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171 - How Investments Go Wrong

Unfounded speculation is the most common way that “great deals” become bad ones. By unfounded I mean that the parties involved failed to thoroughly complete their due diligence. This happens to both investors and deal sponsors. Far too many passive investors fail to thoroughly understand the investments they participate in. This episode applies to investors and sponsors. Investors for the sake of this episode are considered as those who are infusing capital into the deal, Sponsors, on the...


170 - Are You Making It Difficult?

We tend to over complicate everything, that’s the truth! I was most likely one of the best examples of this phenomenon. In my defense, I used to work for the government, perhaps that’s where I picked up this bad habit. To those already started or getting started, please take note of a few tips to help you keep it simple:


169 - What Do I Need To Get Started as a Real Estate Investor

Getting started is the most important step. You can plan all you want but until you start, planning is futile because everyone finds that the plan needs constant tweaking. Begin with a budget: There is no such thing as a free lunch. To build any business a financial investment is required at some point. Below is a list of some of the things to be considered when writing out a budget. This is good practice for once you have an asset to manage. Typical Expenses: Direct Mail - how many...


168 - Tenant Retention - How To Keep Tenants Longer

Today's episode is supported by our friends at Rentometer. Rentometer is your source for up-to-date rent information anywhere in the U.S.; double-check current rents or research property investment opportunities. Rentometer has a Free Trial that gets you immediate access to all their PRO features like zip code and Neighborhood searches, and their Google Street View integration. Check out Now...let’s get to it shall we? Reliable tenants make life a lot easier for a...


167 - How To Buy a Note This Week with Brett Burky from PaperStac

In this week’s episode, I interview Brett Burky from Paperstac about exactly How To Buy a performing or non-performing note for investment. is an online platform that helps note buyers and seller connect and complete note investing transactions online. During this episode, Brett discusses how the Paperstac system works as well as the many benefits to both buyers and sellers of notes. “Back in the Day” note investing wasn’t a very efficient process. The industry was essentially...


166 - How To Set Market Rents

Setting the rent amount for your property can be a daunting task, in fact one small mistake can cost you a year or more of lost rental income. There are many methods available to determine what fair market rent can and should be and in this episode we cover several of the most popular. 5 ways to set fair market rents Stay Current with economic and business conditions in the area: Use Rentometer and Craigslist to stay up to date on comps: Talk to property managers and appraisers: Check...


165 -Who Fixes What: 7 Things Tenants Should Fix

First, get over to and get signed up today to learn about what is happening in YOUR rental market. As landlords and property managers you have many things you are responsible for when it comes to your property. There are some things that fall under the care of your tenants. Here are seven things that tenants are responsible for when it comes to maintenance within your property. Note: I am not a lawyer and the items mentioned are not necessarily required by law. Mold...


164 - Do You Have The Courage To Succeed?

This week I want to tell a brief story of a courageous man I witness complete a very difficult task recently. I won’t spoil the episode by spilling it out here, however, I will use this witnessed event as a transition to discuss the topic of courage. Regarding courage, the waiting list to be notified of the release of my Brand NEW Mailbox Money 101 Fast Start Program, go to Courage is defined as “the ability to do something that frightens you” and is...


163 - What is the other guy doing?

In this episode, I discuss a weird situation that occurred while networking at the event regarding the discussion I had with another investor. I watched this person wander around the room throwing himself at anyone who would have them. His strategy was to ask your name and then demand to know the exact size of your portfolio in the second sentence! This guy didn’t even introduce himself first, it was like this, HI, Who are you? How many doors do you have? Just like that. I really felt sorry...


162 - How to Supercharge Your Retirement Plan with Larissa Green of Advanta IRA

This week I speak with Larissa Green who is the Education Director at Advanta IRA. Advanta is a Self Directed IRA Administrator whose primary mission is to be a custodian of records for those who choose to have a self-directed IRA. A Self Directed Retirement Account allows the account holder to control their own retirement plan via the self-direction model. In short, with a SDIRA you can pick what your account invests in. The list of things you cannot invest in is very short and usually...


