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We help you WIN at the game of business and marketing so you thrive from YOUR intersection of YOUR brilliance and YOUR passion.

We help you WIN at the game of business and marketing so you thrive from YOUR intersection of YOUR brilliance and YOUR passion.


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We help you WIN at the game of business and marketing so you thrive from YOUR intersection of YOUR brilliance and YOUR passion.






Intuition; The Secret in The Sauce of Success, With Tracy St. Croi

Our intuition tends to be right more often than not and using it in decision making can mean big things for life and business. Have you ever had that nagging feeling about something and didn’t listen? What happened? My guess, nothing good. Or did you listen and either amazing things happened, or something bad that […]


Building and Scaling Multiple Remote Companies, With Dave Schneider

‘They’ say to create multiple streams of income. This generally requires multiple types of businesses. But how do you choose what kind of business to build? And how do you scale more than one at a time? Dave Schneider launched his first startup at age 26 and sold it at age 30. Now he’s on […]


Positive Impact Through Digital Marketing & Creativity, With Ray van Hilst

You are your web presence. Your website is the first serious interaction many people will have with your organization. And it shouldn’t just look good, it should do good. A capable website will allow you to clearly see a return on your investment for your efforts, so you can strategize, refine, and strategize some more. […]


How to Create Predictable Growth with a Sustainable Sales Operation, With Joey Gilkey

Do any of these sound familiar? You’re an agency owner and you’re still stuck selling… aka the agency’s growth is dependent on you; There is no “captain” steering the ship for sales at your company… you have no sales infrastructure, no sales direction, a lacking sales operation, etc; You’re looking to take your agency to […]


F.A.S.T. (Facial Acuity Sales Tactics) Method Gets You More High-Ticket Sales, With Michelle Butt

Every feature, marking and wrinkle on a face tells us something about who that person is, how they think and feel, what their personality traits are and what impact their life experiences have had on their current circumstances. The face is the dictionary of another human being. Understanding what a face is telling you, is […]


Getting REAL About Crypto-Entrepreneurship, With Dennis Lewis

Cryptocurrencies are a new type of money. Instead of basing their value on a promise, they are backed by mathematics. In 2009, an anonymous computer scientist created the world’s first cryptocurrency called BitCoin. At the time they were worthless. Their purpose was to prove the concept that digital currencies could be created and exchanged. Today […]


How to Create Your Own Luck in Business Through Strategic Relationship Building, With Larry Perkins

Some people have all the luck… When you’re talented, hardworking, and good at your job, it can be frustrating to see your colleagues and peers getting ahead while you remain stuck. Or to watch with envy as your boss chats on the phone, has long lunches, and clocks out early to do something fun with […]


How to Successfully (i.e. Profitably) sell on Amazon, With Carlos Alvarez

Amazon sellers need to be smart about their business in order to succeed. If you want to have a business like some of the most successful Amazon sellers, then you must develop the habits that make many of the top sellers successful in the first place. Today it takes more than an amazing product, great […]


You Deserve a Good Relationship With Money, With Bob Wheeler

Wouldn’t it be nice to worry less about money and focus more on financial freedom? A healthy relationship with money is freedom. It’s time to become aware of your personal decision-making process in order to create the new financial you. Reconciling your relationship with money allows you to make wiser choices throughout your life. While […]


Selling With Authentic Persuasion, With Jason Cutter

Does it feel like you are stuck in your sales career? You deserve to create the sales career that you want, with the income to show for it. So many factors must come together for a sale to have even a chance of being completed. And if certain factors are not aligned right in advance, […]


Rent Relief & The Post-Pandemic Office Environment, With Adam Collins

There is no doubt that these are unprecedented times. While facing a pandemic may not be new, living during a pandemic in this day and age certainly is. Businesses are having to adapt how they operate. More and more people are working from home. Businesses are facing closure; temporary and permanent. The impact is vast […]


How to Create Your Million Dollar Virtual Summit, With Liam Austin

With COVID-19 changing the way we conduct business, more and more organizations are creating virtual events and conferences. Instead of physical booths and vendors trying to sell their products to you, a virtual event allows you to meet and interact with other people by signing up for an online event platform, logging into the conference […]


How to Make it to the Top, When You Can’t Take the Stairs, With A.M. Williams

What are you willing to do to get what you want? RESULTS are all about decisions. You have to decide what you want. If you don’t know what you want, how will you know you’ve arrived? Success requires passion, dedication, and determination. If you’re missing any part of that equation, you’re setting yourself up for […]


Preserving a Mindset of Real Ethics in a Virtual World, With Yonason Goldson

What’s the biggest mistake any leader can make? Believing that you have to choose between being good and being successful. Is your business about purpose or profit? Is your company culture about human values or market value? Do your people work with you or for you? As an ethical leader, you don’t have to choose. Rabbi […]


Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Adaptation and Planning via Neuroscience, With Dr. Gleb Tsipursky

When we make plans, we naturally believe that the future will go according to plan. That wrong-headed mental blindspot, the planning fallacy, results in not preparing for contingencies and problems, both predictable ones and unknown unknowns. We suffer from the tendency to prioritize the short term, and undercount the importance of medium and long-term outcomes. Known as […]


Challenge Accepted – Running a Successful Business With a Disability, With Steff Green

Building and running a successful business is difficult to say the least. Toss in having a disability and the challenge of running a business increases exponentially. Legally-blind since birth, Steff Green never let others’ misconceptions about her disability stop her from living her dream life. A six-figure USA bestselling author, Steff joins Adam to share […]


How to Use Chaos and Disruption to Your Advantage: The Secrets of ShiftShapers, With David Salitzman

Change either paralyzes or energizes – the choice is yours. ShiftShapers shape the shifts in business and industries into new business models, products and best practices. David Saltzman is one of the foremost experts in Transformation Strategies. After more than 300 interviews with industry ShiftShapers, he has revealed that despite their diversity and the differing […]


How Can HR Drive Business Results? With Ed Krow

71% of CEOs believe their employees are the most important factor in their company’s economic success. The Human Resources planning process is simply the process by which organizations determine how to properly staff to meet business needs and customer demands. Despite the need, nearly a third of HR professionals say their departments need to improve […]


Learn to Sell What People Are Buying, With John Voris

As a salesperson, you need to know how to connect with your prospects effectively, and in order to do that, you need to know their motivations for buying. Each prospect has an authentic identity, something that defines who they are as a person. Once you are able to figure out your prospect’s authentic identity, it’ll […]


Rethinking Education and Your Life, With Grant Aldrich

University and college education can still too expensive and unapproachable for the majority of people throughout the country. Normal distractions of work, bills, and home life, often prevent someone from getting started with education or being able to dedicate time and money to a traditional 4-year degree program. Student debt has now reached a level […]