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EP 25 The Future of Housing: Reflections on the 2018 HabitatX Conference

What will housing look like in the future? Who are some of the leaders? What are some the topics driving this industry? Bill Spohn welcomes back Chris Dorsi, contractor, educator, author and founder of to give an overview of all the great discussions held at the 2018 HabitatX conference. We discuss the human aspect of housing which ties in intimately with the nature of this conference; it’s about the people. We take a walk through the 3 days of the conference*...


Ep 24 Building a thoughtful home, career and life with Chris Dorsi of HabitatX

Bill Spohn welcomes Chris Dorsi, contractor, educator, author and founder of Chris describes the current arc of his career which he describes as serial interventions starting with cutting timber for housing. Chris shares with us his very thoughtful, respectful and practical perspectives on the housing industry, with a focus on building better habitats for people. We discuss passive houses, factory-built homes and the lost cost of space that no one wants to live in. You’ll...


EP 23 AirQuest- Bill Spohn's take on airflow measurements, Part 4

Show notes AirQuest 4 In this episode, Bill Spohn continues where he left off in Episode 3 of his AirQuest series, discussing airflow measuring methods and techniques. Bill covers vane anemometers as well as the garbage bag method (bag inflation device or BID) For a free copy of the ANSI standard mentioned in this episode go to If you’d like to see a BID in action, the EPA Energy Star program created this explanatory video which can be viewed at this link:...


EP 22 AirQuest- Bill Spohn's take on airflow measurements, Part 3

Show notes AirQuest 3 In this episode, Bill Spohn continues where he left off in Episode 2 of his AirQuest series, discussing airflow measuring methods and techniques. Bill Covers the TrueFlow measuring grid, air flow capture hoods and thermal (hot wire) anemometers. For a 4 part video lesson by Bill, start with lesson one on YouTube, at this link: If you are interested in learning more, you can contact Bill at


EP21 Super tight houses using standard construction- Ed Kisiel of EKAbuild

Today Ed Kisiel of EKABuild Corp. joins us to discuss the way he goes about constructing super tight homes using standard construction techniques. Ed describes his process and his respect for the House as a System concept: that is the envelope, mechanicals and architectural design all need to work together in harmony. He’s an open minded civil engineer turned builder who has a thirst for learning more about building science, building materials and modes of construction. Some of Ed’s...


EP20 Super Tight Walls & Ducts with Bryan Barnes of Aeroseal

Bryan Barnes of Aeroseal, LLC joins us today to discuss two revolutionary technologies that greatly impact Building Performance: AeroSeal for sealing ducts from the inside out and AeroBarrier for sealing a building enclosure in the same manner. We hear about the science behind Aeroseal and the dramatic performance increases in comfort, energy and the health of the environment. Their smart-liquid sealant turns into an aerosol in their machine and actual finds and seals holes and gaps up to...


EP19 Making Home Performance the Norm with Ted Kidd & Nate Adams

In this episode Bill chats with Ted Kidd and Nate Adams, two people who share an extreme passion for making better home performance the norm and not the exception. Our conversation gets tough on state energy programs, utility-based programs as well as BPI where we develop out the pros and cons. You can learn more about their aspirations and get some great tools and free resources by visiting You can reach Ted through Nate by emailing at...


EP18 Energy Star Home Troubles with Terje Gronas

In today’s episode, Terje Gronas tells us about his 2-year struggle to get the healthy, comfortable and energy efficient home he wanted for his family. He discusses the heavy study and personal interventions he had to make to get what he wanted and paid a premium for. “T” talks about the big picture for contractors and techs: the air in a home can greatly affect you're families health and even, perhaps, health care costs overall. As more and more technicians take pride and care in their...


EP17 Data, Data Everywhere- Capturing information with Hobo Data loggers with guest Matt Rivers

On today’s show, Bill welcomes Matt Rivers from Onset Computer, manufacturer of the world famous line of Hobo Data Loggers. Matt describes their three main markets: Indoor, Outdoor (Weather) and Water Quality. We hear of the long list of parameters that can be logged that allow technicians, engineers and researchers to collect meaningful time stamped data to do better work. Also discussed is the positive impact of BlueTooth connections, cloud-based data services as well as cellular and...


EP16- Powerpoint is Dead-Engaging Adults in Technical Education with Amanda Hatherly

Today we learn about how Amanda Hatherly has morphed the traditional approaches of technical training into something much more interactive and interesting. Over the last 8 years she helped to develop the Energy Smart Academy at the Santa Fe (New Mexico) Community College. She described some really cool online tools that help people understand the invisible and confusing aspects of heat and moisture flow in a building. Check them out for free at You can connect with...


Bryan and Bill’s big adventure: AHR Expo round up thru the eyes of a couple of nerds

Bryan Orr and Bill Spohn spent 3 busy days learning, listening and absorbing the vibe at the world’s largest HVACR trade show, the AHR Expo which took place in Chicago at the end of January 2018. Come walk the auditory aisles with these two friendly nerds and see where the market is headed as a whole and with specific products.


EP14 - CarFax for homes - Pearl Certification is looking for good contractors

On this episode, Bill Spohn welcomes Bethany Profaizer and Amy Beley from Pearl Certification ( Pearl has created a unique and very cost effective, third party certification for the major “invisible” elements of a home: building shell (or envelope), HVAC/mechanical systems, energy baseload, home management and photovoltaic (PV) solar. Contractors actively working in any of these are disciplines are eligible to apply. Now active in 6 states and the District of...


EP13 - Contractors Benefit from Utility-based Energy Savings Programs with Joe Kuonen from CleaRESULT

Joe has worked for for CLEAResult ( ) for over 10 years. His company is a fast growing, highly focused implementer of utility-based energy savings programs. Joe discusses the ins and outs of building an energy savings program for a utility, especially those aspects that involve HVAC and building performance contractors. Joe mentions the Home Performance Coalition’s conferences as a great place to learn and network ( He also discusses...


EP12 -The complex business of making better measurements easy for you - Interview with Marko Bruinsma from Testo

Today we talk with Marko Bruinsma, President of Testo, inc. Marko gives us an overview of how his background from destructive testing in labs, to work with rockets and propellants to repping instrumentation shaped his career and lead to his current leadership role with testo. We also learn about the history of testo, the worldwide scope of the organization and the breadth of product lines – some lines that all listeners may not be aware of. Some handy links from the conversation: Email...


EP11 The Wild, Wild JWest- from Heavy Metal to House Wrap

Today Bill speaks with JWest, a building performance practitioner and educator. J can be reached at (his consulting business) or at (the community action agency in Chicago that he works for as Training Director.) We learn about The House at Cornell Tech Center on Roosevelt Island near NY City, which is the tallest and largest residential Passive House high-rise in the world. J discusses the HabitatX Conference as something listeners should investigate...


EP10 -The most helpful guy in HVAC- Interview with Gary Reecher

Today Bill speaks with Gary Reecher, a dedicated HVAC/R technician from day one. Gary discusses how his background in the US Air Force as an Environmental Systems Technician helped shaped his interest and approach to HVAC/R. Gary is very active in the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society ( and encourages listeners to look at attending a local, regional or national meeting, subscribing to the journal or looking at the excellent training books and webinars that they produce....


EP9 - Building science and practice above the Arctic Circle-Interview with Griffin Hagle

Today Bill speaks with Griffin Hagle, Weatherization Manager of the North Slope Borough in Barrow (Utqiagvik), Alaska. Griffin discusses what lead him to live and work above the arctic circle, as well as some of the challenges and rewards in doing so. In the show Griffin mentions the HabitatX Conference ( and an article on the unhealthy air in rural Alaska homes, featuring the work of Griffin’s friend and collaborator, AJ Salkoski, who works with the Alaska Native Tribal...


EP8 - BPI- Building Performance through the eyes of Larry Zarker, CEO of BPI

Today’s guest is Larry Zarker, CEO of BPI, the Building Performance Institute. BPI is the nation’s premier organization for certification and standards-setting for home performance professionals. You will find them on the web at which is also the site for building performance professionals. The BPI standards for home performance work can be found at There is a separate site for homeowners at with a blog for consumers found here:...


EP7 - Energy Rated Homes with Steve Baden Founder of RESNET

Today we interviewed Steve Baden the founder and present day executive director of RESNET: The Residential Energy Services Network. There are now 2 million US homes that are energy rated from Alaska to Puerto Rico. Listen to Steve discuss his background and motivations for starting RESNET, a home energy rating system that benefits consumers and builders. There is also good potential for enterprising HVAC Contractors who might add home energy rating on to their business. Links to topics...


EP5 - AirQuest- Bill Spohn's take on airflow measurements, Part 2

In AirQuest part 2 Bill shares his depth of knowledge on airflow and measuring airflow including mass flow rate, CFM and much more..