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Take Your Business Seriously But Not Yourself - Interview with Tracy Wilde Long of Cisco Brewers

5 years of managing one of the coolest and busiest breweries on the east coast has taught Tracy many lessons. In this podcast she shares her insights on what she has learned and her philosophy on leadership... - how to approach a team that is full of all stars - always listening to the dissenting opinion - learning is life long - "We take our business seriously but not ourselves" - enlightened hospitality Find Tracy on Instagram @tracyciscoofficial


Leadership, Growth, and Service - Interview with Coach Jason Ridge

To be a successful basketball coach for 2 decades in Indiana you must be doing something right! Honored to have my good friend Jason Ridge on the podcast this week. Coach Ridge has been developing his leadership skills and those around him for over 20 years in the classroom and on the court. He currently is the head women's basketball coach at St. Francis University in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Jason has implemented strong leadership practices with his students and teams that have resulted in...


EQ Boot Camp - Marcus and Waleed Week 5 Interview

Each summer season, 2 students from my alma mater ferry over to Nantucket Island for a 10 week internship with my company Nantucket Bike Tours. We use this small business to teach them the people skills they will need to be successful in business and in life. We sat down at the end of their 5th week to discuss what they have learned and their general experience. I wanted to know what had they learned in 5 week, could you learn much of anything in 5 weeks? It seems at first glance that...


Fatherhood Friday Interview w/ Carl Lindvall - Fighting The Battles Early, Knowing When You Are Overbearing, and Treating Your Kids as Peers

Fatherhood Friday looks at parenthood through the lens of leadership. Being a Dad has many challenges and many victories, which is parallel to all aspects of life. The Dads that I interview haven't written a book on fatherhood and don't have a phD in child development. They are every day Dads from all walks of life and many different family makeups. For this Fatherhood Friday Carl Lindvall joins us, father of 3 children with his wife Sarah. Carl grew up on Nantucket and has raised his kids...


Fatherhood Friday Interview w/ Geoff Smith - Being Present, Embracing Your Village, and Handling Snack Time

Fatherhood Friday looks at parenthood through the lens of leadership. Being a Dad has many challenges and many victories, which is parallel to all aspects of life. The Dads that I interview haven't written a book on fatherhood and don't have a phD in child development. They are every day Dads from all walks of life and many different family makeups. For this Fatherhood Friday we are joined by Geoff Smith, father of a 5 year old daughter. Geoff wasn't sure how his "fly by the seat of his...


Active Listening Part 1 - Negative Listening Habits

Determining your negative listening habits will help you understand potential hurdles to becoming a top notch active listener. Once you understand and are aware of them, you can then start to minimize them. In this podcast we look at 4 negative listening habits... The Faker The Interruptor The One Upper The Advice Giver Which of these do you find yourself doing the most? What do you do when you catch yourself doing one of these bad habits? Answer: "Call it what it is!" Part 2 of...


Fatherhood Friday Episode #1- Leadership and Being a Dad

Is fatherhood and leadership synonymous? What's the best way a father can lead within a family? How do you handle advice from other fathers? These are some of the questions my wife, Courtney, asks me in this first episode of Fatherhood Friday. And let's be clear right off the bat, I am not technically a father yet! Still have some time before we through the go-bags in the trunk and head off to the hospital (but not too much time). I am no expert. This interview takes place 4 weeks before...


A Person's Name - The Sweetest Sound in Any Language

Let's talk about the excuse we all love to make. You know the one, you probably said it recently, "I'm terrible at remembering names". When we make names a priority, we are shifting our focus from ourselves to those around us. In this podcast I talk about WHY its important to focus on names, TIPS and TRICKS on how to remember names, and WHAT to do when you are in a situation when you've forgotten someone's name you've known for a long time. Stop giving yourself permission to NOT remember...


Helping Your Staff Move On - Investing in Your Team and Then Letting Them Go

Here's the punchline...your staff won't work with you forever. The days of 35 year careers are over, especially for small businesses like our coffee shop. So how can you get the best out of your staff and team? Help them move on. That's right. Invest in them to the point where the grow to the top of their position, and then move on. If your company is large, they might be able to move up or over. It hurts when good staff leaves, but the upside is too big not to. Make the best of the time...


Define Your "Year of..." Theme - Rapping in Your Underwear in Front of 200 People

New year's resolutions never really worked for me. Over the past couple years I adapted the "resolution" idea to be more effective over the long haul. Each year I come up with a theme to help me focus on something that I want to improve personally. In this episode I share with you my themes for 2016, 2017, and how they helped me grow certain aspects of my life that needed some much needed help. Without direction of these "Year of..." themes there is no way I would have stood in front of...


100lb of Hamburger Meat - Seeing Mistakes as Opportunities

Many eons ago (okay about 10 years) I was a manager of a pizza shop where I learned many valuable lessons that continue to help me today as a leader. I share one of my favorites about how my boss at the time handled a big mistake that I had made. This lesson still sits with me today and has shaped my mindset on how I see a opportunity. This podcast focuses on how we handle mistakes when OTHERS make them. When you google making mistakes the majority of what you will find is how...


The Follow Up - Showing Appreciation After the Fact

After someone takes the time out of their day to speak with us, invite us into their home, or helps us in any way we usually send a thank you after the fact (right?). But what do you write in that email or that hand written note? This podcast talks about how to structure a thank you note so you can spend less time doing it AND make it stick. Its the small details like this that builds relationships, so don't overlook it! Let's stop sending the basic, generalized, "this could have been sent...


Small Talk Strategies - How to Respond

Now that you have mastered initiating small talk after listening to our last podcast :-) we can now concentrate how to respond when someone initiates conversation with us! In this podcast, I discuss different ways that I respond to small talk inquiries using examples of questions about our recent trip to Charleston and my pregnant wife. Sounds kinda funny I know, but if you want to better connect with those around you we have to do better than a "I'm good" or "Great" or "thanks" type of...


Small Talk Strategies - How to Initiate

Initiating small talk isn't easy, but if you put focus on those around you and use your personality to your benefit it will improve! In this episode, I talk about strategies on how to start off with small talk using examples of how 2 different baristas at our coffee shop improved their interactions with customers. Their personalities were different from one another so they chose different angles to better connect. The two keys to successfully initiate small talk... 1) Be specific 2)...


Raising the Bar - One Way Men Can Stand Up for Women

Words matter. What are men supposed to do when inappropriate language about women occurs? Obviously we should stand up and speak out against it. But that doesn't always happen. I discuss in this podcast a strategy for emerging male adults to combat this kind of dialogue that is degrading to women, dialogue that is too often exchanged and accepted in male environments and culture. This is an leadership issue and a serious conversation that more men have to have. Over the years I have worked...


The Body Language of Meetings

Being aware of our body language and the body language of those around us at meetings is not easy to grasp AND stay involved with the discussion. I share a brief story of some very interesting body language I experienced at a recent meeting I had. Also give out 4 tips on what to think about in your next meeting. ~ keep your body open (don't cross your arms) ~ sit up straight, don't slouch ~ DON'T LOOK AT YOUR PHONE! ~ try to be the best active listener you can be If you wonder if I...


Why I Started a Podcast

Here's a short description that led me to start this podcast. Last year I did a TEDx talk at Wabash College about "Practicing Emotional Intelligence". In this I describe the car accident that started it all, how I struggled with my new brain, and how I use EQ in a business setting via my coffee shop and bike tour company. If you wonder if I really am recording a podcast from a coffee shop on Nantucket, wonder what its like to be a storyteller on 2 wheels, or find an urge to work with me in...