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Staffing Direct Podcast: Innovative Solutions To Resolve Staffing Challenges

The Staffing and Professional Services industry is facing unique challenges in today's world. In this podcast, OSL Finance capability leader, Chris Romac takes a look at some of these challenges and how Capgemini is resolving these with innovative solutions. If you have questions about your staffing challenges and would like insight into how you can address them, you can connect with Chris on Twitter (@RomacChris) or on LinkedIn (


What Should Enterprises Do To Reinforce Their Applications' Security?

Listen in to Terence Stamp ( & Juan Carlos Pascual( as they discuss the ways in which organizations can reinforce their applications' security, the impact of GDPR & emerging technologies on applications' security.


Market trends in Application Services

Head of Solutions & Service Innovation for Application Services, Gary James ( discusses key trends that have occurred in the Application Services market and how these trends will evolve in the years to come. Gary also talks about constraints faced by CIOs in the podcast. He has written two blogs on the subject that elaborate on the topic. The constrained CIO—case study 1— unique supply chain challenges on a global scale:


Building the Digital Workplace: Opportunities and Challenges

The end-user market landscape is changing dramatically - digital transformation, mobility, consumerization, and rising workforce decentralization are the buzzwords today. In view of this, we have launched the Connected Employee Experience portfolio of offers – Connected Workplace, Connected Office and Connected Employee – bringing in new choices and flexibility to support employees and improve engagements and interactions. Get more details on


Digital user experience can lead to better product decision

It is a well-known fact that for winning more business and financial growth of the company, it is important to design applications with a user-first mindset. In this podcast, Vijay Karna, Business Process Change Management Leader talks about how happy users can become your most influential brand ambassadors, and how user experience enhances user productivity and builds efficiency. He also spoke with Anastasiya Kroepfl, our Business Process Change Manager about how a good digital user...


The Secret to Winning Customers’ Hearts with AI: Add Human Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is giving customer experience a shot in the arm. Organizations are increasingly adopting conversational chatbots for providing customer service. Airports around the world are investing in mobile androids that help travelers with directions. Hotels are experimenting with voice-assisted in-room controls. How consumers engage with businesses is evolving dramatically and organizations are using this technology to achieve a range of business goals. To understand AI’s...


Introducing Digital Mastery with Jerome Buvat

There is no doubt that organizations understand the importance of digital transformation. Worldwide spending on digital transformation technologies – hardware, software, and services – is expected to cross the $2 trillion mark by 2021. But, are organizations turning these investments into successful transformation journeys? In our 2012 research with the MIT Center for Digital Business, we established that a high-performing cohort of organizations – digital masters – outperformed their peers...


Introducing Digital Engineering: The new growth engine for discrete manufacturers wth Jerome Buvat

"Product-based business models are being disrupted by service-based business model, new skills are needed in a world of smart products, and innovation success depends on the effectiveness of a company’s open ecosystem. Capgemini's recent research examines how manufacturers are balancing two priorities: using digital to get legacy products to market quicker while investing in new smart products to capitalize on the servitization opportunity (deriving revenues from services). Download the...


The 2018 SAPPHIRE NOW Post-Event Predictions Podcast

Join our experts from around the globe as reflect on the announcements made at SAPPHIRE NOW on C4HANA, SAP Intelligent Enterprise, S/4HANA Cloud. They provide insights into how this will affect how we engage with our clients and provide new opportunities within Fast Digital for Discrete Industries. They discuss how SAP is planning to revolutionize the customer journey with the new C/4 HANA platform embracing the SAP Intelligent Enterprise.


SOC: An intelligence-led Approach to Cybersecurity

Description : As the frequency, scope and sophistication of cyberattacks increases, the need of the hour is an intelligence-led approach to security. Christer Jansson ( and Richard Starnes ( discuss the advantages of a Security Operations Center, and how it can help an organization monitor, detect, and respond to security incidents quickly.


Engagement Layer: Can you re-imagine your business processes with it?

Engagement Layer is a powerful approach to deliver digital initiatives with minimum disruption and faster return on investment. Experts Sowmi Jagadeeshi ( and Josh Hoyt ( discuss how your business processes can be transformed with an engagement layer. Get in touch with them to join the conversation, we welcome your comments!


The 2018 SAPPHIRE NOW Predictions Podcast

Join our experts from around the globe as they share their predictions around sapphire now including announcements, new products and exciting news. Our experts will weigh in on areas of retail, Fast Digital for Discrete Industries and along with the SAP family of solutions including HANA and Leonardo. Experts include: Frank Wammes, Capgemini CTO ( Dave’s Harrelson of LYONSCG, of the Capgemini family ( ) Alex Bulat, S/4...


Game On With Frank Wammes & Johan Hallberg

The conversation continues and keeps getting better with Frank Wammes, CTO Continental Europe ( Johan Hallberg, CTO DCX, Sweden ( Listen to this sensational podcast and send in your topic requests to Frank & Johan to address upon in their next podcast. Image Source:


Artificial Intelligence Decoded with Google

Rajen Sheth, Senior Director of Product Management at Google Cloud Artificial Intelligence & Ron Tolido, Global CTO of Insights & Data at Capgemini( us to chat about the Digital Transformation Institute’s research on Artificial Intelligence in the eleventh edition of the DIgital Transformation Review. Download the report: Subscribe to newsletter:


Look beyond the compliance side of GDPR

Join Graham Hunt ( & Patricia Evans ( as they discuss the finding from our new survey on how organizations can gain competitive advantage by seizing the GDPR opportunity. Read our report here:


Introduction to Seizing the GDPR Advantage with Jerome Buvat

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Seizing the GDPR advantage

Europe’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be in effect from May 25. As organizations across the world scramble to be ready fearing stricter regulatory action owing to non-compliance, our experts say organizations must look beyond the compliance mandate. Join Pierre-Luc Refalo ( and Richard Starnes ( as they discuss findings from our new survey on how organizations can gain individuals’ trust and competitive advantage....


Emerging Trends In Digital Manufacturing With Pascal Brosset

Join Pascal Brosset, EVP & CTO - Digital Manufacturing ( as he takes us through the emerging trends in Industry 4.0


Cybersecurity: The new source of competitive advantage for retailers

Join Mike Turner (@mturner528), Tim Bridges (@TimMBridges) and Marisa Slatter (@marisaslatter25) as they discuss how cybersecurity investment can not just protect, but also help grow a retail business.


Automotive Smart Factories with Jerome Buvat

Join Jerome Buvat, Global Head of Research, ( as he provides a sneak peek into the Digital Transformation Institute’s upcoming report on automated smart factories. Subscribe here to receive an advance copy of new research reports from Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute: