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Welcome to Crushing it in Real Estate with Bryan Pham and Joanne Tan where we interview Real Estate professionals around the industry! If you enjoy this podcast please leave a very positive review! We release an episode every single Sunday so stay tune and enjoy! Support this podcast:

Welcome to Crushing it in Real Estate with Bryan Pham and Joanne Tan where we interview Real Estate professionals around the industry! If you enjoy this podcast please leave a very positive review! We release an episode every single Sunday so stay tune and enjoy! Support this podcast:


Oakland, CA


Welcome to Crushing it in Real Estate with Bryan Pham and Joanne Tan where we interview Real Estate professionals around the industry! If you enjoy this podcast please leave a very positive review! We release an episode every single Sunday so stay tune and enjoy! Support this podcast:






74. Nasa Scientist Turned Flipper and Real Estate SEO Expert with Jerryll Noorden

Jerryll is a seasoned Engineer and scientist in the fields of robotics research and development to help mankind. He worked with institutions like NASA, IHMC, and IIT, helping paraplegic people gain mobility through robotic exoskeletons. After the government refused to fund these institutions for further technology development he decided to take things into his own hands. He then started a real estate investing company and later on a SEO for real estate investors company that both became...


73. Avail Makes it Easy for Do-It-Yourself Landlords - Laurence Jankelow

Laurence Jankelow is the Co-Founder of Avail, an all-in-one software solution designed for do-it-yourself landlords. Prior to launching Avail, Laurence spent seven years in data analytics first as a Consultant at Protiviti Chicago and then at Goldman Sachs. Laurence is also a long-term real estate investor with a passion for 3-unit multi-family properties in Chicago. Website: Social Media: Twitter - Facebook - Instagram -...


72. Achieving Work Life Balance via Real Estate Investing with Lauren Hardy

Lauren Hardy is a real estate investor with a “People First” approach to business. Investing in hundreds of properties in her career, including developing spec houses in Nashville Tennessee, Lauren has the unique reputation of being a successful “virtual investor” having not lived in many of the states she’s invested in. Lauren is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton’s Mihaylo College of Business and Finance with over 10 years experience in Real Estate. She began her real estate career in 2007...


71. Multifamily Investing with the Apartment Rockstar Robert Martinez

Robert founded Rockstar Capital in March of 2011. Since then, he has directed the growth of our managed portfolio to 21 apartment communities consisting of 3,699 rental units. He entered the multifamily industry in March 2007 when he co–founded another management company and oversaw operations of 11 apartment communities consisting of over 2,000 units. Since founding Rockstar, he has directed the underwriting, acquisition, and management of 30 apartment communities consisting of more than...


70. 24 Year Old with Over $50M in Real Estate Holdings - David Toupin

David Toupin is a Top Millennial real estate investor, speaker, and entrepreneur. David is the co-founder of Obsidian Capital, an Austin Texas based real estate investment firm. David started investing at the age of 20 in Michigan where he bought his first property in college, a 12 unit apartment complex. Prior to graduating with a Finance degree, David had already acquired $7M in multifamily real estate holdings. By the age of 24 years old, David has built a real estate company as a key...


69. 25 Year Old with a $14M Real Estate Portfolio with Antoine Martel

Antoine Martel is a 25 year old real estate investor from Toronto, Canada. While still in college Antoine learnt about real estate investing and knew it was his calling. From his dorm room he completed his first BRRRR project out of state with his father's $40,000. Since then Antoine and his family have completed over 200 real estate projects and currently have a $14M real estate portfolio. They have also helped create $50,000/mo of cash flow for their clients of ---...


68. Is Sober Living a Profitable Real Estate Niche with Devana Came

Devana Came along with her husband Reid Stadelman are the owners of RND Investing and The House of Courage Sober Living Homes. Devana has two fervent passions, particularly when experienced in combination—real estate and helping others along the way. She has seven years’ experience providing affordable housing to those recovering from substance addiction, and she is continually inspired by the people she serves in her sober living homes. Devana is a wife and mother of two amazing children....


67. Co-Founder of the DeRosa Group and The Real Estate InvestHER® Community - Liz Faircloth

Liz Faircloth co-founded the DeRosa Group in 2005 with her husband, Matt. The DeRosa Group, based in Trenton, NJ, is an owner of commercial and residential property with a mission to “transform lives through real estate." DeRosa has vast experience in bringing properties to their highest and best use, which includes repositioning single family homes, multi-family, apartment buildings, mixed-use, retail, and office space. The company controls close to 700 units of residential and commercial...


66. Investor, Agent, and Host of InvestHer (Virginia Beach) - Taylor Hudgins

Taylor and her husband, John, jumped into the world of real estate investing in 2019 with their first rental property. Since then, Taylor has become a Real Estate Agent with the THiNK Real Estate Team in Hampton Roads, VA helping other people start their journey feet first into the pool of real estate investing. She also hosts the Virginia Beach Chapter of InvestHer, an organization dedicated to empowering women to lead a financially free and balanced life through real estate. IG:...


65. From Military to Millionaire - David Pere

David is an active-duty Marine who devotes his free time helping service members, and veterans, learn how to build wealth through real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and personal finance! David realized that service members and the working class use the phrase “I don’t get paid enough” entirely too often. The reality is that most often our financial situation is self-inflicted. After having success with real estate investing, David started From Military to Millionaire to teach...


64. Ninja Tips with the Largest Flipper in Hawaii - Indar Lange

Indar Lange is a real estate investor who has made it big in Hawaii, the most expensive state in the US. Since starting in 2013, Indar has become the largest flipper in Hawaii with over 50 flips completed and 15 ongoing currently. In addition, he also has15 BRRRR properties outside of Hawaii. Indar is the founder of Our Home Investments, a company that helps homeowners of any distressed situation while aiming to improve the community. Indar primarily focuses on single-family properties and...


63. From Not Knowing What a Mortgage Was to Owning a Vertically Integrated Real Estate Company with Cory Nemoto

Cory Nemoto is the co-owner & founder of KÉCŌ CAPITAL. He began his real estate investing career in 2011 in Southern California in the Riverside County market while finishing up his bachelor’s degree at California Baptist University. After graduating, Cory moved back home to Hawaii and became involved in real estate investing on the island of O’ahu. Cory has been involved in multiple investment deals ranging from relocation, renovation, and new home development projects. He has been...


62. General Contractor, Property Manager talks Instagram Marketing for Real Estate - Tim Waggoner

Tim Waggoner is a General Contractor, Real Estate Investor and entrepreneur in the Coeur d'Alene area. His goal is to assist homeowners, real estate agents and other investors to bring their projects and their dreams to fruition. Website: Instagram: @therealtimwaggoner Facebook: Tim Waggoner --- Support this podcast:


61 - Wholesaling for Huge Profits with David Alan Dodge

David Dodge is a St. Louis Real Estate Investor with over 15 years of experience. He first started investing in Real Estate in college, at the age of 20 while attending the University of Missouri-Columbia. David specializes in wholesaling real estate as well as teaching others how easy it is to learn how they too can wholesale Real Estate for huge profits. David and his team have wholesaled over 500 houses to date and his company “House Sold Easy” averages about 8-10 wholesales a month....


60. From Cancer to CBD, Tech Executive and Real Estate Agent Michael Stavinoha Covers It All

With Keller Williams Memorial I am a developer and commercial/residential realtor. I specialize in analytics and technology which I leveraged to help me be strong in the development and commercial/residential sides. I am definitely known for the technology side and the analysis side. I try to go out of the box and do things differently yet effectively. I am most proud of the relationships I have built and the people I have helped both as clients and agents. Being a big producer is great, but...


59. Investing with NONE of their own money and NO Partners - Melanie and Dave Dupuis

Melanie and Dave Dupuis, also known as Investor Mel & Dave, are innovative real estate investors who have SOLELY acquired over 100 apartments/24 properties in just a few short years. Using creative and successful strategies, they have been able to increase their portfolio significantly without using any of their own money and without joint venture partners. They impressively have 100% ownership of these properties, which means they keep 100% of the equity, appreciation, and cash...


58. D1 Athlete to Managing 4,000 units with $300 Million AUM - Chris Grenzig

Chris started his real estate investing journey in Jan of 2016 by trying to flip houses on Long Island NY, but ultimately failed to flip a single house despite spending tens of thousands of dollars and several months trying. Chris and his team tried pivoting to purchasing tax deed properties in Philadelphia, but quickly realized it wasn't for them. From there Chris started to learn about multifamily and started by investing passively in an 8-unit property, then Joint Venturing on another 100...


57. Financial Advisor turned Full-Time Real Estate Investor - Bruce Ngo

Bruce worked in Wealth Management for the majority of his career having started as a Stockbroker Intern right out of college at the age of 21. From there, Bruce worked his way up to Private Client Advisor at JP Morgan Chase where he was managing a $65 Million book of business. That’s when Bruce decided to leave the comforts and security of his 9-5 job to build his own Real Estate Investment Company. Along with Stronger Moms, Bruce has completed 3 real estate deals in my first year, with...


56. Recession Proof Your Business from Someone Whose Lived It - Steve Trang

Steve Trang is the founder of the Real Estate Disruptors movement. The podcast has over ten thousand followers with new members of the community sharing their success story every week. Steve also has a sales training program and trains some of the top wholesalers in the country. Steve also created the OfferFast Homes app. The purpose of the app is to help wholesalers jump start their career faster by putting all of the buyers in one place. The hope is to minimize the challenge of building...


55. How Asking For Help Can Save You Money in Real Estate with Dustin Amodo

Dustin is the founder and owner of Island Property Buyers. Although he’s always been interested in real estate, he got his start in carpentry. After spending a good bit of time in the construction industry, Dustin decided to bring that experience to real estate, and worked on buying, fixing, and flipping homes. Dustin has helped homeowners throughout Oahu sell their homes quickly, get paid, and be able to walk away hassle-free. Island Property Buyers provide win-win solutions to help...