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Your Vision

Today we're going to talk about our brand vision. Many people often get confused or feel there's a huge amount of overlap between the vision and the mission statement. The difference is the mission statement lives in the now while vision is where the company is going to be where you want to take it. What are you thinking to do with the company on a 5, 10, 15, a 20-year basis? A good vision is an aspirational description of what the brand would like to achieve or accomplish in the mid and...


Your Mission Statement

Today we're going to be dealing with your brand mission statement. Mission statement is something which many people get confused with vision statement. Vision statement is how you see the company going in the future. A mission statement is about the here and now and what the company stands for, what it delivers, who fall and what it’s purposes in a way. Why is Mission Statement Important The importance of a mission statement is to clarify exactly what your company stands for,...


Your Values & Beliefs

In this episode, we're going to be talking about your brand values and beliefs. Why they matter and how to go about articulate them in a way that's going to attract your customers and strengthen your culture. By being clear about your beliefs and your values, it shows you stand for something. This is going to make it easier to find like-minded people who also share the same values and beliefs as you. This will help you form a deeper connection with them and will increase customer loyalty...


Your Why

Today we're going to tackle your why or your purpose. The problem is without a strong why or a strong purpose behind why you do your business, you'll be vulnerable to a potential rival who does have one. I'm not saying you can't be successful without one. You can succeed but the vulnerability is when a competition enters your marketplace and they have a clear defined why. Many of your customers will probably leave you for them and even worse, any new customers we'll go to them as...


Your Story

Today we're going to be talking about your Brand Story. All of the brands that I gravitate to tend to have a strong brand story. It's something that I can relate to or I can appreciate which makes me have a deep respect and understanding for that brand. It's often this kind of relationship or attitude toward a brand that it's going to increase our loyalty toward that brand. We all know if we have loyal customers we have a greater chance of being able to grow our business using that...