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Laughter Heals

Laughter heals wounds. Especially, emotional wounds. Some of the deepest wounds stem from the feeling that you are an outsider, a person who does not belong. Today's guest, Hal Eisen, is a charming, handsome, loving, funny human being. He is a gift for making people laugh and feel really good. It's a double edged gift. You laugh at his wicked sense of humor; and you laugh at his laugh. Yes, Hal has a contagious laugh. He is an actor and a designer. He tells us in the podcast that his...


Own Your Power

A WOMAN CLAIMS HER LIFE What does it mean to own your power? This podcast will answer that question and inspire you to live the life you deserve and not settle for anything less. Today's guest is Edna Keep, an ordinary woman who accomplished extraordinary things by by having the courage to live her dream. Edna's dream was to stop struggling as a single mom living in subsidized housing. She set her mind to it, and she did it. Next, she wanted to create wealth for her and her family. She did...


Secret Word

SECRET WORD Most people are not aware of the power of words. The funny thing is that if you ask them if they understand the awesome power of words, they will immediately say yes. They're not lying; they just think they know how powerful words are. They've heard statements like, "the pen is mightier than the sword," and they assume they know that even a single word can powerfully affect your life, for better, or for worse. In this episode about a secret word that changed a man forever you...


Choice Is Power

How can you step into leadership? First, you must learn to lead yourself; only then, can you lead others. The most effective leaders do not lead by coercion or force. They lead by example; they inspire people to follow them. Willard Barth is a strong effective leader. He developed his leadership in the front lines of life and business. He fought personal demons and conquered them. He endured hardship that could have broken him and driven him to play the victim. He became a warrior sage...


Unlocking Leadership

THE MUSIC OF LEADERSHIP What is leadership? What does a leader look like? Those are loaded questions. There will be as many answers as there are people who read this. Today's guest, Yigal Adato, is a passionate, committed leader who helps business people discover and step into their own authentic leadership. He earned the right to teach leadership by walking his own talk, by holding himself accountable to high standards fro living, and by taking 100% responsibility for his actions and his...


Define Your Life

DEFINE YOUR LIFE Life is an exciting turbulent river. Most people allow life's current to carry them where it will. When they don't like their destination, they blame it on circumstances. Leaders navigate life's waters with purpose and intention. They set and control their sail to end up at their chosen destination. They life by choice and self responsibility. They shape their circumstances and define their lives. Denise Walsh is a leader. She began her journey to self-determination as a...


Words or Weapons

SUMMARY Your words create your reality. Be aware of the words you say to yourself every day, consciously or unconsciously. You are happy or sad, productive or frustrated, growing or stuck, rich or poor because of the language you use in your daily self-talk. SHOW NOTES "The pen is mightier than the sword." 0:33 Quote from novelist and playwright, Edward Bulwer Lytton. 0:41 I'm launching an additional short weekly episode of Change Your Story, Change Your Life. 0:55 This new format is...


Claim Your Worth

CLAIM YOUR WORTH What is an expert, and what is expertise? I’m sure there are as many answers to this question as there are people who hear it. David C. Baker is an expert on expertise. He has thought long and hard about what makes someone an expert, and he illuminates the subject with precision, clarity and depth in his book, “The Business of Expertise.” If you are an entrepreneur who wants to take your business to new heights, you’ll gain insight on how to do it from my interview with...


Last Bad Day

YOUR LAST BAD DAY How can a severe accident, a near death experience, become a person's greatest gift? You will discover the inspiring answer to that question in this podcast. Michael OBrien was living a successful life - on the surface. He had a career, money, family, everything that is supposed to add up to happiness. Behind this facade, at the core of his being, he felt trapped and unfulfilled. In his own words, he was a "human doer," not a human being. Unfortunately, many people live...


Murder Story

MURDER STORY There are schools, and there are schools. Some are highly respected by society. They offer book learning, a competitive grading system, and a fast track to the top of the social ladder. Some of these schools have have higher prestige, status, and celebrity than others. A diploma or degree from one of these institutions can open many doors that lead to respect, social acceptance, and wealth. The street can also serve as a school. So can a prison. Your education in these hard...


Burn Your Boats

BURN YOUR BOATS Imagine building your business with highly qualified referrals that you never even asked for. That's not a dream or wishful thinking. It's a reality for Stacey Brown Randall. Her expertise is showing you how to generate referrals without asking. She earned the right to teach high level lead generation through observation, practice, and hard work. She didn't like many of the referral strategies that she saw in the corporate world. She discovered that her corporate life was...


Burn Your Boats

Imagine building your business with highly qualified referrals that you never even asked for. That's not a dream or wishful thinking. It's a reality for Stacey Brown Randall. Her expertise is showing you how to generate referrals without asking. She earned the right to teach high level lead generation through observation, practice, and hard work. She didn't like many of the referral strategies that she saw in the corporate world. She discovered that her corporate life was restrictive, and...


Power To Transform

You are what you identify with. You identify with thoughts that grow into images that you allow to live in your mind. Let's say you have a menial job. Does it define you? Only if you identify yourself as menial. Today's guest is a man who refused to identify with self images that limited his growth, creativity, and his shot at greatness. He has played a variety of roles in life, from the mundane to the extraordinary. He conquered obesity; he overcame a stutter, he transformed from stocking...


Write That Book

How can you immediately stand out from the crowd? Write a book that positions you as the go to expert in your area of expertise. Then make sure it becomes an Amazon best seller. The moment you do that new doors will open to you, and you will easily attract lucrative opportunities. Right now you may be thinking that this sounds great but writing a book is far beyond your reach.Don't worry. Most people believe that limiting thought. And that's all it is, a thought, a belief, a fear based...


Your Hidden Power

What do you think and feel when you hear statements like, "Humans only use ten percent of their full potential," or, "You have genius in you?" Do you want to believe those things, but find it hard to fully accept them? Do you feel that you would be naive or silly to believe that you have unlimited potential? Potential for what? Enormous financial success. An exciting lifestyle. Deep personal relationships that fill you with joy. Don't feel bad if you believe that unlimited anything in your...


Create Or Destroy

We all walk a fine line between creation and destruction. We choose one or the other by the way we react or respond to tough life experiences. Some people become hateful, vindictive, and destructive when someone or something hurts them badly. Then there are those who use pain as a source of growth, creativity, and contribution. It's all about mindset. The creative mindset transforms suffering into beauty. The destructive mindset expands and inflicts pain. Brandon Walden has suffered. He...



We live in an age of disruption. And that's a good thing. Technology is disrupting antiquated ways of living. It's creating a more efficient, safer, and enlightened world. Entrepreneurs are disrupting our models of work, earning money, and transforming society. If you doubt any of these statements, read "Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth, and Impact the World," by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. Chris Dayley, today's guest is a disruptive force in the marketing world. He's disrupting...


Becoming Men

What is a man? Seems like an obvious question. The answer is not so obvious, especially today. Our troubled world has launched a full scale attack on the identity of men. Some men are speaking up about it. Many are suffering in silence and confusion. Connor Beaton is a man who paid the price for defining who he is. His identity was tied to traditional success for awhile. Then, he hit rock bottom and experienced homelessness. Connor kept asking himself the right questions and rewrote his...


Naked Truth

Men and women are at war. I'm talking about the super charged battle of the sexes spearheaded by the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The lines are drawn, and each day the genders become more polarized. Many women are stepping forward and expressing their pent up rage. This podcast does not takes sides. Today's guest is a smart, independent, powerful woman. Her name is Sonya Cote. She was a proud professional stripper. She is a jazz singer, an actress, an author, and a mom. Sonya has every...


Moron to Rockstar

It's always about your story. If you think you are bad with money, you are. If you think you can earn more money than you will ever need, you can. Don't believe me? Well, that's your story, and, it is true for you. Scott Alan Turner lived into a story early in his life that made him a "money moron." Fortunately for him and for you, he changed his story and became a self-made millionaire in his 30's, retired early, and now helps people create their own empowering money stories. This...


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