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HempShow is a monthly virtual event powered by CannTrade. Each episode focuses on an individual company on the CannTrade platform Produced By PodCONX

HempShow is a monthly virtual event powered by CannTrade. Each episode focuses on an individual company on the CannTrade platform Produced By PodCONX


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HempShow is a monthly virtual event powered by CannTrade. Each episode focuses on an individual company on the CannTrade platform Produced By PodCONX








Kent Brown | Witnessing History

History of hemp in America documentary Hemp played a significant role in the founding and development of the United States. History documentarian Kent Masterson Brown from Witnessing History joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to talk about his latest project, titled Seed and Fiber of Wealth, a new documentary film chronicling the rich history of hemp production in America. Kent shares interesting hemp stories from the colonial days, Civil War and early 20th century. Click here to learn...


Daniela García Murillo | ICG Brands

Empowerment through affordable access to science-backed, plant-powered products Daniela Garcia-Murillo joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to talk about the different brands that are produced by ICG Brands including Herbo, Holief and Sunday Seltzer. She explains their white label program, through what channels their products can be purchased and the different types of partnerships they offer. She also talks about the different attributes of the products, how they are shipped and the normal...


Anthony Noonis | Dana Caylor | Eric Luchini | Kolas

Industry leading cannabis training program Anthony Noonis, Dana Caylor and Eric Luchini from Kolas, a Sacramento based cannabis company join CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to talk about their rapid growth. They discuss the benefits of supporting their community through education and talk about their training program that supports their full line of products. Produced by...


Adrian Garcia | Garcia Bros Organics

Growing organic hemp on a 200 acre farm in Texas When the 2018 Farm Bill passed Adrian Garcia went through the USDA’s rigorous organic certification process and started growing hemp. Realizing he wanted to see the carefully grown hemp maintain its organic status from harvest to the consumer, he joined with his brothers to Co-Found Garcia Bros Organics. He talks to CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli about ensuring his products remain organic by controlling every step of the process including...


Michael Brown | Eternel Hemp

Aiming to be the change we want to see in the world By adhering to a technology-driven approach that solves supply chain and genetics designers concerns, Eternel Hemp has become a premium hemp cultivation company. Michael Brown joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to explain how they work with each client to scale growing as demand increases and ensure quality, consistency, and professionalism from seed to harvest. Produced by...


Chris Bergan | Day One Organics

Prepared stunned at what the hemp plant can truly do! Day One Organics is a Bulk Wholesale Flower Distributor based out of North Carolina that specializes in Top Shelf Smokable Products. With over a Decade of experience in the game, CEO Chris Bergan joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to share his belief that Cannabis was put on this Earth to inspire and heal, which is the foundation for their mission: To bring it to anyone willing to try it! Produced by...


Steve Rosenblatt | Farm Fresh Smokes

Music industry executive's transition from selling Radiohead and Foo Fighters to selling hemp cigarettes. Steve Rosenblatt from Farm Fresh Smokes joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to talk about their line of hemp CBD cigarettes. He talks about the many benefits of smoking CBD and how they use the filter to provide different flavor options including, natural, mint, lemon and strawberry. Produced by...


Stephenie Harris | Sugar Bottom Hemp

Implementing innovative farming techniques and harbingers of healthy living Something special happened when a collection of local farmers and business people in Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania were brought together over their love for the hemp plant. Stephenie Harris, partner and General Manager at Sugar Bottom Hemp joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to talk about growing world class, highly effective products by adhering to organic, sustainable farming practices like using predator...


Joe Conklin | Hemp House Farm

Why is there such a demand for farm grown, artisan hemp? To maximize terpenes and cannabinoids it's important that each plant is hand nurtured, slow dried , and cured to perfection in a climate controlled vault. Joe Conklin COO and Lead Cultivator at Hemp House Farms joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to explain how they maintain sustainable and green agricultural practices by relying on the sun, compost, and microbiology to maximize plant growth and plant compound production. Produced by...


James Waide | CBD the Remedy

Pharmacist formulated to the highest standards James Waide owner of CBD the Remedy joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to discuss some of our strict manufacturing practices they take to achieve the highest level of quality. These steps include using a trained pharmacist to create every product in their ISO 6 cleanroom, testing their products twice to fully ensure they’re free of pesticides, microbes, fungi, and other contaminants and growing their organic hemp and making their extracts...


Bryan Burke | Erik Kreider | Astral Organica

The benefits of delivering CBD through the skin Skin is our largest organ and is permeable to most fat-based chemistries. Bryan Burke Co-Founder and CEO and Erik Kreider Co-Founder and Chief Formulation Chemist at Astral Organica joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to explain the reason why CBD absorbed through skin enters your body immediately and gets distributed everywhere throughout. Produced by...


Kyle Talsma | Frosty Club

Creating an experience from purchase to consumption that goes above expectations As a Whole Hemp Flower Distributor Frosty Club handles all the backend work for their customers. Business Development Manager, Kyle Talsma joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to talk about all the steps that they take to ensure that the quality is consistent across all their strains. By working with multiple farms across the country they can maintain high quality all still remaining the flexibility necessary to...


Hydro One | Cannabix

Addressing specific health issue with functional beverages To become the world leader in scientific advancements that deliver nutritional supplements through water-based beverages Hydro One Beverages created products that helped reverse the effects of poor dietary and lifestyle choices. Co-Founders Sammy Nasrollahi and Dr Babak Baban join CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to explains creating functional beverages that meet the needs of individuals who are seeking to live healthier...


Sky's Herbal

Organic from beginning to end Sky's Herbal is a Texas Black Owned and Operated Hemp Production Company, specializing in growing and harvesting Top Quality Organic CBD and Hemp products. CEO Jessica Williams joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to explain their "small batch guarantee. Produced by...


IOE Hemp Transport

Transporting hemp is complicated by widespread confusion. As the production of hemp continues to expand in the U.S., so does the need to transport. Damon Logan from IOE Hemp Transport joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to talk about combining more than two decades of over the road and in-state transportation with expertise and experience in hemp and hemp-derived products. Produced by...


Functional Remedies

Can hemp infused sunscreen help save coral reefs? When it comes to health, people want products that are both safe and effective so that they can focus on wellness instead of worrying about what’s inside the bottle. Maureen West General Counsel for Functional Remedies joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to talk about their diverse line of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products including tinctures, capsules, topicals and hemp-infused suntan lotion. Produced by...


New England Extraction

Will CBD become the cornerstone in the health and wellness community. New England Extraction LLC (NEX) mission is to be the most highly respected, reliable, and transparent extractor and manufacturer of cannabinoids. Steve DelBene, Trevor Bozeman and Jeff Natale joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to talk about their extractions facility dedicated to accuracy, precision, and integrity. Produced by...


Will Carroll | Veterans Canna Biz

Helping veterans achieve success in cannabis When their military service ends, many Vets feel lost and ill-equipped to exist, let alone succeed, in civilian life. Former Navy Seal Will Carroll founded Veterans Canna Biz because he knows the toll readjusting to life after combat overseas has on vets. He joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to explain how through their health, education and business development programs, Veterans Canna-Biz empowers Veterans to build a lucrative life...


Roland Cordova | U Grow Rentals

Rent a grow room to cultivate your own medicinal cannabis. It's difficult for patients to always find the strain that works best to treat their disorder. Roland Cordova from U Grow Rentals joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to explain how they are helping patients and caregivers grow cannabis so they always have the enough of their correct medicine. His facility houses over a thousand 10’ x 10’ grow rooms with real-time web cams and on-site Master Growers. Produced by...


Drew Kitt | International Hemp Exchange

Farmers need fully compliant feminized hemp seeds and starts to grow with confidence International Hemp Exchange (iHEMPx) serves every level of the hemp supply chain, from genetics, to seed and start distribution, to cannabinoid extraction, hemp farming resources, and the partnerships to connect everything in between. Drew Kitt joins CannTrade's CEO Mark Restelli to talk about why they are the leading resource for wholesale and industrial hemp. Produced by...