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This podcast gives you a consistent flow of inspiration from industry leaders and real estate agents on the ground. You'll hear from people with a wide range of styles, perspectives, and proven ways for you to use and increase your sales while loving what you do even more every day. Join us as OMH Agency Owner, Tiffany Youngren, interviews top producing REALTOR®s and other industry pros with impressive track records and achievements. They generously reveal their favorite productivity, time management, and work-life balance tools, as well as their secrets to what has gotten them to where they are today. ------------------ More Info: Get our FREE Podcast Trifecta Playbook:


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This podcast gives you a consistent flow of inspiration from industry leaders and real estate agents on the ground. You'll hear from people with a wide range of styles, perspectives, and proven ways for you to use and increase your sales while loving what you do even more every day. Join us as OMH Agency Owner, Tiffany Youngren, interviews top producing REALTOR®s and other industry pros with impressive track records and achievements. They generously reveal their favorite productivity, time management, and work-life balance tools, as well as their secrets to what has gotten them to where they are today. ------------------ More Info: Get our FREE Podcast Trifecta Playbook:








Mara Flash Blum - The Steps to Becoming a Power Broker

If you're at the office, you're not out selling real estate! How to build your reputation, one client at a time. Mara Flash Blum is Senior Global Real Estate Advisor of Sotheby's International Realty in New York City. She’s been ranked among Sotheby’s International Realty’s top producers both in its downtown office and in the top 25 brokers nationally since rankings began in 2009. She also consistently ranks on the Wall Street Journal and America’s Best Real Trends for being among the top 250 agents nationally by closed sales volume. Mara is an accomplished broker with over 25 years of experience selling luxury real estate.


Steve Frankel - How to Use Social Media as Your Business Card

Steve Frankel, Estates Director of Coldwell Banker in Beverly Hills, has sold over $1.5 billion in residential sales over a distinguished 25-year career. He is an award-winning, top-producing agent at Coldwell Banker’s Beverly Hills North office which is the #1 producing office in the world. Steve is consistently ranked in the top 1% of agents locally, nationally and internationally. In this episode, Steve shares tips for new agents that can also help experience real estate pros, especially when it comes to communication and collaborating with others in the industry.


Oliver Tonn - Co-Owner of EV Master Franchisor for Florida

Today you're in for a treat. Oliver Ton co-owns the Master Franchisor organization for Engel & Völkers in the state of Florida. He not only reveals a fascinating look at some of the differences between real estate in the US and in Europe secrets, but also insights to what he sees as common threads among agents and offices. Know Your Value “If you look at the industry where it's going to, everyone can have access to huge data... it's all about local knowledge and you cannot replace that that easily with online information and that's when the local expert comes into play" Oliver Tonn, Co-Owner of Engel & Völkers Florida, the brands Master Franchisor for the state of Florida, located in Naples, FL. Oliver has been in the industry for over two decades, with various companies. He first joined Engel & Völkers in 1998 as an apprentice when the company only had 20 offices, most of which where in Germany then. He briefly owned a Subway franchise, in Hamburg, Germany with his twin brother. He has taught Franchise Management as an Assistant Professor at the University of Hamburg. And worked for DAHLER & COMPANY, a small residential real estate company in Germany and Mallorca. Twelve years ago, Oliver was offered the opportunity to relocate to the U.S.A. with Engel & Völkers. He and his partner Timo Khammash have since grown their business to more than thirty franchises in the state of Florida, and are part of a network of nearly nine-hundred shops globally.


Brian Chancellor - Sales Wiz Whose Love for People Fuels Sales

This episode of The BreakAway Agent Podcast features Brian Chancellor, VP and Sales Manager of Sereno Group in Palo Alto, California. As a second-generation Realtor, Brian has 25 years of experience in the real estate industry that began with a 17-year partnership with his mother, Imogene. His focus has always been on the relationship with his clients and what is best for them. This philosophy has culminated into building his career and growing his reputation as a top producing salesman. Growing up in the industry and spending time building a working relationship with his family, Brian Chancellor has learned how to assert himself in his own way. He calls himself a “real estate brat,” and is grateful that his parents were able to show him the road and room to grow in this industry that he loves. Listen on as Brian discusses his superpowers, his advice on growing relationships, and his tips for distinguishing himself with branding. A FEW KEY TAKEAWAYS: * Everyone On Your Team Should Have A Voice * Become A Trusted Advisor And Get Referrals * Your Strong Reputation Can Be The Tipping Point To Success * Read The Room and Be An Active Listener * Regardless Of The Market - Bring Your A-Game * Build A Strong Presence Online * You Have To Push The Envelope * Find Someone To Mentor You - This Is How You Get Experience At the end of the day, Brian Chancellor hopes that agents, new or experienced, really believe in themselves. It can be so hard to navigate such a saturated market, and build a strong presence. Especially in an age where everyone wants to look perfect on social media, it can be easy to feel like we aren’t measuring up. He gives the advice to stay true to yourself no matter who you’re working with or what the market is like. Believing that you have the ability to be successful and do good for your clients is crucial.


Ryan Chiodo: The Straight Shooter with a Knack for Sales

To become the best you have to do more than what is expected of you. In this episode of the Breakaway Agent Podcast, you’re going to meet Ryan Chiodo, a Real Estate Advisor at Engel & Völkers from Florida who has closed over 1 billion dollars in real estate in 17 years. You’re going to learn about what he does to achieve success in business and with his client as he shares his knowledge with us. His education, professionalism, experience and extensive learning enabled him to prove to his clients with remarkable service in all aspects of real estate. After receiving his license as a Realtor and Broker, he decided to finally set up his very own Real Estate Firm. Learn how you can serve your clients better by Ryan’s example as you listen to this episode! A FEW KEY TAKEAWAYS: * Manage Client Expectations - But Then Go Above and Beyond * Be A Deal Maker That Makes It Fair For Everyone * It's Ok To Not Make Bank On Every Deal * Organize With Your CRM- You'll Thank Yourself Later * Make Sure You're Sending Relevant Information To Your Clients * Pay Attention To The Market - Small Details Can Change Your Career * Wake Up And Freak Out - Just Get Stuff Done * Real Estate Is A Follow Up Business * Invest In Yourself By Studying The People Who Are Succeeding * Do What You Love - Eventually You'll Make Money Another thing that sets Ryan Chiodo apart is that he pays attention to the small things too. What’s working when it comes to marketing? How can you adjust your strategy to have a higher payout with less expenses? His advice is to put money where it’s working and eliminate the avenues that are eating up your budget. Make sure you’re monitoring those little things. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make or break your career. You’re not always gonna make money on every deal bu Ryan wants you to remember the most important thing, and that is to always do a good job. His philosophy is to “just work really well”. When you do a splendid job for one person, it can lead to 10, 20 or much more.


Alex Gandel Calming Presence with Farming Tips

This week’s episode of The BreakAway Agent Podcast features Alex Gandel, Realtor of Pinnacle Estate Properties, Inc. in Simi Valley, California. Since 1980, Alex has been a top producing real estate agent and was #15 out of over 110,000 agents nationwide for Century 21 Real Estate for 2018. He joined the Pinnacle Estates Properties Simi Valley sales team at the beginning of 2019 and has been thriving since. In addition to both his personal and professional success, Alex has also co-authored a Best-Selling book, The Essential Guide To Buying and Selling Luxury Real Estate. Right off the bat, Alex starts to tell host, Tiffany Youngren, and listeners that though the roles of real estate agents might have changed, the relationship aspect has not. Whereas in the past real estate agents were necessary to give information to each client, today they have access to all of that online. However, agents are still needed to build that community of trust. Listen on as Alex discusses his relationships with clients and how he’s built his reputation based on service and great communication. KEY TAKEAWAYS: * Agent Roles Have Changed, But The Relationships Have Not * Community Service Brings Joy and Builds Your Reputation * Education Is Critical When It Comes To Serving Clients * As You Progress, You Hire Staff So You Have More Time With Clients * Listen First, Be A Calming Presence * Lean Into Your Changing Spheres of Influence * Do The Things You Know Will Help You Grow * Be Driven By The Personal Challenge To Make Your Business Bigger * Be Open To Learning, Always * It Doesn't Matter How Old You Are - Your Experience Matters At the end of the interview, Alex Gandel gives some last-minute tips for newer agents. First, he says that your resume and your life experience can be your biggest asset. Write a letter to prospective clients telling them what you’ve done, even if you haven’t felt like you’ve done much. We all have experiences to draw from, no matter what our age is, and those experiences help us to handle life. Second, he says to make sure that each client knows that they are a priority. Not that you have to be available 24/7, but make sure you’re present and dedicated to them when you’re with them. It comes down to branding and building your reputation. Do what you say you are going to do - that value will set you apart.


Stephanie Vitacco: The California Top Producer Whose Dedication Knows No Bounds

This week on The BreakAway Agent Podcast, we welcome Stephanie Vitacco, Broker Associate of Keller Williams in Encino, California. As a highly consistent agent, regardless of an up or down market, Stephanie has been in the top 10 agents in the nation for Keller Williams, and for many years at Coldwell Banker. She has sold over 6000 houses in her career so far, and her track record continues to be unwavering. She grew up in the San Fernando Valley, which is located in Northern Los Angeles and has been selling homes in the area for over 25 years. Though she has a background in fashion, she was inspired by a friend in her early 20s who was killing it in the real estate industry. Inspired by his lifestyle and success, she decided to jump all in - and has been passionate about it ever since. Listen now as Stephanie talks about her dedication and her tenacity has helped her thrive in an ever-changing market. KEY TAKEAWAYS: * Continue Thriving By Flowing With The Market * Retail Market Vs. Corporate Market * Don't Get Comfortable, The Industry Will Change * Watch Your Numbers - You'll Know When The Market Will Shift * Be Really Dedicated And Things Will Start To Happen * Learn How To Spot Landmines A Mile Away * Asking For Help Is A Strength * The Biggest Struggle Is Knowing How To Adapt * How To Keep Up In A Right Now Business * Scale, Give Excellent Customer Service, Be Present At the end of the day, Stephanie’s commitment is what has made her successful. Her drive to success and her love for learning new things has made her the top producer that she is today. Her advice is knowing when to adapt to the market, and not being afraid to ask for help from people who are already winning. Stephanie Vitacco is definitely an action taker and won’t settle for anything less.


Ty Bergman: The Surfer Who Built A Beach-Front Legacy

This episode of The BreakAway Agent Podcast features host Tiffany Youngren interviewing Ty Bergman, Broker of Bergman Properties in Marina del Rey California. Though Ty was born in London, he moved to the U.S. at the age of 7 and lived in Encino, California until after highschool. At just 18 years old, he got his real estate license alongside his father, who has been working with him ever since. They got their start in the industry working closely with developers in Marina Del Rey in the Silver Strand. Both Ty and his dad have been able to build their careers right there on the beach. Getting his license so young and being introduced to a high luxury area helped Ty get his feet wet in the industry right away. But nothing prepares you for creating great business more than life experience, and he is a jump in kind of person. Real estate has become a passion for him, and including his family has been a dream. Just in the last few years, he’s gotten married and now has two young children and he is embracing his role as a hardworking family man. Listen now as Ty Bergman talks about how he’s established his superpowers over the years and grown his career by being strategic. KEY TAKEAWAYS: * Find Common Ground With A Client To Earn Their Trust * Great Agents Always Find Ways To Put Deals Together * In An Industry Where Only A Few Succeed- Put Yourself Out There * Stay Relevant By Making Face To Face Connections * You Don't Want To Get Swallowed Up In The Herd. You've Got To Keep Your Own Identity. * Go To Bat For Your Client and They Will Refer You * Be Strategic - Recognize Your Strengths and Make A Plan * Create Loyal Client's By Managing Their Expectations * Classes Are Great - But Life Experience Gives You An Edge * An Agent's Role Is To Help Every Client Win


Jason Saphire: The Discount Broker You'll Hate To Love

On this special episode of the BreakAway Agent Podcast, Tiffany Youngren interviews Jason Saphire, Founder and Principal Broker of Jason is a licensed broker in every state in New England, plus the state of California. Today you'll hear something a little different than you did in our past episodes because Jason is not your typical agent. As a discount broker, he offers a unique experience to clients and is often shamed and hated by other real estate agents. He resides in...


Ben Floyd: the Broker who Knows Construction

On this episode of The BreakAway Agent Podcast, we welcome Ben Floyd, Broker and Owner of 525 Realty Group in Edmond, Oklahoma. Though Ben has been a licensed realtor since 2000, he also has a background in marketing, sales, management, home inspections, home and commercial renovations, and even home and commercial building. All of his experiences have led him to his successful real estate career. Ben has always had a strong work ethic, and he started young. At age 18, his father put him in charge of a construction crew. Though he felt like he had no idea what he was doing, it gave him the opportunity to see construction from the ground up. From there he stumbled into sales, and eventually found himself devoting his time and energy into the real estate industry. Construction has always been a part of him though, and it often becomes the focus of his business. He and his company have built large unit buildings from the ground up in order to sell and rent out, and it’s that kind of process that is what makes work fun. Listen now as Ben Floyd describes how his background in construction and having a team focused brokerage has helped him become more successful in his real estate career. KEY TAKEAWAYS: * To Be Successful in RE, You Have To Work When No One Else Is * Be Team Focused - If Agents Aren't Successful, The Brokerage Isn't Successful * Being Social Is One Thing, Making Connections Is What Makes The Deal * Want More Clients? Be The Professional They Can Trust * A Good Agent Creates A Win-Win For Everyone * Brush Up On Your Knowledge of Surrounding Industries * Even Top Producers Struggle With Follow Up Calls * Pick Up Your Phone, Pick Up Your Phone, Pick Up Your Phone! * Your Next Phone Call Could Be The Call To Success The most important thing that Ben stresses is the idea that your phone can be your most valuable asset. It’s not enough to just put your name out there and hope for business. Despite just making phone calls, it's really important to answer the phone too. You never know who might be calling. The next person looking to speak with you could be the link to your next million dollar deal.


Igor Nastaskin: From Kiev, Ukraine to the Hollywood Riviera

On this episode of The BreakAway Agent Podcast, host Tiffany Youngren interviews Igor Nastakin, Realtor at RE/MAX Estate Properties in Redondo Beach, California. Though Igor was born in Kiev, Ukraine, he earned his MBA and became a CPA in the United States. He has spent 20 years in Corporate American in various Finance, Accounting and IT related fields and now dominates the real estate industry. Specifically, he works in Torrance, California, also known as Hollywood Riviera and has been the #1 agent there for over 13 years. From 2015 through 2018, Igor Nastaskin has been the #1 agent in sales volume out of his Malaga Cove office (approximately 100 agents). Being an immigrant moving to the United States in 1975, Igor hasn’t always had an easy life. He credits his current success to having the ability to overcome challenges, something he learned from a young age. Over the years, he’s learned to focus on the bigger picture and focus less on the little details that can sometimes overwhelm us. Tune in now as Igor discusses his life journey, how he became successful in real estate, and how he’s learned to ask the right questions to facilitate more deals. KEY TAKEAWAYS: * Don't Get Stuck in Minutia, Look At The Bigger Picture * Peel The Onion - What Will Actually Make Your Clients Happy? * Get To Know Your Client's Before You Look For Properties * Ask More Questions, Listen, and Take Your Time * See Things From Your Client's Standpoint * The Right Thing Is Not Always The Easiest Thing * Do Not Be Afraid Of Rejection * The Bigger The Problem, The Bigger The Gift * Real Estate Is More Than Just Buying A House * Prospecting and Geo-Farming Can Launch Your Success Something that Igor Nastaskin says was one of the most important things he started doing when he first got started in real estate that may be the source of his success is prospecting. Right away he started geo-farming in the Hollywood Riviera district where he lives. This type of door-knocking and open house strategy enabled him to not only get to know the area, but it helped him build his reputation. The people in the area came to trust him and know that he was always going to be coming back and do the things he said he was going to do. At the end of the day, Igor still says the biggest piece of advice he can pass along is to not be afraid of rejection. You’re going to hear a lot more no’s than yes’s at the beginning - don’t let it stop your drive!


Alan Canas: The Bay Area Top Producer who Gives Back

On this episode of The BreakAway Agent Podcast, host Tiffany Youngren interviews top producer Alan Canas, Founder/Realtor of Canas Realty, Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Alan has earned his reputation by being involved in a number of community nonprofits that address issues of affordable housing, senior care, LGBTQ, and child abuse prevention. Alan got his start in real estate back in 2007, with the advice that if he could make it then, then he could be successful now. A snowball effect happened, where each year he was able to assist more and more families and grow his business. Even during the down market that continued after the economic crash, he took that opportunity to assist families who were losing their homes. Having success even when the market wasn’t at a high point has set up Alan to be one of the highest producing agents in his area. As a skilled negotiator, he is able to consistently deliver top dollar in the shortest amount of time for both buying and selling experiences. KEY TAKEAWAYS: * The Key To Successful Negotiation is Listening * 4 Success Habits To Help You Level Up * Real Estate Agents Can Change Lives * What Do You Want To Be Remembered For? * Marketing Strategies - Longevity or Instant Gratification? * Marketing Is Crucial So Find What Works Best For You * The Best Lead Source Is Your Sphere of Influence * Get Involved With Mastermind Groups That Will Help You Grow * Align Yourself With Top Producers and Learn From Them * Don't Try To Everything! Try Three Things For 12 Months Alan’s last-minute advice is this, if you’re a new agent, align yourself top producers and learn from them. He sees a lot of new agents coming into the market that try to do everything and yet don’t want to work as hard. His advice is, especially if you’re new in the industry, is to find those top producers, the ones who are already dominating the marketplace. Learn from them. Absorb their wisdom and their knowledge and watch their success habits. Get involved in real estate coaching and then network with those highly successful agents. Don’t try to do everything, but instead pick a couple of things they suggest and then commit to doing those.


Nicole Beauchamp: The Cool-Headed and Confident Manhattanite

Nicole Beauchamp is a born and raised Manhattanite, which initially is what led her to real estate. After a successful career in technology and finance, she became the go-to person for advice on where to live and where to go. Being from the area, she quickly rose in the ranks as a trusted and respected globally by clients and peers as an expert in data and financial analysis, negotiation, marketing, and technology. At first, Nikki would send referrals to a friend in the real estate industry, and that friend kept trying to convince her to get her RE license. Eventually, Nicole Beauchamp got burnt out working finance and technology and decided to give real estate a try. 20 years later, she’s still in real estate and thriving! She joined Engel & Völkers New York City in 2014 as one of the first advisors in the New York City brokerage. She has also been recognized as part of the Engel & Völkers North America Elite Advisors Club. Nikki also serves on the President’s Advisory Council for Engel & Völkers North America and holds the Master Certified Negotiation Expert, Certified Negotiation Expert and Certified Buyer Representative designations. Tune in now and hear how Nicole’s New York life and past career has given her special “superpowers” that have set her up for success in the real estate industry. SOME KEY TAKEAWAYS: * Have A Sense of Calm - It Sets You Apart And Gives You Strength * Listen & Observe More Than You React To Your Clients * Work With Best Fit Clients - It Will Make For Better Experiences * Life Is Too Short - Do The Things That Feed Your Soul * You Get Back What You Give - It Pays Off To Constantly Be Growing * Build In Depth Relationships - Sometimes it Means Talking Clients Out Of Deals * There's a Difference Between Accessibility and Availability * Are You Too Busy Or Do You Have Problems Delegating? * Make a To-Do List AND A To-Don't List * What Is The Highest and Best Use of My Time? Read the show notes >


Rory Clark: The NYC Broker with a Background in Law

This weeks episode of The BreakAway Agent Podcast features Rory Clark, Licensed Real Estate Broker with Halstead Real Estate in New York. Rory was recognized as a “Best Real Estate Agent in New York State” by REAL Trends America (Zillow) and also a Top 2% Companywide by Halstead Property’s elite Producers Council. Before joining the Halstead team, he was the Founder and President of Elevated Realty LLC, a full-service boutique Manhattan residential real estate brokerage. He originally began his career as a lawyer at an AMLaw 100 law firm where he counseled midsize to large corporate clients in business transactions. Rory works with sellers, buyers and landlords and is one of less than 1% of Manhattan agents with the Certified Buyer Designation training. He has completed extensive training on best practices to both represent and protect the interests of homebuyers. KEY TAKEAWAYS: * Knowing How To Anticipate Problems Is A Super Power * Be A Fiduciary - Earn your Client's Trust * Find Your Voice, Find Your Tribe, Add Value * Growth Struggle - Gaining Success Without Sacrificing Customer Service * How Time Blocking Can Help You Set Boundaries That Client's Respect * Consistency Is How You Build Credibility * Someone Has To Sell Those 100 Million Dollar Properties - Why Not You? * Set Your Day Up For Success By Starting With Gratitude * Build A Lead Source Network Outside Your Local Area * Make RE Connections To Help Push Your Business Further Something that Rory Clark talks about at the end of the interview is connection. He encourages all agents to build relationships and connections with other people across the country in the real estate industry. Not only will you continue to learn and grow, but you can build leads that way as well. When agents consistently reach out to each and share knowledge and wisdom about the industry, it keeps the standards for real estate high. The real estate business would be nothing without its ethical and professional agents working hard for their clients, and it’s important they all stick together and not try so hard to compete. > Read show notes > Subscribe on iTunes

Brett Jennings: Silicone Valley Best Selling Author Shares the Future of Real Estate

Brett is not only an award-winning luxury home marketing specialist, he also holds a certificate in negotiation from Harvard Law. The Wall Street Journal has even recognized Brett and his as one of the top 250 real estate groups in the United States. He also is the owner and founder of Real Estate Experts in Silicon Valley, CA. As impressive as that may sound, Brett has a real passion for helping people make better and smarter decisions when it comes to real estate. With his background in finance, and ears on the ground with a direct line to Zillow, he has a unique level of attention and expertise. When he was first getting started, he actually had a hesitation to get into real estate. Listen now as Brett talks about his experience working with top agents and how his financial background led him to a successful path to success. KEY TAKEAWAYS: * Growth Is Not Always Comfortable - But Necessary * Your Offer Sets You Apart - Tell it, and Your Process * Build A Great Brand By Delivering Great Results * Be A Team That Offers Life Changing Solutions * What's Your Strategy of Preeminance? * The One Who Provides The Best Value Comes Out On Top Lately there has been a lot of money going into build real estate tech that seems to be trying to replace agents. Brett says that twice the amount of money that comes out of real estate companies is being funded into building better real estate technology. He went to a conference recently that was talking about the future of real estate and where agents fit in with all of these technological developments. At the end of the day, the company, person or app that gets it right for the consumer, is the one that ends up on top. Whoever prides the most value at the lowest price will always win. > Show Notes > Subscribe


Richard Kallabat: The Miami CEO who Knows Marketing and Luxury

This episode of The BreakAway Agent Podcast features Richard Kallabat, CEO and Luxury Home Specialist with Miami Living at Keller Williams Miami. Starting with a background in financial consulting and other management positions, Richard found a home in real estate. Real estate helped mesh together his entrepreneurial spirit with his passion for helping others. Both he and his wife are both heavily involved in the Keller Williams model. In addition to the office he owns and manages in Miami, Florida, Richard Kallabat and his wife co-own 6 growing offices in Columbia. Working with clients all over the world, listen now as Richard discusses how he assists his clients in achieving their goals and realizing their dreams. KEY TAKEAWAYS: * Getting Your License is Just The Beginning - Like Graduating High School * Your Business Grows To The Extent That You Do * Sharing Your Knowledge Makes Clients Appreciate You More * The Game Changes When You Realize You Are The CEO * Reach More People By Optimizing Your Digital Marketing * Is Your Marketing Strategy Targeting The Right Demographics? * Know When To Outsource and Maximize Your Time * Focus On The Income Producing Activities For Long Term Success * Marketing is How You Become Successful in RE * Find A CRM, Build A Marketing Campaign, Nurture Your Database Immediately when starting the business, you have to learn how to do marketing. Right away, spend money on a CRM to help you formulate your leads and stay on top of your clients. » Go find a CRM or system to help you manage your database and market to them in the most efficient and cost-effective way » Build a marketing campaign that makes sure you stay top of mind and reaches your target audience (newsletters work the best for his market) » Continue to build and nurture your database - every day you have to spend time committing to adding people ============= > Read Show Notes > Subscribe on iTunes


Lourdes Alatriste: The Leader in Miami Luxury with a Global Reach

On this episode of the BreakAway Agent Podcast, join Tiffany Youngren as she interviews Lourdes Alatriste, Partner and Private Office Advisor of Engel & Völkers Miami. Starting in the title company industry, Lourdes got her love for real estate early. As much as she enjoyed the title industry, it was too monotonous, and she was looking for more. With real estate, she learned she got to do something exciting and different every single day. Now working in the luxury real estate market for over ten years, Lourdes proves that she is set apart from the rest with her work ethic and dedication to giving every client personal service. Her first major sale was to Chris Bosch, an athlete for the Miami HEAT. Since she has represented lots of high profile sellers and buyers across the United States and the world. Listen now as she shares how passion, knowledge, and a dedication to serving clients has helped her become a top producer. KEY TAKEAWAYS: * Find A Niche You Love - You'll Never Work A Day In Your Life * Actions Speak - Lourdes Alatristes Shows Clients Her Passion and Knowledge * When You're Selling Luxury You're Selling Lifestyle - Know Your Market * Being 100% Committed Means Being Available and Providing Resources * Knowledge Is More Important Than Passion - Be A Resource * Don't Always Compete With Other Agents - Learn From Them * Make Sure Your Team Have The Same Values As You * Learning Is Very Important In RE - How Are You Improving Yourself? * If You Want To Succeed, You HAVE TO Think Positive * Do What You Love, Be Yourself, And Learn From Others Lourdes’ final piece of advice is whether it’s real estate or not, to love what you do and be yourself. She also stresses to not copy anyone. Make your passion your own. Learn from others, take ideas from others, and then mold them to the best version of you. Everyone is different, and we shouldn’t try to be anyone but ourselves. If you work hard, have a positive mindset, and spend time educating yourself, you can do anything. > Read Show Notes > Subscribe on iTunes


Corey Hasting: The Florida Broker with Nothing But All Stars on His Team

Corey Hasting, Master License Partner of Engel & Völkers U.S. Holdings, Inc. in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. He just recently opened his business as broker/owner in April of 2018, and before that he was with Keller Williams for about 5 years. Finding a home in Jacksonville, Florida, one of the largest city in the U.S., has opened Corey up for amazing growth opportunities. His office has found a specific niche, and his team of nearly 20 advisors sells between 150-180 million each year. Here Corey talks about how his passion for real estate and his love for systematic processes has helped him become a top producer. KEY TAKEAWAYS: * When Hiring New Agents - Culture Should Come First * Deliver Luxury Customer Service No Matter The Price Point * Build Stellar Systems If You Want Success * The Best Ability Is Availability - Building A Database from 1 to 5000 * A Great Leader Can Adapt and Connect With Every Person On His Team * Add Value - Both Clients and Agents Will Choose You Everytime * Get To Know Your Team - Success Happens When There's Trust * Nervousness is When Opportunity Meets Unpreparedness - Are You Ready? * Get Noticed When You Show Off What Makes You Different * Be Available When Everyone Else Is - Real Estate Means Serving People It is so obvious in Corey’s interview that he cares deeply about his agents and his agent’s clients. For him, it all comes down to availability. Real estate is a people-focused business. It is all about meeting the needs of those around you, and that means being available when most people are available. That means late nights, weekends, and holidays. Corey says that success in real estate comes down to believing in yourself. No matter what field you’re in, if you stay positive and believe in yourself, you can do anything. Don’t focus on the negative, even though in this day in age it seems easy to do. Instead, look forward to what is next and what is upcoming. That’s how to stay successful in a competitive market. Click here for show notes Click here to subscribe on iTunes


Beau Blankenship: The Former Pro Football Player with Kindness and Drive

On this team leader edition of BreakAway Agent, BreakAway Agent Host, Tiffany Youngren, welcomes Beau Blankenship, owner of Engel & Völkers 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Beau has a unique background as both a collegiate and professional athlete. He’s always had a passion for real estate, and the same disciple, drive, and determination that he used on football field has transferred over to how he performs for his clients and his brokerage. Being a top producer so young has proved to be an asset for him, and his passion and drive has come together to not only help his team but his company as well. SOME TAKEAWAYS: * Whatever He Does, Beau Blankenship Puts 110% Effort Into It * Sports and Real Estate - Teaching You How To Win And Overcome Loss * Beau Is Constantly Learning, But Drive and Passion is Something He's Born With * Defining Mindset - The Willingness to Learn and Take Action * Everyday, Beau Blankenship Works Hard to Give Glory To God * The Purpose Of Your Team Is To Be An Extension Of Yourself * Level Up By Getting Back To Clients ASAP * Starting Out In The Industry Young Can Be An Advantage * Leverage Your Strengths and Know Your Weaknesses * Beau Blankenship's Passion Is Helping People Reach Their Goals REAL ESTATE SUPER POWER Hear more on how, for Beau Blankenship, passion and drive make up the core of his being. He is the type of person that once he sets his mind to do something, he goes at it 100%. He will put everything he’s got into that. For a long time in his life, that was sports. Everything he did, everything he focused on was sports. After his career, he went full speed ahead into real estate. He sets goals and does everything he can to achieve them. Beau believes that his sports background has shaped who he is today. When you’re an athlete, all you know is results. You are categorized by your wins, your results, your successful plays, etc. It is a results driven industry - and so is real estate. Subscribe to Podcast Read the Show Notes


George Rosario: The New Yorker with Vision and Personality

New York's George Rosario shares how empathy and an accountability partner has boosted his RE career. George L. Rosario, aka NYC's Hometown Realtor is a native New Yorker born in Williamsburg Brooklyn before it was trendy to say that.As someone still in a passionate love affair with the city, George Rosario shares his tips on how to be a successful agent by being empathetic and passionate about the people he works with. Listen to this episode of the BreakAway Agent Podcast for his full enlightening and fun interview, or read on for a brief synopsis of how he became a top producing agent. SOME TAKEAWAYS: * When you put yourself in your client's shoes, you can help them get to where they want to be. * How success leaves bread crumbs and footprints for you to follow. * How to overcome the struggle to return phone calls. * Sometimes deals fall through. Don't focus on the negative, have more fun, and hang in there! * Never pretend you know it all. The market is fluid. It is always changing. * In any industry, if you can go into it with the willingness to learn, you will grow. * Your job is not just to sell a house. It's about relieving stress for clients while successfully getting them to the finish line. REAL ESTATE SUPER POWER Every high achieving real estate agent has certain strengths that The BreakAway Agent team has called “superpowers.” George’s main superpower that got him where he is today is empathy. One of the most important things you can do in this business if you want to be successful is to put yourself in your client’s shoes. Hear George's story about how he became a father very early in life and had a poor experience trying to find a place to live for him and his young family. He vowed that he would, if ever given the opportunity to work in the service industry, treat people better. If you can imagine what your client is going through, he says, you will be much more likely to get them what they want. Treat people the way you want to be treated, and ultimately you’ll get much farther in your career. You can find George at Luxe Stone Realty Group. Read Show Notes Subscribe on iTunes