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Dealing With Sabateurs

Have you had to deal with an employee who tries and sabotages all your efforts? And no matter what you say, this employee will always find a way to undermine you? Some people on your team might find your decisions as a manager or business owner inconvenient for them. But this is no excuse for anyone to show a lack of commitment and support for your goals. When you suspect team sabotage is happening, that needs addressing now. What can you do? Imagine having a member of your team who just...


Pay Yourself Properly

You've heard this time and again and I'm saying it again now, "If you want to build your business, you've got to pay yourself properly". I estimate that around 70% of the salon owners I meet could not afford to pay themselves if they followed the same pay structure as the rest of their team. Some of you might be thinking that paying yourself more is an odd way to be successful. But it isn't. Giving yourself compensation for the many things you do is what pushes you forward and motivates...


Getting More Done

Busy and overwhelmed is a default state for many of us and it actually hinders us from getting more of the important work done. Have you ever dreamt of doing less work but still winning in life? It is possible and it can happen if you focus only on the real priorities in your life. When you're feeling overwhelmed you become unreasonable. Additionally, it makes you deal with stress in an unhealthy way. You yell at your kids, get in a fight with your partner and you get wound up easily. The...


Sell MORE in Your Salon

Hello and welcome, today we’re going to tear apart your sales technique and put it back together hopefully in a way which is going to help you improve your results for yourself and your Salon. I am happy to point out some areas where I see Salon Managers and Owners going wrong. The first part of this video is brilliant content for you and your team as well. We’re going to talk about a better way to sell when we’re in the Salon. The second part of the video is how we apply that when we’re...


45. The most important measure for salon success

The free cheat sheet is here: Hello and welcome, and it’s that time of the year again. I thought it was good timing for me to share what I think is the one most important measure for measuring the success of a member of your team. The one measure that I’m going to share with you today that I think is vital, is called utilisation. Essentially how busy one member of your team is. Some Salon coaches around the world, will say that the average bill is the most important...


44. Do you even deserve success?

That sense of entitlement - you know: the one we judge others on so harshly. When we call them lazy, unambitious, disloyal, irresponsible. Sometimes we just need a mirror. Falling into a sense of entitlement is easier than you think, spreads like a virus and is poisonous to your success.


Commit fully and ignore your friends!

Poor old Molly Malone. Dragging her wheelbarrow around Dublin and shouting herself hoarse, only to die with a fever. Is she remembered for her shellfish entrepreneurial skills? Nope. She's commemorated with a saucy statue and is known locally as The Tart with the Cart. I was laid up in Dublin with tonsillitis this week. Possibly the most sober tourist the city has ever seen. Luckily the accompanying fever never carried me away, but I got to thinking: what do I need to so to get my own...


Get MORE from your salon accountant

Get MORE from your salon accountant by Phil Jackson from


41. Salon recruitment 101

I’m going to start today with a little bit of a marketing lesson for you, and it’s going to sound obvious, but bear with me, there is a message which is relevant to recruitment in the Salon Industry coming up very soon. The message that I have for you around marketing is that the less work you need to do, the more likely your marketing is to be effective. So, there are industries which are hard work to market; the not obvious industries, and then the obvious industries. Let me explain the...


40. The ONLY opinion that matters is from your customer

40. The ONLY opinion that matters is from your customer by Phil Jackson from


39. Network your way to salon success

Hello and Welcome, and today I’m here to tell you that you need to concentrate on building your networks. Now networking can come across as slightly intimidating, particularly if you’re in the Hair and Beauty Industry, we seem to have a small confidence crisis. I’ve done lots of networking over the last few years, once you get past the very detail of what we do, we all have the same problems. I think there are three ways we should be building our networks for three very different reasons: We...


38. For your salon to survive you need to CHANGE

YOUR COPY of my book - pay SHIPPING ONLY here: Hello and Welcome, and today I’m going to start with an apology because this is a subject that I’m really passionate about and I get really, really frustrated about and I’m talking about change in our Industry, and I think as an Industry we are really bad at bringing about and steering change. If you strip out all of the change that’s been imposed on us the way that we do business as Hair and Beauty...


37. Thinking of SELLING your salon?

Today I want us to learn the hard lessons from some people that have struggled to sell their Salon business. For lots of us it’s part of our long term goal to be able to put the Salon up for sale and retire on the proceeds or get the Salon to the stage where it’s running itself, and live of the profits for the rest of our dotage. What we need to understand is exactly what people are buying when they buy your business. Multiple of profit or a multiple of your turnover - that doesn’t really...


36. Who is in control in YOUR salon

How do you feel when you think about your Salon and your Salon team, when you think about your week ahead? Are you excited and motivated, or is there a part of you which is a little bit fearful, or anxious about the week ahead? I’ve had my own Salon for fifteen years now, and on three separate occasions I have been guilty of allowing my team to hold me hostage. There are some warning signs if you get into the stage of what I call the more, more, more decease then you are probably being...


35. How to get MORE from your salon suppliers

Hello and Welcome. Do you ever get frustrated with the relationship that you have with your suppliers, manufacturers and their representatives when they come into your Salon. I think it’s an under-utilised relationship and they could be adding value to a lot of businesses in a lot of different ways. So let’s get stuck in, five ways your rep could be helping you more: Free training – if a rep comes in and they have a new product that they would like you to stock, I always ask the rep to...


34. Slow down and honour your craft

Hello and welcome, actually this week it’s Hola y bienvenido because I’m speaking to you today, very early in the morning before it gets too hot, on my roof terrace in my new house in Spain. This week my message to you is that I’d like you to slow down, take a bit more time. I’ve seen a very distressing trend in Salons over the last few years and we’re getting addicted to express services, we’re getting addicted to these little nuggets of service that we’re passing onto clients at a very low...


33. Could YOU be the reason your salon isn't more successful?

33. Could YOU be the reason your salon isn't more successful? by Phil Jackson from


32. Do you need Salon Memberships?

For more help and info, go to Hello and Welcome. Today we’re talking about Salon Memberships. If you’ve ever struggled with cash flow in your Salon, or to stand out from your competition locally, I think Memberships could be really helpful for you. So what I’ve got for you today is five pointers to set you on the right track: Pricing - What I can tell you is that from the customer’s point of view there needs to be a financial incentive. They’re going to need some kind of...


31. How to set Targets for your Salon Team

Welcome, and today we’re talking about individual team member targets. What I’m going to share with you is three targets that I set my own team here, in my award winning Salon. Now it may well be that there are times when you need to add more targets, and that varies according with the performance of the employee and also the stage of the career they are at. It’s really important that your team know what’s expected of them. So these are the big three that I want to share with you: Average...


30. Boost your team's performance with one-to-ones

Welcome, and today we’re talking about one to ones. So these are the individual meetings that you’re going to be having with every member of your team to help them hit the targets that you need to, so that you can achieve Salon success. Today I’ve got five tips for you on running one to ones: 1. These are called one to ones and not meetings so call them one to ones, keep the meetings for the capability and disciplinary process. 2. Frequency and format of the meeting - How often you meet with...