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Building HVAC Science covers a broad array of topics in building science and HVAC diagnostics, as well as human comfort, health, and safety. Hosted by HVAC measurement and building performance expert Bill Spohn, this show will take a deep dive into all things that relate to buildings and people in the built environment. This show is a production of TruTech Tools

Building HVAC Science covers a broad array of topics in building science and HVAC diagnostics, as well as human comfort, health, and safety. Hosted by HVAC measurement and building performance expert Bill Spohn, this show will take a deep dive into all things that relate to buildings and people in the built environment. This show is a production of TruTech Tools


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Building HVAC Science covers a broad array of topics in building science and HVAC diagnostics, as well as human comfort, health, and safety. Hosted by HVAC measurement and building performance expert Bill Spohn, this show will take a deep dive into all things that relate to buildings and people in the built environment. This show is a production of TruTech Tools




EP82 Avoiding mold with Cheryl Ciecko (Dec 2020)

Listen in as we chat with Cheryl Cieko, a professional with a mission to dispel myths, create awareness, and empower both professionals and building owners, Cheryl is a one-stop source of knowledge, education, and support having been through mold exposure and illness with her own family. Cheryl describes how, as a licensed architect and industry educator, she provides strategies for professionals, building owners and individuals to better deal with water damage, mold and toxins in...


EP81 HVAC Chemistry with Rachel & Eric Kaiser (April 2022)

SCIENCE - In pursuit of understanding in the moment. Join us as Rachel and Eric Kaiser, a wife and husband team from Indianapolis, share with us their perspectives on HVAC Chemistry. If you’ve attended or watched Bryan Orr’s HVACR School Symposium over the last 3 years you may have seen them present. We discuss the relative scales of time and size as well as the properties and impact of water on HVAC designs and decisions and so many other topics! We learn more about the...


EP80 What is PACE with Scott Ringlein (March 2020)

We’re joined on today’s podcast by Scott Ringlein, a Clean Energy & Sustainability Specialist & Consultant. Scott was raised as a farmer and educated as an engineer with a first career path in the auto industry. He ventured out on his own creating a second career in sustainability with a focus on energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy measures. Listen in as Scott shares his journey and achievements which include work for the U.S. Department of Energy and the founding...


EP79 Two Peas in a Podcast? HVAC Know It All & Building HVAC Science Swap Stories with Gary MacCreadie & Bill Spohn (May 2022)

If you’re in the HVAC field and you listen to podcasts, it’s likely you’ve heard of Gary MacCreadie. If not, here’s your chance to get an inside perspective on how and why Gary got into the HVAC Field and later started a podcast audaciously named HVAC Know-It-All. Throughout the episode, we flip flop as interviewer and guest. Gary has recently started his own business, as he, like many others including me, do not like taking direction from others. Follow all content of the HVAC...


EP78 Propane HVAC systems with Bryan Cordill of PERC (June 2020)

On today’s podcast we are joined by Bryan Cordill, the Director of Residential and Commercial Business Development at the Propane Education and Research Council. Bryan has decades of experience in the world of propane and in the energy industry in general. We cover topics ranging from propane as a source of space & water heating, cooking, mobile energy including school buses, to combined heat and power systems. We also touch on propane as a refrigerant (R-290). You might be...


EP77 Energy Demand as Resource with Matt Golden of Recurve (Oct. 2019)

Matt Golden is Founder and CEO of Recurve a company that connects the dots between efficiency, electrification, renewable energy, and DERS (distributed energy resources). Recurve’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy by integrating behind the meter demand flexibility resources into the emerging carbon-free energy grid. Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) can be described as small-scale electricity generation and storage devices that are generally connect...


EP76 How to market invisible performance with Max Rohr (Feb. 2020)

Max Rohr (formerly with Rehau as the Marketing and Academy Manager for Building Solutions) spends some time explaining for us the process of creating and marketing products to move energy in water, that is radiant heating and cooling systems, as well as plumbing applications with Pex. We learn about both Max’s background and the background of the Rehau company which has 20,000 employees in 55 countries and operates in 5 distinct market areas globally. This episode was recorded in...


EP75 What it’s like working at Kalos with Austin Klokus (Nov. 2019)

I was impressed with Austin Klokus when I first met him on a trip to Kalos Services (The Orr Family HVAC/Mechanical business in Clermont FL) a few years ago. He was working as a senior videographer at the time where he had soaked up knowledge from Bryan Orr and others and taught himself the skills necessary to do fulfill this role. I loved it when he used the phrase “air is stuff” in one of his videos to convey the message that air has mass. I saw him again in person recently at the...


EP74 Where you can go with passion and persistence with Craig Migliaccio (April 2022)

I can easily summarize this episode with a single quote from Craig’s LinkedIn bio: “Remember that we are all teachers and need to invest in others to succeed.” You may have heard of Craig; as his HVAC Training books and YouTube videos continue to grow in popularity. Find him on the AC Service Tech Channel on YouTube. He’s always been a problem solver including solving the problem of teaching himself how to write some of the most thoughtfully developed HVAC training materials out...


EP73 Creating superb customer service with Steve Coscia (Sep 2021)

I’m so pleased to welcome my friend Steve Coscia to the podcast! You may have heard of him; he focuses on training customer service skills especially in the world of HVAC. As a master communications trainer, he gets his points across via memorable story telling. He holds awesome in-person training sessions (he has been to TruTech Tools twice!) and has books, newsletters, materials, and videos, all of which can be found though this website and YouTube channel: Links...


EP72 Energy Efficiency, decarbonization and sustainability with John Sheff from Danfoss (Aug. 2021)

In today’s podcast we hear from John Sheff who was the director of Public and Industry Affairs for Danfoss at the time of this recording. We learn how John’s passion about energy efficiency, decarbonization and sustainability combines with his professional experience in Public Affairs, Government Relations, Project Management and Business Development to help develop strong solutions that meet our industry's needs. We hear about the barriers to deep energy retrofits, limitations of the...


EP71 Helping contractors, technically and through marketing services- a conversation with Tom Jackson (Sept. 2019)

Tom Jackson has a passion for the HVAC Trades and it shows through in what he does as leader of Jackson Systems and Supply. Tom is a true entrepreneur following where his customers lead him. His company focuses on product development and support and solves some real head scratcher problems with products and services that you won’t find elsewhere. Services like Filter Fetch – making it easy on contractors for their customers to do the right thing. You’ll hear about his vision and...


EP70 Getting an early start in the trades with Elana and Jordan Day (March 2022)

The title for this episode could mean a couple things: “Getting an early start” as in developing an early morning routine“Getting an early start” as in beginning to learn the trades in high school Well, Elana Day takes the second meaning to an extreme. Join us as Elana and her dad, Jordan, describe how she has become a LinkedIn phenom with a video of hers gathering thousands of views in a very short time. Elana started at age 5 and now, at age 9 has quite a repertoire of projects...


EP69 From particle accelerators to radon measurement, the Airthings story with Erlend Bolle (Jan 2022)

This is my first interview with a founder of a publicly traded company and my second interview with a European guest! Meet Erlend Bolle, whose life journey took him from working at CERN to a building a global, publicly traded company that innovates consumer and professional grade radon and indoor Air quality Monitors. His team’s initial goal was to create a product relevant for all in volume production that improves people’s health. Learn how the team at Airthings works to...


EP68 Sustainability for homes with Brett Little

Brett approaches sustainability with thoughtfulness and enthusiasm. He is the Program Manager at GreenHome Institute, has been involved in residential sustainability since 2008, and holds a bachelor's in Sustainable Business. Brett has provided consulting and verification services on thousands of residential green-certified living spaces and certified four projects as a LEED Green Rater. Brett oversees education services providing training or moderations for hundreds of events with...


EP67 Residential HVAC design has not changed much in 20+ years with Russ King (Aug 2021)

Russ King is a rare breed. He is equally inventor, author (both technical and fiction), software developer, design practitioner, instructor and installer. Above all that, he is passionate, thoughtful, kind, smart and loves to share what he knows. If you get a chance, go see Russ present some time. You can find Russ on LinkedIn: He’s got a really cool blog with an awesome tagline: “Offering good advice, whether you want...


EP66 The Art & Science of Healthy Homes with Joe Medosch

Joe is one of the coolest guys I know. He probably doesn’t think of himself that way. He’s been so influential in changing the perception and understanding of IAQ and healthy homes in the last few years. And he is SO PASSIONATE about getting people to understand. He is always testing products and building props and animations to teach others. If you get a chance, go see Joe present some time. You can find Joe on LinkedIn: You can...


EP65 Let's talk mold with Jason Earle (January 2022)

Jason Earle of gives a fascinating tour of his personal journey and how he ended up breaking the price barrier for lab testing of mold in the air. Jason has set up a special landing page for our listeners: AND… a 10% discount code just for you! Trutech10 This episode was recorded in January 2022.


EP64 All houses are different, some can be deadly with Paul Raymer (Sept 2021)

Paul’s a unique, but complex man: equal parts scientist, inventor, business owner, practitioner, and author. Paul’s technical website is and his publishing website is, Salty Air Publishing The Residential Ventilation Handbook is a must read for those in building science. This episode was recorded in Sept 2021.


EP63 The History and Mission of UEi with Michael Kane (Sept 2021)

I’m so happy to bring the voice, thoughts, and ideas of Michael Kane to the Building HVAC Podcast! You’ll hear about the art and process of product development that has evolved through 2 generations of ownership of this family business. Michael is a man of patience and empathy and greatly respects the dignity, value and skill of the trades, He hopes to create the best products for people in the trades to better do their jobs. You can learn more about UEI products at Michael’s...