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CPA Conversations podcast series focuses in on accounting-related news and hot topics.

CPA Conversations podcast series focuses in on accounting-related news and hot topics.


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CPA Conversations podcast series focuses in on accounting-related news and hot topics.








Biden Administration Could Mean Whole New World for Federal Taxation

The transition from Donald Trump’s presidential administration to that of Joe Biden’s has been, to put it lightly, rocky. With a new era in presidential leadership set to be ushered in, does this mean a whole new era in federal taxation will come with it? To answer this question, we met with Bruce A. Hyde, CPA, partner and wealth adviser for Round Table Wealth Management in New York City. To read the full transcript click here.


The Evolution of Blockchain: Where It’s at and Where It’s Heading

In this episode of CPA Conversations, Dr. Sean Stein Smith, assistant professor at the City University of New York – Lehman College, joins us to talk about some of the most pressing aspects in the area of blockchain, such as the status of its adoption and implementation, the importance of internal controls to its sustainability, and its role in shaping organizations’ succession plans. To read the full transcript click here.


Financial Planners: Make Transfer Tax Exemptions an Option for Your Clients

Transfer tax exemptions were one of the many aspects of the tax world that were affected by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The legislation affected options around gifting, rules for individuals vs. couples, and so much more. To find out the status of these exemptions, as well as whether the results of the presidential election may affect them even more, we spoke with J. Victor Conrad, founder of PINNACLE Financial Strategies LLC in Wexford, Pa. To read the full transcript click here.


Paycheck Protection Program Attracting Fraudsters

When disaster strikes, unfortunately criminals view it as open season for committing of financial fraud. The coronavirus pandemic certainly qualifies as a disaster, and fraudsters have been quick to seize upon the opportunity presented by the Paycheck Protection Program, a piece of legislation meant to help small businesses that have been waylaid by the impact of COVID-19. In today’s podcast, Sonia Desai, managing director of Weaver in Austin, Texas, discusses what makes the PPP susceptible...


Exploring the Latest Coronavirus Financial Relief Package and Its Effect on CPAs

The U.S. Congress recently approved $900 billion in financial relief for families and businesses who have been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The relief package includes direct checks for individuals, funding for distribution of the coronavirus vaccine, and a second round of the Paycheck Protection Program. To walk us through this vital piece of legislation, we sat down with Julio Gonzalez, chief executive officer of Engineered Tax Services Inc. in West Palm Beach, Fla., and...


A Look Inside the Mission of the Pennsylvania CPA Foundation

The mission of the Pennsylvania CPA Foundation is to inspire students to pursue careers in accounting and provide the educational, motivational, and financial support they need to work toward achieving the CPA credential. In a wide-ranging discussion, Jerry Maginnis, chair of the Pennsylvania CPA Foundation, explains the ways by which that support is provided and explores the challenges and opportunities young professionals will confront as they climb toward a fruitful CPA career. To read...


Increase the Integrity of Your Firm’s Data

In a preview of her presentation at the Jan. 7, 2021, PICPA Technology for Public Accounting Conference, Leslie Kirsch, former director of central analytics for Withum, joins us to discuss the importance of data readiness and integrity, including ways to make more effective client data requests. Consider taking a minute to participate in Leslie’s dissertation research study on the relationship between tone at the top and the risks of the fraud triangle. To read the full transcript click ...


Pennsylvania Telecommuting Taxation Comes to Forefront During COVID-19

There has long been a movement to streamline the issues surrounding taxation and telecommuting. Interestingly, the onset of the coronavirus has both made clarity on this issue more important and made it tougher to pursue due to the residual issues that need addressing. To discuss how COVID-19 shining a spotlight on Pennsylvania’s taxation of telecommuters and freelancers, we met with Jason Skrinak, founder of Pivot Strategic Consulting LLC in Harrisburg, Pa. To read the full transcript...


Issues and Challenges for IT Standards Implementation and Independence

Danielle Supkis Cheek, director of entrepreneurial advisory services for Pannell Kerr Forster of Texas PC, will be a presenter at the Jan. 7, 2021, PICPA Technology for Public Accounting Conference. In this podcast, she joins us to provide an update on information technology standards implementation and independence, including delays brought about by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To read the full transcript click here.


Soft Skills Lead the Way in the Controller Evolution

Controllers must master many skills to ensure career success. Things like risk management, the ability to anticipate challenges, and technological savvy are near the top of the list. But according to Mike Whitmire, CEO and cofounder of FloQast and author of Controller’s Code: The Secret Formula for a Successful Career in Finance, soft skills, such as managing people and building a positive team culture, have never been more important. To read the full transcript click here.


PPP Loan Repayment: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait?

If your small business took out a Paycheck Protection Program loan to make it through the coronavirus pandemic, chances are the thought of loan forgiveness or paying back the funds is causing you a lot of stress. However, our guest, Glenn Sandler, CEO of G.I. Tax Service, believes businesses shouldn’t be in a hurry to request loan forgiveness. In fact, they could experience major benefits from taking their time in doing so. To read the full transcript click here.


IRS Audit Survival Tips

According to guest Philip Karter, a tax controversy and litigation lawyer with Chamberlain Hrdlicka Attorneys at Law in Philadelphia, the frequency of IRS audits are down, but that doesn’t mean they are any easier for those who find themselves going through the process. In today’s podcast, Karter covers best practices for conducting yourself during an IRS audit, factors that may make you more likely to be audited, and ways by which you will be notified if you find yourself under the...


Internal Controls and Auditing Considerations in the New Normal

In a preview of their presentation at the Dec. 10-11 PICPA Accounting & Auditing Conference, Michael McAllister and Barry Pelagatti of RKL join us to discuss COVID-19’s effect on risk factors brought on by the pandemic, complications of the necessary rush to digitize business operations, and more. To read the full transcript click here.


Prepare Clients for Unprecedented Year-End Financial Planning

Any time you describe anything as being an object “like no other,” you run the risk of being accused of hyperbole. However, when it comes to personal financial planning, the number of variants contributing to the environment this year – an ongoing pandemic, the results of a historic election, and financial volatility – makes this year-end like none we have seen. In a preview of his winter 2021 Pennsylvania CPA Journal Personal Financial Planning column, Will Velekei, senior financial adviser...


When Safety Allows, Office Work Offers Major Benefits

We’ve all learned to appreciate the flexibility of telecommuting over these past few months out of necessity, but let’s not forget there is a case to be made that working in the office presents a number of benefits for CPAs. In her Careers & Lifestyles column for the winter 2021 Pennsylvania CPA Journal, Alyzabeth Smith, senior associate for Siegfried Advisory in Wilmington, Del., discusses several of the most prominent reasons, including a better ability to disconnect and bolstered team...


With Historic Election on Tap, a Look at the Fiscal Health of Pennsylvania

On the eve of one of the most significant elections of our time, we meet with three guests – Republican Sen. Patrick M. Browne, Democratic Rep. Mathew D. Bradford, and Matthew Knittel, director of the Pennsylvania Independent Fiscal Office – to discuss the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on Pennsylvania’s governance, economy, small businesses, tax agenda, and more. To read the full transcript click here.


Middle-Market M&A Suffers Amidst the Coronavirus New Normal

The number of middle-market private equity deals took a hit in the second quarter of 2020, showing minimal improvement in July through September. The primary reason is clear: COVID-19 created an environment that has organizations skittish about investing too heavily right now. To explore the current outlook for mergers and acquisitions, we met with Anthony DeCandido, an audit partner and coleader of the CT financial services practice for RSM US LLP. To read the full transcript click here.


Second Marriages and Personal Financial Planning Priorities

At the PICPA Personal Financial Planning Conference on Nov. 5, Brian Carney, cofounder of RiversEdge Advisors in Wilmington, Del., will present a session on personal financial planning considerations for individuals entering into a second marriage. Among the topics he will discuss are budgeting concerns, assets and debt management, and estate planning. In this podcast, he offers a sneak peek at his upcoming presentation. To read the full transcript click here.


Diversity and Inclusion Must Become a Part of Your Organizational DNA

The year 2020 will be remembered for many things, not the least of which has been a race relations awakening. The accounting profession, too, has joined in. Many firms have taken steps to build on previous efforts by forming in-house diversity and inclusion committees and bolstering board and executive involvement in said groups. For efforts like these to bear fruit, though, these actions must go deep; they must become part of an organization’s mission. So says Herschel Frierson, managing...


Stand Up to Societal Challenges by Bolstering Your Resilience

In a preview of her session at the Oct. 27 PICPA Women’s Leadership Conference, Karen Reivich, PhD, director of the resilience and positive psychology training program at the University of Pennsylvania, joins us to discuss the science of resilience. She also touches on ways resilience can be enhanced and overcoming psychological challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. To read the full transcipt click here.