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Practical Business Knowledge and Powerful Guidance




Greater Change: Tackling Homelessness with Tech Founder Alex McCallion – Episode 33

I am joined by Alex Mcallian who is the founder of Greater Change, which is a great charity actually that supports people who really need it most. And I'm looking forward to speaking with you Alex. Alex McCallion 0:41 So Greater Change is a nonprofit social enterprise, helping people experiencing homelessness move on. Obviously, I'll go into more detail. But essentially what we're looking at is that there's a whole community of people that want to offer people who are experiencing...


AI+ IoT + Machine Learning + Cloud the Real Facts with Adjunct Prof Dan Yarmoluk and AI Expert Craig Truempi – Episode 32

AI | IoT | Machine Learning | Cloud and The Real Facts! So today I'm joined by Dan Yarmoluk who's an adjunct professor in artificial intelligence machine learning and he loves a bit of IoT as well as industrial internet of things kind of stuff and Craig Truempi and he's into AI, Big Data and machine learning. The same as Dan really and he's a director of AI and IoT digital ecosystems. So we just talked about latest updates from think 2019 what's kind of happening in machine learning, AI...


Renegade Rum and Waterford Distillery: from History to Terroir and Data with Mark Reynier CEO – Episode 31

Renagade Rum and Waterford Distillery : Inside Story Renegade Rum and Waterford Distillery lead the way in the new era of traceability and in this episode I interview Mark Reynier CEO. Mark was the founder and CEO of Bruichladdich distillery. If you're into Whisky, you will know about Bruichladdich single malt. Fantastic Whiskys! And they sold the business for £58 million to Remy Cointreau in July 2012. Mark has been in the drinks industry his whole working life. It will be 40 years next...


Fortune Hunter: Success Secrets and Keeping it Real with CEO Lyndon Wood – Episode 30

Fortune Hunter Oh to be a fortune hunter. Many of us aspire to be make our fortune and make a success of ourselves and keeping grounded is crucial and following advice from people who have done it before. Nathaniel Schooler 0:24 Today, I'm interviewing someone called Lyndon Wood and he's the CEO of which he started when he was 19 years old. In 1990, he was struggling financially and he had to live out of his car. He landed a commission only insurance job. He had no...


Secrets of Successful Sales with Top 10 Business Adviser Alison Edgar: The Entrepreneurs Godmother – Episode 29

Secrets of Successful Sales with Alison Edgar Secrets of successful sales are so important for any business or entrepreneur. Today I'm interviewing Alison Edgar, she's known as the Entrepreneurs Godmother and Managing Director of Sales Coaching Solutions. She's an author and entrepreneur, a speaker, and a thought leader. From growing up in a high rise flat in Scotland, and struggling with undiagnosed dyslexia, to working internationally in hospitality management, and ultimately owning and...


How Robot Lawyer Lisa Helps Entrepreneurs with the “Naked Lawyer” Chrissie Lightfoot- Episode 28

Nathaniel Schooler 0:23 Today I'm interviewing Chrissie Lightfoot and she's a legal futurist And CEO of Entrepreneur Lawyer Ltd and CEO of Robot Lawyer Lisa; a tool that you can use to create contracts and NDAs. You don't even need to use a real lawyer! She's been mentioned as a cool vendor in AI for small and medium sized businesses by Gartner Inc. She has won all sorts of awards in Entrepreneur Magazine, as a top 10 lawyer turned entrepreneur adviser to the board of the Telegraph's...


Neuromarketing + Emotional AI: Secret Weapons to Help Drive Competitive Advantage for Brands in 2019 – Episode 27

I’m going to introduce Billee Howard who you will find shares some very valuable information around the latest in neuro marketing, emotional AI and how it all impacts storytelling and new approaches to customer engagement in our new Emotion Economy. Billee Howard is founder and CEO of BRANDthro, which is a neuro marketing, consultancy that harnesses creativity and technology to power a brand’s purpose and experience in ways that demonstrate a deeper understanding of brand targets and the...


How Sky TV and Samsung Defined Purposeful Content & Social Media : Inside Scoop with @eksays – Episode 26

Nathaniel Schooler 0:23 Today we are discussing content marketing and social media. I'm interviewing Ehsan Khodarahmi, he has worked for over six years for brands such as Sky and Samsung before making a brave move in 2015 to become an independent digital marketing consultant. In addition to his professional work Ehsan is passionate about education and writing has written his own book, it's actually called Character 100% Character. It's available on Amazon as well. He's actually written...


Content and Communications with Jessica Kelly from Cisco – Episode 25

Nathaniel Schooler Welcome to the show. Jessica. Your name is Jessica Kelly, and you work for Cisco. And we've kind of connected on Twitter probably for about; it's got to be about three or four years, and you've kind of progressed in your jobs. And I don't know quite what you actually do now. So I'll let you introduce yourself. Jessica Kelly Well, first of all, apologies for my puppy who chose that moment to bark. I hope that you got a good solid recording of that. He's very cute, by the...


Compassionate Communication Delivers 2 Million Users with Max Yoder – Episode 24

Compassionate communication has been one of the building blocks for Lessonly's success and in this interview we learn more about Max Yoder CEO and co-founder of Lessonly - "The powerfully simple training software that helps teams learn, practice and Do Better Work." Nathaniel Schooler 0:10 Thanks for tuning in everybody. Today, I'm interviewing Max Yoder - Ceo and Co-founder of Lessonly, with now over 2 Millions users, we are discussing B2B sales, compassionate communication and having...


Building a No 1 Global Drinks Brand with John McDonnell – Episode 23

Building a Global Brand with John McDonnell Building a global brand is a speciality of John McDonnell's and he outlines some valuable brand building information here outlining the steps he took when building a global brand, or should I say global brands! It was a really interesting conversation. Nathaniel Schooler I have got another really exciting interview with a chap called john McDonnell. He has launched and marketed a number of successful global drinks brands. And is highly regarded...


Taichi Meditation and Healing with Beth Misner – Episode 22

Taichi Meditation is This a thing? In this Podcast episode Beth Misner - Co-founder of BNI (Business Networking International, the largest business networking group in the world!). We discuss Taichi Meditation, Mindfulness and Martial arts training. Beth and her husband have both recently successfully recovered from cancer by following some of the practices and methods in this episode. Between us we have a combined 50+ years in martial arts practice and yes Taichi-chuan (meaning supreme...


Personal Branding & Celebrity Photography with Walid Azami – Episode 21

Personal Branding and Celebrity Photography I am discussing personal branding and celebrity photography with Walid Azami is an LA-based photographer who captured images for the likes of Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, and more... From his experience of working with legendary artists in the entertainment industry, Walid now wants to help future photographers share in the success and help them start their profitable business. Nathaniel SchoolerWell, it's great to have...


Helping Homeless People & Space Hopping the Alps with Steven Payne – Episode 20

Helping Homeless People When Steven Payne set off on his first wacky journey; it didn't cross his mind how it would change his life! Now helping homeless people is part of who he is. All in 6 weeks his life fell to pieces, he lost his Father, lost his job by being made redundant and then his girlfriend left him and he developed Leukemia! He decided to go on a 14th Century pilgrimage to Canterbury and to think. After writing to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope for permission to...


Artificial Intelligence in Business Dan Yarmoluk – Episode 19

Artificial Intelligence in Business Since there is so much hype around artificial intelligence examples in business and the scary misinformation that was spread around this a few years ago I decided to do some research and interview some experts on artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science, IoT etc... Dan Yarmoluk- IoT professional and adjunct professor, has been in industry for many years and after many years of study into machine learning and ai (artificial intelligence)...


The Future of Big Data with David Mathison from the CDO Summit – Episode 18

The Future of Big Data Today I'm interviewing David Mathison to discuss the future of big data. David is the CEO of the CDO Summit & CDO Club for Chief Digital Officers and Chief Data Officers. He is the world’s leading authority on CDOs, having been quoted by CNBC, Computerworld, Deloitte, Financial Times, Forbes, Guardian, McKinsey, MIT Sloan Management Review, VentureBeat, Wall Street Journal, and ZDNet, among others. From 1999-2002 he was founder and CEO of the Kinecta Corporation where...


Build a Loyal Community of Millions with Angela Maiers – Episode 17

Build a Loyal Community Angela Maiers has been listed as one of IBM’s Top 20 Global Influencers, named by Forbes as one of the Top 5 Education Leaders to Watch, in 2017, and is among Huffington Post’s Top 100 Social Media Influencers! Angela founded the global movement, Choose2Matter in 20XX, with a singular mission to help individuals recognize their value and potential contribution to change both their own lives and the world. The non-profit organisation grew out of the impassioned...


Sales and Success Secrets to Scale Up Your Startup with Technology Entrepreneur Mike Tobin OBE – Episode 16

Sales and success secrets to scale up your start-up. In this live interview at "The Arts Club" Dover Street Mike shares many sales and success secrets to get you rolling! Mike received an OBE (Order of the British Empire) with recognition from Her Majesty The Queen for his contribution to the UK digital economy. Personal branding was synonymous with success! In his business life Mike was CEO of Telecity, a company he helped successfully from a market cap of 6 Million to well over 3 Billion....


Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies with Connor Gillivan – Episode 15

Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies Connor Gillivan started his first business when in college in E-commerce and has been an entrepreneur ever since, now he is the co-founder of an outsourcing business called Freeup that provides remote workers who are vetted and they can help you you scale your business. He is also the author of 50 ways to bootstrap million dollar companies. Connor Gillivan- Author of 50 Ways to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies I asked Connor these questions: How do...


How to Add 24K Magic to Your Brand With Laban Roomes Goldgenie – Episode 14

Laban Roomes: Goldgenie Global A pleasure to have Laban on this podcast! I spotted him on television doing an interview about being an entrepreneur and remembered when he was on Dragons Den in 2007, James Caan invested in his business. Goldgenie is a British company which provides gold-plating and other decoration for mobile phones and other objects.[1] In 2007 it appeared on the appeared on the Dragons' Den television programme, and received an investment from James Caan.[2] In 2009 it...