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149 - How To Do 60 Deals in 12 Months with Brett Buras

Brett Buras is the Owner and Founder of Superior Real Estate Solutions. He is a Real Estate investor leveraging his marketing expertise to create off-market, discounted real estate opportunities for his company and other Real Estate Investors, resulting in nearly 100 Real Estate transactions, including Buy and Hold, Buy and Flip and Wholesaling. On this episode of the Cash Flow Diary Podcast, he shares how mindset, skill set, and a strong work ethic will help you become a successful real...


148 - Crushing Debt with Attorney Shawn Yesner

On today’s episode, Attorney Shawn Yesner, and I talk about how to crush debt and the workings of "subject to" deals. Shawn has experience in cases concerning commercial landlords, real estate transactions and Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In Shawn’s book, Crushing Debt, he discusses negotiating debt, handling student loans, dealing with IRS, handling bankruptcy and loan modifications and working with short sales.


147 - Effective Intelligent Underwriting

In this episode of the podcast, I interview returning guest Ben Leybovich (of Bogger Pockets fame) and his partner CPA Sam Grooms. The three of us have noticed a trend of “ambitious” underwriting in the last few years of many multi-family investment opportunities. I for one, think that sometimes certain syndicators are doing deals purely for the front-loaded fees in the deal, so they can eat. A bold statement? Yes, however, if you look around, you will find tons of “moral hazard” in many of...


146 - How to Structure Deals Without Making the Seller Angry

On this episode, I discuss how to structure deals in such a way that the seller will not get angry with you or offended by your offer. Many of us tend to try to assume what the seller will accept (or won’t accept) and sometimes use that guess to refrain from making an offer in the first place. Ask yourself this can you guess what the other person will say? Just because you might not accept the very same offer does not mean the seller won’t consider it.


145 - Why Getting A Deal Does Not Matter

Here’s the thing, most folks spend far too much time focused on "getting a deal" and not enough time on preparing themselves to take one on. The first step for everyone is to identify "what" a "deal" is, sadly, most cannot. Learning what a deal looks like begins with establishing your investor identity first. Investor identity comes down to determining the type of investor you want to be, the asset class you choose to invest in, the risk tolerance you are comfortable with and the rate and...


144 - Real Estate on Your Terms with Chris Prefontaine

On this episode of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast I interview Chris Prefontaine from Newport RI who is the Amazon Best Selling Author of the book “Real Estate on Your Terms” Chris was a home builder turned Real Estate Broker. Since the 2008 debacle, he realized he needed to reinvent his business so that he no longer had to use his own money or credit. That’s when he turned in focus to full-time real estate coaching in 2014 by founding Smart Real Estate Coach. With his adult children by his...


143 - The Sheep Syndrome

In this episode, I want to discuss a little something I refer to as the “sheep syndrome”. By that, I mean being a follower and getting yourself all wound up about current events (manufactured or otherwise) that slow down your progress. Don’t get into “sheep mode”, stop letting today’s headline keep you in financial jail. The media serves no purpose but to serve the agenda of their master, like slavery. Today’s society is far too often influenced by less than accurate information that in...


142 - Consider the Consequences

When it comes to consequences, many times we think of negative results when we do the wrong thing. But today I want to talk about positive consequences that can happen if you take the action to buy cash flowing assets. But you have to get started and make those first deals happens so you can escape the rat race and get that passive income flowing. Take the action now. You never know what tomorrow or next year holds. There is no time like the present to get that buyer list started.


141 - Are You Ready For What Is Coming?

I am hearing lots of chatter about a CRASH! For some means the real estate market, for others the stock market. Frankly, I see both coming to into a period of significant adjustment. WHEN (not if) these things happen, how will you react? Are you the type of person that will lead or falter? I for one, intend to lead (big shocker huh). Our reaction to market fluctuations is what determines our individual financial and emotional outcome. I hear lots of people talking about how they "missed" the...


140 - How To Overcome Objections In Real Estate Negotiations

Objections and differences of opinion are to be expected in any situation. The task of buying and selling real estate provides lots of opportunities to practice overcoming them. The truth is, you can either learn to overcome them or sit back hoping things will change (and go broke in the process). The entire process begins with becoming a good listener. There are two types of listeners, those who listen to respond and those who listen to understand.


139 - How to Get Leads for Real Estate Deals - Part 2

Last week we left off talking about ways to generate leads for your real estate business and this week will be no different. As the market begins to shift unprepared people will have a tougher time sourcing opportunity in the marketplace. Cash buyers will quickly dwindle as the herd mentality begins to take over. An investor who is positioned to survive a market correction will be able to see the opportunity before others do and capitalize it at the time of discovery for that to happen...


138 - How To Get Leads For Real Estate Deals - Part 1

In this episode, I discuss several ways to obtain leads for your next real estate deals. Let’s call it like it is, the market is hot, and good deals are not going to knock on your door, you need to think outside the box to go find them. Before we begin, don’t forget to sign up for the This will be the LAST time I am hosting this live 12 week program so be sure you don’t miss out.


137 - How To Steal From Yourself - A Line of Credit Case Study

In this episode of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast, I talk about the latest trends in money and more specifically lending. Borrowing of money seems to become easier by the minute, banks and other financial institutions are literally giving money away to virtually anyone willing to fill out an application and pay some startup costs.


136 - How To Lose Money in a Hurry with Larry Harbolt

This episode was inspired by a mutual student of mine and Larry Harbolt’s. Far too often after we invest time to educate them on the smart and safe way to buy real estate, the student will ignore everything they learned, run right out and overpay for an investment property.


135 - How To Add An Extra Zero with Scott Carson of We Close Notes

In this episode of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast, I get the distinct honor of interviewing Scott Carson of the We Close Notes podcast. Over the years I have recorded hundreds of episodes but this one was certainly the most fun. Scott brings a unique energy and personality to an otherwise boring (yet profitable) field of note investing.


134 - Back To Basics - "Four Point" Inspections

The "Four Point" inspection is a basic inspection that is required by insurance companies in order to bind coverage on a property. The "four point" is required for any residential property regardless of the intended use (investment versus moving in yourself).


133 - All About Raising Money For Big Apartments with Lane Kawaoka

Lane Kawaoka is a full-time Civil Engineer and Real Estate investor from Honolulu, HI. Lane currently has an 11 single-family home portfolio with experience in Seattle, Birmingham, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and PA. He is also the co-owner of MFPE Investments LLC that currently controls 1200+ multifamily apartment and RV units. On this episode of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast, Lane shares several points that investors need to consider.


132 - Make Them Prove It - About Deal Evaluation

What’s a Deal? It’s in the eye of the beholder as they say, by that I mean a property is only really worth what a buyer values it to be worth. If you are using a bank loan to buy it, then is it only really worth what the appraiser feels its worth and not a penny more (unless you want to bring more money to the table to offset the bank’s risk) If such a great deal, why is it for sale? This is a valid question that needs to be "gently" asked to the seller / broker or wholesaler. The reality...


131 - How to Prevent Being Scammed As a Home Buyer

EVERY DAY in the real estate market, innocent buyers are being ripped off for deposit money or being strong-armed into buying bad investment properties..don’t be a victim!! Join us on this episode as we share how to prevent being scammed as a home buyer.


130 - Back To Basics - How To Find Funding For An Investment Property

On this episode of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast, we will discuss how to find funding for an investment property, including the following: