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Managing Brand Assets with Brandfolder – BB036 - Branding Brews Podcast

Using Brandfolder to manage your beer brand assets Find Brandfolder: Web: We’ve talked on this show before about the importance of having a brand or media kit easily accessible. There are a number of ways to manage this, but there is a specific platform, Brandfolder, that was made just for this purpose. There can be a large number of assets that you need to manage as a brand. Logos, sales sheets, UPC codes, photography, point of sale and retail graphics, plus more. As a...


Bottledrop Refillable Beer Bottles – BB035 - Branding Brews Podcast

Refillable Beer Bottle program at Bottledrop Find Bottledrop Web: Over time, the idea of convenience has been sold to, and taken a priority in our culture. Often, this convenience results in negative effects to our environment. One-time use items like plastic shopping bags, straws, coffee cups are all items that we can use daily and be thrown away. When it comes to the beer world and environmental footprint, the container is a big item to consider. For sure, cans and...


Market Research with DataQuencher – BB034 - Branding Brews Podcast

Craft Beer Market Research with DataQuencher Find DataQuencher Website: // Twitter: @dataquencher As part of an industry that is creating a product for consumers, having insights behind those consumers can really help drive decisions, marketing, and of course your branding efforts. How aware are consumers of your brand, in your area? What kind of thoughts come to your customer’s mind when they hear your name? What are their political leanings? What kind of beers do they...


Communicating Effectively with Jeff Alworth – BB033 - Branding Brews Podcast

Communicating Effectively with Jeff Alworth Find Jeff Web: // Twitter: @Beervana Communication is an essential part of promoting your beer and your brand. It’s a major part of how customers understand who you are. The stronger and more concise your communication is, the better your customers will understand your beer. To communicate better, it’s important that everyone on your team knows and understands the solid identity behind your beer. If you ask your brewer, delivery...


Communicating Your Brand with Allagash – BB032 - Branding Brews Podcast

Communicating your brand story with Jeff Pillet-Shore of Allagash Brewing Company Find Allagash Website: // Instagram: @allagashbrewing // Twitter: @allagashbrewing There are many ways you communicate your brand, your values, and your story. Through your Intstagram feed, website, blog posts, videos, and of course through your beer. I’ve always been drawn to the Allagash brand because of how well they tell there story through so many touchpoints. They first drew my deeper...


Design for Beer Labels – BB031 - Branding Brews Podcast

Design for Beer Labels with Adam Feller Find Adam Web: // Podcast: Food Business Podcast To continue the conversation on beer label design and branding, today we’re going to dive a bit more into planning content and design elements for your labels and packaging. When you are creating new labels and packaging, there are lots of things to consider. What messaging should go on the label, placement and size of branding elements like your logo, how to utilize colors, and...


Beer Photography with Roscoe Myrick – BB030 - Branding Brews Podcast

Beer Branding Photography with Roscoe Myrick Find Roscoe Instagram: @shotboxer // Website: // Twitter: @shotboxer Photography is such an essential aspect in marketing and branding. A good photo can draw your audience in to your culture, taproom, and create stories for your brand. There’s the obvious needs for photography, like product shots of your beers for your website, sales sheets, brochures, and advertisements. Those are essential, and should be done well, but if you...


Point of Sale with The Alison Group – BB029 - Branding Brews Podcast

Designing and producing point of sale items When it comes to promoting your brand, especially when you’re distributing, tap handles are a crucial element. The Alison Group has joined our show before to discuss designing and producing tap handles, but they also design and produce a wide variety of point of sale items that can also promote your brand outside of your brewery or taproom. From metal tackers, to displays and signs, the possibility is almost endless when it comes to design and...


Perceived Quality through Beer Branding – BB028 - Branding Brews Podcast

Perceived Quality through Branding with Nick Longo Find Nick Longo Website: One topic I have been into lately is the perceived quality of your beer, or brewery, based on its branding. Your potential customers will judge your ability to provide quality beer based on your branding and brand identity. Also, customers are more likely to purchase products from a brewery that has a polished and legitimate brand. If you brew quality beer, having bad branding can create a...


Brand Guidelines – BB027 - Branding Brews Podcast

Brand Systems and Guidelines with Joseph Szala Find Joseph and Vigor Website: // Twitter: @vigor Website: In order to maintain a strong and consistent brand, having a good brand system and brand guidelines is an essential tool. It not only provides your internal team with a brand compass, but it is also a very valuable resource for media, vendors, and service providers. In any way possible, you want to be able to take control of your brand and not have...


