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A podcast for career changers who are trying to switch industries, professions, or break out on their own. Listen to others who've taken that bold step to make their career switch and get motivated with your own. Experts weigh in with their best career advice. Learn more and contact us at Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn @careerswitchpod.

A podcast for career changers who are trying to switch industries, professions, or break out on their own. Listen to others who've taken that bold step to make their career switch and get motivated with your own. Experts weigh in with their best career advice. Learn more and contact us at Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn @careerswitchpod.


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A podcast for career changers who are trying to switch industries, professions, or break out on their own. Listen to others who've taken that bold step to make their career switch and get motivated with your own. Experts weigh in with their best career advice. Learn more and contact us at Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn @careerswitchpod.




27: A teacher transitions into corporate

Former high school teacher Tyler Banh certainly understands why so many teachers are leaving their profession nowadays. In this episode, Tyler shares why he quit teaching in 2018 and the transferable skills he used to become a senior specialist in digital learning for a management consulting firm. He talks about the techniques he utilized to address his knowledge gaps, how he purposely took care of his physical and mental health while making his career switch, and how he’s giving back by...


26: Make your transferable skills stand out with storytelling

One of the trickiest parts about making a career switch is having to show someone that you’ve done A, B, and C in one industry or profession and that you’ll be able to do X, Y, and Z in a new one. You basically have to convince somebody to take a chance on you. Career coach Win Sheffield walks us through how to use storytelling to make your transferable skills stand out—no convincing required. We cover how to find stories throughout your career, what to include, and how to best use stories...


25: A hobby turns into a career switch

When people offer to pay you for something you do well, take note. It could lead to a career switch. It did for Anthony Randazzo. As a straight-A student, Anthony grew up with two career options—doctor or lawyer. He became a corporate lawyer and worked on Wall Street before he quit at age 29 after he realized the profession was not for him. Anthony tells us how his photography hobby led to his next career when his friends started offering to pay him for taking pictures. He shares how he got...


24: Using your quiet strengths as an introvert

Nancy Ancowitz, author of Self-Promotion for Introverts®: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead, walks us through why introverts can struggle with networking, interviewing, thinking on the spot, and impostor syndrome when making a career switch. Nancy points out the quiet strengths you likely already have as an introvert to help you work through these challenges. She also shares techniques and her three-part formula for introverts. Find Nancy Ancowitz at: Website:...


23: An unexpected career switch

When Julia Abrantes moved from NYC to Atlanta, she assumed she’d have no problem finding another job as a legal secretary with her 30 years experience. To her surprise, she had a hard time landing a job in her new city and ultimately, she had to make an unexpected career switch in her 50s. Julia shares how she eventually became a licensed insurance agent, a new career she was willing to try for six months. Today, Julia helps State Farm clients with their home, auto, and renters insurance...


22: The many ways volunteering benefits your career switch

One of the best things you can do for your career switch is volunteer. I speak with career transition coach Bonnie Diamond, a senior executive coach at Right Management, about the professional and personal benefits of volunteering when switching industries or professions. Get motivated to volunteer today! Find Bonnie Diamond at: Website: LinkedIn: Find volunteer opportunities at: Idealist: Volunteers of America:...


21: A side hustle results in a career switch

If you listen to audiobooks, you may have heard Mike Lenz on Audible. Mike is a voiceover actor who has narrated about 170 titles over the past 15 years. When Mike started doing voiceover in 2006, he was working as a pharmacist and running his own business. For some 10 years, he narrated books and voiced other projects on the side. Today, Mike is a full-time voiceover actor and works with corporate clients and major publishers, like Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster. In this...


20: A holistic approach to making a career switch

Welcome to Season 2! I speak with career coach Vilma Usaite, who believes in taking a holistic approach to making a career switch. In this episode, Vilma breaks down her signature program for finding a fulfilling career into three stages. Her goal? For each person to have a career where it feels like you’re, essentially, getting paid for being yourself. Find Vilma Usaite at: Website: Instagram: @vilma.usaite Podcast: The Holistic Career Change Podcast Music credit:...


19: Here's why you're procrastinating about your career switch

If you know that you need to make a career change, but you keep procrastinating, it's time to get real. I speak with career coach Jeanne Lyons, founder of Accelerated Synergies, who sheds light on why we hold off on starting the process of a career switch, and how our mindset is key to taking those first steps. Find Jeanne Lyons at: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook:...


