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Data center transformation - Current trends and why it is still important!

In this podcast, Jan Eneström - Data center transformation lead spoke with Stuart Woodley, our Enterprise architect within Capgemini cloud infrastructure services, about what are the current trends in the data center transformation market and why #DCT offers and technology is still pertinent in a market that is cloud focussed. To talk more about data center transformation and the technology connect with our experts - Jan Eneström - LinkedIn - Twitter -...


Choosing the right contract lifecycle management tool

Taking the conversation forward, from our earlier podcast "contract management 101" Mani Agarwal - Head of Contract Compliance & Optimization, Capgemini Business Services, spoke with Agnieszka Chmiel - Head of iCCM/CCO Operations at Capgemini and with the Global CEO at IACCM - Sally Hughes. In this podcast, they speak about the evaluation tool that IACCM and Capgemini have jointly developed - They talk about the thought process behind developing such a tool and...


Building a center of excellence for innovation - Capgemini Chennai

In every edition of Innovation Nation, we take a closer look at one of our delivery centers from around the globe. The spotlight, for the winter 2019 edition, is on Chennai, India. Join the conversation as we talk to VN, Swamynathan – Center Head, Capgemini Chennai about building a center of excellence for innovation. Follow Capgemini Business Services for all the latest trends and insights from Business Services experts - Connect with our expert -...


Automating the finance functions within the financial sector

In the latest edition of Innovation Nation we spoke with our experts - Pierre-Louis Seguin – Global Lead – Financial Services, Capgemini Business Services and Michael Borts – Vice President, Capgemini Business Services about the latest “Reimagining finance for the digital age” report. Listen to this podcast as they share insights and talk about #automation and #RPA in Financial services. You can access the Innovation nation magazine here –...


D-GEM – Digital Global Enterprise Model

Our Digital Global Enterprise Model © (D-GEM) is unique. It is a market-leading architecture that brings together decades of operational expertise, deep intelligent automation knowledge and our experience across many clients and sectors. Listen to our experts talking about the impact of #digital, #automation, #RPA and other such technologies on create the new D-GEM model. In conversation, are our experts Greg Bateup - Source to Pay Global Process Owner, Caroline Schneider - Order to Cash...


The NRF 2019 Predictions Podcast With Tim Bridges And Emily Twomey

Join the conversation - Join our retail experts from around the globe as they share their predictions ahead of NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show, in New York City. Including, announcements, our latest retail solutions, and exciting news. They will also weigh in on how artificial intelligence and the connected experience is transforming the retail customer journey and creating customer connections, that matter. Experts Include, Tim Bridges - Global Sector Lead, Consumer...


AI, are you taking the Blue pill or the Red pill?

Is AI getting us the Matrix or is it our hope for the future? Johan Hallberg, CTO Digital Customer Experience, Scandinavia ( and Sicco Maathuis, Innovation Manager Netherlands ( discuss Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and more.


Elaborer une stratégie cloud au service de l’agilité et de l’innovation

Les DSI se confrontent au principe de réalité, la migration vers le cloud n’est pas simple et doit être traitée comme un projet stratégique et d’envergure. Elle se pose dans un marché très mouvant avec notamment des catalogues d’offre qui évoluent et s’enrichissent en permanence. Le contexte est propre à chaque entreprise avec des niveaux de maturité très différents d’une organisation à une autre, et qui nécessitent une vision à 360° du portefeuille d’application pour identifier les...


Reshaping the Future: Unlocking Automation’s Untapped Value

Whether it’s taking advantage of automation quick wins, those use cases that are not only easy to implement but also have a high benefit upside, or implementing automation use cases on a larger scale, the new report by the Capgemini Research Institute “Reshaping the future: unlocking automation’s untapped value” shows that organizations are not yet taking full advantage of the benefits of automation. The Capgemini Research Institute surveyed more than 700 senior executives who are...


Contract management 101

In this podcast our contract management experts Agnieszka Chmiel, Mani Agarwal and Radoslaw Kowalski talk about the importance of contract management. They discuss how contract lifecycle management ( is not just limited to the legal team anymore and the business has a greater role to play in it. Have a listen and feel free to connect with our experts if you wish to discuss this in detail. Participants Social handles: Agnieszka Chmiel – Head of iCCM/CCO Operations at...


Cloud automation: Episode 6 - Is your IT fast enough?

Created in partnership with CIO from IDG, episode 6 of the cloud automation podcast series explores what does it take for IT to support and drive innovation? Is your IT meeting the demands of your business and today’s competitive markets, or is it holding you back, preventing the business from responding to its customers and opening the way for competitors to grab your market share? Visit ( to learn more. Speakers • Jean-Marc Defaut (,...


WEMO 2018: Key trends in the European Energy & Utilities market

Vito Labate in conversation with Colette Lewiner, the Energy Advisor to the Capgemini Chairman and Philippe Vié, Director of Energy & Utilities, discuss the key trends and topics that are affecting European Utilities as per our latest World Energy Markets Observatory (WEMO) report. This is the third podcast in the series for the transformation of Energy & Utilities companies to better serve their customers in the digital age. To learn more about WEMO, click here


WEMO 2018: Key trends in the North American Energy & Utilities market

Vito Labate in conversation with Perry Stoneman, Energy & Utilities global sector leader, discuss the key trends that are affecting the North American Utilities market as per our latest World Energy Markets Observatory (WEMO) report. This is the second podcast in the series for the transformation of Energy & Utilities companies to better serve their customers in the digital age. To learn more about WEMO, click here


Cloud automation: Episode 5 - Born-in-the-cloud vs established co.: Who is best set for success?

Created in partnership with CIO from IDG, episode 5 of the cloud automation podcast series look at the completion between cloud-native companies versus established ‘legacy’ enterprises. On the one hand, we have companies constrained by years of attachment to less-flexible, on premise technology but striving to increase their agility through cloud. On the other, we have fast-moving start-ups looking to challenge the incumbents through a DevOps mentality, using software and data to act, react...


WEMO 2018: Defining the key global Energy & Utilities trends

Vito Labate in conversation with Perry Stoneman, Energy & Utilities global sector leader, discuss the launch of the World Energy Markets Observatory (WEMO) report 2018 and the key trends and topics that are affecting Utilities across various regions like North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and more. This is the first podcast in the series for the transformation of Energy & Utilities companies to better serve their customers in the digital age. To register for your copy of WEMO, click here...


The SAP Customer Experience Roundtable with Capgemini

Listen to the latest roundtable discussion with four of our leading #CX and commerce experts from around the globe, as they weigh in on the developments and expectations for the year ahead, giving us a fresh global perspective on the future of customer experience. Experts include: Naresh Khanduri: ( Aurelien Segond: Don Swalinski: Nitin Mohan:...


Our Oracle cloud journey and what sets us apart

Our Global Oracle Partner Executive Jane Arnold Hommet ( in conversation with top experts Jim Langford (, Mark Albon ( and Vijay Shanbhag ( discuss various Oracle cloud projects that we’ve undertaken this year, and what sets us apart in the market from other Oracle partners. Get in touch with the experts at...


What sets apart NetSuite’s software solution?

Oracle expert Cindy Cronin ( in conversation with our NetSuite practice lead Matt Haller ( to discuss the comprehensive NetSuite solution and the various benefits that companies are deriving from this unique solution. Get in touch with Matt and Cindy at Oracle OpenWorld 2018 or comments below to initiate a conversation. For more OOW 18 details:


Cloud automation: Episode 4 - DevOps or NoOps: Which is the future?

Created in partnership with CIO from IDG, episode 4 of the cloud automation podcast series explores whether companies should be preparing to go beyond DevOps and adopt NoOps methodology. Cloud automation and DevOps are already transforming IT for many enterprises and making their operations more efficient. Now, however, some enterprises are taking this concept one step further by completely automating the deployment, monitoring and management of applications, as well as the underlying...


Latest in Oracle: APIs, Chatbots, Java & more

With Oracle OpenWorld 2018 just a week away our experts Luis Weir ( and Soham Dasgupta ( discuss their sessions at Code One and OpenWorld, and how much they are looking forward to talking about APIs, Java, Chatbots and more. Get in touch with them at their sessions or join the conversation below, we welcome your comments! For more session details: