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Branding Brews is a podcast focused on branding, design and marketing for the beer industry.

Branding Brews is a podcast focused on branding, design and marketing for the beer industry.


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Branding Brews is a podcast focused on branding, design and marketing for the beer industry.




Untappd for Your Brewery – BB054

Using Untappd for Brewery Marketing with Jon Dispenza and Harrison Hickok FIND UNTAPPD website: // podcast: Untappd reaches a huge audience, so it only makes sense that breweries look at ways to utilize this platform to increase their marketing reach. I was stoked to make a connection with Jon and Harrison who both work at Untappd and also host the Drinking Socially Untappd Podcast. I figured these guys would be able to deliver some solid insights and advice...


Austin Beerworks – BB053

Austin Beerworks with Helms Workshop Find Austin Beerworks Website: / Instagram: @AustinBeerworks / Facebook: @AustinBeerworks / Twitter: @AustinBeerworks Find Helms Workshop Website: / Instagram: @helms_workshop / Facebook: @HelmsWorkshop / Twitter: @HelmsWorkshop Austin Beerworks co-founder Michael Graham along with Helms Workshop founder Christian Helms join to discuss branding for Austin Beerworks. Talking Points: Development of branding and brand...


Co-Branding – BB052

Co-Branding and Collaborations with Jordan Hoffart and Fish Scales Find Jordan Hoffart and Black Plague Brewing Website: // Instagram: @blackplaguebrewing Find Fish Scales and Atlantucky Brewing Website: // Instagram: @atlantucky The idea of collaborations between breweries has proven to be a successful way to promote brands and your beer. I wanted to take a look at some ways that other industries, brands, and celebrities are collaborating in the beer...


New Label Initiatives – Craft Label Co and All Together – BB051

New Label Initiatives - Craft Label Co and All Together I have two related announcements that I wanted to bring to your attention. Both of these are efforts to help our community during the COVID-19 chaos. The first is an initiative that I have been working on for the last month. I have been working with breweries and label printers to assist getting beer into packaging. A number of breweries have never packaged and need label FAST and AFFORDABLE. I created Craft Label Co. to be a...


Working with Marketing In-House or External – BB050

Working with Marketing In-House or External with Holly Amlin aka PDXBeerGirl Find PDXBeerGirl: Web: // Instagram: @pdxbeergirl Facebook: @pdxbeergirl In the past, we've discussed some ways to navigate working with internal and external teams. Both have unique advantages and disadvantages along with best scenario matches depending on your brewery size. Here's a few points we touch on in this episode: Hiring that the best way? Should your front of house run...


7 Crucial Benefits to Strong Brewery Branding – BB049

7 Crucial Benefits to Strong Brewery Branding Solo episode here covering a recent article published on Craft Brew Creative. We'll break down these branding ideas: Good First Impressions, Branding Creates Trust and Reaffirms Credibility, Branding Generates New Customers, Attitude Strength, Loyal Customers, Easy Introduction of New Products, and Improve Employee Pride and Satisfaction.


Stories within Beer and Branding – BB048

Stories within Beer and Branding with Bryan Roth For this episode, we're taking a look at the 2019 BC Craft Brewers Guild Keynote presentation done by Bryan Roth titled: What Narratives and Numbers Can Tell Us, and What You Can Do About Them. The guild has the presentation video posted here on YouTube, definitely give it a watch! Of course, Bryan brings his strong game of charts and data, but he does so in a way that tells a story and specifically focuses on how the customer is the hero in...


Branding with your Staff – BB047

Working with staff to build a stronger brand, with Jessica Ferrell We've covered in past episodes the importance of your team in representing your brand. (Episode 41 - Year one with Blaker Brewing, Episode 10 - Building Teams for a Strong Brand) There are so many aspects to developing and representing your brewery's brand through your staff, I think that it is a topic worth exploring further. Jessica Ferrell comes from a deep background in restaurant and brewery experience. Along with just...


Beer Membership Clubs with pFriem – BB046

Beer membership clubs with pFriem Family Brewers Find pFriem: Along with doing your own brewery events, I think utilizing a membership club is one of the best ways to market and brand your brewery. Whether you go more towards something like a mug club, or more towards the style of a wine club, you have an opportunity to connect more deeply with your core brand fanatics (or create them!) You can be sure that bringing someone closer to your brand will develop a stronger...


Reduce Your Label Costs – BB045

Reduce Your Label Costs Over the years working with breweries of different sizes, saving money on the cost of labels has always been important. Through all of this experience, both in the printing and design of labels, I have been able to better understand ways to save money on labels and in many ways create better branding at the same time (!!) I hope you find these tips useful in saving money, and how you can approach creating your labels. This is an extended audio format of the PDF guide,...


Advantages of Custom Label Art – BB044

The transition and advantages of having custom label art, with Jessica Clare of Cleophus Quealy I have worked with Cleophus over the last couple of years, and we just moved from a "wine" style label to doing custom artwork for each bottle release. There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches and I was also curious about the timing and positioning to start creating custom labels for a smaller brewery. Some key talking points: Why using 750ml bottles work well for their brewery...


Freshly Wrapped- Label Branding Strategies – Part 2

Freshly Wrapped - label branding process with Big Stump Brew Co and Trademark Brewing Welcome to this special two-part series where we cover an upcoming seminar that will take place at CA Craft Summit in Long Beach, CA. Freshly Wrapped: An Inside Look at Label Branding Strategies will take place Thursday, September 12th, 2019 at 11:35 am. For the second part of this series, we dig into the process for creating a label branding strategy. Nick Longo and myself each have similar processes when...


Freshly Wrapped – An Introduction – Part 1

Freshly Wrapped - an introduction to the branding seminar and participants Welcome to this special two-part series where we cover an upcoming seminar that will take place at CA Craft Summit in Long Beach, CA. Freshly Wrapped: An Inside Look at Label Branding Strategies will take place Thursday, September 12th, 2019 at 11:35 am. For this introduction, Nick Longo and myself cover the idea of the seminar and our partnering breweries - Big Stump Brew Co. and Trademark Brewing. We learn the...


Life as a Designer and Brewery Owner-BB043

Running a brewery with a professional background in design with Ben Parsons of Baerlic Brewing. There are brewery owners out there that have an added benefit of coming from another professional background. Someone who has an engineering, business, or marketing background for instance, can have a leg up running their brewery. There has been many times that I wondered what it would be like to make a major career shift, away from branding and design, over to owning a brewery or taproom. Over...


Sustainability of Plastics in Beer – BB042

Mass Brew Bros on recycling and sustainability in beer Find Mass Brew Bros: Website: Check out the article How to Be An Eco-Friendly Craft Beer Drinker There are a many different ways and angles to better sustainability in beer. Many breweries are taking steps to be more eco-friendly, but there is also an important role that beer drinkers can play. Education on the consumer side can help elevate better practices, and also play part in the sustainability process. Take for...


Year One with Blaker Brewing – BB041

A look back at year one with Tyler Lucas of Blaker Brewing Find Blaker Brewing: Instagram: @blakerbrewing // Website: Over the years, I have worked with a number of startup breweries and I know there are listeners out there that are either planning a brewery, or maybe just recently started a brewery. One of the brands I helped develop was Blaker Brewing, in the Central Valley of old stomping grounds. They opened their doors to great success and it has been...


CBC 2019 Brand Forward Seminar Q&A – BB040

CBC 2019 Brand Forward Seminar Questions and Answers Had some great questions during the seminar, so decided to put this out as a shorter episode!


CBC 2019 Brand Forward Seminar – BB040

Craft Brewers Conference 2019 - Brand Forward Seminar As you probably have heard over the last few episodes, I have been working on a label branding seminar for the Craft Brewers Conference. Not only developing a seminar, but also participating in a special artist series for the CBC 2020 Commemorative Beer labels. For this episode of Branding Brews, I will be sharing with you the audio recording of the Brand Forward seminar at CBC this year. There were some visual aids that went along with...


New Belgium Specialty Brands – BB039

New Belgium Specialty Brands with Andrew Emerton Find Andrew: Twitter: @andwoo One topic we've yet to dive into, is what the role of specialty brands play in your portfolio and overall brand. There are so many decisions you can ponder when it comes to branding and marketing these beers. How elevated do you go? Do you want to be known has a brewery with elevated brands and higher price tags? How do you relate these labels to your core lineup and the branding of your brewery? I think the...


Old Town Brewing rebrand with Jordan Wilson

Rebranding Old Town Brewing with Jordan Wilson Find Jordan Wilson: Web: Carrying on with the topic of rebrands, this episode is looking at a very successful rebrand for Old Town brewing. You’ve might of heard of Old Town through a trademark dispute that the brewery got into with the city of Portland. That in itself is an interesting story with a happy ending, but the rebranding done by my good friend, Jordan Wilson, really has elevated Old Town in a number of ways. We...