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CHURN.FM is the podcast for subscription economy pros. Every Wednesday we hear how the world’s fastest growing companies are tackling churn and using retention & engagement to fuel their growth.

CHURN.FM is the podcast for subscription economy pros. Every Wednesday we hear how the world’s fastest growing companies are tackling churn and using retention & engagement to fuel their growth.




CHURN.FM is the podcast for subscription economy pros. Every Wednesday we hear how the world’s fastest growing companies are tackling churn and using retention & engagement to fuel their growth.






EP 173 | Jamie Shanks (Pipeline Signals) - Monitoring and growing customer champions to crush churn and drive acquisition

Today on the show we have Jamie Shanks, CEO and Founder of Pipeline Signals. In this episode, Jamie shares how his experience building Sales for life rolled into Pipeline Signals. We then discussed why social monitoring your accounts is critical in reducing churn and we wrapped up by discussing some key metrics identified through growing Pipeline Signals and why 3% of your CRM contacts become obsolete each month. As usual, I'm excited to hear what you think of this episode, and if you...


EP 172 | Greg Daines (Total Customer Strategy) - Customer Satisfaction has no correlation with Customer Retention

Today on the show we have Greg Daines, CEO and Founder of Total Customer Strategy In this episode, Greg shares lessons learned consulting hundreds of companies on churn and retention and why so many companies focus on asking the wrong questions when getting started. We then discussed why customer satisfaction has no correlation with retention and why you need to focus on customer results instead and we wrapped up by discussing why it all comes back to alignment if you want to see...


EP 171 | Baxter Lanius (Alternative) - How alternative financing options can be used to drive growth and reduce churn.

Today on the show we have Baxter Lanius, CEO and Founder of Alternative. In this episode, Baxter shares his biggest lesson moving from an investor to an entrepreneur and the struggles he has overcome in the process. We then discussed the similarities between lead scoring and churn prediction with underwriting for approvals on loan applications and we finished off discussing how alternative financing options can be used to drive growth and reduce churn for your business. As usual, I'm...


EP 170 | Trey Hoffman (Fleetio) - How to set up a monthly churn insights meeting and how it helps drive retention

Today on the show we have Trey Hoffman, VP of Customer Experience at Fleetio. In this episode, Trey shares insights into their monthly churn insights meeting, and the key KPIs shared during this meeting. We then discussed why SMB-focused Customer Success reps are called SMB Analysts, and how Fleetio’s Customer Success service differs between their customer segments. As usual, I'm excited to hear what you think of this episode, and if you have any feedback, I would love to hear from you....


EP 169 | Farzad Rashidi (Respona) - How Visme went from 0 to 3million in organic traffic, and how they productized the process.

Today on the show we have Farzad Rashidi, Lead Innovator at Respona. In this episode, Farzad shares how Visme went from 0 to 3million in organic traffic, and how they took that strategy and turned it into a new product. We then discussed why organic and paid search traffic impact retention differently, and how customers that are actively searching to solve a problem have significantly higher retention. As usual, I'm excited to hear what you think of this episode, and if you have any...


EP 168 | Ziv Peled (AppsFlyer) - How a Customer Success org of 240 strong delivers an impactful and consistent experience for their customers

Today on the show we have Ziv Peled, Chief Customer Officer of AppsFlyer. In this episode, Ziv shared his experience trying to gain balance between in-office and remote work post-covid for his team and the functions of their Customer Success Operations team that makes it all happen that supports over 240 CS team members across the world. We then discussed the sophisticated custom data and analytics setup AppsFlyer have between Salesforce and Looker for the Customer Success team and we...


EP 167 | Firaas Rashid (Hook) - Understanding the buyers and sellers side in an enterprise software deal

Today on the show we have Firaas Rashid, CEO, and co-founder of hook. In this episode, Firaas shared his experience both from a buyer and seller's side regarding enterprise software. We then discussed how companies could best implement new software to gain ROI immediately, why you should stop selling features and start selling transformations, and how you can use user acquisition tactics post-acquisition to impact retention. As usual, I'm excited to hear what you think of this episode,...


EP 166 | Claudiu Murariu (InnerTrends) - Setting up your data stack for impactful retention analysis.

Today on the show we have Claudiu Murariu, CEO, and co-founder of InnerTrends. In this episode, Claudiu shared best practices on how to get started setting up data analytics tracking, metrics and properties to consider, and why a tracking plan is essential. We then discussed how to identify and select your onboarding and activation metrics for companies at different stages in their growth cycle and we finished off by discussing how to effectively analyze churn and retention with your...


EP 165 | Lowell Ricklefs (Traction Advising) - New business VS retention: Which metric influences a company’s acquisition.

Today on the show we have Lowell Ricklefs, CEO, and co-founder of Traction Advising. In this episode, Lowell shared his experience from a buyer’s perspective of SaaS businesses, the reasons to acquire vs buy, and how they evaluate potential acquisition targets. We then approached acquisitions from the seller side and talked about when the right time is for Founders to start to think about an acquisition, the steps they should take before they begin the process, and the key metrics that...


EP 164 | You Mon Tsang (ChurnZero) - The evolution of focus on net revenue retention

Today on the show we have You Mon Tsang, CEO, and co-founder of ChurnZero. In this episode, You Mon shared his experience building and exiting 3 companies and the lessons he bought with him when starting ChurnZero. We also touched on his pragmatic approach to entrepreneurship and the naming of his company. We finished off with a discussion on net revenue retention and how the market's perception has changed of this metric over time. As usual, I'm excited to hear what you think of this...


EP 163 | Michael Winnick (Dscout) - Creating human relationship capital to reduce churn

Today on the show we have Michael Winnick, founder, and CEO of Dscout. In this episode, Michael talked about how user research has changed over the years, and how data analytics and research teams should work together to get the maximum ROI. Michael then dove into how to fight your internal bias when it comes to user research, how Dscout drives growth by doubling down on creating a human relationship capital, and what they do to prevent champion departure churn. As usual, I'm excited to...


EP 162 | Romaric Philogéne (Qovery) - Building empathy by hiring your customers to run customer success.

Today on the show we have Romaric Philogéne, Co-founder and CEO of Qovery. In this episode, Romaric shared why his previous start-up didn’t work out and how they pivoted into Qovery, we then talked about the challenges of being a customer-centric company, and their unique approach to building their customer success team by hiring their customer personas as Customer Success representatives. We then dove into why Qovery has minimal churn, and how they build trust with potential customers at...


EP 161 | James Mayes (Mind The Product) - Transitioning to a subscription-based business.

Today on the show we have James Mayes, CEO, and co-founder of Mind The Product. In this episode, James shared a couple of lessons from his first failed startup and why he decided to join a growing startup after. We then dove into how James and the team at Mind The Product pivoted the business to a subscription-based model during Covid, the research they conducted to identify what should be a part of the offering, and how they expanded the offering over time. We finished off with James...


EP 160 | Andrew Peterson and Spencer Dent (Clozd) - Qualitative churn analysis.

Today on the show we have Andrew Peterson and Spencer Dent, Founders of Clozd. In this episode, they shared how they came up with the idea to build Clozd, and how they help their clients uncover the qualitative pieces of the puzzle they need to really understand all the nuances that went into their customer’s decision to churn. We then dove into why you should interview the decision-makers of companies that have churned, the benefits of recruiting a third party to conduct the interviews,...


EP 159 | Steffen Hedebrandt (Dreamdata) - How turning customers away increases retention.

Today on the show we have Steffen Hedebrandt, Co-founder and CMO of Dreamdata. In this episode, Steffen shared how documenting quality content and sharing it on social opened many doors for him, he also what Dreamdata does and how they offer multitouch account-based attribution. We then dove into the power of positioning and understanding who your ideal customer profile is on churn and retention, how Steffen and the team orient all their marketing and sales efforts around their ICP for...


EP 158 | Jonathan Widawski (Maze) - How Maze Segments Churn Based On Their Products Vision

Today on the show we have Jonathan Widawski, Founder and CEO of Maze. In this episode, Jo shared how Maze emerged out of a need to validate assumptions fast about a previous startup he founded. He continued to share how the prototype evolved into the company we know today. We then dove into how Jo and the team are introducing a sales motion on top of their existing product-led strategy and the challenges that come with it. Finally, we discussed how they segment and analyze their churn and...


EP 157 | David Darmanin (Hotjar) - Understanding the difference between acceptable and worrying churn

Today on the show we have David Darmanin, Founder and previous CEO of Hotjar. In this episode, David shared what he misses most about being the CEO of Hotjar, and what led him to realize it was time to step down and hand over the role. We then dove into the importance of giving your people the freedom to fail, how Hotjar reduced churn by doubling down on their ICP in their go-to-market strategy, and the differences between acceptable and worrying churn. David then explains the Hotjar ethos...


EP 156 | Kyle Pursell (Shopify) - Leveraging email to increase engagement & retention

Today on the show we have Kyle Pursell, Senior Lead of Growth Marketing at Shopify. In this episode, Kyle shared his biggest lesson upon joining Shopify on how they effectively enable collaboration across the various cross-functional functions and how they maintain alignment through a powerful company mission. We then dove into how Kyle and the team measured PMF at Inman when switching to a subscription business for their content. We dove deep into how you can leverage email to increase...


EP 155 | Maranda Dziekonski (Swiftly) - Building out a high-touch Customer Success team

Today on the show we have Maranda Dziekonski, Chief Customer Officer at Swiftly. In this episode, Maranda shared her early career experience and how she made a move from the factory production line to an office role and later into Customer Success. We then dove into Maranda’s framework for assessing the Customer Success function when joining a new company, how she went about splitting out the high-touch customer success function at Swiftly, and we closed off with some tips and hiring...


EP 154 | Bryan Plaster (CompleteCSM) - Creating true customer evangelists with workshops and success days

Today on the show we have Bryan Plaster, CEO, and Co-founder of CompleteCSM. In this episode, Brain shared his experience starting customer Success from scratch at multiple organizations and helping Informatica and Talend move from on-premise software sales to a cloud subscription business. We then talked about the evolution of Customer Success over the last 15 years followed by how to create customer evangelists using workshops and success days. We wrapped up the episode with Bryan...