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CHURN.FM is the podcast for subscription economy pros. Every Wednesday we hear how the world’s fastest growing companies are tackling churn and using retention & engagement to fuel their growth.

CHURN.FM is the podcast for subscription economy pros. Every Wednesday we hear how the world’s fastest growing companies are tackling churn and using retention & engagement to fuel their growth.
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CHURN.FM is the podcast for subscription economy pros. Every Wednesday we hear how the world’s fastest growing companies are tackling churn and using retention & engagement to fuel their growth.






EP 26 | Yu-Kai Chou - Gamification: 4 phases of a “Player’s Journey” and how it can help you improve retention

Today on Churn.FM we have Yu-Kai Chou, the author of Actionable Gamification and creator of the Octalysis framework. We talked about the 4 phases of a player’s journey in the gamification framework, and how it can help make your product stickier, and prevent churn. We also discussed examples of good gamification in SaaS, how much is too much, and how user onboarding can play a vital role in gamifying your retention. Yu-Kai also talked about the importance of community in user retention,...


EP25 | Vinay Bhagat (TrustRadius) - How to increase customer retention by adapting to the modern buyer’s journey

Today on we have Vinay Bhagat, Founder and CEO of TrustRadius, and ex-founder and CEO of Convio. In this episode, we talk briefly about Vinay’s unique educational background, the biggest takeaway he got from being a student at three of the most prestigious universities in the world, and the moment he realized he was destined to become an entrepreneur. Vinay also shared how he prevents churn when a champion leaves his customer’s company, how he maintains retention by continuously...


EP24 | Guillaume Cabane - 4 Simple churn crushing tactics to unlock hyper-growth for your startup

Today on we have Guillaume Cabane, also known as “G”. G was the former VP of Growth at hyper-growth startups such as Drift and Segment, and now works as a growth advisor for a number of different startups. In this episode we talk about forecasting churn, the most surprising factor G found that contributes to churn, and the simplest way to battle it. We also discuss tracking and measuring your marketing efforts, the importance of understanding the “sales velocity” of your different...


EP23 | Eleanor Dorfman - Faster is not always better: How Segment improved retention by adding friction to their onboarding process

Today on we have Eleanor Dorfman, Head of Customer Expansion at Segment. We talked about Eleanor’s unique background and how she transitioned from a career in law to education and finally settled in the tech startup world. Eleanor also gave us insight into how Segment planned their current onboarding process, how adding friction to their onboarding lead to higher retention, and the most surprising thing they found that caused churn. We also discussed why customer retention is a...


EP22 | Michael Redbord - How HubSpot turns customers into marketers by creating a customer-driven culture

Today on we have Michael Redbord, the General Manager of Service Hub at HubSpot. We talked about why you should proactively turn your customers into your best marketers, how customer success teams play an important role in doing it, and why you should keep talking to customers as you scale. We also discussed why creating a mindset around churn and retention early on is important to an organization, and how to build a customer success team with that in mind. Michael also shared...


EP21 | Jinny Oh (Wandr) - How product strategy and UX design impact churn

Today on CHURN.FM we have Jinny Oh, Founder of Wandr Studio, a product strategy and UX design firm. We chatted about how Jinny built a multi-million dollar business as a digital nomad and her motivations to build a remote company. We also discussed how Wandr helps SaaS companies tackle churn through product strategy and UX design, how to test your ideal customer personas before building a product, and the importance of having a solid information architecture to avoid build a Frankestein...


EP20 | John Gleeson - How KeepTruckin keeps a near-perfect customer retention rate

Today on CHURN.FM we have John Gleeson, the Head of Customer Success for Upper SMB, Mid Market, and Enterprise of KeepTruckin We chatted about what it’s like building a customer success team in a fast-scaling startup and how they achieve a near-perfect customer retention rate. John also shared the tool stack his Customer Success team uses, why their customer success team is set up into two different functions between onboarding and Customer Success, and how they proactively prepare for...


EP19 | Wes Bush (ProductLed Institute) - Product-led growth, a buzz word or just good business?

Today on CHURN.FM we have Wes Bush, Author of "Product-Led Growth" & host of the We chatted about what product-led growth is and why you should care. Why Wes started the Product-led Summit, and how you can get started with Product-led growth. We also discussed the importance of striking a balance between educating and motivating your users during user onboarding, why optimizing the first 5 minutes of a users journey is make or break moment and he provided a...


EP18 | Tina Todorovic - How this early-stage startup used instructional videos to curb churn

Today on CHURN.FM we have Tina Todorovic, co-founder of Social Web Suite, a social media management platform for WordPress sites. We chatted about why Social Web Suite built a product focused on WordPress and how they scratched their own itch in the process. We also discussed the authentic process that Tina took to collect user feedback during their beta period and the tools she used to do so. Tina also shared how they managed to reduce 80% of their support requests and increase retention...


EP17 | Stephen Levin (Zapier) - Why churn cannot be measured with a single number

Today on we have Stephen Levin, currently working on special projects for the CEO of Zapier and the owner of Think Analytically. We chatted about why churn is not a metric that should be measured with one number, the difference between customer, user and revenue churn and when to use the three. We also discussed the mistakes startups make when measuring churn, how contract length impacts retention, and why tracking cohorts is critical when measuring churn. Stephen also shared how...


EP16 | David Skok (Matrix Partners) - Why churn is a critical metric for investors to understand when evaluating a startup

Today on CHURN.FM we have David Skok, a four-time founder, investor, and author of the blog For Entrepreneurs. We chatted about how David evaluates startups to invest in, the definition of product market fit, and what he looks for after it. We also discussed the importance of churn and retention in the investment evaluation process, the key characteristics that companies with great retention share, and the power of negative churn. David also shared what a healthy LTV to CAC ratio should...


EP15 | April Dunford - How to develop a retention building product positioning

Today on CHURN.FM we have April Dunford, a product positioning consultant and author of Obviously Awesome. April helps startups position their products so that their customers get it, buy it, and love it. We chatted about the definition of positioning and what it is and isn’t. We also discussed how positioning impacts customer churn and the common mistakes startups make when positioning their products. April also shared the 3 styles of positioning your product in a market, how positioning...


EP14 | Dennis Kayser - How Forecast uses predictive modelling to combat churn

In today's episode of CHURN.FM we have Dennis Kayser the Founder and CEO of Forecast. Forecast helps project-based companies automate operations, empower people and leverage insights to drive business performance and client success. Their goal is to eliminate all manual processes of resource & project management by using Artificial Intelligence to setup and manage projects automatically. We chatted about why retention is Forecast’s biggest lever for growth with 80- 90% of new users coming...


EP13 | Andrus Purde - How user acquisition impacts churn and how to measure it effectively

Today on the show we have Andrus Purde the Founder of Outfunnel. Outfunnel is a sales-centric marketing automation tool that tightly integrates with modern CRM’s like Pipedrive. You can automate email marketing campaigns, track email and website behavior from click to conversion and get useful insights for your business. We chatted about the customer development process that took Andrus from idea to Outfunnel and how he created structured data from the in-person interviews. We also...


EP12 | Patrick Campbell - How Profitwell increased their customer lifetime value from $6k to $150K

In today's episode of, we have Patrick Campbell the Founder of Profitwell. ProfitWell provides free subscription metrics software to help you identify opportunities and then tools to help you reduce churn, optimize pricing, and grow your subscription business end-to-end. We chatted about how Profitwell added a services layer on top of their software business that decreased churn and increased their customer lifetime value from $6,000 - $150,000. We also discussed what companies...


EP11 | Mike Fiorillo - How Invision accidentally increased retention by focusing on virality

Today on we have Mike Fiorillo the Founder of Optimology and previously a Growth Product Manager and Head of Optimization at Invision. Invision is a digital product design platform powering the world’s best user experiences. We chatted about Mike’s experience at Invision and his journey transitioning from conversion rate optimisation to product growth when they realised they were hitting diminishing returns on the CRO experiments being run. We discussed how they calculated the...


EP10 | Julie Hogan (Drift) - Drift's focus on their customer's success and it's churn crushing effects

In today's episode of, we have Julie Hogan, VP of the Customer team at Drift - a conversational marketing platform. We chatted about Julie’s early days at both HubSpot and Drift and the challenges that come with building category-defining businesses. The impact that the stage of your business has on churn and retention, and the importance of focusing on your early adopters to convert them into lifelong customer evangelists. We also discussed the 3 sins of customer success, how...


EP9 | Steli Efti (Close) - How to build a sustainable sales model that drives long term retention

In today’s episode, I chatted to Steli Efti, the CEO & Co-founder of Close. A cloud-based CRM software optimized to help salespeople close more deals. We talked about how Close aligns their sales, success, and company around long term retention. We also touched on how to build a predictable, repeatable, and scalable sales process, how to define your ideal customer persona, the biggest mistake sales teams make, and why building up your sales teams confidence will reduce churn by aligning...


EP8 | Shaun Clowes (Metromile) - Retention and engagement lessons learned building Atlassian’s growth team from 0 to 50 people strong 💪

In today’s episode, I chatted to Shaun Clowes, the Chief Product Officer at Metromile and previous Head of Growth at Atlassian. We talked about how Atlassian measured success in the early days and their relentless focus on delivering value. We also touched on why enterprise users are more similar to their SMB counterparts than you think, Atlassian’s land and grab strategy that fueled their expansion revenue and the differences in tackling churn between B2B and B2C companies. This was one...


EP7 | Pulkit Agrawal (Chameleon) - How to build a churn busting user onboarding experience

On the show today we welcome Pulkit Agrawal, Co-founder & CEO at Chameleon, a platform that helps companies build user onboarding without writing a line code. Tune in as we discuss why you should care about your user onboarding experience, its relationship to churn and retention, and user onboarding tests you can run in your business.