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Hosts, Ricky Robinson & Keith Powell, share their 20-year adventures and pitfalls climbing the career ladder and offer advise (“C-Crets”) on avoiding the traps and thriving.


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Hosts, Ricky Robinson & Keith Powell, share their 20-year adventures and pitfalls climbing the career ladder and offer advise (“C-Crets”) on avoiding the traps and thriving.




The 4 P's of Black Expectation

There are 4 P’s of black expectation. The impact of having to live up to these expectations adds another layer of trauma, and puts up barriers that many BIPOC employees must overcome, in order to succeed in their careers. In this episode, we’ll define the 4 P’s of Black expectation, talk about how they have shown up in our own careers, and provide receipts on how they show up in the workplace. And while organizations can do more to get on code and dismantle the harm caused by these expectations on black employees; as an employee, your awareness of these expectations matter. That’s why, we’ll share 3 C-CRETS on how you as an employee can use the 4 P’s to your advantage.


No More Okie Doke! Using Your Power for Good

Have you ever been asked to accept a lateral move on the job? Is taking on an interim position always beneficial to your career? There are many circumstances when underrepresented employees believe they’re positioned for career advancement, but they end up getting the okie doke. Today, we call out the fake allyship and camouflaged sponsorship that occurs in corporate America. We’ll also provide receipts on when corporate America’s public allyship efforts do not match the results, as well as C-CRETS on how leaders can use their power for good.


Going to School and Getting on Code with Dr. Gene Harris

Inequitable educational systems led to inequitable generational outcomes for people of color. In today’s episode, we’re joined by Dr. Gene Harris as we talk about the public education system and how we can advocate for change. Dr. Harris' career in education included serving as the 19th superintendent of the Columbus City Schools (CCS), Ohio’s largest district, serving more than 51,000 students in 118 schools, and over 7,700 employees. Listen as she talks about the inspiration of teachers, the challenges in education, finding your voice as a leader, and getting on code. Then, we provide receipts on the disparities in public education. We also have a double dose of C-CRETS, first on how you can advocate for change in your public school system, and second, on how educational and corporate leaders can use their power and privilege for good in support of public education.


Get Out Da Way: Moving On as a Leader

Do you understand the changes happening within your industry? Can you relate to younger coworkers? Is your skill set and knowledge still relevant? These are among the questions a leader must ask when deciding whether or not to move on from an organization. And in today’s episode, we’ll discuss knowing when it’s time to move on and make way for someone new. We’ll also provide receipts on leadership, longevity, and changing demographics, before sharing three C-CRETS on how to move on with grace, protect your legacy, and prepare for the next chapter in your life.


Don’t Dim My Light: A Conversation with Jim Fielding

In this episode, we talk with Jim Fielding, who has led consumer products groups at the world’s largest media companies, including Disney, Dreamworks, and Twentieth Century Fox. Jim is a partner at Archer Gray, an independent media company, and president of its Co-Lab Division. He is also founder of the Queer Philanthropy Circle, the nation’s premier fundraising and advocacy group for the queer community. Listen as Jim talks about his career journey and new book ‘All Pride, No Ego: A Queer Executive's Journey to Living and Leading Authentically.’ We also get his perspective on LGBTQ+ issues in the workplace and the current political climate, before providing receipts on LGBTQ+ representation and experiences in the workplace. To wrap up, you’ll get a double dose of C-CRETS on tools LGBTQ+ employees can use to navigate their careers and how leaders can advocate for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace.


Doing the Right Thang: A Conversation with Yolanda Jackson

Conversation with SF Bar Association President, Yolanda Jackson, about "getting on code".


Season 6 Opener: Getting on Code

Keith and Ricky launch Season 6 discussing how leaders need to "get on code" in order to effectuate change in Corporate America and uplift the lives of underrepresented employees.


Season 5 Finale: Stay Ready - Getting Your Marketing Collateral Tight

As we wrap up season 5 of the podcast, it’s also a celebration of 100 episodes of C-CRETS! We’re so appreciative of our C-CRETS village. Some village members have gone on to become coaching clients, and to-date, we’ve helped clients get more than $6M in total compensation increases. We wanted to create a podcast that would help move the needle for other underrepresented employees, so that they can create generational wealth. And we do this by providing listeners with important information to better navigate through corporate America. In today’s episode, we’re talking about getting your marketing collateral tight, as it's an essential aspect that aids your ability to reach your career aspirations. We’ll also provide receipts on the importance of having good marketing collateral, and share strategies on how to stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready.


Just Get Over It? The Trauma Endured by Black Employees in 2022

In 2022, from the workplace to the global stage, there have been many examples of the imbalance of justice based on race. In today’s episode, we’ll recap some pivotal moments this year that caused black people harm and share why it matters when it comes to our careers. Then, we’ll discuss how continuous trauma and stigmas disproportionately impact black people, and provide three C-CRETS on how each of us in the Village can get aligned in our quest to be ‘on code’ when dealing with the ongoing trauma and stigmas.


The 4th Stakeholder: A Conversation with Victor Cho

We’re joined by former CEO of Evite, Victor Cho, in this episode. Victor is also an entrepreneur, having started several tech ventures, and serves on several boards including Modo. Victor’s passionate about making positive social change and mentoring the next generation of Asian leaders. Today, he’ll share his journey to becoming a corporate leader with us. We’ll also talk about the lack of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) representation within corporate America, how AAPI employees can increase their visibility and gain sponsorship, and how companies can build and expand their efforts to develop and recruit underrepresented employees for executive leadership roles.


White Tears? Whose FEARS??

This week we’ll share with you an email we received from a C-CRETS listener about her experience with white tears in the workplace. We define white tears and share examples of what it looks like, before providing you with receipts on its impact in the workplace. Then we share with you 3 C-CRETS on how to deal with white tears.


2022 Elections: Democracy Wins and Saves BIPOC Lives

2022 Election Analysis


Breaking Barriers in Sacred Industries: A Conversation with Caryn Nightengale

There’s a lack of women and ethnically diverse representation in ‘sacred’ industries within Corporate America. These industries include private equity, high tech, and med tech. In today’s episode, Caryn Nightengale, a board director at Atlis Motor Vehicles, joins us to talk about her career journey. We’ll also discuss the lack of gender and ethnically diverse representation within finance, and highlight receipts on the lack of women and ethnically diverse representation in ‘sacred’ industries within Corporate America. Then, Caryn provides C-CRETS on how to increase your visibility and gain sponsorship in your current role as an individual, before sharing how companies within sacred industries can build and expand their efforts to develop and recruit underrepresented employees for executive leadership roles.


Kanye, Oy Vey: Anti-Semitism in the Workplace

In today’s episode, we’ll talk about anti-Semitic dialogue, and our experience with anti-Semitism and how it shows up in the workplace. We’ll also provide you with receipts on the impact of anti-Semitism and C-CRETS on how to combat it as an individual and as an organization.


Future-Ready Leadership: A Conversation with Maureen Metcalf

What’s the difference between managing and leading people at work? In today’s episode we’ll talk about this with Maureen Metcalf, founder and CEO of the Innovative Leadership Institute, and a highly sought-after expert in anticipating and leveraging future business trends. Maureen is also the host of the Innovating Leadership: Co-Creating Our Future podcast, where we were past guests. Listen as she shares her story and career journey, before we delve into what future-ready leadership looks like, provide receipts on the importance of leadership, and share how to be a future-ready leader in today’s dynamic work environment.


The Smartest Person in the Room?

In today’s episode, we’ll share some of our workplace stories with the ‘smartest’ person in the room. Then, we’ll provide receipts on identifying know-it-all behavior in the workplace, before sharing helpful strategies, C-CRETS, on how to deal with the smartest person in the room.


Are You Really Tired or Just A Tired Ass: Dealing with Diversity Fatigue in the Workplace

Dealing with diversity fatigue


Why HBCUs Matter to Black Lives: A Conversation with Stillman College EVP, Dr. Derrick Gilmore

Executive Vice President at Stillman College Dr. Derrick Gilmore joins us in the C-CRETS chair today. Dr.Gilmore is driven by his mission to be an advocate for increasing the capacities of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) to support the development and preparation of socially conscious leaders. In today’s episode, we’ll talk about what HBCUs have to offer and why they’re important for developing black leaders. Then, we’ll provide some insightful receipts on HBCUs and C-CRETS on applying or supporting a HBCU. In addition, we’ll share C-CRETS on how corporate America can better support HBCUs.


Ain’t a Damn Thing Changed: Hispanic Progress in Corporate America

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated annually from September 15 to October 15. But are we celebrating new successes and accomplishments for Hispanic employees in the workplace compared to this time last year? In today’s episode, we’ll re-visit the dilemmas faced by Hispanic employees in the workplace, talk about steps for meaningful progress to be made, and share what corporations could do to make their workplaces more inclusive for Hispanic employees.


Black Trailblazer in American Business: A Conversation with Carlton Guthrie

How do you become a trailblazer? Why should you pivot when you meet up on a glass cliff opportunity? In today’s episode, we’re joined by Carlton L. Guthrie, Co-Chairman and President of Detroit Chassis LLC and its parent company SPECTRA LLC. Listen as Carlton delves into what it was like as a first-generation, black corporate leader and his decision to venture out on his own. He also talks about what to look for when choosing an organization, packaging lessons learnt, developing a contingency plan, and expanding your skillsets. Then, we’ll provide receipts on black corporate trailblazers, and C-CRETS from Carlton on how to believe in yourself and follow your passion.