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Insight and suggestions for planning, changing, or advancing your career.

Insight and suggestions for planning, changing, or advancing your career.
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Insight and suggestions for planning, changing, or advancing your career.




Nail Those Easy Job Interview Questions – Podcast CL106

Regardless of the field in which you work, every job interview typically includes a few of the same basic questions. Since you probably expect these generic questions, they should be easy to answer! Still, many job applicants come into their interviews totally unprepared to respond. Don’t let this happen to you! Nail those easy questions!


Five Common Eye Contact Mistakes People Make During Job Interviews – Podcast CL105

Everyone knows the importance of maintaining good eye contact during a job interview. Here are five common eye contact mistakes often made by applicants. Once you know what they are, you can be sure to avoid them!


Your Next Job Interview Might be with the Janitor – Podcast CL104

Upon arriving for a job interview, you usually interact with several people before meeting with the actual interviewers. Afterwards, you may interact with them again. Why is that important? Sometimes, the job of these individuals is to report back to the interviewers about you!


Don’t Go Into a Job Interview Empty-Handed! – Podcast CL103

Next time you go into a job interview, think about this: Suppose you are shopping for a wedding or portrait photographer. When you ask to see some samples, the photographer says,“I don’t have anything to show. Trust me, I’m good.” Would you hire this person? Yet, this is exactly what happens during many job interviews! This podcast discusses ideas for work samples to bring to a job interview, regardless of your field, which might help make you the candidate of choice.


Stand Out from the Other Job Applicants – Podcast CL102

When an interviewer looks at all the job applicants, what does he or she see? Most likely, clones! After all, to get invited to an interview each candidate had to have basically the same degree or education, work experience, skills, certification/license, and so forth. This podcast examines how the marketing concept of differentiation can be used to help you favorably stand out from all the other job applicants.


Professional References – Podcast CL101

At some point in the hiring process, job applicants will usually be asked to provide a list of professional references. Who should be listed as a professional reference? What is the best way to handle creating and submitting such a list? This podcast explores the topic of professional references and offers numerous practical suggestions for doing it effectively.