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We speak to Insurance industry icons who have been there, done that and seen the movie to find out what worked for them and what challenges they faced. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in learning from the best and seeking to enhance their careers.

We speak to Insurance industry icons who have been there, done that and seen the movie to find out what worked for them and what challenges they faced. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in learning from the best and seeking to enhance their careers.




We speak to Insurance industry icons who have been there, done that and seen the movie to find out what worked for them and what challenges they faced. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in learning from the best and seeking to enhance their careers.




Episode 36 - Tony Clark

"You need to manage your own career. Don’t expect it to be put in your lap and don’t expect other people to do it for you. You’ve got to do it yourself!" Tony Clark speaks to us about the challenging experiences during his career that has shaped his desire to create an inclusive and empowering culture at National Transport Insurance (NTI). Having joined NTI at a time when the business was struggling, he credits the success of the Organisation directly to the people involved as well as his...


Episode 35 - Gabriele McDonald

"There are no barriers to what you can achieve, regardless of your upbringing!" Migrant, Wife, Mother, CEO and Mentor, Gabriele McDonald has created a career path in the industry admired by many. Her belief that life is not a competition, it’s a joyride has enabled her to back herself and take control of her business destiny. Her fervent desire is that of creating a greater awareness of insurance for students from year 10 to university to encourage graduates to investigate insurance as a...


Episode 34 - Colin Chinner

"I think we could do it (claims) better, we can coordinate it better and then we can sell it a hell of a lot better!" From leaving school at the age of 17 to being a founder Partner of MSM Loss Management, Colin Chinner knows a thing or two about claims. In this podcast, we speak of a number of aspects in Colin’s business life including what we need to do better as an insurance community – particularly during catastrophes and the gaps as he sees it in developing the next generation of...


Episode 33 - Gary Gribbin

“The one thing I did get right in my career is that I never moved for money!” Gary Gribbin derives satisfaction from being involved and working with people he respects – and as a legendary industry leader and academic, over the years, he has worked with the who’s who of insurance. The eldest of six children, Gary attributes his success to the drive and determination modelled to him by his mother and rates social relationships equally with technical capabilities. In this podcast, he...


Episode 32 - John Dunk

“Have the courage to do what you know is right and lead people!” A multi-generation farmer, John Dunk found it necessary to leave his farming lifestyle and develop a new career in insurance. Moving from what he had known (and loved) to establishing himself initially as an Insurance Inspector and eventually as a Broker came with its challenges. In John’s words, “I’d love people to buy into insurance to realise how important it is” sums up the importance John places on, not just what he does...


Episode 31 - Aurora Voss

“You don’t have to love every single moment of what you do (for work) but love TO work! Be curious and open.” From serving at bars in the UK and driving Ubers to become the co-founder and CEO of Zemble – an Australian Insuretech business, Aurora Voss has done and seen a lot. Her worldly experience is evidenced by the very way in which she views her business life. Her self-stated mission is “to deliver better tools to the people who are servicing insurance.” In this podcast, Aurora...


Episode 30 - Tony Walker

“You can’t do anything without a personality and a relationship and a sales mentality.” The classic story from mail person to CEO is what Tony Walker, CEO of PSC Network Partners has reflected upon in this podcast. His passionate commitment to relationship-driven outcomes is very apparent in the outlooks he shares with us. Tony speaks of missed opportunities, being allowed to do your job, working with good people and job satisfaction – all tempered by the belief that ‘(insurance) business...


Episode 29 - Simone Dossetor

“Find the opportunity to challenge yourself and look for things that are outside your comfort zone.” A staunch advocate for Women in Leadership, Simone Dossetor discusses how we need to rethink leadership and why the insurance profession should be leading the actions in diversity and inclusion as well as climate change and environmental challenges. She is of the opinion that there is no reason we should have a gender imbalance and that women, in particular, need to be lifelong learners...


Episode 28 - Bob Dodd

"Having that nerve to keep persisting and taking the knockbacks has helped me a lot!" Bob Dodd the COO of Arteva Funding has become an integral part of the insurance community through his actions and activities in insurance premium funding. Brought up in a highly successful musical family, he shares with us the why and how he created a career in financial services. His recurring message of developing resilience has never been more important than it is currently and his thoughts on trust and...


Episode 27 - Doron Grossman

“The secret to any career is to be curious. Ask lots of questions because it’s the question you don’t ask that is the most important question!” Doron Grossman is of the firm belief that the insurance industry does not come with a prescribed handbook and his view that we are neglecting our responsibility to the younger generation entering the profession has been forged by his experience of over 40 years in many countries including Australia, Hungary, Singapore and Hong Kong. A man of action,...


Episode 26 - Belinda Scott

"We (the insurance profession) might get it right 98% of the time, but the 2% we get wrong, we get really wrong!" Belinda Scott believes it is a privilege to hold insured’s hands through troubled times but she is critical of our increasing habit of sitting behind a computer and send emails. She believes work enjoyment is a direct result of getting to really know clients, finding common interests with them, learning from them and creating relationships. In her words, “I can’t make insurance...


Episode 25 - Simon Weaver

“I had no idea that I would find such an opportunity to build relationships, travel the world, understand different industries and for me to develop skills.” Educated as a Plant Biologist, Simon Weaver has had quite the journey having chosen to relocate from the UK to Hong Kong and now settling in Australia. In this podcast, Simon candidly discusses the attributes that have seen him head-hunted by a number of high profile businesses throughout the world. A self-proclaimed advocate of making...


Episode 24 - David McKinnis

“We will be the same person we are today in 5 years time except for the people that we meet and the books we read. Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think!” David McKinnis (Ex Community Broker Network) has some unique views on his business life’s work and what is really important in developing a career. For example, he comments that “If you’re going to be in a Role for a while, you need to be doing something extra, something different, do the hard tasks – then you will be recognised.” A...


Episode 23 - Jacqueline Rennie

“Never be afraid to take a step backwards to move forward!” Jacqueline (Jaqi) Rennie is a true example of someone with enormous drive and can hand on heart say ‘been there, done that’! Commencing business life as a florist, she took up nursing, became a fitness instructor, managed an airline (on weekends) and completed an undergraduate degree in Law as well as a Masters in Law. In her own words, Jaqi has said, “Whilst many of these roles were enjoyable, some were not and trying to succeed...


Episode 22 - Nick Kirk

“The (insurance) industry has always given me a different perspective, a wider perspective – you get an experience that makes you think differently about the world.” Listening to stories told by his Grandfather and Father about their travels with the armed services sealed Nick Kirk’s fate as an incurable global explorer. His belief that you “don’t get big rewards without taking big risks” and his desire to have “an interesting life” has propelled Nick to work in many locales including UK,...


Episode 21 - Jenni Smith

“It’s about knowing what to do, doing what you say, being authentic, working hard and asking for help when you need it. What’s hard about that?” From her corporate life in broadcasting, telecommunications and financial services sectors to establishing her own successful advisory practice, Jenni Smith has some fascinating insights that she shares with us in this podcast. Jenni also discusses women in business, diversity and inclusion, the opportunities in the insurance sector and her mantra...


Episode 20 - Maria Parry

“I’ve had some life challenges and whilst I don’t think they’ve changed me, I would definitely have to say that they’ve shaped me!” Very few people commence with an Organisation in 1987 and 35 years later are more passionate and driven than they were back then. Maria Parry the COO of QIB Group is just such an individual! In fact, she says that, “(after) getting into the insurance industry, I have to say I’ve never been disappointed”. A process and procedures driven leader, she set her...


Episode 19 - Clim Pacheco

“I realised that I had done everything for everyone else and got a lot of personal satisfaction. But what was I doing for society?” As a multi-potentialite entrepreneur, Clim Pacheco has a history of reinventing himself and his business life. His career (apart from his Senior Executive role at ANZIIF), has spanned that of an Author, Engineer, Educator; Privatisation and rationalisation of Victoria’s Train, Tram and Bus, V/Line infrastructure; Leadership coach and mentor and student at...


Episode 18 - David Wyner

Claims people are…the most critical part of the insurance process where clients get to test the strength and the relevance of the money they’re spending in making sure they are properly insured. David Wyner is the ex-President, Chairman and Board Member of NIBA and one of those rare individuals who has worked for one Insurance Organisation for over 20 years. In this podcast, he discusses loyalty, learnings and how the profession has changed over the 40 years he has been involved in it. His...


Episode 17 - Janelle Greene

“We have to be innovative and create really great solutions and stay on the front foot, but we can’t lose sight of the things that really matter on a day to day basis and high service is going to matter!” Many people work overseas but very few have the fortitude to back themselves in to take on roles for which they have had no formal training or experience. Janelle Greene the Chief Customer Officer for NTI has done just that in her early career. Janelle’s unshakeable belief that she will be...