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From the Breakfast Leadership Network. We interview global thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and marketing experts to show the audience the right steps (no shortcuts!) to grow your business and your life. Guests of the Breakfast Leadership Show may have sponsored their appearance on the show, as disclosed in compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines.


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From the Breakfast Leadership Network. We interview global thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and marketing experts to show the audience the right steps (no shortcuts!) to grow your business and your life. Guests of the Breakfast Leadership Show may have sponsored their appearance on the show, as disclosed in compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines.






A Profound Dialogue With CX Expert Debbie Levitt

Dive into the world of customer experience (CX) with our special guest Debbie Levitt, a renowned speaker, best-selling author, and seasoned CX and UX strategist in our enlightening conversation on the Breakfast Leadership Show. Explore Debbie's insightful perspectives surrounding service quality, accountability, and customer centricity, critical elements that shape successful customer experiences. This enlightening episode uncovers the increasing lack of consumers' trust and skepticism in the dynamic business landscape, and the essential role of accountability in restoring it. Debbie addresses the concerning trend of businesses overlooking the crucial aspect of accountability, resulting in myriad challenges including unmet goals and product disappointments. The discussion further sheds light on the controversial practice of celebrating failure and its possible pitfalls in terms of customer satisfaction. The pivotal element, Debbie suggests, remains in understanding what exactly your customer wants and needs. This insight can be gained through effective research, task analysis, and keen observation. Levitt shares some compelling personal experiences to illustrate how incorporating these principles into practice can drastically improve the efficiency of services and products. Towards the end, our conversation emphasizes the significance of gaining a deep understanding of your customer base in order to adopt a more customer-centric business approach. Tune in to "Mastering Accountability and Customer-Centricity: A Profound Dialogue With CX Expert Debbie Levitt" for valuable insights on how to enhance your business' customer-centricity, transparency, and communication. Connect with Debbie via LinkedIn or You also might want to get a copy of her insightful book "Customers Know You Suck." Don't miss out on this information-packed episode!


Interview with Tracey Hawkins from Lead Dog Recruiting

Tired of posting your job and getting bombarded with unqualified candidates that don’t even come close to what you’re looking for? Did they even read your job post before applying? Not to mention the time it takes to wade through all that chaff and, in some cases, pay for every eyeball that reads or applies. I used to be you. I was an HR Manager for a manufacturing company and always struggled to balance recruiting with the other 100 things I was responsible for juggling. There were always employee conflicts, performance issues or looming deadlines that seemed far more urgent than that open position that no one applied for, that one position you inwardly groaned when you got because you knew it was going to be a beast. The other 95% of your job seemed more urgent until that hiring manager complained about the lack of support they were getting from HR, from you. They forgot about all the extra hours you pulled to ensure the ISO audit was successful, or how expertly you handled that difficult employee on their team. I know your struggle. You tried. You posted it, but you knew the right person wouldn’t fall in your lap. You engaged some external agencies and got a flurry of resumes the first few weeks, but that stream of candidates dried up when the hiring manager wasn’t interested in many of them. Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe.” I use that same philosophy. Talent Hawk Recruiting will save you time and help you hire the right people who fit the job and your culture. We are so sure we provide a 90-day candidate guarantee. Since 2020, we’ve only had 3 candidates that didn’t work out during the replacement period and successfully backfilled them all. Every company that has engaged my services continues to use me and refer me to others. Clients love how thorough we are at getting to the heart of what they’re looking for in a hire. To find out more, message me and I’m happy to share more insight into what I can do for you and your organization. 919-601-5113 LinkedIn:


Interview with Eureka Lithium's Jeff Wilson

Lithium Exploration: Eureka's New Junior Company Jeff Wilson discussed Eureka, a new exploration company focusing on the lithium space. The company, listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange a year and a half ago (Stock symbol: ERKA), raised significant funds and started field exploration in 2023. Jeff also highlighted the role of a renowned prospector, Shawn Ryan, who brought a thesis about potential lithium exploration in an overlooked area of Canada. Michael D. Levitt expressed interest in the company's approach and the promising lithium readings from government surveys. Electric Vehicles and Lithium Demand Rise Michael and Jeff discussed the increasing global demand for electric vehicles and the subsequent need for lithium, a critical component in lithium-ion batteries. They noted that governments, particularly in California and China, are pushing for electric vehicle adoption, which will further strain the demand for lithium. Jeff highlighted how automakers are investing in the lithium sector to secure their supply and prevent potential disruptions in production. Michael pointed out that this is a significant shift for the auto industry, as these companies are now directly investing in parts production, a trend not seen since the days of Henry Ford. Northern Quebec's Mineral Potential Discussed Michael D. Levitt and Jeff Wilson discussed the mineral potential of Northern Quebec. Jeff highlighted the region's rich mineral history, particularly in gold, silver, copper, and nickel. He emphasized the importance of large land packages for exploration and the need for infrastructure support. Jeff also mentioned the presence of Kobold Metals, a private company with notable investors working nearby, which he sees as validating the region's potential. Jeff concluded by mentioning that people can find more information about Eureka Lithium Corp on their website.


Interview with Davina Stanley

Your Bio and Social Media links: Website: LinkedIn: Book: Davina Stanley is a business communication expert. For 25+ years, Davina has advised thousands of executives from some of the world's largest companies, including Meta, KPMG, and Mercer. She has helped clients from nearly all industries in Australia, Asia-Pacific, the US, and the UK communicate complex ideas extremely clearly and quickly, ideally within 30 seconds. She founded the Clarity First Program, which helps C-suite executives and teams better engage senior leaders and boards in complex ideas. Davina began her career at McKinsey & Company, working in the Hong Kong and Melbourne offices and Firm Learning, where she helped executives use the Minto Pyramid Principle(R) to communicate better. She was ranked as one of the top performers of her era. Barbara Minto approved her to teach the Pyramid Principle in 2009, and she is also the author of The So What Strategy and about to release two new books: Elevate and Engage. Elevate will be released during September and helps leaders lift the quality of thinking in team’s board papers without needing to rewrite them. Engage will be released soon after that and helps executives write papers that leaders don’t need to rework. The books are two sides of the same coin…imagine the leader reading Elevate and then asking team to get hold of Engage or one of Davina’s online programs to fix the board paper problem together. Davina also offers self-paced and cohort-based learning programs. She will hold her next Board Paper Bootcamp in October. Summary Podcasting and Leadership Discussion Effective Communication and Seattle Transition Davina Stanley shared her experiences helping executives communicate effectively with senior leaders and boards, drawing on her diverse background. She also discussed her recent move from Australia to Seattle, highlighting the challenges and opportunities of such a transition. Davina praised the welcoming and inclusive nature of the people in Seattle, contrasting the "Seattle Freeze" rumors. She also mentioned the success of transitioning her business online in 2017, which allowed her to maintain consistency with clients and deliver bite-size live learning. Michael D. Levitt agreed with Davina's observations, describing Seattle as a great place for business and acknowledging its reputation for friendliness and welcoming nature. Elevate and Engage: Improving Team Quality Michael and Davina discussed Davina's upcoming book, "Elevate," which focuses on helping leaders improve the quality of their team's writing and presentations through structured thinking techniques. Davina also mentioned a companion book, "Engage," aimed at individual contributors seeking to improve roles within collaborative processes. The conversation emphasized the importance of early and structured thinking to avoid last-minute rush and enhance the quality of deliverables. Presentation Preparation Challenges Discussed Michael D. Levitt and Davina Stanley discussed the challenges and inefficiencies of traditional presentation preparation. Michael highlighted the issue of individuals being overworked and burning out due to the last-minute preparation of presentations, often during personal time. He emphasized the importance of having clear ingredients for a project and the need to avoid "PowerPoint karaoke". Davina added that presenters often fail to address the right problem, which can result in the rejection of proposals. She stressed the importance of understanding the audience's question and providing the appropriate answer. Planning and Communication in Project Execution Davina Stanley and Michael D. Levitt discussed the importance of thorough planning and communication in project execution. Davina emphasized the value of investing time in understanding the project's outcome and stakeholders before...


How GenX Is Preparing To Lead the World with Dr. Robert DeFinis

Generation X Leadership and Characteristics Robert, a career educator and higher education administrator, shared their journey in writing their book, "Gen, Exceptional," which explores the unique characteristics of Generation X. They emphasized the potential of Generation X to lead effectively and shape the future, while also acknowledging their tendency towards skepticism and critical thinking. Michael, also a member of Generation X, appreciated Robert's work and added their perspective on the generation's experiences. Gen X Adaptability and Learning From Different Generations Michael and Robert discussed the adaptability of Generation X compared to other generations, specifically Baby Boomers and Millennials. Michael emphasized how Gen X has adjusted to numerous innovations over the years, while Robert pointed out that Gen Xers are often the bridge between traditional and new ways of thinking. Robert also noted the shorter generational cohorts, suggesting that adaptability and learning from different generational perspectives are becoming increasingly important. Both agreed that Generation X possesses the ability to learn and adapt from both traditional and modern approaches. Gen X Leadership Styles and Technology Reflection Robert and Michael reflected on their experiences with technology and leadership styles in the workplace. Michael highlighted their observation that Gen Xers tend to analyze things differently and adapt to new situations, often blending elements from different leadership styles to create their own. They emphasized the importance of setting up future leaders for success. Robert agreed, sharing that their generation's experiences, including political events like Watergate, have shaped them into skeptics who approach new ideas critically. Gen Xers as Batman: Adapting, Balancing, Leading Robert discussed the value of Generation X in the workplace, likening them to Batman due to their ability to adapt and pull from previous generations. They emphasized the importance of balance, collaboration, and commitment, while also highlighting the need for Gen Xers to take a leading role. Michael agreed with Robert's assessment, noting the benefits of their diverse experiences and skills, and suggested that Gen Xers should take the reins in the workplace. Retirement Challenges and Work-Life Balance Michael discussed the challenges of retirement, particularly for those who struggle with letting go of control. They suggested that the transition could be aided by practicing retirement, such as taking a month off without pay, to better understand the financial and time management implications. They also emphasized the importance of work-life balance, noting that for many people, work is their identity, leading to stress and burnout when retirement occurs. Michael recommended figuring out one's personal identity separate from their job to better handle retirement. Gen Xers' Leadership Transition and Challenges Michael and Robert discussed the impending retirement of the baby boomer generation and the subsequent leadership transition to Gen Xers. Robert emphasized the need for Gen Xers to prepare for leadership roles in their companies and society, acknowledging that they will inherit some challenges. They expressed optimism about Gen Xers' ability to guide and collaborate with younger generations, particularly millennials and Gen Z. Robert also highlighted the importance of holding Gen Xers accountable and not allowing them to remain on the sidelines. They pointed out that the current U.S. political landscape is dominated by baby boomers and called for Gen Xers to take on more leadership roles and guide the next generations forward. Gen. X Leaders' Potential and Book Discussion Robert and Michael discussed the need for Gen. X leaders to take charge and use their experiences for the greater good. Robert expressed their optimism about their potential for success and encouraged others to join them in their endeavor. Michael...


