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147: How To Tell Stories – Part 1

YOUR STORYTELLING MASTERY Listen to How To Tell Stories - Part 1. It is you first step on an exciting journey toward your storytelling mastery. This introductory episode tells you exactly what to expect from my weekly podcast series on the art of storytelling. This first installment is my promise to you. I will hold nothing back in this series. I will share everything I've learned through about storytelling through decades of experience. You will learn powerful real world storytelling...


146: Your Dream Life

YOUR DREAM LIFE This is a no nonsense podcast episode about the simple daily habits that will propel you toward the life of your dreams. Our guest is Denise Walsh who has been on Change Your Story, Change Your life once before. She has just created the Dream Life Daily Journal; it may be just what you need to rock your world as we approach a new year. Even if you never get Denise's Dream Life Daily Journal, you will discover many empowering gems in today's show. here are just a few: The...


145: Puppet Story

EMOTIONAL PUPPETS Are you living a puppet story? How do you know if you are? One way is answer the question, "What is the difference between my emotions and my feelings?" Seems like a trick question. But, it's not. This podcast episode has the power to free you from the whims of your emotions. Listen to it to discover the liberating answer to my puzzling question. You'll gain another powerful resource to create and live your own life by design. BOOKS IN THIS PODCAST High Performance Habits:...


144: Your Life Shift

YOUR LIFE SHIFT What do the words, you life shift, mean? In this podcast episode they mean the decisions and actions that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be in your life. Of course, none of this applies to you if you are exactly where you want to be. In that case, listen to a different podcast. The truth is that we are living in an age of tumultuous change, uncertainty, and confusion. In this environment, many people globally are actively seeking a better way to...


143: You Radio

TUNE INTO YOU You radio is playing loud and clear, but can you hear it through the noise? Our thoughts radiate at different frequencies. Many people are tuned into negative chatter, frequencies of lack and fear, or just plain noise. They find it hard to believe that there are empowering thoughts beneath the static. All they have to do to hear them is turn the dial on You Radio. Sounds strange? The little story in this podcast will clear the air and might even let you hear your own empowering...


142: Mighty Woman

MIGHTY BY CHOICE Today's podcast is an interview with a young woman who is mighty by choice. Her name is Caitlin Pyle. She believes, as I do, that anyone can be mighty by choice. Her story is about her fascinating journey from living by other people's rules to claiming her power and learning to live by her own rules. You can listen to her story two ways. One, you can hear it and say, "That's great for her, but my situation is very different. I can never do what she did." Two, you can receive...


141: Celebrate Procrastination

PROCRASTINATION JOY This podcast is my tribute to Dan Sullivan who writes brilliantly about the joy of procrastination. Dan is the founder of Strategic Coach, a company that helps elite entrepreneurs achieve exponential success. He is an original thinker who helps you (among other things) to reframe procrastination from a negative to a positive experience. He has written an entire book on the subject called "Procrastination Priority." He also does a podcast with another brilliant marketer,...


140: Becoming Burlesque

LIFE ON YOUR OWN TERMS Becoming Burlesque is a new feature film written and directed by Jackie English. It's also a story about choosing to live the life you desire, the life of your dreams, instead of a life of obligation. This podcast is an interview with Jackie English. It takes you on a journey of discovery. It will inspire you and awaken your courage and your dreams. Jackie imagined herself in many different roles as she was growing up - a pilot, a jockey, an architect, a cop. For...


139: Life With Wings

NOMADIC LIFESTYLE A nomadic lifestyle means that you frequently change your location; you choose not to have one fixed address. That can be scary or liberating. It a; depends on your mindset, your story about life and the world. Today's podcast guest is Kala Philo, a woman who gave up her traditional career and possessions and chose a life on the road. It began as an adventure. It became her permanent nomadic lifestyle. Today, Kala earns money online, the perfect choice for a person who is...


138: Smash or Save



137: Guy Gone Keto

GOT THE SUGAR BLUES? Many people have a sweet tooth. Maybe you do. It seems innocent, You might even smile when you say, "I have a sweet tooth." The truth is that sugar, the white powder that men, women, and children love, is an addictive drug. Some argue that it's right up there with cocaine. Today's podcast guest, Thom King, experienced the destructive power of sugar firsthand. One day, when he looked in the mirror, he decided that enough was enough. That's when he became the Guy Gone...


136: Weekend Story



135: Laugh It Up!

LAUGHTER LIFESTYLE Comedy is serious business. It takes courage, imagination, and true grit to make your living as a standup comic. Kathy Klotz-Guest is a professional comedian. She knows how to laugh it up and how to make others laugh as she goes through life. Have you ever wondered what kind of person becomes a comic? What makes her tick? What's the secret to her ability to touch your funny-bone again and again? You'll get those questions answered, you'll be entertained, inspired, and, you...


134: Reframe Your Life



133: Speak On Stage

STAGE FRIGHT? You can speak on stage. Anyone can. And, you definitely should. That's the main lesson you will learn in today's podcast. Our guest is Pete Vargas, a man who helps people overcome their fear of public speaking and use their new power to rock audiences from the stage and explode their businesses. Pete was not born a dynamic confident speaker. Far from it. He was a kid from a dysfunctional family with an abusive father. Fortunately, he discovered the healing power of public...


132: Are You Real?

ARE YOU REAL? Are any of us real? Or, are we made up stories projected onto us by others?


131: Hollywood Insider

MEET THE HOLLYWOOD INSIDER Hollywood is more than a place. It's a story. Actually, it's many stories, as many as we can make up in our heads. Simply put, Hollywood means something different to everyone. Your story depends on whether you live there, you like or loathe celebrity, are outgoing or shy, religious or secular. No two people see the same Hollywood. Today's guest, Harry Lowell, is a man who lives and breathes Hollywood. Not the Hollywood of glitz and glamor, but the Hollywood of...


129: Make Believe You

YOU ARE A MADE-UP STORY Your life is make believe. I expect you to deny it and call me crazy. How can your very "real" life be make believe? How can your dreams, your hopes, your joy, and your pain be make believe? Bear with me. I'm not saying your life is fake. I'm saying that you and I and everyone else create our lives, our realities, through stories that begin in the imagination and are embellished by our minds. Is that good or bad? Willie Shakespeare said it best in Hamlet, Act 2, Scene...


128: Visualization