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Are your salon services too cheap?

What happens when you realise that your charging for services that are just too cheap? A lot of salon businesses have salon pricing that isn't making them enough profit to grow their business. Time and again, I've been getting coaching questions on what salon owners can do about their pricing. These salon owners are scared that their customers are price sensitive and will stop doing business with them. Most new salon businesses will always have this kind of 'marketing tactic' - to price...


Staying Motivated when You're the Boss

In previous broadcasts, I've talked to you about how to motivate your team and recruit the best people to help grow your business. But this video will be different. I'll talk more about how we can shift the focus and help you stay motivated. Motivation is one of the key aspects of succeeding in any kind of business. However, there may be instances that you may find it hard staying motivated. As a business owner it's only normal for you to face different challenges on a daily basis. This...


Boost your salon profits with tiered pricing

I spend most of my time traveling and consulting with salon owners. Most of these clients ask for good, profitable financial strategies. In this video, I will talk about tiered pricing and how you should leverage this tool to get better profits, give more value to your customers and provide your employees with a better way to build clientele. Most salon owners don't see the value in tiered pricing. To be blunt, this is why some of these businesses fail. You have to remember that a big part...


When The "One Thing" Is The WRONG Thing

We get the same message again and again. Know your "one thing". Focus, and stay focused. Be determined. When everyone else makes 10 calls, make 20. Stay the course. Commit fully and never give up. But surely, there has to come a time when you question whether your "one thing" is the right thing? Being persistent and taking strong consistent action is great - but what if you're pushing hard in the WRONG direction? Just HOW persistent do you have to be before you finally wash your hands and...


Give Your Money Away

I do a LOT of non-fiction reading. I love reading the biographies of entrepreneurs and leaders. And naturally you start to see recurring themes in their message. One very subtle theme that crops up again and again is how the super-successful feel fulfilled. It seems that at some stage in their career, it isn't enough to make more and more money or gain growing market share. Almost without exception there comes a time when the most fulfilling thing an entrepreneur can do is to start giving...


Why Small Businesses Fail

You have invested everything in your business. Time, energy, money. What can possibly go wrong?


Boost your productivity with Self-care

What I work on goal setting with my clients my aim is to improve their relationship with themselves. It's not about hitting the gym, meditation or yoga. I'm talking about scheduling some time to kick back and to do stuff that you actually like. Or how about scheduling some time with no agenda? What do you think it will look like having an hour or two in your calendar to waste? Contrary to what you think, it's not really a wasted time. It's your time to improve your relationship with...


Dealing with procrastination

I can help you in overcoming procrastination and getting more things done. Are you: 1. An expert at putting off and delaying things? 2. Brilliant at doing the fun stuff first? But leaving no motivation and energy for the things you're supposed to do? 3. Running your life in a panic mode for a lot of the time? A big part of the business is getting the right stuff done. You CAN get the right stuff done without working right up to a deadline in a very stressful way. And you know that feels so...


How to Motivate Your Salon Team

I speak to a LOT of salon owners and manager in the course of my work, and time and again I hear how much EASIER salon life would be if only those pesky employees would do their jobs! The owner or manager thinks they are dealing with an attitude problem, but more often I think they are dealing with a motivation problem. Keep listening - maybe I can help a little with that.


Good news if you're struggling with salon social media

Social Media Marketing is a good source of high-quality clients, especially in our industry. Yet, Social Media can be a little overwhelming. We bought into the belief that we had to do everything! Started with a website, then along came social media. First was Facebook, then Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. We thought we needed to create bespoke content across platforms. Turns out that this is like a part-time job aside from running your Salon!


Looking for new ideas for your salon business?

Don’t make any changes in your business just for the sake of it. I see this time and time again with the businesses that I’ve visited as a Salon Coach. By all means, look for ideas to improve your experience running your salon. Only make those changes that will make you further towards your medium to long-term goals.


Are you making these mistakes with your salon team targets?

Target setting is done infrequently, and certainly not well enough in most instances. When I start coaching a new salon, one of the first things that we go through is their performance management process. I believe that sitting down with Team Members at least every month (and ideally every week) to report back to them on their performance, to set them a meaningful target and coaching them to achieve that target is the only way to longer-term success. People get overwhelmed unnecessarily by...


Handling dismissals in your salon

It's a sad reality that if you have a Salon Team, at some stage you'll probably need to dismiss somebody or terminate their employment. I would love to say that after over 17 or 18 years of Salon ownership, it gets easier and it doesn't hurt anymore. But it would be a lie because it does!! I make sure that I'm involved if I'm terminating someone's employment. We're talking about decisions that affect one's career and it's absolutely right to take those decisions seriously and to lose a...


Are you making your salon marketing harder than it needs to be?

I'm a firm believer that in salon marketing - in fact in almost every aspect of your salon business - the answers are already in your business somewhere. So why do we keep reinventing the wheel? Look back on your past promotions. Debrief properly and keep notes on what has worked. There's no shame in filling your calendar with tried and tested salon marketing that delivers great results!


Do you need to delegate more in your salon business?

Aside from being a Salon Mentor and Coach, I also own a hair salon in the South of England. And if I'm being honest, I have been neglectful on my Salon business. I moved away from the Salon business into the coaching space and I didn't replace myself as a Manager. I thought that being a magnificent coach and mentor meant I was some kind of superhero that I could run both businesses effectively. And I was wrong!


Protect your investment: training agreements for your salon team

A Salon Training Agreement is a contract between you and a Team Member where they agree to pay back some or all the value of a training course should they leave in a period following the training.


Setting Targets in your Salon

Setting targets in your salon isn't easy - and there are a couple of pitfalls I see owners and managers fall into again and again. But for the long-term success of your business, they are vital. Taking the time to communicate to your team exactly what is expected of them is never time wasted.


Do you need a salon blog?

Social Media has replaced a lot of things in our modern lives. The rules of English Grammar, warmth, and authenticity in our human relationships and the need to research something before we pass it on have all gone by the wayside. But one thing I've wrongly predicted would decline - BLOGGING. There are still millions of people around the world who share their thoughts by updating their blog. I see a lot of Salon owners trying to build that in their online marketing strategy. A few of them...


Get MORE from your salon software

As Entrepreneurs and Salontrepreneurs, our job is not always to use our platform to change the world. It is to turn the conditions that we're living into something that can grow, prosper and generate some profit. I don't tell you what cards to deal. Instead I help you with the cards that we've been dealt. Whatever your political belief is, we can all agree that we're in for a choppy time financially and economically. So how can we protect our businesses in difficult times?


How to improve salon retail - if you're starting with ZERO!

Stocking a range of professional salon retail products is great - but what if you're team just won't sell? How is your salon retail? Is it a strong part of your salon strategy? Or are sales poor? Even ZERO? Take a look - I might just be able to help!