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In Bouncing Back: Resilience for Lawyers, Rebecca Glatzer, managing director with Major, Lindsey & Africa, chats with lawyers and other professionals about how they have overcome personal and professional challenges and have “bounced back” to thrive.


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In Bouncing Back: Resilience for Lawyers, Rebecca Glatzer, managing director with Major, Lindsey & Africa, chats with lawyers and other professionals about how they have overcome personal and professional challenges and have “bounced back” to thrive.




A Chat with Shaun Sethna

Shaun Sethna used to see work as a means to an end. His move in-house, however, changed his perspective. In this episode of Bouncing Back, he talks to Rebecca Glatzer about his career journey and explains how he went from feeling like work was simply about making money to finding joy.


A Chat with Justice Shawna Baker

As the first member of the 2SLGBT+ community and only the third woman ever confirmed to the Cherokee Nation Supreme Court, Justice Shawna Baker met her share of bumps in the road to earning her seat on the bench. She shares her story in this episode of Bouncing Back with Rebecca Glatzer, discussing ending discrimination against Cherokee Freedman descendants and her decision to live her life as an openly 2SLGBT+woman.


A Chat with Judge Shannon Frison

As one of the few openly LGBTQ, Black female judges on the bench, Judge Shannon Frison believes in setting the standard rather than living by others’ expectations. In this episode of Bouncing Back, she talks to Rebecca Glatzer about her career and the bold decisions she has made to be her authentic self in her personal AND professional life.


A Chat with Ailis Burpee

Ailis Burpee was five years out of law school and practicing as a litigator when she decided she wanted to move in-house. The uphill challenge to retool came with its fair share of rejection. In this episode of Bouncing Back, Ailis talks to Rebecca Glatzer about getting past the rejection and pushing past her comfort zone.


A Chat with Nona Lee

Nona Lee headed down the law firm litigator path like many lawyers do—until the creation of the WNBA showed Nona that sports was where her heart was calling her. In this episode of Bouncing Back, Nona shares with Rebecca Glatzer what gave her the drive and motivation to change her legal career path and even venture beyond legal into D&I work.


A Chat with Alexia Korberg

Alexia Korberg never imagined they would be a big law firm lawyer. However, Paul Weiss has given them a platform to tackle cases that impact society—just what they always intended to do. Alexia shares with Rebecca Glatzer stories of their resilience working on matters that directly impact them as a trans, queer, nonbinary person and as the first openly trans equity partner at an AmLaw firm.


A Chat with David Dixon

Falling asleep at the wheel, David Dixon woke up to a nightmare that forever changed him and his path. David recounts that night where he crashed into another car—killing the 21-year-old passenger—and the aftermath, telling Rebecca Glatzer how this event and the forgiveness he received from the passenger’s mother forever changed his life and gave him purpose.


A Chat with Ling-Ling Nie

For Ling-Ling Nie law school never felt like the right fit, but not knowing what was, she saw her degree through and then went looking for what was. After some self-reflection and some career exploration, she discovered her passion for compliance. Listen in as Ling-Ling shares with Rebecca Glatzer how figuring out what you don’t want in life is as valuable as exploring what you do like.


A Chat with Leah Sears

After her divorce, Justice Leah Ward Sears realized that you can’t fix everything in life and that the best you can do is control the controllables. She shares with Rebecca Glatzer how she once saw her divorce as a profound failure and then adjusted her life view to find satisfaction again.


A Chat with Bendita Cynthia Malakia

One moment can forever change someone’s life. For Bendita Cynthia Malakia that moment came when she was trapped in a Kenyan mall during a terrorist attack. Bendita recounts the hours spent in the mall and the events that followed. She tells Rebecca Glatzer how that traumatic event fundamentally changed her worldview and made her realize she wanted to impact the legal profession in a different way. Listen to how she bounced back and found her passion and a new path.


A Chat with Dorie Clark

Despite recently releasing her fourth book, Dorie Clark faced her share of bumps in the road—three rejected book proposals, inability to get into a doctoral program, and publishers’ silence in response to her blogging ideas—before finding success. In this episode of Bouncing Back, she talks with Rebecca Glatzer about how to she persevered and how you can reinvent yourself and your career.


A Chat with Salomon Laguerre

A Chat with Salomon Laguerre As a 12-year-old immigrant, Salomon Laguerre was unfamiliar with English and American culture. In this episode of Bouncing Back, he shares with Rebecca Glatzer how his resilience and determination took him to college, then law school, and finally to Home Depot’s legal department—despite failing the LSAT the first time.


A Chat with Jason Esteves

As the public face of the Atlanta Public School Board of Education, Jason Esteves learned quickly how to navigate public scrutiny when having to deliver the board’s decision to replace a longstanding superintendent. At the same time, Jason had to maintain his professional career—and try to keep the two worlds separate. In this episode of Bouncing Back, Rebecca Glatzer talks to Jason about how he maintained two jobs during a trying time and ultimately grew in his role at Equifax.


A Chat with Missy Koefod

An incurable cancer diagnosis would make anyone re-evaluate the time they have left. When told she had only one year to live, Missy Koefod began to check off items on her bucket list. However, when she miraculously recovered, Missy reconsidered her legal career and decided to make a change. In this episode of Bouncing Back: Resilience for Lawyers, Missy shares with Rebecca Glatzer how her terminal cancer diagnosis—paired with an Atlanta snowstorm—led her to utilize her legal skills to follow...


A Chat with Jason Carter

Jason Carter set his sights on the Georgia governor seat because he saw an opportunity to make a difference. Despite his good motivations, this effort resulted in a high-profile loss. Surrounded by a strong support system, which included his grandfather Jimmy Carter, Jason learned a great deal from this experience—including the importance of growing from failure, taking risks, and remaining grounded. He shares his story with Rebecca Glatzer in this episode of Bouncing Back: Resilience for...


A Chat with Jonathan Olinger

While law school is a challenge for most, throw in two life-altering events and chances are the way forward will seem like an impossible climb. Jonathan Olinger was already starting the process of coming out during his first year of law school when he learned of his mother’s terminal cancer diagnosis. He shared with Rebecca Glatzer how he found the strength to accept his new reality and solider on—leading to a successful in-house career at Global Payments.


A Chat with Manita Rawat

The Great Recession put many associates out of work. Manita Rawat was one of many laid off during those dark days. During a pivotal moment in her career, Manita went through her grieving period and then took action to build her own book of business. In this first episode of Bouncing Back, Manita tells her story of resilience to former law school classmate Rebecca Glatzer, sharing how she went from being laid off at age 30 to now serving as the Silicon Valley office managing partner for Duane...