161 - Limiting Beliefs

In this episode, I discuss limiting beliefs that hold good people back from accomplishing great things. As Jim Rohn says “we get paid for bringing value to the marketplace”. This applies to EVERY business all over the world, not just real estate investors. Having the proper focus and mindset geared toward solutions instead of problems is one element that separates allows us to see, feel and experience success. I mention several examples of people who are bringing value to the marketplace...


160 - Here Is the Deal

You can’t FIND a deal.. it is not possible, you gotta create them, for that to happen you must be direct to the decision maker. Stop bitching about the price of what is for sale and start learning how to solve problems..its really that simple. Is real estate investing “easy”? Heck NO..but it IS simple (if you allow it to be) In today’s society, humans tend to make things far more difficult than they need to be. We read into everything and try to find things hidden between the lines that...


159 - Its All About Mind Over Matter in 2019 with Rod Khleif

Rod Khleif is a man that needs little to no introduction, he is the host of the #1 Real Estate Podcast "Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing Podcast" that has an audience of over 5 million. In this incredible episode, Rod pulls back the curtain and discusses the Psychology of Success and how it has changed his entire life’s trajectory. Coming from modest means after immigrating from Holland and settling in Colorado, Rod embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship as he negotiated the...


158 - You Are Out of Excuses with Jude Mendonsa The Barefoot Millionaire

Jude Mendonza (besides being a buddy of mine) is the host of the Freedom Experience Podcast. His show is designed to help people get past their internal struggles and then get focused on winning. Jude is a true rags to riches story that is a must-listen for anyone who feels they are not happy with their current situation. Jude’s resume has clearly lead him to have the insight he has today and helped him become a mentor to many.


157 - Unwrapping The Mystery of a Series LLC with Scott Smith

In this episode, I interview Asset Protection Attorney Scott Smith from Royal Legal Solutions about Series LLC’s. I first learned of these by doing business with Paige Panzarello in the note investing space. One of the big reasons they became popular over the years is to help California residents avoid paying ridiculous taxes levied by the State of California. We went on to discuss the differences between asset protection and anonymity and the benefits of having a blended approach to best...


156 - How to Avoid a Flipping Nightmare

The facts are that far too many people are having trouble getting to the finish line when doing a flip these days. Granted, this does not apply to everyone, but it does apply to a large number of flippers. Some say the sky is falling, others blame the President, the weather, the Realtors or Wholesaler that sold it to them, but what really matters is a market correction is going to happen, and you need to be diligent.


155 - How To Bankrupt Yourself Quickly

Everyone is in fear of missing out, even though the talk on the street is that a real estate market correction is imminent. By now I would think people have gotten the message and would not keep getting caught up in the same hype. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) remains alive and well in the real estate investing space due to tons of careless buyers not doing the math before they buy. They trade basic financial logic for the thrill and excitement of buying an over-valued property. To some...


154 - Get Direct or Go Broke

The only way to get the best deals is to be direct to the decision maker, that's the reality, love it or hate it we cannot argue the facts. In this episode, I discuss why this is true and how you can better position yourself to negotiate with sellers and service providers. When we are stuck dealing with a gatekeeper we lose the ability to solve problems. The ability is lost because we simply do not have all of the data we need to provide a solution, thus all that’s left is to compete for...


153 - How To Make $150,000 Doing Nothing

As many of you know from listening to the show, I LOVE passive income in the form of Mailbox Money. In fact, it’s that mailbox money that helps me sleep so good at night. Y'all can keep your house flipping and wholesaling garbage, I am all about slow and steady wins the race. Speaking of which, I am opening the books on registration for the Mailbox Money Group Coaching program. I am opening the doors for a short time to allow people inside who are willing to be brave enough to learn how to...


152 - What the Heck Is Retrading?

Wikipedia defines a retrade as the practice of renegotiating the purchase price of real property by the buyer after initially agreeing to purchase at a higher price. Typically this occurs after the buyer gets the property under contract and during the period that it is performing due diligence. The buyer may raise a due diligence issue and demand a purchase price adjustment to a lower re-trade price. The seller can be left in a bad situation where it must either accept the lower price or...