18: The pros and cons of being a full-time author

How many of us have dreamed of ditching our 9 to 5 job to become a full-time author? In 2020, Jody Leber-Pay quit her job in financial services to write books. Under the pen name, Bradley Pay, Jody has written two novels so far in The Spectrum Series with her co-author Robin Bradley. Jody shares how she prepared to make her career switch, the pros and cons of being a self-published author, and how she handles both the creative and business sides of her new career. She also offers advice if...


17: What role can faith play in making a career switch?

Does making a career switch require faith—in ourselves, in the steps we’re taking, in the future, and even in something bigger than us? Christian author and life coach Nancy Gavilanes shares how your faith (whatever it may be) can play an important role in making a career switch, and she offers 3 ways to make it part of your journey. Find Nancy Gavilanes at: Website: Instagram: Twitter:...


16: A career switch 15 years in the making

After climbing the ladder, project manager Andrew Grossi missed the creative part of being an architect—designing. In 2002, he decided to make a career switch to become a boat designer. He set up a plan and started taking courses in boat design. Unfortunately, the 2009 recession threw a wrench in Andy’s plan, and eventually, it took him two tries and some 15 years to make his career switch. In this episode, Andy tells us what kept him motivated, how he broke into a new industry in his 50s,...


15: Switching from a military to a civilian career

U.S. Army veteran Regina Ross is a professional certified coach, who helps military service men and women transition into the civilian sector once they complete their service. Regina is the founder of Walk on Purpose and she suggested we talk about the hard time some veterans have with their career switch post military. With the U.S. withdrawing from Afghanistan and Iraq this year, plenty of vets are looking for new careers. In this episode, Regina explains the common pitfalls military vets...


14: A passion project leads to a career switch (Hispanic Heritage Month)

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I speak with Isabel González Whitaker, founder of the Sara J. González Memorial Park in Atlanta—the first park named for a Latinx individual in the state of Georgia. Isabel’s mother, Sara, was a Cuban refugee who became a leading immigrant and minority rights advocate in Georgia. What began as a passion project for Isabel—memorializing her mom with the founding of a park—eventually led her to a career switch from celebrity journalist to social...


13: How to market yourself as a career changer

It's no secret (or is it?) that career changers need to market themselves differently than regular job seekers. Certified resume writer and professional career coach Timothy Lo, founder of Your Next Jump, uses a real-life client example to walk us through how to put together a resume that'll stand out, how to best use LinkedIn, and how to talk about your experience in one industry or profession when you're interviewing for a job in a different one. Find Your Next Jump at...


12: Using the Tombstone Test to follow her calling to teach

Imagine you’re at your funeral. What 3 things would you want written on your tombstone? What would you want people to remember about you after you’re gone? It might sound grim to think about these questions, but they make up the Tombstone Test and it’s what spurred 27-year-old Allison Fedele to make her career switch and become an elementary school teacher. In this episode, Allison tells us how she trusted her gut when she started seeing red flags at her 9 to 5 job as a graphic designer....


11: Impostor Syndrome and other roadblocks

We tackle 3 roadblocks that can creep up while making a career switch. One of them is impostor syndrome. It’s when you feel incompetent and attribute your success to luck or other factors, and you downplay your skills, experience, and achievements. We’ll also look at low self-worth and lack of self-care, which can take you on a mental detour with your career change journey. Here to discuss these roadblocks with me is certified executive coach Natalie Archibald. Natalie focuses on evaluating...


10: Getting an MBA through his employer for a career switch

If your company offers tuition assistance to pursue a degree, you can start making your career switch NOW while you’re at your current job. This is what Weavy Garcia did when he decided to diversify from IT. Getting his MBA through his employer was an opportunity to learn about business, get his master’s, and switch into sales, a more lucrative option for him. In this episode, Weavy tells us what it was like to work full-time during the day and take classes at night (and even on the...


09: The 3 biggest mistakes women make with salary negotiation when making a career switch

It can feel like you’re starting over when you’re making a career switch. Perhaps you’re thinking that you’ll for sure have to take a pay cut to switch industries or professions. This is a common assumption for women. Here to set us straight is Anna McDonnell Dowling, the CEO and co-founder of the f school, an online platform that teaches women the life skills that are not taught in school. Her mission: to equip women with tools they need to live more empowered lives. One of these tools is...


08: Working with a career coach

Are you thinking about working with a career coach to help with your career change? Bella Holzkenner worked with two career coaches to decide her next move after being in asset management for more than 20 years. One of them was certified career and life coach Deirdre Taylor, who was featured in our last episode about how to figure out your career switch when you’re lost. Bella tells us about the work she did with her coaches and how Deirdre’s support helped her make the decision to become a...