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Live From ONWARD18: How QSRs Can Win With Review Management

In this episode, Jason Carrigan, Head of Digital Marketing at Checkers & Rally's Drive-In Restaurants, talks about driving digital discovery and why review management matters — especially for QSRs. In Carrigan's words, "to start with, it’s simple: Reviews impact customer behavior." Missed the action at Yext’s ONWARD18 conference? Experience all the innovation and insights at ONWARD19. Sign up for ONWARD19 updates here and be the first to know when tickets go on sale.


Live From ONWARD18: How To Create A Truly Personalized Retail Experience

Welcome to season two of CMO On-The-Go! In this episode, Cimarron Buser, SVP business development at TimeTrade, explains why everyone visiting a retailer, financial institution, or healthcare provider should have a "we've been expecting you" customer experience — and what marketers can do to provide it. Missed the action at Yext's ONWARD18 conference? Experience all the innovation and insights at ONWARD19. Sign up for ONWARD19 updates here and be the first to know when tickets go on sale.


How — And Why –The Job of CMO Is Changing Dramatically

The demand for personalized services by “connected consumers” has led most marketing professionals to adopt a new outlook of advancing their goals with the tools on hand while taking on the role of “chief silo-buster.” On this week’s episode, we speak with David Berkowitz, the head of Serial Marketer, a consultancy focused on branding, product marketing, demand generation, and more. Among other things, we’ll be exploring the idea of how the CMO role has become a “hybrid” job that combines...


What CMOs Need To Know About Digital Creativity — And Diversity

Walter Geer, co-founder and Head of Marketing and Strategy at music community platform Quarry, has spent the better part of two decades working in digital advertising from the creative side at companies such as Viacom/MTV Networks, Gannett's Pointroll, Verve, and others. In this episode of CMO On The Go, Walter offers his thoughts on the persistence of the creative lag mobile in particular has experienced even as the ability to use machine learning has helped drive greater ad...


Why Brick-And-Mortar Bank Branches Remain Relevant

For the most of the past few decades, the retail banking industry hasn’t necessary cultivated a reputation for innovation. The banking space has tended to slowly to adopt technologies that have become mainstream in other industries, and it has been resistant to abandon “the old way” of doing business. On this week’s episode, we speak with Service Credit Union VP of Marketing Wendy Beswick, who discusses the continued relevance of physical bank branches and the supportive role played by...

Why Clicks-Based Brands Like Warby Parker, Everlane, And Amazon Need Bricks-Based Stores

The "retail-pocalypse" appears to be ebbing as major store brands from Macy's to Target have enhanced and embraced a range of online/offline strategies such as buy-online/pick-up-instore. But as GroundTruth CMO Eric Hadley notes in this week's CMO On The Go episode, it's not just convenience and ease associated with bringing digital touchpoints to physical businesses that has consumers shopping in stores. It's something that has inspired e-tailers like Warby Parker, Caspar, Everlane, and...


Mindshare’s Joe Maceda: What Brands Need To Know About ‘Incidental Loyalty’

The emergence of voice activation and digital assistants has brand loyalty undergoing the most dramatic upheaval since the rise of television advertising in the 1960s, says Mindshare's Joe Maceda in episode 5 of CMO On The Go. Plus: Lauryn Chamberlain tells you what you need to know about Sentiment Analysis.


The Holiday Retail Shopping Forecast For CMOs

In our fourth episode, we speak with Jeffrey Schmitz, the chief marketing officer of Zebra Technologies, whose software, analytics and solutions are designed to intelligently connect people, assets and data. Jeff shares his insight about challenges facing CMOs in the b2b space, the holiday season outlook for retailers, and more. Plus: Lauryn Chamberlain defines what businesses need to know about managing reviews.


Verve CMO Julie Bernard — Episode 3

Julie Bernard is chief marketing officer of Verve. In episode 3 of CMO On The Go, the former SVP of omnichannel customer strategy, data science, loyalty, and marketing technology at Macy’s, calls for for more discussion of the way brands can create better experiences for existing consumers, while creating new customer connections. Plus: Lauryn Chamberlain defines "Earcons."


IBM Watson Advertising David Neway — Episode 2

Approximately 80 percent of data in the world is "unstructured data." Learn why unstructured data matters to marketers today — and how to make sense of it using AI to generate better marketing outcomes. David Neway, Head of Product Marketing at IBM Watson Advertising, walks us through the details behind understanding unstructured data.


Yext CMO Jeffrey K. Rohrs — Episode 1

Discover the concept of the "Everywhere Brand" and Digital Knowledge Management — and how marketers today should be putting these ideas to work in order to reach customers in all the moments that matter.