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Helping middle-market professionals connect, grow, and excel in their careers. Through a series of conversations with leading professionals, we share stories and insights to take your career to the next level. The success of your career starts with your ability to build meaningful connections.

Helping middle-market professionals connect, grow, and excel in their careers. Through a series of conversations with leading professionals, we share stories and insights to take your career to the next level. The success of your career starts with your ability to build meaningful connections.


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Helping middle-market professionals connect, grow, and excel in their careers. Through a series of conversations with leading professionals, we share stories and insights to take your career to the next level. The success of your career starts with your ability to build meaningful connections.






Disruptive Leadership - Thomas Bohn

Change takes on many shapes and forms and can be daunting for many people. Creating big change in an organization oftentimes requires a well-considered approach based on disruptive leadership. Today’s guest is Tom Bohn, President and CEO of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG). In this episode, he talks to us about disruptive leadership and driving change in uncertain environments to take organizations to new heights. We ask Tom to expand on disruptive leadership as he walks us through...


An Open Discussion on Diversity – Christine Nowaczyk & Rich Grant

Creating an inclusive environment is key to a more equal society as well as success in our business and personal lives too. Here on the show today to discuss the important subject of diversity are Christine Nowaczyk, Arizona Corporate Banking Executive for BOK Financial, and Rich Grant, Director of Business Development at Northlane Capital Partners. Rich and Christine bring their experiences of being minorities in their work environments to bear and share the ways that they are pushing the...


Authenticity & Diversity Part #2 – Jamil Sanders

Today we welcome back returning guest Jamil Sanders, Vice President and Relationship Manager of Key Private Bank in Cleveland, Ohio. In this episode, we shine a light on how accepting ourselves is the first step to accepting others. Jamil offers a wealth of wisdom and helps kick off our conversation by defining the importance of accepting yourself. He touches on the interconnectedness of acceptance and self-love, as well as why we should try not to take on the role of being our own harshest...


Authenticity & Diversity Part #1 – Jamil Sanders

Today we open a multi-episode conversation into what diversity means in our personal and professional lives. For this episode, we welcome back Key Bank VP and Relationship Manager Jamil Sanders to hear his insights on authenticity and diversity. Early in the show, we chat about authentically presenting yourself within public and private spaces. We then dive into the challenges faced by minorities in predominantly white industries. As Jamil answers our questions, he highlights the importance...


Shift Your Mindset and Embrace Your Authentic Self - Dan Lee

For years, Dan Lee (Partner with Comvest Partners) was striving for results and results only. On every call, he was looking to make a quick win to add to his tally of success. Yet, Dan realized he was chasing success in the wrong ways. In this vulnerable and honest episode, Dan shares his biggest lessons in business so far and tells us the major mindset shifts he’s made in an effort to gain knowledge and provide more value. We begin our conversation with Dan by hearing about how the COVID...


Don’t Let Fear Get in the Way of an Authentic You – Stephanie Gaffin

Being true to our authentic selves is no easy task. However, we can use simple strategies to overcome the fears and barriers that hinder our ability to find our own voices and align our actions with those voices. Stephanie Gaffin, Co-Founder & Managing Partner with SLS Capital Advisors and The Gaffin Group joins us on the show today to discuss the power of meditation and journaling with regard to reaching a state of authenticity in the way we live our lives, the problem with social media and...


Find Passion to Fuel Authenticity – Amy Whipple

Passion fuels authenticity, and authenticity drives change for the better. Everybody can find their passion, but sometimes it just takes a little fuel to ignite this process. As the Director of Business Development for BDO and the co-founder of 503(c)s 100 Women Who Care and 100 Businesses Who Care, Amy Whipple has made caring for others as well as connecting people her passion. She joins us today to weigh in on how to find this powerful emotion, the effects it can have, and a whole lot...


Authenticity and Business Development - Jeremy Holland & Grant Marcks

Today we introduce Branch Out's new mini-series theme: the power of authenticity. As one of the most essential success skills in business, its value should never be underestimated. We also welcome today's special guests, Jeremy Holland and Grant Marcks, who speak to us about how authenticity has impacted their careers and personal lives. The show kicks off with Jeremy defining authenticity, as listeners discover how this trait is defined by consistency of behavior and transparency. After...


Set the Right Expectations with Clients & Prospects – Rob Meyers

In today's episode, we sit with Rob Meyers, President and Managing Member of Republic Business Credit, to discuss key factors that drive business development success. We cover topics including clear communication, setting expectations, and following tried and tested processes. Rob kicks off the episode by guiding listeners through the steps of a qualification call before talking in detail about how you can develop trust with clients. Listeners will learn that simple strategies like setting...


Accidently Landing in a Business Development Role – Ryan Grand

Today we sit with Ryan Grand, Principal with HKW, an Indianapolis-based middle-market private equity firm. In this episode, Ryan shares his story and tells us how he landed a business development role by accident before finding that he unexpectedly loved it. We kick off the show with a breakdown of Ryan's professional history. After hearing about his transition into the field, Ryan fills listeners in on some of the challenges he faced early on before sharing his daily responsibilities, like...


Defining Business Development - Polly Mack & Heather Madland

We all talk about business development, but what does “business development” even mean? To explore this topic, we have a special two guest episode with Heather Madland, Partner and Head of Business Development with Huron Capital along with Polly Mack Director of Business Development for Gryphon Investors. We open the show by listening to our guests’ thoughts on business development and what it means to them. After hearing about creating and maintaining credibility and building your brand...


Your Personal Brand Gap Analysis - Kyle Lindenboom

Branding is not just about what makes you unique but about how you portray that to the world. Your personal brand is the sum of how people perceive you, and understanding how to influence these perceptions is key to branding success. As the Founder and CEO of InTandem Marketing, Kyle Lindenboom helps businesses drill down on their brands by narrowing the gap between how they want to be perceived and how they present themselves. Kyle joins us today on the show to explore how to assess a...


Long-Term Business Development Success – Mark Bober

In today's business world, it's all about quick wins and immediate gratification. But this isn't what it should be about. If you want to create an impactful business that will generate consistent revenue and success, you need to go focus on relationships. In today's show, we talk with Bober Markey Fedorovich ("BMF") partner Mark Bober, who has 35-plus years in transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and litigation serving as a state witness. We open the episode by hearing Mark's thoughts on...


Growth Habits For Success - Bob Doyle

While personal growth is incredibly important for moving our careers and ourselves forward, it is not something that happens on its own. We need to set time aside to be intentional about our growth! Today's guest is Bob Doyle, President and CEO of the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA), and he joins us on the show to talk about how he is investing in his personal growth. We begin our conversation with the idea that everybody wants to grow and get better and our...


Staying Focused On Growth - Mike Witzke

Continuing the discussion on investing in your professional growth, today, we have Mike Witzke, a partner with McDonald Hopkins, a Cleveland-based law firm with more than 140 professionals. Mike is the Chair of the Estate Planning and Probate Practice Group and practices in numerous areas. He focuses on helping clients protect and transfer wealth efficiently, and he works with high net worth families, primarily business owners, physicians, and athletes. In this episode, Mike shares his...


Continually Seek Growth Opportunities - Elliott Holland

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a difficult thing to do, but it is absolutely essential for growth, in both a business and personal capacity. The world is changing at a rapid rate and if you aren't continuously growing, you are going to get left behind. Our guest on today's show, Elliott Holland, Managing Director of Guardian Due Diligence, believes that your most frustrating experiences will often be your biggest learning opportunities, so you shouldn't shy away from situations that...


Mindset. The Key to Professional Growth - Dustin Hill

The beginning of the year is a time when many of us make commitments to professional and personal growth. So, to help you get off to the best start possible, we are dedicating the first few episodes of Season 2 to exploring what it really means to invest in your growth. Dustin Hill, today’s guest, is a Director at FINNEA Group, a middle-market investment banking firm. He joins us to talk about how mindset is a driving force for our success (or lack thereof). We kick off the conversation...


Investing in People - Jeremy Holland

Investing in People with Jeremy Holland Today’s guest is Jeremy Holland, Managing Partner of Origination at The Riverside Company, and he understands that building relationships is the key to creating long term value. Jeremy joins us today to share the secrets he’s learned from the world of deals about why investing your time in people can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. Jeremy explains that while hardly anybody is willing to invest their time in something that does...


The Power of Resiliency – Kurt Wilkin

The Power of Resiliency with Kurt Wilkin Part of being in a leadership position is that you cannot take a “woe is me, hide in the closet mentality”; you have to take a “we are going to get through this mentality” or you may ultimately struggle to be successful. The winners in life are not the ones who never get defeated or never fall on their face. It’s how you respond afterward — it’s about resiliency and persistence and bouncing back off of the mat. Today on the show, we welcome Kurt...


The Art of Managing Up, Down & Sideways - Michelle Acciavatti

The Art of Managing Up, Down, and Sideways with Michelle Acciavatti It doesn’t matter where you are in the corporate hierarchy. Nearly all jobs require working with people and managing up, down, or sideways. Today we speak with Willis Towers Watson market leader Michelle Acciavatti about the art of managing. Starting at the entry-level, Michelle gives tips on managing up and impressing the bosses by creating ‘presentation-ready’ work. A recurring theme throughout our conversation, Michelle...