How well is your website performing? BB026 - Branding Brews Podcast

Let's take a look at your brewery website with Craftpeak Find Craftpeak Website: // Twitter: @craftpeak // Instagram: @craftpeak Your website is one of the most important and most available places customers will find you to learn about your beer and brand. If someone is visiting your town, chances are, they are going to scroll through Google listings to discover your brewery. For a number of reasons, websites often become neglected, or in some ways an afterthought. Why might...


Label Materials – BB025 - Branding Brews Podcast

Label materials with Alex Kidd of Avery Dennison Often when it comes to creating a new label, the first place you start is with the design. The general look and feel, colors, typography, images, and content. These, of course, are must haves for a great label. In the earlier stages, have you ever considered starting with the label material? There are a wide variety of materials that you can print on that can help your product stand out on the shelf. Label materials like cotton, wood veneer,...


Branding at Creature Comforts - Branding Brews Podcast

Branding at Creature Comforts Developing not only a visual brand system that functions well, but also a brand strategy can be a challenge, especially for younger breweries. How do you approach working with a designer or artist? What kind of ground work do you have laid out for the brand, how do you communicate that with your internal and external teams? How are you going to approach developing the brand into a strong system that will function and duplicate well? With many breweries, this...


Trademark for Logos and Graphics – BB023 - Branding Brews Podcast

Trademark for Logos and Graphics with Chris Gartman, Head Brewer and IP Attorney Find Chris: Email: // LinkedIn One of our more popular episodes recently covered aspects of legal trademarks around naming. I wanted to follow up that episode with another interview focused on logo, trade dress, and visual graphic trademark. In recent news here in Portland, Oregon, there was a logo trademark battle between Old Town Brewing and the city of Portland that caught big...


Philanthropy in your brewery branding – BB022 - Branding Brews Podcast

Ex Novo brewing and philanthropy in your brewery branding Find Ex Novo: Website: // Twitter: @ExNovoBrew // Instagram: @ExNovoBrew Many breweries, to varying degrees, give back to their community. Ex Novo has made this their core foundation and built their brewery business on philanthropy. Joel Gregory had a passion for brewing and also for supporting his community and causes in need. One avenue he could have taken was getting into the world of non-profits, but the idea of...


Inclusivity in Your Branding & Market – BB021 - Branding Brews Podcast

Inclusivity in Your Branding & Market with Carla Jean Lauter Find Carla: Website: // Twitter: @beerbabe Beer doesn’t see race, gender, sexual orientation or class. When it comes to branding and marketing, why not take an extra effort to make sure you are being inclusive and reaching a larger audience in a positive way. Inclusivity doesn’t stop at how your customer perceives your packaging and visual branding, but it also is the environment in your brewery and your employee...


Creating a Content Calendar – BB020 - Branding Brews Podcast

Creating a Content Calendar for the New Year with Emily Hutto. Find Emily and RadCraft: Twitter: @emilyhutto // Website: // Twitter: @radcraftbeer // Instagram: @radcraftbeer Content, content, content. An all too often afterthought, but yet plays an integral role in how your brand is represented across many channels. Content presented from your packaging, marketing and press materials, social media and your website all come together to bring your brand to life. Since we are...


Your Portfolio’s Role in Branding with Michael Kiser – BB019 - Branding Brews Podcast

Your Portfolio's Role in Branding with Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting Find Kiser online: Website: // Twitter @goodbeerhunting // Instagram: @goodbeerhunting How does your beer portfolio connect with and represent your brand. Does your branding speak to and set up the right expectations for your beer portfolio? There are many elements and ways that a brand will come to life and play a role in your customer’s eyes. Indeed having a strong and unique visual brand are of...


Butts in Barstools with Market The Brew – BB018 - Branding Brews Podcast

Steve Schmidt, host of Market The Brew Podcast, talks with us about promotional ideas to keep customers coming back. Find Steve and Market The Brew: Website: // Twitter: @marketthebrew // Facebook: @marketthebrew A cold barstool is not a warm thought for brewery owners. Finding interesting and unique ways to bring customers into your taproom and keep them coming back can be challenging. There are some successful ways for doing this like beer glass giveaways, mug clubs,...


Creative South meets Branding Brews - Branding Brews Podcast

Jason Frostholm with Creative South joins for a special crossover episode! Find Jason and Creative South Podcast Website: // Twitter: @creativesopod // Facebook: @CreativeSoPod Twitter: @jfrostholm // Dribbble: // Instagram: @jfrostholm Hey there friends, welcome back. I don’t have a deep thoughts kind of introduction for this episode, because it is something unique and new for this show. I listen to a lot of various podcasts and design podcasts are...