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How well is your website performing? BB026 - Branding Brews Podcast

Let's take a look at your brewery website with CraftPeak Find CraftPeak Website: // Twitter: @craftpeak // Instagram: @craftpeak Your website is one of the most important and most available places customers will find you to learn about your beer and brand. If someone is visiting your town, chances are, they are going to scroll through Google listings to discover your brewery. For a number of reasons, websites often become neglected, or in some ways an afterthought. Why might...


Label Materials – BB025 - Branding Brews Podcast

Label materials with Alex Kidd of Avery Dennison Often when it comes to creating a new label, the first place you start is with the design. The general look and feel, colors, typography, images, and content. These, of course, are must haves for a great label. In the earlier stages, have you ever considered starting with the label material? There are a wide variety of materials that you can print on that can help your product stand out on the shelf. Label materials like cotton, wood veneer,...


Branding at Creature Comforts - Branding Brews Podcast

Branding at Creature Comforts Developing not only a visual brand system that functions well, but also a brand strategy can be a challenge, especially for younger breweries. How do you approach working with a designer or artist? What kind of ground work do you have laid out for the brand, how do you communicate that with your internal and external teams? How are you going to approach developing the brand into a strong system that will function and duplicate well? With many breweries, this...


Trademark for Logos and Graphics – BB023 - Branding Brews Podcast

Trademark for Logos and Graphics with Chris Gartman, Head Brewer and IP Attorney Find Chris: Email: // LinkedIn One of our more popular episodes recently covered aspects of legal trademarks around naming. I wanted to follow up that episode with another interview focused on logo, trade dress, and visual graphic trademark. In recent news here in Portland, Oregon, there was a logo trademark battle between Old Town Brewing and the city of Portland that caught big...


Philanthropy in your brewery branding – BB022 - Branding Brews Podcast

Ex Novo brewing and philanthropy in your brewery branding Find Ex Novo: Website: // Twitter: @ExNovoBrew // Instagram: @ExNovoBrew Many breweries, to varying degrees, give back to their community. Ex Novo has made this their core foundation and built their brewery business on philanthropy. Joel Gregory had a passion for brewing and also for supporting his community and causes in need. One avenue he could have taken was getting into the world of non-profits, but the idea of...


Inclusivity in Your Branding & Market – BB021 - Branding Brews Podcast

Inclusivity in Your Branding & Market with Carla Jean Lauter Find Carla: Website: // Twitter: @beerbabe Beer doesn’t see race, gender, sexual orientation or class. When it comes to branding and marketing, why not take an extra effort to make sure you are being inclusive and reaching a larger audience in a positive way. Inclusivity doesn’t stop at how your customer perceives your packaging and visual branding, but it also is the environment in your brewery and your employee...


Creating a Content Calendar – BB020 - Branding Brews Podcast

Creating a Content Calendar for the New Year with Emily Hutto. Find Emily and RadCraft: Twitter: @emilyhutto // Website: // Twitter: @radcraftbeer // Instagram: @radcraftbeer Content, content, content. An all too often afterthought, but yet plays an integral role in how your brand is represented across many channels. Content presented from your packaging, marketing and press materials, social media and your website all come together to bring your brand to life. Since we...


Your Portfolio’s Role in Branding with Michael Kiser – BB019 - Branding Brews Podcast

Your Portfolio's Role in Branding with Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting Find Kiser online: Website: // Twitter @goodbeerhunting // Instagram: @goodbeerhunting How does your beer portfolio connect with and represent your brand. Does your branding speak to and set up the right expectations for your beer portfolio? There are many elements and ways that a brand will come to life and play a role in your customer’s eyes. Indeed having a strong and unique visual brand are of...


Butts in Barstools with Market The Brew – BB018 - Branding Brews Podcast

Steve Schmidt, host of Market The Brew Podcast, talks with us about promotional ideas to keep customers coming back. Find Steve and Market The Brew: Website: // Twitter: @marketthebrew // Facebook: @marketthebrew A cold barstool is not a warm thought for brewery owners. Finding interesting and unique ways to bring customers into your taproom and keep them coming back can be challenging. There are some successful ways for doing this like beer glass giveaways, mug clubs,...


Creative South meets Branding Brews - Branding Brews Podcast

Jason Frostholm with Creative South joins for a special crossover episode! Find Jason and Creative South Podcast Website: // Twitter: @creativesopod // Facebook: @CreativeSoPod Twitter: @jfrostholm // Dribbble: // Instagram: @jfrostholm Hey there friends, welcome back. I don’t have a deep thoughts kind of introduction for this episode, because it is something unique and new for this show. I listen to a lot of various podcasts and design podcasts...


Authenticity with Bryan Roth – BB016 - Branding Brews Podcast

Being authentic in today's beer market is important, let's dig into why. Find Bryan Roth: Twitter: @BryanDRoth What is your why? Part of being truly authentic is knowing why you are brewing beer, why should people care, why are you located where you are and apart of that community? Beer drinkers are attracted to the benefits and lifestyles of being able to visit a local brewery taproom. Big brands and products that are shipped thousands of miles are becoming less intriguing, where the idea...


Trademark and Branding for Craft Beverages - Branding Brews Podcast

Trademark Attorney Mike Kanach Discusses Branding of Craft Beverages A lawyer and a designer walk into a bar. This podcast continues the podcast series of Branding Brews, covering topics of beer branding, design, and marketing. In this episode, designer Ryan Wheaton of Portland discusses branding and trademarks with attorney Michael Kanach of San Francisco. Mike is an intellectual property partner at the law firm Gordon & Rees in San Francisco, where he has experience with trademarks and...


Label Printing – Scott McKean of Best Label – BB014 - Branding Brews Podcast

Pressure Sensitive Label Printing Techniques, Ideas, and Tips. Find Scott McKean and Best Label: Website: // Instagram: @bestlabel_beerlabelsdoneright When it comes to getting your branding and artwork out to the public and on shelves, getting labels printed and applied are one of the exciting parts of the process. Pressure sensitive labels, along with current print technologies, have really opened up new possibilities when it comes labeling. These labels allow breweries to...


Ninkasi Artist in Residence – BB013 - Branding Brews Podcast

Nick Yarger, Creative Director, talks with us about an unique artist in residence program. Find Nick Yarger: Website: // Instagram: @tortilla_press_studio In many ways, brewing beer shares many similarities to visual art. It’s a process that takes creative thinking, learned skills, refinement and feedback to create a masterpiece. Artists, designers and illustrators can take the experience of any given beer and create visuals and branding design work that reflects the craft...


Designing and Producing Tap Handles – BB012 - Branding Brews Podcast

Designing and Producing Tap Handles with Jeff Schweiger of The Alison Group Find The Alison Group: Web: // Instagram: @alisongroup One of the ways to market your brand, mostly unique to the beer industry, are through custom tap handles. These are fun items to create and have for your brewery, especially if you are just getting a new brand off the ground. Since these are three dimensional items, custom tap handles can take on many, MANY shapes, sizes, materials, and...


Hiring for Branding & Design Help – Joseph Szala – BB011 - Branding Brews Podcast

Who, when, why, and how should you hire for branding and design help? With Joseph Szala of Vigor Branding Find Vigor Branding : Web: // Twitter: @vigor // Instagram: @vigorbranding // Facebook: @vigorbranding There’s no question that today’s beer market is bigger than ever. Not only are there more breweries to compete with, but today’s beer drinkers are also more savvy and complex. It’s important that you can stand out amongst the crowd and that you have a clear and...


Session – BB010 - Branding Brews Podcast

Getting more into building and working with strong teams Show links: Sharing Docs and Notes: Google Drive and Docs Evernote Project and Team Management Apps: Basecamp Asana Podio Trello Slack Meetings Try to have some sort of agenda ahead of time, this will keep things at least somewhat productive. If you don’t have an agenda or game-plan ahead of time, try to outline with your team when you start a new meeting what you need to discuss. Hopefully that will keep things productive. Take good...


Building Teams for a Strong Brand – BB010 - Branding Brews Podcast

Building and maintaining a successful team with 14 Cannons. Find 14 Cannons: Website: // Facebook: @14Cannons // Twitter: @14Cannons // Instagram: @14Cannons Having a strong team will give your brewery and brand a healthy platform to succeed and grow. Nic Bortolin and Nick Longo ( ) join the show to talk about building their 14 Cannons team in the early days before opening. Before you open your doors is a crucial time to plan out build your strong team so...


Session – BB009 - Branding Brews Podcast

A closer look at creating personalized connections Look at what you might be able to utilize or use from resources you already have. Crowlers? You can possibly create a series of unique labels and create special invitations or special labels Tap into your local community, being involved and active with your community is really important for a beer brand. Make sure to stay connected with everyone that has assisted with getting your brewery off the ground. Utilize the connections and friend...


575 Beer Labels – BB009 - Branding Brews Podcast

Making Invitations Personal With Chris Ladwig Chris is an award-winning Art Director/Designer currently living in Orlando, FL. He focuses on branding and packaging and has had his work featured in some of the top design publications. Find Chris online Website: // Twitter: @ChrisLadwig Creating personalized invitations to brewery events will really create deeper connections with patrons and develop a stronger brand. Chris Ladwig helped develop 575 unique beer labels for the...


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