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Building My Legacy Podcast examines how leaders build legacy. The podcast will encourage, stimulate, challenge and motivate you as leaders to effectively Build Your Legacy.

Building My Legacy Podcast examines how leaders build legacy. The podcast will encourage, stimulate, challenge and motivate you as leaders to effectively Build Your Legacy.


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Building My Legacy Podcast examines how leaders build legacy. The podcast will encourage, stimulate, challenge and motivate you as leaders to effectively Build Your Legacy.




Episode 221-Rick Maurer with a New Look at Change Management with Lois Sonstegard,PHD

Welcome to Episode 221 of Building My Legacy. We’re visiting again with change expert Rick Maurer, a speaker and consultant, who works with companies in terms of change, change management and team building engagement — all things that have become so important right now. In this podcast Rick talks further about the logical steps to take when you need to implement a change in your business. He also relates how simple things — like paying attention to your customer or listening to your...


Episode 220-Lizzie Horvitz with an Effective Way to Measure Sustainability with Lois Sonstegard,PHD

Welcome to Episode 220 of Building My Legacy. In this podcast we talk with Lizzie Horvitz, the founder and CEO of Finch, which helps consumers understand how to find products that are best in function and best for a healthy, just planet. Lizzie’s goal is to minimize our footprint at large in the world. She is doing that by working with companies to make sure their products aren’t harming our planet and the people on it. Finch scrapes product information that’s available across the public...


Episode 219-Dr. Nadia Brown on Helping Women Sell More by “Making Sales Their Own” with Lois Sonstegard,PHD

Welcome to Episode 219 of Building My Legacy. In this podcast we talk with Dr. Nadia Brown whose company, The Doyenne Agency, provides sales training, onsite continuing education and professional development, particularly for women. Nadia’s goal is to help business owners who are good at their craft but don’t necessarily feel comfortable in a selling role. Working primarily in male-dominated fields, Nadia figured out how to sell in a way that was different from her male colleagues but just...


Episode 218-Collaboration #8-Michael Amkreutz on Understanding and Better Serving Your Customer with Lois Sonstegard,PHD

Welcome to Episode 218 of Building My Legacy. When new CEO Michael Amkreutz developed a five-year plan to build synergies among Adorama’s five distinct brands, he had no idea that the COVID-19 pandemic would force his team to accelerate the plan to deliver much of the new strategy in his first year with the company. In this podcast Michael shares with us how he took advantage of opportunities, managed the Adorama businesses that were almost completely shut down and adopted a unique human...


Episode 217-Rom LaPointe on Building Healthy Teams and Why Sometimes Entrepreneurs Need to Say “No” – with Lois Sonstegard,PHD

Welcome to Episode 217 of Building My Legacy. In this podcast we talk with Rom LaPointe, executive coach and founder and CEO of Capricorn Leadership. Having served as the CEO of ten privately held companies, Rom brings a unique perspective to the coaching he provides for business leaders and their teams. He shares with us what he learned from the six companies in which he had a positive exit and, even more important, from his three failures. His biggest learning: You can have a great idea,...


Episode 216-Collaboration #7-Susan Trumpler on Collaboration and Going Beyond ROI with Lois Sonstegard,PHD

In this podcast we talk with certified business coach Susan Trumpler, the founder of Unstoppable Women in Business and managing partner of Beyond ROI, Inc. Susan shares with us her thoughts on how people can adopt behaviors and skills that will help them become more successful, particularly in the area of sales. Her six-month coaching program, Success Collaborative, helps women unleash their inner CEO without sacrificing their sanity. Susan believes exponential growth is possible, and the...


Episode 215-Collaboration #6-Jonathan Goldhill on Growing a Family-Owned Business into the Next Generation with Lois Sonstegard,PHD

Welcome to Episode 214 of Building My Legacy. Business coach and personal strategist Jonathan Goldhill has first-hand experience with family businesses. His family men’s apparel manufacturing company — started by his great-grandfather — was sold in its third generation of family ownership, most probably because Jonathan’s grandfather saw there really wasn’t a next-generation leader who could take the business to the next level. Today Jonathan provides business coaching, especially for...


Episode 214-Mandi Graziano on Making Quick Sales and Developing a Business Bedside Manner with Lois Sonstegard,PHD

Welcome to Episode 214 of Building My Legacy. In this podcast we talk with author and sales coach Mandi Graziano about a better way to do business. Mandi believes you can and need to build long-term relationships even in quick sales or negotiations. She honed her “Business Bedside MannerTM” during her more than 15 years working in the hospitality and conference industry. Find out why Mandi says, “Sales is not a dirty word” as she shares with us the secrets to her success. So if you want...


Episode 213-Collaboration #5-Jan Barlow on Reimagining a Workplace that Benefits Everyone with Lois Sonstegard,PHD

Welcome to Episode 213 of Building My Legacy. In this podcast we speak with Jan Barlow, the founder of the non-profit Better Job Fit, which helps companies and individuals collaborate to identify and leverage their team strengths to increase individual performance, workplace satisfaction and profitability. Jan talks about how the pandemic, as a life-threatening experience, has changed the way employees think about their jobs and their needs. As a result, employers of all sizes need to be...


Episode 212-Collaboration #4-Dustin Muscato on Turning Challenges into Opportunities with Lois Sonstegard,PHD

Welcome to Episode 212 of Building My Legacy. In this podcast we talk with Dustin Muscato, CEO of Green Street Advisory, who has extensive experience in private equity, deal sourcing and execution and all aspects of portfolio management. Dustin believes that the two most significant challenges businesses face today — filling the labor demand and the need for tailored capital to fund growth — also represent tremendous opportunities. He talks with us about the trends in business today, their...


Episode 211-Dane Espegard on the Benefits of Dreaming-Building My Legacy with Lois Sonstegard, PHD

Welcome to Episode 211 of Building My Legacy. In this podcast we talk with Dane Espegard, a culture consultant who recently published the book, The Dream Machine. Dane explains the importance of having a “dream list” and how living life by design can bring joy to your personal life while helping you accomplish more on the job, too. As a division manager with Vector Marketing, Dane leads what he calls the “dream team,” helping his people achieve their dreams and, in the process, leading them...


Episode 210-Collaboration #3-Jim Tamm on Radical Collaboration with Lois Sonstegard,PHD

Welcome to Episode 210 of Building My Legacy. If the term “radical collaboration” sounds like an oxymoron, you’ll want to learn how Jim Tamm — author, keynote speaker and team builder — coined this phrase and why he now considers effective collaboration a basic survival skill. In this podcast Jim talks about how his background as a California senior administrative law judge gave him the experience to help employees in adversarial workplaces become more collaborative. Today he helps...


Episode 209-Bryan Daly on Using Networking Successfully-Building My Legacy with Lois Sonstegard, PHD

Welcome to Episode 209 of Building My Legacy. If you’ve ever been part of a networking group that didn’t deliver the results you expected, this podcast is for you. Bryan Daly is the president of Epic Business Connections, a global business referral and networking group with more than 75,000 members in 75 local chapters throughout the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. In this podcast, he talks about the right way to use a networking group and how networking helped him build his...


Episode 208-Collaboration #2-Jeremy Brown-How Collaboration Helped Scale His Business & Helped Others Build & Grow-with Lois Sonstegard, P

Welcome to Episode 208 of Building My Legacy. In this podcast we visit once again with entrepreneur Jeremy Brown, the founder of Throne Publishing. When we last spoke with Jeremy, he shared with us his process to help successful people write a book that positions the author as an authority on the subject. Today our topic is collaboration, and Jeremy has a fascinating story about how, in trying to solve a staffing problem, he discovered a great way to double his business volume without...


Episode 207-Collaboration #1-Mark Monchek-Collaboration Helps Businesses Thrive thru Disruption-Building My Legacy w/Lois Sonstegard, PHD

Welcome to Episode 207 of Building My Legacy. Mark Monchek is the founder and chief opportunity officer of Opportunity Lab, a strategy consulting firm that’s focused on helping businesses thrive through disruption. Mark learned about the power of collaboration firsthand when he had to become his own general contractor to rebuild his Brooklyn home when a fire destroyed it six days after he and his wife moved in. Mark believes we are moving into a new era of collaborative, conscious and...


Episode 206-Bew White on How His ‘MBA in Mistakes’ Led to Success-Building My Legacy w/Lois Sonstegard, PHD

Welcome to Episode 206 of Building My Legacy. Sometimes an entrepreneurial journey can take some challenging twists and turns, as we learn in this podcast with Bew White, the chairman of the board of Gabriella White, a premier manufacturer of luxury outdoor furniture. Bew was a fourth-generation member of the family-owned textile manufacturing company Avondale Mills. He left the family business at age 28 to start a series of companies and earned, as he calls it, “an MBA in failure.” His...


Episode 205-Jamie Wolf and Angela Little Collaborate to Help You Grow Your Business-Building My Legacy w/Lois Sonstegard, PHD

Welcome to Episode 205 of Building My Legacy. Jamie Wolf believes many entrepreneurs and business owners can position themselves as “go-to” experts by becoming best-selling authors. And she’s convinced that, by building your authority, you can grow your business and even change your life. As CEO and president of Million Dollar Story Agency and founder of Wolf Tide Publishing, Jamie collaborates with Angela Little’s company, Million Dollars Mastermind, which combines systems and strategies...


Episode 204-Jeremy Brown with a New Way to Write Your Book-Building My Legacy w/Lois Sonstegard, PHD

Welcome to Episode 204 of Building My Legacy. When entrepreneur Jeremy Brown was only in his 20s, he decided he wanted to write a book that would be a marketing tool for his consulting business. As he “interviewed himself” and developed the contents for his book, he discovered a process to help successful people tell the story of their success and, in turn, position the book’s author as an authority on the subject. If you’ve always wanted to write a book as part of your legacy but didn’t...


Episode 203-Vladimer Botsvadze on Practicality in Marketing-Building My Legacy w/Lois Sonstegard, PHD

Welcome to Episode 203 of Building My Legacy. Is offline marketing dead? That’s what we’ll hear in this podcast with Vladimer Botsvadze, the CEO of Botsvadze Marketing Solution company and a multi-award winning digital transformation and social media influencer. Vladimer has built his own personal brand across multiple social media channels. He shares with us his favorite social media platforms and how to use them to build a long-term strategy for growth by creating content that is...


Episode 202-Paul Shapiro with a New, Sustainable Approach to Food-Building My Legacy w/Lois Sonstegard, PHD

Welcome to Episode 202 of Building My Legacy. If, like many people, you’re concerned about how we can continue to feed earth’s inhabitants without further sacrificing our forests, you’ll want to hear from Paul Shapiro. Author and CEO of The Better Meat Co., Paul explains how his company is creating real meat from animal cells so we can continue to enjoy meat without slaughtering cattle or devoting more and more land to them. Creating meat from animal cells sounds like an idea from the...