connected individuals I have ever met. We discuss the state of the jobs market in Orange county, some emerging technologies that are trending right now, we dish out some great career advice and even dish out some style tips for the modern work place. Hope you enjoy.


Episode #08 - Mostafa Khairzada - Director of Clinical and Emerging Technologies at Pacific Dental Services

In this Boardroom Session we meet Mostafa Khairzada the Director of Clinical and Emerging Technologies at Pacific Dental Services. PDS is innovating at an incredible rate and much of these endeavors are being lead in Mostafa’s shop. We discuss How to build a Dream Team, Cutting edge Retail Healthcare technology, Oral Systemic Health and A.I. and M.L. Mostafa’s passion for Technology and the Patient journey is inspiring. Hope you like it.


Episode #07 - David Dowsett - Global Head of Technology Strategy at Invesco

David Dowsett is essentially the Global Head of Technology Strategy at Invesco, a Global Investment powerhouse. Dave’s role is to look and plan for the next Big thing. He has a team of researchers who look at new, disruptive technologies. They break them apart, build them, buy them or partner if they think it can help them make money. We discuss all sorts of topics here like A.I., Micro Funding, Disruptive Business Models and Crowd Funding to name a few. Hope you enjoy!


Episode #06 - Rob Shanahan - Music Photographer and Keynote Speaker

Rob Shanahan is “THE” Music Photographer with a massive portfolio of work with artists like Ringo Star, Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Van Halen, Slash, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Avril Lavigne, Sting and Barry Manilow to name a very few. Rob and I go over his 30 years of working with “A” listers, Mastering the Craft of Photography, his business models such as Books, Documentaries, Speaking Engagements and Social Media. Rob is an amazing person and it was truly a pleasure spending this time with...


Episode #05 - Risa Groux - Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Risa Groux Nutrition

Risa is a Media Maven with regular appearances on Good Morning LA and The Hallmark Channel. She is currently working on a Book deal and has a massive following on Social Media. She also runs a very successful business called the Newport Beach Cleanse and is expanding into new ventures such as CBD. Her passion for Nutrition is infectious and I am sure you are going to be inspired. Give it a listen and enjoy!


Episode #04 - Frank Cittadino - CEO of QOS Networks

We welcome Frank Cittadino, CEO of QOS Networks and discuss building a start up from scratch, how Frank overcame adversity early in life and the value building culture in a new organisation.


Episode #03 - Bob Groux - CEO and Owner of Coast Brands

In this amazing exchange we meet Bob Groux who made his mark in his industry with launching Snapple in Southern California and later Texas. He now runs one of the premier Consumer Brands distributorships anywhere. Bob is a Visionary and Manifester and we go deep on “Holding the Vision and Dropping the How”. Hang on tight as this one goes deep.


Episode #02 - David Baker

Up close and personal with the brightest technology leaders and executives. In this Boardroom Sessions Podcast we meet David Baker CEO of Pacific Dental Services. David is a passionate technology leader and Digital Transformation advocate. We discuss the Platform Revolution, driving Organic Growth and Concierge Medical. Hope you enjoy.


Episode #01 - Dave Rhoads

Up close and personal with the brightest technology leaders and executives. In this Boardroom Sessions Podcast we meet Dave Rhoads - CEO of Blue Street Capital financing company that focuses on the Technology sector. Dave is a man of action with a plan. We discuss Entrepreneurship, the 5 Hour Work Day, Leadership and Mentors. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.