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#92 - Tash Roman and Misha Gruol

Natasha Roman, is a certified dance and fitness instructor, and bronze medalist. She is an instructor that focuses on helping you dance with more fluidity, strength, balance, and most importantly, confidence. She creates a fun atmosphere for students at all levels and encourages the mixing of different dance styles (hip hop, contemporary, ballet, gymnastics, etc). Her aim is to help her students not only learn new moves but to create positive energy and have fun! Natasha is an active member...


#91 - Brian Costello

Brian has been coaching CrossFit on Long Island for over 10 years and is Level 3 certified (which is the highest publicly offered). He recently launched his own private Health and Performance practice called "Fourtress Health and Performance" that coincides with his own podcast, Fourtress Radio. Both of these projects are what he commonly calls "an exploration in human advancement".


#90 - Meredith Zelman Narissi

Meredith Zelman Narissi, M.S., P.T.P., a mystagogue who welcomes others into the knowledge of sacred mysteries; is a mind-body polarity therapist, an international presenter, dancer, meditation/yoga instructor, and feature writer for magazines. She lives in Cedarhurst, N.Y. with her husband and two Persian cats. She dances in the spiritual realm.


#89 - Eric Erkan

Eric prefers his whiskey neat. He left Long Island in 2014 and joined the United States Navy. As a Seabee, he supports the world with contingency operations, disaster relief, and humanitarian assistance. He found a passion for fitness where he’s turned his life around. With a life like this, he’s on his way to becoming the world's most interesting man. Website: Instagram: Facebook:...


#88 - Ron Reed

Ron founded Reed Résumés in 2014 after spending 7 years as a New York City-based recruiter. He realized that there was a massive need for résumé writing services. He has viewed hundreds of thousands of résumés and conservatively, less than 5% could be considered absolutely flawless. More concerning to him though was, the vast majority of résumés are stunningly underwhelming. Given how competitive the job market is, he realized that he is uniquely positioned to do something about it....


#82 - Dean DeCarlo

Dean is the Founder of Mission Disrupt, a digital marketing agency on Long Island, that helps brands navigate this digital era. The company focuses on digital strategy, UX/UI Design, & paid media to drive results for its clients. Dean’s passion for marketing originated early in his career, starting a marketing team for his university's TV studio. In three years his team transformed from 5 people to a 35 person department with teams focusing on social media, strategy & creativity. Dean...


#81 - Scott Etline

Scott Etline is a man of many talents. He shares his past and how he is where he is today. He has some very strong points that he backs up very well. Along side that he is very knowledgeable is a variety of different subjects that he shares his opinion on. Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:...


#80 - Tom Francis

Tom Francis is a co-founder of Long Island Cuban Cigar and Bourbon Experience. This idea was developed by him alongside his partner Kevin to create a portable cigar and bourbon lounge available to travel from Montauk to Manhattan. Together they bring a truly unique experience to their customers. Tom has a very deep passion for what he is doing and is constantly trying to figure out new avenues to reach his customers and increase their experience. Website:...


#79 - Natasha and Kahlil Nurse

Once upon a time, there was young Jamaican American girl from Manhattan who traveled all the way to University Park, Pennsylvania to meet the love of her life (a native Hollis, Queens resident). Where does the story go from here? Currently, the book is still being written. For the thirteen plus years shared together they have each accomplished quite a bit for a couple in their thirties. A licensed attorney by trade, Natasha held various stints in the corporate world prior to making a foray...


#78 - Brian Costello and Mike Zigrosser

Brian Costello Former Founder and CEO of CrossFit Long Island 3x voted Best Gym on Long Island 2x Voted Best Personal Trainer on Long Island Former Executive Producer of "Output TV" CrossFit "Vlogumentary" Series Now Host of "Foutress Radio" which explores human advancement through what I've coined "Intuitive" Health and Performance For a little added credibility sometimes I'll add that I am a 5x United States Champion Beach Sprinter (lifeguarding events), and 5x Team USA World Team...


#77 - Josh Kreitzman

Joshua Kreitzman was born in Brooklyn and raised in Hauppauge. Joshua attended Hauppauge High School, and then spent four years at SUNY- College at New Paltz where he performed in many main stage productions as well as student-directed and written pieces. Joshua graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre with a concentration in performance. For the next five years Joshua performed in touring companies, children's theatre and improvisation in New York City and nationally. In...


#76 - Jillian Weston

Can a thriving business begin with one laptop in a local coffee shop? Jillian Weston started her own company, Jillian’s Circus, only five years ago in just that way. Jillian’s Circus is an online marketing company that has grown to include more than one hundred businesses and individuals who work with Jillian’s marketing managers, sales staff, and web design team to build their own success stories. Jillian trains her staff to use traditional values and new-age technology to promote her...


#75 - Robert H. Montefusco

Robert H. Montefusco has been practicing law since 1998 and concentrates in the areas of matrimonial law and family law. He is a very experienced and determined trial attorney, having conducted hundreds of trials and/or hearings. Mr. Montefusco graduated cum laude from Touro Law School. He was a recipient of the American Excellence Award for Family Law and Evidence, a member of the Dean's List and an editor of Touro Law Review. He is a former prosecutor for the Suffolk County District...


74 - Adam Messina

Adam Messina is the founder of ThinkReps. Adam has 15 years experience representing security manufacturers in the Northeast. His specialty is his ability to demonstrate and support complex technical products and services. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and an MBA in General Management. When not at work, Adam likes to golf, kickbox, snowboard, drink fancy beer and play with his dogs. Website: Instagram:...


#73 - David Skibinski & Tim Rodriguez

David Skibinski owns a company called Live More Adventures. Live more Adventures is all about bringing people together to experience the great outdoors in the best ways possible. Our trips revolve around the activities you're already passionate about - and the new things you've always wanted try. Check it out at Tim Rodriguez, Relationship Manager with Jaguar Freight a 4PL logistics and transportation company specializing in helping companies manage their...


#72 - Kyle Ray

Kyle Ray is the Vice President and partial owner of AG Electrical Supply. Originally hesitant to join the family business, Kyle now has a real passion for helping electricians, architects, designers, and everyone else see the light when it comes to lighting. He’s very proud to be the present and future of a family business that just celebrated its 60th year in business. Kyle resides in Long Beach, NY and enjoys surfing and looking up at every light fixture in every building he walks into,...


#71 - Andres Gallardo aka Art of Andre

Andres Gallardo, also known as “The GEM Guy,” is an activist and artist who has traveled the world creating art and giving his art away. He shares the story of how he discovered his talent and passion, which ultimately led him to share his gifts and to Give Everyone Moments ("GEM") around the world. Gallardo believes it is the artists’ duty to bring beauty into the world, to spread important messages and to leave the world a better than we found it. Andres Gallardo is a New York-based artist...


#70 - Lisa Friesel

Lisa helps people build meaningful businesses leveraging an award-winning skincare line that is on its way to becoming the #1 premium skincare line in the U.S. She coaches, trains and develops individuals on how to build this business around busy lives in part-time hours to achieve their goals -- whether it be to cover the car payment, be able to travel more or replace a full-time salary and retire to live a life on your own terms (like She has done). Lisa was formerly in advertising sales...


#69 - Ralph Cerullo

Ralph Cerullo is the Director of Business Development at Advanced Pavement Group, a regional leader in the pavement installation and maintenance space. With over 10 years of sales, sales leadership, business development and marketing experience, Ralph has a track record of transforming sales organizations and building strong teams. His people first approach has been the driver of his success. Website: Instagram:...


#68 - Gregory Muller

As a licensed funeral director with near 20 years experience, Greg Muller truly understands the benefits of planning the funeral in advance. Far too often, an enormous amount of stress befalls a grieving family burdened with making funeral decisions at a time when it is difficult to think clearly. Pre-planning helps eliminate some of the burden. Many families have expressed, “… advance funeral planning made an emotional conversation an easier one.” Website:...