Interview with Bjørn Ekeberg

Bjørn Ekeberg is Co-founder & CEO of Recharge Health, creators of FlexBeam, the world's first targeted infrared therapy device. FlexBeam naturally accelerates recovery time for athletes, fitness and strength trainers, and works for all active individuals looking to heal injuries, muscular-skeletal pain or improve their physical energy. Bjørn has a highly unusual background. With a PhD in Philosophy of Science, his speaking engagements range from cosmology to health and recovery. He is an unorthodox thinker who likes to challenge the unquestionable and promote newer and better ways of understanding and living. The near-infrared technology used by FlexBeam was originally developed by NASA. In-house studies have shown it to deliver a 33% faster recovery after a muscle pull, 75% reduction in muscular-skeletal pain, 40% improvement in strength performance, and a 30% improvement in deep sleep. First launched on Indiegogo in October 2020, FlexBeam has done $5M+ in sales and has major brand ambassadors from the sports world, including Norwegian Tennis star Casper Ruud and Norwegian soccer player and Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard. Quick recap The main topics discussed in this conversation are the potential of red light technology in health and sports tech, the development and marketing of the world's first wearable infrared therapy device, the importance of investing in research and development for innovation, the non-pharmaceutical approach to health, the benefits of natural remedies, the concept of viewing the body as a natural healing system, the role of light therapy in promoting natural healing, and the significance of personal health and wellness. Summary of the conversation Health, Entrepreneurship, and Technology Focus Michael and Bjørn discussed the focus of their upcoming conversation, agreeing to prioritize the health aspect. They touched on the possibility of including aspects of entrepreneurship and leadership, given Bjørn's personal experiences. Bjørn clarified that their conversation would be recorded in both video and audio formats. They were also set to discuss Bjørn's latest project, a health solution based on infrared technology. Red Light Technology: Health and Sports Tech Game-Changer Bjørn and Michael discussed the potential of red light technology in health and sports tech. Bjørn, who has been involved with this technology for about five years, explained that it is a game-changer that can improve health and shift perceptions about light and health. Michael agreed, noting the impact of sunlight on mood and mental health. Bjørn shared their journey, which began when they were introduced to this technology by friends who stumbled upon NASA research about the impact of near infrared and red light on the physiology of the body. Bjørn was surprised by the lack of awareness about this technology, given its decades-long research history. Innovative Wearable Therapy Device Discussion Bjørn shared about their team's journey in designing and marketing the world's first wearable infrared therapy device. They emphasized the importance of making such technology user-friendly and accessible, as part of a larger mission to raise awareness about the benefits of light therapy. Michael echoed Bjørn's sentiments, noting the tendency to undervalue and underutilize discoveries once they are made. They pointed out that there is a need to further explore the potential applications of such innovations, using the example of a new method to print a hip replacement without surgery. Innovation and Alternative Health Approaches Michael and Bjørn emphasized the importance of investing in research and development (R&D) for innovation. Bjørn highlighted the challenge of making these innovations accessible to the majority of people and raising awareness about them. They discussed a non-pharmaceutical approach to health, including the use of light therapy for pain relief and muscle repair, which is seen as a more powerful and...


A Discussion with LINK founder Jill Valdez

Jill Valdez is the Founder and COO of LINK, supporting executive directors with strategies to build organizational health creating more certainty for the future without service disruption. Jill has been helping people for over 20 years … helping with better systems for their company, helping with better communication, helping them with overcoming obstacles that keep them from being all that they are purposed to be. Her empathy, combined with her aptitude for assessing people and connecting their passion to a purpose, allowed her to introduce updated processes in order for the team to enjoy greater success in accomplishing their mission.


Interview with Early Amazon Executive John Rossman

A leadership and digital transformation expert, John Rossman is the author of three books on leadership and business innovation including the best seller The Amazon Way. He is an early Amazon executive who played a key role in launching the Amazon marketplace business in 2002. Today he is a leading keynote speaker on leadership for innovation, transformation, and artificial intelligence and has given over 200 keynotes to worldwide audiences. John is an operator and builder whose love is diving into business problems and customer needs designing innovative solutions and business models, and creating durable enterprise value. He served as senior innovation advisor at T-Mobile and senior technology advisor to the Gates Foundation. John was a managing director at Alvarez and Marsal for twelve years leading several business turn-around situations, serving as interim CIO at a restructuring client, and leading the development of several large clients, including Walmart, Nordstrom, and Microsoft. John is the founder of Rossman Partners, a leadership development, coaching, and advisor solutions company. He is often joined by his Frenchie, Bossman.


Interview with Mike Tinney, CEO of FIX Health

Mike Tinney is the Founder and CEO of FIX Health, which powers A Step Ahead, a wellness app that leverages technology and the expertise of FIX Health’s team of health professionals to help individuals take control of their health and wellness. Under Tinney’s leadership, FIX Health has become a trusted partner for SMBs seeking to provide cost-efficient and fun ways for their teams to stay healthy. To join in the fun, please visit:


The Leader Awakened- A conversation with Interview with Samreen McGregor

Samreen McGregor is an executive coach, founder of Turmeric and author of Leader Awakened. She has over twenty-five years of experience in her field of executive coaching, helping leaders and senior teams from various backgrounds and industries achieve breakthroughs and transformation within their organisations. With a unique ability to create the conditions leaders need to stretch beyond their existing capabilities, Samreen’s interventions lie in a cross-section between business performance, behavioural change and embodied consciousness. Her book, Leader Awakened invites readers to accept, embrace, and work with difficult or traumatic events and experiences. It provides tools to use as a powerful catalyst for change and enables learning, empowerment, agency, and wellbeing. As the Executive Coach and founder of Turmeric Group, Samreen has a diverse executive coaching client base of C-suite leaders and Executive teams/boards and their recently published book (written with a clear intention to be a compass for leaders navigating the unprecedented challenges and obstacles given today’s unfolding backdrop). The combination of strategic business context, profound behavioral change, and embodied healing underpins my work, and offerings to your listenership - not to mention their relevance in today’s tricky societal context. Company Website: LinkedIn: Book:


Interview with Richard Parker

RICHARD PARKER has been helping people achieve their dreams of owning a business for over 30 years. His ‘How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price’ program has sold over 100,000 copies in more than 80 countries. He was hired by the Dalio family office and for several years worked as a mentor to one of Ray Dalio’s sons teaching him the art of buying small businesses. He has personally purchased 13 of his own companies plus one co-investment with purchase prices ranging from $50,000 to over $200 million. Richard has appeared in Forbes, The New York Times,, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., and has over 200 published articles to his credit. YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn:


The Power of AI with Zach Giglio

Zach is a seasoned marketing and communications professional with over a decade of experience. He blends his profound expertise with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology to assist organizations in scaling their marketing strategies and campaigns. Renowned for his insights into the fascinating convergence of AI and marketing, Zach is a frequent guest speaker at industry conferences. Additionally, he conducts intensive 'AI in Marketing' workshops, tailored to equip organizations with the requisite knowledge and skills to effectively harness AI, fueling their marketing abilities and driving revenue growth. Zach's consulting acumen spans a diverse array of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to dynamic startups. His wide array of services includes designing and executing comprehensive communication strategies, creating award-winning corporate news sites, and aiding clients in scaling both their internal and external communication capabilities. In his professional journey that has taken him from Washington D.C. to Johannesburg, Zach founded GCM, a boutique communications firm. He is deeply committed to empowering organizations to establish strong identities and devise robust marketing strategies, propelled by his passion for personalized training and service delivery. Zach's love for sports and politics has refined his skills in strategic planning and team management, making him a natural problem solver. He values his client relationships deeply, striving to serve as an invaluable extension of their teams. Beyond his professional commitments, Zach contributes actively to his local community, serving on the boards of two nonprofits. He indulges his personal passions in travel, wine, and conversation, underpinned by a lifelong love for storytelling, history, and culture. Zach resides in the Charleston, S.C. area with his wife and two young sons, his enthusiasm for life radiating through both his professional and personal pursuits. Instagram: @whoisgcm/ The link Zach shared during our chat: LinkedIn: Company Website:


Discussing the Employee Retention Credit with Bill Hall

Michael's note: The IRS paused the ERC credit on September 14, 2023, and it's still paused at the time of this release. Article discussing the pause: Bill hall is with ERCTREE and its CPA/Attorney Tax Credit Partners have processed about $3 billion in returns. We work directly with the IRS and have former IRS tax credit employees work w us - Offers multiple ERC refund quotes -Is 230 Circular-Certified by the IRS as Tax Credit Experts -Offers Advanced Funding-can get monies sooner than the typical 4 to 12 months IRS refund period -free audit and errors/omissions insurance -offers ten different loan options to help businesses -does not advertise on TV etc. Word of mouth drives us


Interview with Coco Sellman

Coco Sellman, is a 5x Founder, CEO and serial entrepreneur who is deeply committed to fostering exceptional employee experience across her various businesses. She has collaborated with hundreds of founders to grow successful, sustainable businesses to ignite transformation and growth within their teams. Her expertise includes performance and leadership topics including: The Architecture of Transformation: Dive deep into a blueprint designed to ignite change within your teams. Discover how this architecture fosters elevated thinking and emotionally intelligent collaboration. Meeting Team Needs: Understand what your team requires to create desired outcomes. Delve into their needs concerning purpose, streamlined systems, organizational support, training, and emotional well-being. Transformational Leadership Unleashed: Understand the essence of Transformational Leadership and how it diverges from conventional models. Explore how this approach can be your compass in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. LinkedIn:


Best of Breakfast Leadership Show: Interview with Maestro Roger Nirenberg

Today, we've had the privilege of exploring the Symphony of Leadership with Maestro Roger Nierenberg. His expertise in conducting orchestras offers valuable lessons for leaders everywhere. We hope you've gained fresh perspectives on leadership and the importance of harmony in both music and the workplace. Thank you for tuning in to the Thought Leadership Breakfast Leadership Show. Don't forget to subscribe, leave a review, and share this episode with your network. Stay tuned for more enlightening conversations on thought leadership. Roger's book: Maestro: The Music Paradigm:


Best Of Breakfast Leadership Show: Stress Management

Types of Stress: Stress Management Tips: Listener Q&A: Conclusion: Thank you for joining us on this insightful episode of the Thought Leadership Breakfast Leadership Show. Be sure to subscribe, rate, and share this podcast, and stay tuned for more thought leadership insights from Michael D. Levitt and his expert guests. If you have any topics you'd like us to cover in future episodes, don't hesitate to reach out. Remember, understanding and managing different types of stress is a crucial step toward living a more balanced and fulfilling life. Stay tuned for more thought-provoking content and actionable advice right here on the Thought Leadership Breakfast Leadership Show podcast. Re


Best of Breakfast Leadership Show: Why Routines Work

Episode Title: Why Routines Work Intro: Segment 1: The Power of Routines Segment 2: The Science Behind Routines Segment 3: Routines and Work-Life Balance Segment 4: Preventing Burnout with Routines Segment 5: Q&A with the Audience Closing Thoughts: Outro: Remember to subscribe, rate, and review the Thought Leadership Breakfast Leadership Show podcast for more insightful episodes on HR, burnout, workplace culture, and personal development. If you're looking for practical solutions and expert advice, Michael D. Levitt has you covered. Thanks for joining us today from San Diego, California.


Best of Breakfast Leadership Show: Episode 1 Triage Calendar

The Breakfast Leadership Show launched in February 2017, with an episode on triaging your calendar. The message continues to reign true today. Blog article: Video: Another episode on Calendar:


Interview with Gina Mollicone-Long

Gina Mollicone-Long helps people get what they want. Academically trained in engineering, philosophy and the intersection of science and spirit, Gina brings a wealth of knowledge and information to her process. Extensively trained in modern and ancient performance techniques, Gina aggregates their teachings and shows people how to make powerful transformations. Gifted in rapport, connection and language, Gina cuts to the core of your reality and empowers you to engineer a new one. She is an international best-selling author, compelling speaker and peak performance coach with a mission to reveal greatness in individuals, teams and organizations. She is the co-founder of The Greatness Group, a team building and personal development company. Since 1998, she has trained, coached or spoken to tens of thousands of people on six continents. Her books, Think or Sink and The Secret of Successful Failing are widely read and enjoyed by people around the world. She can show you exactly how to get out of your own way. Gina is one of the most highly trained success coaches in the world in mechanistic models of performance. She is a global expert in NLP holding the highly specialized Master Trainer board certification from the ABNLP. She is also a board-certified Master Trainer of Hypnosis from the ABH which is the highest qualification in the field of hypnotherapy. She also holds board certifications as a Trainer of the Master level from the Time Line Therapy® Association and a Master Coaching Trainer from the ABNLP. She is a certified trainer from the HeartMath Institute with expertise in creating resilience in both individuals and groups. She is a full initiate and a certified trainer in the ancient Hawaiian practice of Huna and studies many other ancient technologies designed to help you break through any obstacles. Gina is obsessed with the intersection of mind and matter. Her specialty is distilling all of these techniques in a way that is exceptionally relevant to entrepreneurs, leaders, and seekers. Gina brings it all to the table for you. Book: Think or Sink:


Interview with Corey Dissin

GROWING YOUR NETWORK AND YOUR BUSINESS CAN BE TOUGH. COREY DISSIN IS TOUGHER. That’s why so many professionals trust the services of the alpha-dog executive, entrepreneurial evangelist, and author of GOING THE DISS-TANCE. Whether as a one-on-one marketing advisor, revamping your brand identity, or enlisting his virtual administrative assistants, Corey will have your back to develop a pragmatic and personalized fight plan to organize your time, get you out of your own way, and 10x your life and career. Book: