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Helping leaders like YOU reduce stress and prevent burnout, so that you can focus on what REALLY matters Most! We interview global thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and marketing experts to show the audience the right steps (no shortcuts!) to grow your business and your life.

Helping leaders like YOU reduce stress and prevent burnout, so that you can focus on what REALLY matters Most! We interview global thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and marketing experts to show the audience the right steps (no shortcuts!) to grow your business and your life.
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Helping leaders like YOU reduce stress and prevent burnout, so that you can focus on what REALLY matters Most! We interview global thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and marketing experts to show the audience the right steps (no shortcuts!) to grow your business and your life.






Interview with Stephen Kuhn

Steven is a global business adviser, political consultant, best-selling author. He’s the Principal of S2K2 Precision Management with a proven track record transforming businesses. Steven specializes in advising clients on the best ways to leverage the assets they already have -- their strategic influence -- create more opportunities to generate revenue. His clients span all industries and continents and include the EU Parliament, German political parties, celebrities, and...


Interview Bettina Gordon-Wayne

Host of upcoming Podcast It’s Never Too Late Bestselling Author of The Joy of Later Motherhood Certified Mental Strength Trainer A lot of Bettina's work centers around overcoming ageism (the one that's coming from the outside and the one that we do to ourselves) and how to pursue a dream even if we think we're getting too old to do it. We could take our conversation into many directions, like chronological age versus biological age. Since the summit, I took a blood test to test the length...


Interview with John Thies

John is the co-founder of Email on Acid - a dynamic email workflow with the primary mission and focus of simplifying the complex task of email marketing. Email marketing itself is a daunting task to many and, under John’s watchful eye, Email on Acid is continuously working to make sure consumers have the confidence to hit “send” each and every time. As an engaging speaker, he has given successful keynotes and presentations at conferences across the country. Plus, he’s extremely tuned-in to...


Interview with Laura Steward

Laura Steward, often referred to as the Queen of Questions, is a Master Strategist, an International Speaker, and an Award Winning and International Bestselling Author. She specializes in educating and inspiring entrepreneurs to gain mastery of themselves and unlock their hidden gold. Through interviews with entrepreneurs, business and health experts and her own experience running a multi-state technology services company she founded and eventually sold, business strategist, speaker, radio...


Interview with 5 Frequencies Authors Jeff Grimshaw and Lynne Viscio

Your organization’s culture: It’s either an asset or a liability. At this very moment, your culture is helping business performance. Or hurting it. FIVE FREQUENCIES (Logos Institute; June 26, 2019; Hardcover) demystifies culture, with proven and practical tools for leaders. Written by Jeff Grimshaw, Tanya Mann, Lynne Viscio, and Jennifer Landis of leadership consultancy MGStrategy Five Frequencies answers one of the most critical questions...


Interview with Lucas Conley

LEGACY IN THE MAKING: Building a Long-Term Brand in a Short-Term World (McGraw-Hill). Award-winning author of "Obsessive Branding Disorder" (one of Strategy+Business's Best Books of 2008), "The Method Method" (an Advertising Age Top Ten Marketing Book of 2011), and "Legacy in the Making" (a Washington Post and 800CEOREAD bestseller, Business Book Awards Book of the Year 2019 Finalist, Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards Notable Book of 2018, and one of the “Top Ten Business Books of...


Interview with Velbix

Michael, Serge Velbovets and Evelina Riguer discuss the importance of video in branding, and the significant challenge of financial illiteracy in society today.


Interview with Allison De Paoli

Here's the link to Dr. Oz's video that was discussed during our interview: The best employers inherently know that taking care of their employees means their employees will take care of their customers. Offering a benefits plan that takes care of the employee and doesn’t break the bank, that’s the dream. It can drive higher job satisfaction, improve morale and help with the ever-present issue of employee engagement. Most employers...


Interview with Steve Wiley

My mission is to rid the world of "zombies in the workforce and life." Why? Because, I was one. Though I professed that my faith and family were most important, I did not demonstrate it. Eventually, I crashed. I sought and pursued a better way. I am now inspired, productive, and fulfilled in my personal and professional life. I eventually started my own consulting business and authored a book on the topic of healthy life balance (Navigate Chaos). I hope my story can inspire others to "Take...


Interview with Morgan Kling

More . CloutHQ is a collection of campaign management tools and a crowdsourced database of influencers across the Instagram platform. Market Boost was founded on the idea that all businesses should have access to the secret corners of internet marketing. With all of the noise in blogs, videos, courses, how to’s etc, it’s nearly impossible for someone that’s not in the thick of digital marketing to take advantage of the most cutting edge techniques. At...


Interview with JP McAvoy

Businesses need to plan for the future, and for protecting the interest of the owners, customers, and for the potential exit from the business. Find out more: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Interview with Bill Wooditch

Everyone makes mistakes and learning from them is the only way to truly improve performance—but how many people take a clear, focused approach to building on the foundations of failure? Too few. In FAIL MORE: Embrace, Learn, and Adapt to Failure as a Way to Success (March 29, 2019; McGraw Hill Education; ISBN: 978-1-260-441512) author Bill Wooditch, shows the surprising lessons we can all learn from his own path of hard failures that ultimately led him to found and lead as CEO a company with...


Podcast No Shows And Heart Beats

Michael gets all philosophical in this short episode. If you're a guest on a podcast show, please do the host a favor and let them know if you're unable to make it. Even if last minute, don't leave the host hanging on the line, wondering if you would show up. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Interview with Aaron Smith

Having been in education for 21 years, I’ve seen it all. Children living in poverty, homelessness, bullying, child abuse, incompetent teachers, and uncaring educators towards their students. Seeing this too often prompted me to write my second book that hinges on one question…”what does it take to build the perfect public school.” While searching for this holy grail, it dawned onto me all students must graduate confident and competent for the workplace. After probing for more information, I...


Interview with Karen Briscoe

Karen is the author of "Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day" which ranks in the top 1% of real estate books on Amazon! I know you through Podcast Movement. Congratulations on the success. I would love an opportunity to have a conversation on your Podcast! My book was featured on Inman as 2017 "must read" for success in real estate. ( It is designed as a Daily reader that is full of stories with a...


Bonus: Podcast Survey

For those of you that listen to the Breakfast Leadership Show, please do me a favor (favour in Canada) and fill out this 4-question survey. Many thanks! ~ML link: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Interview with Morissa Schwartz

Morissa Schwartz BESTSELLING AUTHOR, ENTREPRENEUR, SINGER, & PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER: THE VOICE OF GENERATION Z owner of - a marketing and writing company and - a publishing company, which has produced many Amazon best-sellers. I am currently earning my doctorate in literature at Drew University and have a Masters in Communication. Morissa broke a Guinness World Record for creating the World’s Longest Chain of Bracelets, have sung on MTV, speaks...


Interview with Alexis Ray

More So much gold in this show with the Brandmother herself, Alexis Ray. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Interview with Ruth Soukup

Did you know that not all fear is created equal, or manifests itself in the same way? But everyone IS afraid of something, and chances are good that your unique fear is holding you back in more ways than one. The Do It Scared Assessment will help you identify your unique Fear Archetype™, as well as give you massive insight into how that fear might be playing out in your life…and what you can do about it. Ruth Soukup is dedicated...


Interview with Mel Andre

Mel has started several companies including Skill and Will Fitness LLC, Andre Consultant LLC and Mel M. Andre. While Mel was building her business she overcame many struggles in her life especially during a catastrophic year. Mel uses her own life experiences to teach others how to keep pushing forward on their success journey, even when times are hard . IG: @mel_andre911 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit