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Helping Christian Thought Leaders work to expand the Kingdom by applying Modern Marketing Principles to Ministry. If you've ever wondered how to expand your calling or your passion project but you're uncertain how to grow it profitably, we can help!


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Helping Christian Thought Leaders work to expand the Kingdom by applying Modern Marketing Principles to Ministry. If you've ever wondered how to expand your calling or your passion project but you're uncertain how to grow it profitably, we can help!






Mindfulness and Integrative Whole-Person Coaching with Julie Reisler

Josh Jurkovich and Julie Reisler discuss the importance of mindfulness and how coaching can teach you to be more in tune with your heart through techniques like being still and quiet.


Ministering to Women Dealing With Trauma and Sexual Sin with Ashley Chesnut

Josh Jurkovich talks to Ashley Chesnut about how she found her calling to disciple young women in the church that are dealing with issues often considered taboo by the church.


Facebook Ads Prerequisites with Doug Greathouse

Josh Jurkovich talks to Doug Greathouse, founder and CEO of the digital marketing agency SalesSite. Doug discusses the web design business that he and his best friend launched years ago. Doug had a background in computer information systems and his friend had limited experience in web design, but that didn’t stop them from as Doug says, just going for it. Doug was fully committed to learning this new trade and in every moment of free time he had, he took time to grow his knowledge base. Doug...


Interview with Stephen Waldo, Founder of Husband Help Haven, Helping Men in Marriage Crisis

Josh Jurkovich talks to Stephen Waldo, the founder of Husband Help Haven, a place for men going through marriage crisis. Stephen is a marriage mentor and author who specializes in helping men in the midst of a marriage separation. Stephen Waldo shares his story of seeing his parents go through a divorce and deciding he would never let that happen to his future marriage. Deciding to drop out of college and pursue his freelance writing full time, Stephen created the Husband Help Haven website...


Interview With Zachary Lee: The Pre-Marriage Counselor That Will Help You Get Your Relationship on the Right Track!

Josh Jurkovich talks to Zachary Lee, an entrepreneur and business owner who specializes in pre-marital couple counseling. Zachary has worked on bringing the company that he had founded with his father — LifeWorks — to a digital audience. He talks about the importance that his parents’ long and loving marriage has had for his upbringing and line of work. Gordon Lee, his father, is the founder of LifeWorks, an ordained pastor, and a certified mediator and licensed counselor. Zachary talks...


Interview with Christopher Friend, the Navy Veteran and business mentor who explains how you can use love to build your brand.

Josh Jurkovich meets Christopher Friend, a Navy veteran, Harvard Alumnus and Career Entrepreneur, and the founder of Growth Through Love, his business consultancy. Growth Through Love teaches how to leverage the power of love to improve your business, build customer and staff loyalty and achieve growth. Since early childhood, Friend has been a keen businessman. Inspired by his father’s one piece of advice – buy low, sell high – he started selling 25C sodas to construction workers for $1 and...


Earning wealth more efficiently by taking heed of the Bible, with Myron Golden

Josh Jurkovich talks to Myron Golden, a dynamic Bible teacher with immense business experience. Myron has been serving the Lord from a young age, but apart from his work in the ministry he has also managed to achieve great success as a business consultant, marketing expert, and financial literacy trainer. He has authored a variety of books on finance and business — most notably “From The Trash Man To The Cash Man” detailing his journey from poverty to wealth. Myron discusses his thoughts on...


Interview with Nick Cavuoto: To Serve With Intention, Forget About Others’ Opinions of You

Josh Jurkovich talks to Nick Cavuoto, the founder of marketing agency Tenure Brands. He’s a speaker, entrepreneurial mentor, and social media expert who specializes in personal branding, deep coaching, and transformational leadership. Cavuoto shares his story of transformation and perseverance. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, he talks about his father’s faith and how it influenced his path. After over a decade of dealing drugs, his father attended a revival that changed his life....


Mindset coach Chris Caldwell shares his secrets to achieve your full potential

Josh Jurkovich talks to Chris Caldwell, a success and mindset coach and founder of the coaching company Live Your Ten, where he shares his knowledge of personal transformation with individuals, business owners and sales teams. Caldwell started out working long hours as a high school teacher, coach and retreat leader. While he found satisfaction in helping and guiding his students, he was burned out and felt there were other ways to challenge himself and help others around him. In this...

From Crack Addict to Pastor and Businessman: Jess Bousa’s Remarkable Journey

Josh Jurkovich talks to Jess Bousa, CEO of JB Financial Services and CEO of Exponential Media. Bousa shares his remarkable journey of transformation from teenage drug addict living on the streets of Newark, New Jersey to pastor of a growing ministry with five locations, CEO of a financial service company and marketing consultant. In his interview, Josh learns how Bousa treated his ministry like a business and how he took lessons from his ministry into the marketplace. When Bousa was sixteen...


Finding a New Calling with Josh Jurkovich and Tiffany Youngren

In the inaugural episode of the Business of Ministry podcast, host Josh Jurkovich talks to OMH Agency’s Tiffany Youngren about his challenging journey towards God, running his own digital marketing agency, and starting the BoM podcast. He tells how a couple of “conversion events” led to him finding a bold, new direction. Having been brought up in a Christian household, Josh’s faith was first challenged when he was fourteen. His brother died in a car accident and Josh drifted away from God....