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Are your family finances not where you want them to be? That's because you don't have a CFO at home! Vince Carter and his amazing guests discuss Personal Finance fundamentals and ways to better navigate the relational aspects of money to help listeners become the CFO at THEIR home!

Are your family finances not where you want them to be? That's because you don't have a CFO at home! Vince Carter and his amazing guests discuss Personal Finance fundamentals and ways to better navigate the relational aspects of money to help listeners become the CFO at THEIR home!


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Are your family finances not where you want them to be? That's because you don't have a CFO at home! Vince Carter and his amazing guests discuss Personal Finance fundamentals and ways to better navigate the relational aspects of money to help listeners become the CFO at THEIR home!




97. Why Do We Love Our Stuff?

Aaron Ahuvia is a Professor of Marketing, a research psychologist, and the author of The Things We Love: How Our Passions Connect Us and Make Us Who We Are. On this episode of CFO at Home, Aaron and Vince discuss why we fall in love with things, how our desire for things can cause us to overspend, and more. Key Takeaways In the best case scenario, the desire to create products that consumers “fall in love with”, pushes companies to:Create high-quality productsEstablish a relationship with...


96. The Number; How do you know you’re financially ready to retire?

One of the more frequently discussed topics when it comes to retirement planning is the idea of the “number”, or what’s the amount that you need to have saved and invested in order to finally transition into a life of financial independence? That’s the topic that Vince discusses on this episode of CFO at Home with Dennis Schlegal, co-founder of the wealth management group, Emeritus Wealth. Key Takeaways As you approach retirement, it’s not so much how much you have saved, it’s the amount...


95. Change your Mindset, Change your Financial Future

Alissa Locke has spent her career helping people improve their financial situation, first in the mortgage industry, then insurance and financial services. However, it was her personal money journey that compelled her to become a Financial Coach. Alissa went from being a broke, single mother in her 30s to being able to achieve financial freedom and retire in her early 50s. The key to her turnaround? A change in mindset. Today on CFO at Home, Alissa and Vince discuss the lessons that she...


94. Breaking the Cycle of Debt

These days, Crystal Williams, Financial Coach and Founder of Smart Money Financial Coaching, works with women and married couples who “make too much to feel this broke” move from financial stress to financial freedom. However, she’s also honest about not having always made the "right" decisions with money. It took Crystal decades to change her relationship with money and truly get control over her financial situation. Today on CFO at Home, Crystal shares how she and her family broke out of...


93. Student Loan Debt Relief and the Cost of College

So as I recorded this it was late August, and the Student Loan Debt Relief Plan was announced about a week ago. Since the announcement there’s been all sorts of discussion about whether or not the debt cancellation portion of the plan is fair; whether or not it goes far enough, if it’s just political pandering, and on, and on, and on. So instead of the typical episode I thought we’d take a quick look at the info currently available about the plan, discuss some of the pros and cons of a...


92. Getting Unstuck in your Finances and your Life

How many times in your life have you just felt stuck; in your job, in your relationships, in your finances, or in some other area? Vince’s guest today on CFO at Home is Dominique Henderson, a Certified Financial Planner and the author of the book Assess, Address & Adjust: A Practical Guide to Becoming Unstuck & Achieving Your Goals. In this episode Dominique and Vince discuss the principles of getting unstuck detailed in the book, how these principles apply to your finances, the importance...


91. Estate Planning Fundamentals

Estate Planning; not the most fun or glamorous financial topic, even for us money nerds, but something that if done properly can really lighten the load for our loved ones at the time that they need it the most. On this episode of CFO at Home, CFP and Founder/CEO of Woodall Wealth Management James Woodall returns for a discussion about fundamental Estate Planning tools, legacy planning, why these subjects mean so much to both him and Vince, and more. Key Takeaways Will - A legal document...


90. Retirement - Starting with the Basics

So maybe up to this point you thought about retirement from time to time, but never got around to getting serious about it and creating a plan. Where do you begin? What are some of the basic factors and concepts that you need to be familiar with? That’s the discussion on this episode of CFO at Home with CFP and Founder/CEO of Woodall Wealth Management, James Woodall. Key Takeaways When getting serious about your retirement:Verify assets that you have - do you have old retirement accounts...


89. Communicating with Your Partner about Money

According to a 2021 study from Fidelity Investments, one in five couples identify money as their greatest relationship challenge, and 44% of partners say that they argue at least occasionally about money. My guest today, Financial Wellness Leader and speaker Michael de Haan, has lived on the wrong side of these stats while experiencing the breakdown of a 22 year marriage. Today on CFO at Home, Vince discusses that experience with Michael, and the lessons learned from it that he’s applying in...


88. Financial Procrastination

According to recent statistics, around 1 in 3 Americans have some sort of household budget plan, only 30% have a long-term financial plan that involves savings and investments for the future, yet 70% of us acknowledge that our financial plans need work. So why do we neglect such important elements of our lives and how can we motivate ourselves to do better? That’s the conversation I have with Emily Guy Birken, Financial Expert, money coach, and co-author of Stacked: Your Super-Serious Guide...


87. Social Security and Medicare

For most of us, regardless of what other assets we have to fund our retirement, Social Security and Medicare still play a role in our plans. Given that, what are some of the basics and common misconceptions that we should understand about these programs? That’s the discussion that Vince has with Maryann Keith, COO and Investment Strategist with Beden Wealth Management, on this episode of CFO at Home. Key Takeaways Social Security Retirement BenefitsWhen can you collectIf you’re collecting...


Bonus - Grilling Tips (nothing to do with money)!

One of my upcoming guests, James Woodall of Woodall Wealth Management, is not only a Certified Financial Planner and experienced Financial Advisor, he’s also a grillmaster. In honor of the Independence Day holiday here in the US, here are a few of James’ grilling tips.


86. Inflation, Recession, and your Finances (Part 2, Back to Basics)

News about inflation and a looming recession has been dominating the headlines, but what does all of this mean for us and our finances? This is our second and final episode on Inflation, Recession and your Finances here on CFO at Home. In this episode Vince talks with Emily Rassam, Senior Financial Planner with Archer Investment Management, about the importance of sticking to the basics of solid money management during times of economic uncertainty; budgeting, knowing your risk tolerance,...


85. Inflation, Recession, and your Finances (Part 1)

News about inflation and a looming recession has been dominating the headlines, but what does all of this mean for us and our finances? These are the topics that we’ll tackle in the next couple of episodes of CFO at Home. We’ll start today by talking with Economist Eric Mason to gain a better understanding of inflation, recessions, and how things got to where they are today. Key Takeaways Inflation A measurement of how much prices have changed relative to some point in the pastCore...


84. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

For everything that’s been said about Cryptocurrency, the one thing you never hear it called is boring. When its price shoots up, it’s talked about as the opportunity of a lifetime to make huge profits. When its price collapses, it’s dismissed by many of the same people who loved it in better times. But what is Cryptocurrency, and what determines its value? Vince and Professional Institutional Investor and creator of The Integrating Investor Seth Levine discuss those questions and more on...


83. What we all need to Understand about our Money

There are those of us who are self confessed money nerds who love talking, reading, and learning all about money. Other folks appreciate the role that money plays in helping them achieve their goals, but aren’t interested in getting too far into the details. Regardless of your level of interest, what are the fundamentals that we all need to understand about the subject? That’s the discussion Vince has with Financial Mentor and Educator Eunicia Peret of Empowered Financial Planner on this...


82. Teaching Kids to make Money Decisions

There are lots of ways to teach your kids about money; giving them an allowance, paying them for doing household chores, or encouraging them to get an after-school job or start their own small business can all be effective. But what about the money you’re already spending for your kid’s clothes, school supplies, and other items? What if you let them manage this money and budget for these expenses? Today on CFO at Home Vince has a conversation with Rachel Murphy of Raising Confident Teens and...


81. The Choice to become a Millionaire

Attaining millionaire status is considered by many to be one of the signs that you’ve “made it” financially. Today there are more millionaires worldwide than ever, and more millionaires live in the US than any country in the world. However, if you have yet to reach that status, what does it take to get there? Is it really attainable? Today on CFO at Home Vince talks with Tony Bradshaw of the Millionaire Choice, whose mission is to encourage people to make the choice to become millionaires...


80. Saving, Spending, and Debt from a Biblical Perspective

When it comes to the subject of faith, the church, and money, too often the images that come to mind aren’t exactly positive. Today on CFO at Home Vince talks with Scott LaPierre, a Pastor who is dedicated to teaching sound, practical biblical money principles through his sermons, podcast, blog, and most recently his new book, Your Finances God’s Way, A Biblical Guide to Making the Best Use of Your Money. Check out the conversation where we discuss Scott’s views on the bedrock financial...


79. Managing your Fear as an Investor

John Stoj spent over two decades as an investment banker and money manager before striking out on his own after the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Today, he mentors people through providing them with financial & strategic advice. On this episode of CFO at Home, John and Vince discuss the role that fear plays in our investing lives; fear of missing out, fear of staying the course, and more Key Takeaways Fear is not a terribly good driver of any life decisions, including financialBe honest and...