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Credit union people. Credit union ideas.
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Credit union people. Credit union ideas.






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Andrea Parrish, social media maven

Andrea Parrish jokes that her drug of choice of public speaking. She loves an audience. As digital brand manager at $3 billion STCU in Spokane, Wash., her audience is a membership of 195,000. Her success in connecting with that audience—and beyond—earned her 2019 Credit Union Rock Star status from Credit Union Magazine. Parrish loves to share her knowledge. CUNA Director of Blended Learning Ariel Bilskey describes Parrish as “my personal rock star” for the assistance she’s provided with...


The importance of diversity with Adrian Johnson

The African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) wants to be considered a preferred diversity, equity, and inclusion partner for the credit union system, says Adrian Johnson, chief financial officer at $1.2 billion asset MECU Credit Union in Baltimore and AACUC chairman. In this episode of the CUNA News Podcast, recorded during AACUC’s 21st annual conference in Charlotte, N.C., Johnson discusses the organization’s unique role within the credit union system, opportunities that await...


A discussion with NCUA Chairman Rodney Hood

During a recent CUNA News Podcast interview at the 2019 African-American Credit Union Coalition Conference in Charlotte, N.C., NCUA Chairman Rodney Hood discussed the need for financial inclusion, small credit unions, easing credit unions’ regulatory burden, innovation, fintechs, and more. President Donald Trump nominated Hood for the NCUA Board on Jan. 19, 2019. After confirmation, he took the oath of office on April 8, 2019, and President Trump designated him as the agency’s 11th...


A proactive approach to change with Sarah Marshall

Faced with the changing demographics of a community coupled with a struggle to repay borrowed secondary capital from the U.S. Treasury, leadership at North Side Community Federal Credit Union knew a merger was in their future. But they wanted to make sure the merger took place on their own terms. “We felt our legacy was really important and we didn’t want to see that go away,” says Sarah Marshall, former CEO of the $9 million asset credit union. “We wanted to make sure we were proactive...


Adam Engelman on young professionals and advocacy

Young professionals (YP) realize their role entails more than just their daily credit union duties. And they know the movement’s future depends on their involvement in advocacy. “There’s been a massive influx of interest and energy from YPs the last few years,” says Adam Engelman, CUNA’s director of federal grassroots advocacy. “They embody the credit union movement in the sense that they’re passionate about giving back to their communities. They see the good work credit unions are doing...


Tracy Nelson on creating high-performing teams

Creating a high-performing team requires, as Tracy Nelson puts it, getting the right people on the bus. That means finding those who not only have the right skills and knowledge, but who fit your credit union’s culture, says Nelson, vice president of learning and development, Center for Professional and Executive Development, at the University of Wisconsin School of Business. “Having the right culture where people feel safe, have strong relationships, and are comfortable having open,...


Author John DiJulius on providing world-class service

The route John DiJulius took to become an authority on world-class service began in the least likely of places: a small hair salon in Cleveland. Due to his obsession with the customer experience, the establishment quickly expanded to multiple locations, becoming one of America’s top 20 salons. Today, companies such as Ritz-Carlton, Lexus, and Starbucks come to him for insights on improving the customer experience. In this episode of the CUNA News Podcast, DiJulius explains how the right...


How to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion on the board

Advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is a top priority of CUNA leadership and its member credit unions. Earlier this year, former CUNA Board Chairman Maurice Smith, president/CEO of $2 billion asset Local Government Federal Credit Union in Raleigh, N.C., proposed adding diversity and inclusion as an eighth cooperative principle. Smith leads a Diversity and Inclusion Ad Hoc Working Group of credit union leaders tasked with taking an honest look at the credit union movement...


2019 Credit Union Hero of the Year Harlene Johnson

In 2004, leaders of New Light Christian Church in Houston asked Harlene Johnson, a former banker who'd recently moved to the city from Louisiana, to lead the formation of a faith-based credit union. She proved to be more than qualified for the responsibility. Johnson’s banking background—and determination—allowed the credit union to navigate the chartering process. But from the beginning she was struck by credit unions' people-helping-people philosophy. Under her leadership, Light...


Anne Norman on UW Credit Union’s brand refresh

A brand refresh involves much more than changing your logo or adding billboards. “That’s literally the last thing you do, and it takes the least amount of time,” says Anne Norman, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at UW Credit Union in Madison, Wis. “The research, strategic choices, and internal executive team alignment are the most crucial and most time consuming to set yourself up to do the fun, sexy stuff everybody gets to see.” The $2.8 billion asset credit union...


Driving member engagement with Rachel Scheuerman

Rachel Scheuerman, director of engagement solutions for Harland Clarke, takes substantial pride in developing relationships as part of her everyday work. In this CUNA News Podcast episode, sponsored by Harland Clarke, she discusses customer engagement as a competitive advantage. In the face of increased competition and commoditization driven by rock-bottom pricing, customer engagement is now table stakes for credit union success. Customer engagement is the new branding, Scheuerman says....


25 years of finance leadership

Be a sponge. Have a sense of humor. Appreciate and develop your staff. Never stop learning. Network with peers. All great advice from chief financial officers (CFOs) who’ve served the credit union movement for 25 years or more. This episode of the CUNA News Podcast—recorded during the 2019 CUNA Finance Council Conference in New York City—features five long-time finance leaders who discuss the changing role of CFOs, advice they’d offer new finance leaders, and more. The CUNA Finance...


Exceeding Expectations with Monica Belz

On April 14, 2018, the island of Kauai in Hawaii was deluged with a historic rain storm. As with all natural disasters, basic daily needs such as food and clean water were suddenly at a premium. Kauai Government Employees Federal Credit Union, under the leadership of CEO Monica Belz, was at the forefront of recovery efforts on the island. Belz even delivered supplies to members via jet ski. “We got the board of directors together and asked, ‘What is our role as a credit union? What can we...


The changing role of the CFO with Brandon Smith

Chief financial officers (CFO) are no longer solely number crunchers. Instead, they’re increasingly being asked to get more involved in the credit union’s strategic mission. “It helps us think a little bit differently about the kind of work we do and to be more focused on big picture work,” says Brandon Smith, CFO at $131 million asset Reliant Federal Credit Union in Casper, Wyo. “We’re naturally pretty good at detail and digging into the weeds, but when you have to think about things in...


Understanding emotional intelligence with Brandi Stankovic

You’re having a bad day. That could affect the interactions you have with your colleagues. But if you understand your emotions and how they impact you, it might allow you to turn unpleasant interactions with others into something positive. “Emotional intelligence is a critical component to leadership development. It’s about self-awareness and self-management,” says Brandi Stankovic, chief marketing officer at CU Solutions Group. “Strong leaders recognize the impact emotional intelligence...


The path to CEO with Evergreen CU’s Jason Lindstrom

Jason Lindstrom has a message for all credit union marketers who want to be CEO: He’s living proof it can be done. Lindstrom started as a part-time teller during college and took on a variety of marketing, business development, and operational roles before becoming CEO at $293 million asset Evergreen Credit Union in Portland, Maine. Key to his progression was taking on responsibilities outside of his marketing duties and gaining experience through industry groups such as the CUNA Marketing...


Board best practices with John Sackett & Phil Browarsky

President/CEO Mike Lee explains how KCT goes the extra mile to reduce members’ debt burden.


How KCT Credit Union puts members first

President/CEO Mike Lee explains how KCT goes the extra mile to reduce members’ debt burden.


The risks and rewards of cannabis banking

O Bee Credit Union CEO James Collins explains what serving marijuana-related businesses entails.


Cybersecurity and the board with David Reed

Board members ultimately are responsible for the security of their credit unions.