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213: Fired Up

FIRED UP Today's episode is an interview with Cody Byrns, a man with a jaw dropping inspiring story about overcoming horrific obstacles and achieving success and happiness. Cody's story is a journey from hope, through darkness and pain, to growth and enrichment. Today, he is an internationally recognized speaker and #1 best selling author of the book, Scar Release: Breaking Free of yesterday's Troubles. As you listen, these are some fascinating discoveries you'll make along the way: The...


212: Crazy Stories

CRAZY STORIES You're probably familiar with the idea of self talk. Maybe, you're too familiar with it. You just assume you know what it is, so you take it for granted. You understand self talk in your head. But, you don't pay close attention to it in your daily life. Don't worry. You are not alone. This episode looks closely at the real power of self talk to enrich your life, or to destroy it. When self talk happens automatically and is not monitored it can create crazy stories. Crazy...


211: Who Writes Your Story?

WHO WRITES YOUR STORY? Is your life based on lies, made-up stories, or noble beliefs? What if they are all the same thing? Then, the important question becomes, "Who writes your story?" This episode explore the idea that we all need stories to motivate and inspire our lives, and that all our beliefs serve to keep us in the game of living. But, make no mistake about it; all beliefs are constructs. They are made up. Most of us grew up with strong beliefs about the importance of formal...


210: Zero Limits

ZERO LIMITS This episode takes a deeper dive into the premise of my podcast; it explores the idea that every thought you have, every word you speak, is a story or part of a story. That means that you are making up reality; you are making up and creating your life. You have the potential to create a life with zero limits. Will you do it? I found the inspiration for today's show in the work of Joe Vitale, one of the teachers in the famous movie, "The Secret." Vitale co-authored, with Dr. Hew...


209: Thoughts Are Things

THOUGHTS ARE THINGS Today's episode is truly a game changing, story changing thing. You will learn why and how your thoughts are things; they are thought things. Thoughts are things is not just an analogy. It is literal. A thought is as much a thing as a hot burning coal, a shard of glass, or a soft pillow. And, like things, thoughts affect your physical body. You'll be amazed at what science is revealing about the power of your thoughts to create any reality you desire. Enjoy this...


208: Story Loops

STORY LOOPS We all get caught in story loops, but often we don't know it. In fact, we may not even know what a story loop is. A story loop is a recurring thought or series of thoughts that play in our heads over and over. It's like listening to a broken record that's stuck in one spot. We experience three different kinds of story loops: Obsession - We are preoccupied with something or someone that we have made very important in our minds. Resistance - We have recurring unpleasant thoughts...


207: Name Game

NAME GAME This episode explores the question, "What's in a name?" Listen and play the name game while you learn some fascinating things about your name and your persona. We all have a name. Most of us take our names for granted. We don't think about the stories our names tell to the world. Robert tells a different story than Bobby. In my case, Louis tells a different story than Louie. Here's my story about that. I play a lot of mobsters in movies. I used to go by the name of Louie. And, on...


206: Good Hood

GOOD HOOD This episode will empower you to triumph over any of life's circumstances. You will hear the true inspiring story of a man who was born into extreme adversity and chose to create an extraordinary life in spite of it. The man is Johnny Wimbrey. He was raised in a battered women's shelter. He learned to survive on the street as a fourteen year old drug dealer. He had a rap sheet before he was twenty. Today, he is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, coach and team builder...


205: FOMO

FOMO It must be pretty widespread to have its own acronym. I'm talking about FOMO, the fear of missing out. Missing out on what? Anything. You name it. Not having the latest smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. Not getting in on the prelaunch of a marketing guru's latest course or product. Missing the deadline for that VIP membership site; hey, who knows when or if it will open again? We've all experienced the fear of missing out to some degree in our lives. After all, this is the...


204: Stages of Truth

STAGES OF TRUTH The philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, gave us the concept of the three stages of truth. There's a debate about whether or not it was Schopenhauer. That's not what this podcast is about. This episode explores the brilliant observation that any new truth must pass through three stages before it is fully accepted and embraced by society. The three stages of truth are: Ridicule Violent Opposition Self Evident It's fascinating that people will accept something as self evident,...


203: Scary Story

SCARY STORY This episode is about a scary story that isn't scary at all. In fact, it's an exciting story if you choose to see what it's really about. First, an important reminder. Tyrion Lannister, at the finale of Game of Thrones, says that people are not united by armies, gold, or flags. They are united by stories, and that there is nothing more powerful than a good story. The people who laugh at that statement don't get how profound it is. Tyrion is saying that all of life is a...


201: Throne Story

GAME OF THRONES What secrets can you learn from Game of Thrones? More than you can imagine. This episode reveals some fascinating gems in the finale of the epic series, Game of Thrones. There are powerful lessons in the show about life, power, and storytelling. First, we must answer the question, "Who won the Game of Thrones?" We know that Bran the Broken was named emperor of six kingdoms. Many audience members were shocked and appalled by this choice. But, did Bran really win the throne?...


200: Exponential Income

EXPONENTIAL INCOME This 200th episode of Change Your Story, Change Your Life looks at the stories behind our beliefs about money. It explores some facts and myths that may affect your life in ways your never thought about. You'll learn: The fascinating link that unites these three things - sewing machines, cars, and hamburgers A brief history of franchises The powerful difference between linear and residual or exponential income Why exponential income is so attractive and so scary limiting...


199: Singularity

SINGULARITY This episode is about human evolution. It's about digital technology. It's about disruption. It's the story of the singularity. What is the singularity? It's that moment in time when AI exceeds human intelligence and man merges with the machine. Sounds like a sci-fi horror story? To some. To others, like Ray Kurzweil, author of The Singularity is Near, it's a step in human development that takes us closer to genius and immortality. I do not try to impose a point of view on you...


198: Rules of Consent

RULES OF CONSENT Should we hate or thank Harvey Weinstein. His behavior as a sexual predator awakened a new social awareness about the dialogue between men and women when it comes to sex. The Me Too movement has raised uncomfortable and important questions about the rules of consent. One of those questions is, "When does yes mean no?" It's a heated question; some may feel that yes can only mean yes.. Today's podcast guest is talented Canadian playwright, Amy Lee Lavoie. Her latest play,...


197: Ideal Story

IDEAL STORY It's good to pursue ideals. Right? Not always. When you set goals that are really ideals, you create a blueprint for disappointment and failure. How do you know the difference between an ideal and a real goal? That's what this ideal story reveals. This episode presents the core ideas of Dan Sullivan's brilliant book, The Gap and the Gain: Building Your Progress and Happiness on How Your Brain Works for You. Dan is a powerful agent of change whose thinking can dramatically...


196: “True” Stories

TRUE STORIES Is it possible for a true story to be untrue? Yes. Although true stories are based on"facts," the person "telling" the story must present those facts in a frame that carries his/her bias or interpretation of the facts. Simply put, what we call objective reality is always tinged by subjectivity. What you look at is always colored by the lens through which you view it. This episode explores fascinating examples of this. The first one focuses on a famous Impressionist painting, "Le...


195: Suits

SUITS People wear suits. People love suits. People hate suits. There's a popular TV series called Suits. Suits tell stories. They tell stories, and we buy into them. Sometimes, the stories are innocent. Sometimes, they're not. This episode explores the history of suits in Western culture. It looks at how styles have changed as well as the symbolic stories that accompany those styles. You'll learn about how you see others and yourself as we travel through time with changing fashions. These...


194: Story of a Hat

STORY OF A HAT Imagine if your clothes could talk. What would they say? What stories would they tell? This episode is about a "talking" hat; it's about the story of a hat. This no ordinary hat. It is the red MAGA hat worn by Trump supporters. Not only does this hat talk, it tells different stories to different people. Strong, loud, passionate stories that, all too often, trigger violent actions. Earlier this month, a black man wearing a MAGA hat was violently assaulted and robbed by two...


193: All About Sex

GETTING LAID Yes, today's podcast is all about sex. It's all about getting laid. No, the show is not becoming a porn pod. Today, we will explore what sex means to a man and a woman who spend a night together between the sheets. You'll discover that it can mean very different things to each of them. Our guests are Anne van Leeuwen and Ryan Hollyman, two very talented actors who are currently performing in a play called C'MON, Angie at the Assembly Theatre in Toronto. This is a smart,...