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Learn how to get on the fast track to business success with real actionable advice. Joshua Strawczynski and team are digital marketing experts at the award winning JMarketing Agency who deliver outstanding results to multi-million dollar companies by letting consumer psychology influence the buyer decision-process.


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Learn how to get on the fast track to business success with real actionable advice. Joshua Strawczynski and team are digital marketing experts at the award winning JMarketing Agency who deliver outstanding results to multi-million dollar companies by letting consumer psychology influence the buyer decision-process.





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Convincing Your Boss to Invest In CRO

Diving into the nitty-gritty of CRO, we'll tackle the barriers and misconceptions that prevent businesses from embracing this essential strategy. With Rafa's expertise, we dissect the competitive necessity of CRO in a market where paid channels are battlegrounds, your competitors are relentless, and consumer behaviors shift like sand. Through a riveting case study from the identity verification software field, this episode is a masterclass in why CRO isn't just a one-off magic trick, but the bread and butter of successful digital campaigns. Strap in for a journey that promises to show you how to convince your boss to invest in CRO.


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Boost Website Conversions With Secret Psychological Triggers

Discover the alchemy of homepage design that magnetizes and converts with JMarketing's wizard of the web, Josh Strawczynski. Prepare to be enlightened as Josh imparts the esoteric knowledge of crafting a homepage that doesn’t just catch the eye but clasps the visitor in a persuasive embrace within the first few seconds. Josh demystifies the crafting of headlines that serve as a siren call to your ideal customers and deconstructs the allure of a truly irresistible call to action. Forget about grandiose slogans—this episode is all about resonating with the heart of your audience, with straight-shooting advice that will leave business owners armed and ready to turn their websites into conversion cauldrons. In our chat with Josh, we traverse the digital landscape, uncovering the strategic elements that make a website not just a pretty face, but a conversion powerhouse. From aligning your brand with the right client profile to leveraging media mentions, we cover it all. Videos that captivate, live chats that engage, and the subtle art of guiding visitors with clear CTAs—Josh’s insights are a treasure map to the goldmine of conversions. Plus, he reveals how flaunting your expertise isn't just about bragging rights; it's a strategic move that reassures clients and clears the path to commitment. Tune in, and transform your website from a mere digital footprint into a beacon of business success.


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Boosting Conversions Through Clever Digital Forms

Unlock the secrets to designing online forms that don't just grab attention, but elegantly guide users through to conversion. Today, we're joined by expert designer Nik, who sheds light on the art of crafting forms that strike the perfect balance between aesthetic allure and functional clarity. Step into a realm where each textbox and submit button is meticulously tuned to convert engagement into results. We cover the gamut, from the hazards of too many fields to the strategic placement of engaging copy that transcends the mundane "contact us" to create a compelling narrative for your audience. Take a journey with us through the subtleties of form design, where every detail is essential in crafting a user-friendly experience that boosts conversion rates. Learn why simplicity in design doesn't mean a sacrifice in effectiveness, and how thoughtful elements like auto-population and a memorable thank-you page can leave a lasting impression. Nik's insider tips, like using high contrast and active states, offer a masterclass in guiding users effortlessly to completion. By the end of our discussion, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to transform your online forms from mere data collectors into powerful engines of conversion.


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Why Technical SEO is Important for CRO: Key Insights

Get ready to turbocharge your website's performance as we unravel the mysteries of technical SEO with Umair. In a market where split-second decisions matter, we dissect the critical need for lightning-fast page loads, diving into how mere seconds could mean the difference between a bounce and a conversion. But it's not all about speed – join us as we explore the importance of a technically sound website that plays nice with search engine bots, unlocking the secrets to climbing those SERP rankings and enhancing user satisfaction. As the digital realm evolves with a mobile-first mantra, it's paramount to tailor your cyber home to fit the palms of your audience. We discuss the pitfalls and triumphs of mobile optimization, emphasizing the collaboration between SEO mavens and coding wizards to ensure your site isn't just a pretty face on desktop. With Umair's expertise, we navigate the common hurdles businesses encounter and how a proactive approach with a detailed technical SEO audit can lead to a streamlined user experience that translates into solid conversions. Towards the end of our journey, we reveal how technical SEO is akin to the foundation of a house – unseen but vital. Oversized images, substandard hosting, and the lurking menace of cyber threats can all undercut your website's potential. We shine a light on these covert issues and how Jmarketing's suite of technical SEO services can be your digital guardian, keeping your online presence robust against the tides of change. With Umair's insights as our compass, we're here to guide you through the technical terrain towards a future of flourishing online success.


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Mastering Color Psychology To Boost Website Conversions

Unlock the secrets to skyrocketing your website's conversion rates through the subtle yet powerful influence of color psychology. This episode, featuring Nik from JMarketing, is your gateway to understanding how the right hues can sway user emotions and guide actions, ensuring your call-to-action buttons aren't just seen but felt. We dissect the nuances of a well-crafted color palette, highlighting the dos and don'ts that can make or break your brand's digital handshake. From common blunders to cultural considerations, we lay out the essentials for color choices that resonate deeply with your audience. Dive into the vibrant world of web design rebranding with us as we paint a picture of transformation from monochrome to a kaleidoscope that speaks to a diverse clientele. Learn the value of professional expertise in shaping a brand identity that stands the test of time and the emotional ties that may blur business owners' focus on functionality. Our conversation provides a treasure trove of tips, including a color effectiveness checklist, to enhance readability and highlight your site's goals. By the end of our chat, you'll be equipped to wield color with confidence, turning visitors into customers with every click.


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Boost Conversions By Understanding User Behaviour

Unlock the secrets to captivating the hearts and minds of consumers with Josh Strawczynski, the managing director of JMarketing, who shares his expertise on the psychological underpinnings of customer decision-making. Our discussion ventures beyond the surface, exploring the subtle art of influencing behavior and ensuring that your marketing strategies aren't just shots in the dark, but precision-targeted moves that resonate with the human psyche. Grasp the predictable patterns of consumer actions and learn how to channel them into conversion gold for your business. Have you ever considered the lightning-fast judgment your website undergoes when a new visitor lands on it? Josh and I dissect the critical first impressions that can make or break a potential customer's trust and pinpoint the 'nine frictions of resistance'—the subconscious criteria that dictate whether a user engages or clicks away. By harnessing the secrets of professional web design and strategic content placement, you'll soon be crafting digital experiences that speak directly to your audience's needs and pain points turning browsers into buyers easily. Rounding out our deep dive, we tackle the art of evaluating and refining your digital marketing endeavors to cut through the noise and waste no dollar unturned. From website performance to the subtleties of crafting a compelling headline, Josh imparts wisdom on creating a roadmap that guides you and guarantees a robust return on investment. For those eager to catapult their marketing effectiveness to new heights, Josh extends a warm invitation for further discussion. Tune in and transform your online presence with the potent combination of marketing savvy and psychological insight.


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Elevate Your Marketing Success Through A/B Testing

Unlock the secrets to optimizing your website's conversion rates with the guidance of marketing analytics guru, Rafa Feliz. Our in-depth discussion peels back the layers of A/B testing, a cornerstone of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), offering you the tools to make informed, data-driven decisions. We analyze how to refine marketing strategies and address the nine friction points that influence consumer decisions, providing practical steps to effectively demonstrate your company's expertise and product value to potential customers. As we traverse the digital marketing landscape with Rafa, we shed light on the transformative power of Google Ads A/B testing and dissect the nuances of headline optimization and its impact on engagement. The conversation ventures into the importance of communicating product durability and smart pricing strategies, and how A/B testing serves as the compass for navigating these critical business decisions. By testing and tweaking, companies can uncover the winning formula for their pricing communication and policies, leading to pivotal shifts that resonate with their audience. The episode wraps with a strategic look at leveraging customer testimonials and the role of A/B testing in pinpointing the most persuasive ones. We also touch on the art of crafting return policies, guarantees that reassure hesitant buyers, and the meticulous setup of Google Analytics for accurate test tracking. Whether you're new to data-driven marketing or looking to refine your approach, our conversation with Rafa Feliz equips you with the insights and strategies to steer your digital marketing toward success.


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Controlling User Flow Through Visual Hierarchy

Unlock the secrets of web design that converts with the wisdom of Nik, a master of the digital canvas. We've all been to websites that leave us feeling lost or bored; our latest episode is here to make sure yours isn't one of them. Through an engaging discussion, Nik teaches us the art of creating a user journey that balances stunning visuals with purposeful content. As we explore the common traps of designing for yourself rather than your audience, you'll learn how to craft a website that seduces the eye and leads users effortlessly toward the actions you desire. Nik doesn't stop at first impressions. He walks us through the transformation of casual browsers into committed customers, sharing strategies that make your website's value proposition irresistible. We dissect how to craft your site's layout, from testimonials that build trust to transparent pricing that eliminates hesitation. But it's not just about the sale; Nik emphasizes the importance of creating a navigational experience that makes users yearn to return, setting the stage for a long-lasting relationship with your brand. Our insightful session concludes with a deep dive into utilizing user feedback to polish your website to perfection. Nik and I highlight the importance of stepping back and allowing an expert eye to analyze your site's performance, as satisfaction with the status quo can often blind us to the potential for excellence. By the end of our dialogue, you'll be armed with the strategies to create not just a visually appealing website but a powerful business tool that resonates with your audience and stands out in the digital marketplace. Join us and elevate your web presence to world-class standards with insights from the visionary Nik


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Identifying & Interpreting The Key CRO Metrics

Introduction - 00:26 Why CRO is so important - 02:35 JMarketing's innovative approach - 05:17 The 9 frictions - 07:09 Applying the 9 frictions to CRO - 12:24 Google Analytics is the main CRO tool - 17:49 Other CRO tools - 21:46 Segmenting your CRO strategy - 24:06 The world of metrics - 25:00 The influence of AI in CRO - 31:58 Final tips - 35:55


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The Secret To Successful Conversion Rate Optimization

Intro - 00:27 What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)? - 02:12 The Shortcomings Of Standard CRO Tactics - 04:21 Why Soft Conversion Points Are Effective - 07:56 Using the Nine Frictions for CRO - 10:41 Effective CRO Practices - 14:16 How Your Business Can Optimise Your CRO - 14:57


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The Importance of Topical Authority in Modern SEO

00:27 - What is Topical Authority? 03:39 - Google's algorithm 07:53 - Recent changes 10:08 - AI and search engines 14:38 - Rewarding good content 17:56 - How to achieve topical authority 19:51 - Publishing high-quality content 22:27 - Achieving topical authority 24:45 - Spending your marketing budget smart 26:58 - Optimize your website 29:51 - Conclusion


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The value of pitching your business 10,000 times | Special guest Alex Coe

00:27 - Intro 02:24 - Alex's introduction 05:27 - Approaching a cold audience 07:04 - Difference between 'push and pull' 08:31 - Improving skills through scary situations 10:24 - Instagram in the sale process 11:53 - Know your client 16:09 - Social credibility 18:02 - Building a community 20:34 - Selling a solution to an underlying problem 22:04 - Turning failure into a lesson 22:55 - "Survivor Australia" 30:09 - Grinding 31:38 - Social media


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Social Cohesion Calibration | How To Write 'Normally' & Generate Cut Through

Joshua Strawczynski (00:02) Business owners? Do you want an unfair advantage over your competitors? Do you want to dominate in your area of expertise? You are listening to Business Life Hacks. Learn to influence consumer psychology and shortcut your way to business success with tips, tricks, ricks and hacks from award winning digital agency J Marketing. Joshua Strawczynski (00:27) Do you want to reach out to a cold audience? Someone that you've acquired their email or their WhatsApp? You want to get in touch with them, but you don't have a preexisting relationship? Let's talk about social calibration. This is something that is not talked about in marketing nearly enough. And in fact, I don't think it's all that well studied in social sciences anymore either. You see, what it is, is how do you overcome the fear that comes along with reaching out to someone you don't know? Imagine if you walked up to them on the street and you kind of rudely said, hey, hey you. What are the odds of them stopping and engaging in a conversation with you? Take that very same person on the very same street. And what if you went up and said, excuse me, I'm not trying to hassle you, but it doesn't matter what comes next? Which one of those two is more likely to elicit a response and a kind response? You'll never have 100% success rate, but which would have a higher one? The same thing happens when we talk about social credibility. What we're trying to do is leverage the credibility that we do have. Joshua Strawczynski (01:46) However, we've come to obtain this list or number in order to put the other person at ease. And today I'm going to use the example of Tuscany from women who golf, who has been given the numbers of a number of female captains of golf courses. We're here in Dubai at the moment. She wants to reach out to them and invite them to an event she's running on Thursday, but she doesn't have a preexisting relationship with them. Now, before I get into telling you how we do it, one book I can strongly recommend is Words That Work. It's not what you say, it's what people hear. That is very, very wise words. And what people hear is going to be defined by their past experiences. Most people to go back to that street corner we were talking about, have been taught that if someone is quite abrupt with you, it's probably not a good thing. They're probably a bit crazy. We want to get out of there. And if someone disarms us, then they're probably okay. They've called out that there's nothing to be worried about. Your adrenal system doesn't need to kick in. You can chill. Joshua Strawczynski (02:56) Well, the same thing works with email and messages. When we talk about Tuscany, she could reach out to these people and say, hey guys, come to my event. But she'd be missing a really key part that


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Landing Page Copy Writing Training | Top Tips



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A real agency conversation between strategy & design



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The 3 key tactics to increase business communication skills



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Successful digital marketing for a new product launch

Successful use of digital marketing leads to ridiculously successful product launches... but it's more than just advertising on Facebook/Google. The key is understanding how to focus your objectives on knowledge, learning about your audience. Joshua Strawczynski, MD of JMarketing talks through how digital marketing allows you to know your customer better than themselves. Don't shoehorn people into a product you like, but rather tweak your product and or marketing to suit your audience.


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Startup Companies - The Secret Only 1% Of Companies Use

Contrary to popular believe, digital marketing is NOT the channel you publicise on. If you are a startup who is using Google/Facebook/LinkedIn to make sales, you are probably missing a step. How well do you really know your customer?? In this podcast we look at the secret that only a few digital 'experts' every discuss, how to use advertising to understand your audience better than your best friend.


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Daniel Oyston from Content Grasshopper

Join Josh in his conversation with Daniel Oysten, to know about his story as a business owner and some new insights about S.A.A.S .


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Julian Cole Planning Dirty Academy

In this episode, Josh interviews Julian Cole, a strategist advertising extraordinary who from a humble Australian boy to the highest echelons of agency life in New York and how he left it all to start his own business, working online and all the lessons that he's learned along the way.