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We focus on providing you with timeless professional development secrets & essential business life skills in a mini-byte sized format. I'm unlocking the vault and sharing best practices that management consultants have been using for decades. CanInnovate podcast is bringing global thought leaders together to provide their best practices to help you succeed in both business and in life. We are unapologetically curious!

We focus on providing you with timeless professional development secrets & essential business life skills in a mini-byte sized format. I'm unlocking the vault and sharing best practices that management consultants have been using for decades. CanInnovate podcast is bringing global thought leaders together to provide their best practices to help you succeed in both business and in life. We are unapologetically curious!




We focus on providing you with timeless professional development secrets & essential business life skills in a mini-byte sized format. I'm unlocking the vault and sharing best practices that management consultants have been using for decades. CanInnovate podcast is bringing global thought leaders together to provide their best practices to help you succeed in both business and in life. We are unapologetically curious!




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E121: 3 Secret Ingredients of Branding with Bryton Udy

How would I describe this interview with Bryton Udy. His story is a riddle that I couldn’t wait to get the solution for. How does a Hockey Player, award-nominated country Music entertainer become a marketing & branding guru? I was absolutely fascinated and honestly, he did not disappoint. This episode is for anyone professional and business owners that need to pivot. Bryton is now taking his knowledge and experience and helping small businesses and thought leaders find clarity and...


E120: Find Flexible Talent & Work Environments with Jennifer Hargreaves

Jennifer is the Founder and CEO of tellent and is on a mission to make work, work better for women. Her professional experience spans three continents across brand strategy and international market development and while her primary school teachers didn’t appreciate her questions challenging “why”, she embraces that curiosity and the perspective that comes with challenging the status quo to create impactful and lasting change. In this episode: Jennifer Hargreaves, Founder and CEO of...


E119: Empower entrepreneurs to build better businesses and change the world with Keith Ippel

This week, I sat down with Keith Ippel, the CEO & Co-founder of Spring. They are on a mission to help entrepreneurs change the world. First of all, Keith is the most down to earth person who is full of compassion, kindness, and is genuinely there to help small-medium businesses get through whichever phase they are in. From idea to growth. More importantly, they’ve created this FREE resiliency program to help small businesses get through the recession. There are so many hidden gems &...


E118: Driving change during a downturn with Richard Batchelor

Driving change during a downturn I get a chance to sit down and chat with the infamous Rich Batchelor, who is a global Organizational Change Management guru and disruptor. We are always told to embrace change, but COVID-19 has definitely been more than most people have bargained for. Rich and I really get down to talk about how to navigate change, when it’s so disruptive. How did Covid-19 change you during the downturn? What actions did you take? Let me know in the comments...


E117: COVID-19, The Adult ‘Time-Out’ is a Gift w/ Jessie Lynn MacDonald

Hey Innovators, COVID-19 is always on our mind, it’s what everyone is talking about. We look at the COVID-19 for the things that it took away from us, but what has COVID-19 provided us? Did COVID-19 actually give us a gift? Is this an opportunity? I sat down with Jessie-Lynn MacDonald. She helps clients break through self-imposed limits, fears, struggles, and challenges and awaken to the beautiful and infinite potential within. She is brilliant beyond belief! She helps parents, children,...


E116: How to beat procrastination and be productive during the Covid -19 Pandemic w/ Paul Minors

Paul Minors is a productivity blogger and virtual consultant. Paul grew his business “on the side” while working full-time and now consults to companies all around the world helping them with tools like Asana, Pipedrive and Zapier. Paul’s website now receives 100,000+ visits per month and his audience of 43,000+ email subscribers love hearing about how to be more productive in business and life. How to beat procrastination and be productive I got to chat with Paul Minors, who is based in...


E115: Explore your curiosity during COVID with Julie Shum

Hey Innovators, Are you finished baking and looking for other ideas to entertain yourself… well… I have the perfect guest. I get to chat with Julie Shum, who has been a friend for over two decades and she always provides me with the perfect boost of inspiration. I’m so #Grateful for having such a down to earth, inspirational friend. Discover how Julie’s injury led to finding a new hobby that she’s completely obsessed about.How to tap into our inner child to discover other avenues ‘ “I...


E114: Could COVID-19 actually kill Narcissism?

As we all embrace and adjust to the ‘New Normal’, the impact on humankind is going to be instrumental. The biggest thing that we have just been reminded us to stop and be really present. I was reading a Facebook post and it just summed it up completely. This person talked about how much has changed in three (3) weeks for him. He mentions in this post that 3 weeks ago he was unhappy with his job, overwhelmed with work, wanted to lose weight, canceling on friends to just stay at home to...


E113: 7 Tips on how to deal with overwhelm

Life is always a rollercoaster! Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed by all the key activities that are in my life. It doesn’t help that I have a heightened sense of urgency. I like to get things done. It’s my favorite mode. Come up with a strategy, a plan to execute and just go! But, how do we deal with the overwhelm? First, let’s define what Overwhelm is. I like to define it as ‘treading water’. You’re doing everything just to keep afloat. We’ve all experienced this feeling. It's just hard to...


E112: 8 Secrets of Strong Women

Everyday is Happy Women’s Day! You know why? because we choose our mindsets each day. Every morning when I’m in the shower, I’m thinking about the day and how to conquer it. Not, thinking about how it’s going to be a struggle. I look at all the opportunities in front of me and decide where I want to spend more time or less time on. There is a difference between being assertive and aggressive in business. Women always get a bad rap and get called a not so positive name. The difference is how...


E111: A new way to listen and publish your short-cast "podcast" with CEO and Founder of Trebble FM, Armel Beaudry Kembe Tchemeube

Armel Beaudry Kembe Tchemeube is the CEO and Founder of Trebble FM. Before running Trebble, he worked for 8 years as a software engineer for a startup in the telecom industry that got acquired by Nokia. Armel owns a software engineering degree from the University of Ottawa. Episode overview: Are you a podcast junkie but wanted to get more content in a short amount of time? If you are, then this episode is for you. This week, I get to chat with Armel who is the CEO and Founder of...


E110: Overcome roadblocks by becoming more productive everyday with Mr. Productivity, Mark Stuczewski

Mark ‘Ski’ Struczewski (“Mister Productivity”) helps entrepreneurs & executives get the right stuff done in a distracted world. In addition to being a productivity expert, Mark is a speaker, host of The Mark Struczewski Podcast and an online trainer. His strategies have guided CEO’s/Executive Directors, business owners, business corporate specialists and entrepreneurs to get back control of their time. Episode overview: This episode is for all those that are looking for productivity...


E109: Empower banks and businesses to scale with innovative payment with nanopay CEO Laurence Cooke

Laurence is the Founder and CEO of nanopay Corporation, where he drives the vision to offer the infrastructure to enable what’s more commonly known as Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Prior to founding nanopay, Laurence came from the telecom industry where he was Vice President of Wireless at Shaw Communications, prior to his role as Chief Operating Officer of Bell Mobility. Active in the payments community, he is the Chairman of the Paytechs of Canada and a member of the Payments...


E108: What you need to know about Innovator Mindset

Hey Innovators, We keep hearing the same words over and over again - innovation, innovator, agile thinker, lean startup, design thinking expanding our horizons. Ugh! What on earth does it mean? Let’s go back to reset and define Innovation. Innovation simply means continuous improvement, a way to produce new value. Very different than inventive, where it’s completely new. This is about innovation, taking something existing and refreshing it to provide new elements. This is where we get to...


E107: The Self-Evolved Leader: Elevate Your Focus and Develop Your People In a World That Refuses to Slow Down with Dave McKeown

Dave McKeown helps individuals, teams, and organizations achieve excellence by doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well. He is the CEO of Outfield Leadership and author of The Self-Evolved Leader – Elevate Your Focus and Develop Your People in a World That Refuses to Slow Down. If that’s not enough, Dave is also the host of the podcast Lead Like You Give a Damn and writes a weekly online leadership column for Inc. In this episode: Author Dave McKewon really made me pause, think and...


E106: What’s My Excuse?

Happy New Year! 2020… Crazy, how time flies by. The holiday season just flew by, one minute I was preparing for it, next it was over. I do love the holiday season. Stay tuned for the end of the podcast episode, because I have a little gift for you. It should help you orient yourself for 2020. There is something magical about the holiday season. I always end up crying in commercials/ movies, you name it, my heart literally skips a beat. I was thinking about the holidays and why is it the...


E105: How to book your flights in a smart way with Hopper’s CEO, Frederic Lalonde

Frederic Lalonde is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hopper, the smart way to book travel on your phone. Combining massive amounts of data and advanced machine learning algorithms, Hopper predicts and analyzes future airfare and accommodation prices to save users money and enable them to travel more often. Hopper has ranked as the #1 travel app in over 55 countries and has ranked as one of the top 10 travel apps in over 120 countries. It has received accolades such as Fast Company’s Most Innovative...


E104: The Power of an Informational Interview

This is probably the most overlooked area. We tend to think about interviews in terms of getting a job. How about gathering information that really provides great insights. I used informational interviews everywhere, not just in podcast recordings. I use this approach everywhere. I use it to build new relationships, to ask for advice & guidance, build networks and it truly helps one see different dimensions and aspects about a particular topic. It’s an approach that Management consultants...


E103: Trailblazer Natasha Koifman shares her story from PR Executive to Angel Investor

Founder and President of ​NKPR​, Natasha Koifman has built one of North America’s top PR and marketing companies. Natasha’s strengths as a marketer, communicator and relationship builder have earned her an award-winning reputation for successfully growing North American and global brands across many sectors. Recognized as one of Canada's most powerful and innovative women, Natasha has been honored with awards from the Women's Executive Network (WXN) and BizBash, recently completed a TEDx...


E102: Riverdale: Design Thinking Approach Wins Big Viewership & Respect

I’ll be honest, I’ve always been a Brandon Walsh girl over Dylan McKay! I have to say, I just watched Netflix’s Riverdale episode, and how they honour Fred Andrew (who was played by Luke Perry). I have to say… WOW! They really nailed it! How they handled Luke Perry’s death, was absolutely beautiful. The writers truly honoured Luke Perry and the audience that grew up with him. We got to truly mourn his death (here is a little photo tribute). My sister and I were bawling throughout the entire...