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The stories you tell yourself determine the quality of your life. The stories you tell in business determine the level of your income. The interviews and training in this podcast will show you how to enrich every area of your life with the power of storytelling.

The stories you tell yourself determine the quality of your life. The stories you tell in business determine the level of your income. The interviews and training in this podcast will show you how to enrich every area of your life with the power of storytelling.




The stories you tell yourself determine the quality of your life. The stories you tell in business determine the level of your income. The interviews and training in this podcast will show you how to enrich every area of your life with the power of storytelling.






227: The Most Powerful Story

WHAT YOU SAY TO YOURSELF This episode reveals the two most powerful words that determine the quality of your life. Discover how you are creating the reality you live into every day by using two simple ordinary words. Then, learn how to remove the limits you put on your thinking and your accomplishments by changing the way you talk to yourself. BOOK IN THIS PODCAST Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life by Jim Kwik QUOTE “Our eyes only see and...


226: Professional Victims

ARE THERE PROFESSIONAL VICTIMS? I wish I could answer no, but I can't. Unfortunately, the truth is that there are many professional victims, and their club is growing exponentially in today's world. This episode explores the victim mindset that I have labelled Rearden Syndrome. The name refers to a principal character, Hank Rearden, in Ayn Rand's 1957 novel, Atlas Shrugged. The book quickly became an entrepreneur's manifesto, and it still is today. Our podcast guest is Randy Gage, a...


225: Coronavirus Story

WHAT'S MORE DEADLY THAN CORONAVIRUS? This episode presents a fascinating view of COVID 19 that can empower you and give you the strength and hope to face down this dangerous viral threat. Here are some of the empowering highlights in this podcast: You will learn a simple party game called the Telephone Game that will let you experience firsthand the awesome power of storytelling in your life. Then, you will see the link between this game and the information that you choose to accept about...


224: Fly High

Will You Dare to Fly Too High? This episode explores the powerful social story that controls many of our lives today. It is a story that demands our obedience, our conformity, our silence, and our willingness to destroy our dreams that challenge the status quo. It is a story that made the industrial age and corporate culture dominant for many decades. It is a story that is disintegrating. But, it still hold son to us and stops us from creating, growing, and standing out. In 2020, we are...


223: All Beliefs Are Stories

This episode is a continuation of our exploration about you beliefs as made up stories. It takes you on a fascinating, sometimes scary ride, into your unconscious mind and reveals it's power to create reality. Some things you will discover in this episode: The answer to the question, "Would you confess to a crime you did not commit?" Any thought that you focus on long enough can become your reality. A documented shocking case of false confession. What a play about the Salem witch trials of...


222: Your Beliefs Are Stories

Humans are hardwired to feel that their beliefs are real. We filter all that we see and hear through our beliefs and think that the world we perceive is objective reality. There is so much evidence to prove that all beliefs are just made up stories. Why do we make them up? In order to feel that our lives are on solid ground. There is an upside to that. There is also a major downside. Our beliefs often clash with the beliefs of others. If we hold on to our narratives tightly we will...


221: Change Your Story Reinvented

This is the first episode of 2020. I'm introducing a new lean format that will feature many solo episodes. Each new episode will explore another way that stories create our reality.


220: Fitness Rocks

FITNESS ROCKS Today, it’s easy for everyone to be physically fit. It’s also easy not to. Which choice will you make? It all depends on your story. This episode has the potential to change your life. It can inspire you to become the best version of yourself, physically, emotionally, and financially. Our guest is Russ Yeager, a man who transformed himself from a chubby kid who didn’t like his body to a man who won an international physical transformation contest. Now, he helps people...


219: Sweet Spot

SWEET SPOT A sweet spot in golf is the perfect place to hit the ball. You know you’ve hit the sweet spot when you hear that addictive “crack” sound the driver makes as it connects and sends the ball on a victorious flight toward the green. That kind of golf shot is addictive because you, your club, and your ball become one, and you feel the thrill of excellence in your body. Today’s podcast guest is a golf pro, Cindy Miller. She understands how golf is a perfect metaphor for life. She not...


218: Darkness Into Light

DARKNESS INTO LIGHT Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love:Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles,” said, “It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” Today’s guest is a woman whose life supports Williamson’s words. Her name is Kerri Hummingbird, and her story is an inspiring example of a person’s journey from darkness into light. She is the author of two books, a spiritual guide, and a healer. She is also the host of the Soul Nectar podcast. Our...


217: Flip To Win

FLIP TO WIN This episode is about flipping houses. Actually, it’s about much more than that. It’s about learning how to flip to win. Flip what? Your life, of course. Today’s guest, Mike Green, is an expert on flipping houses to create financial freedom. The thing is that Mike would have never achieved success and freedom if he didn’t first flip his life from the losing side to the winning side. You’re in for a rich experience as you listen to Mike. He will teach you how to flip to win....


216: Friday Story

FRIDAY STORY What is the Friday story? It’s the universal freedom cry of people who trade their time for money each week from Monday to Friday. The expression TGIF makes people smile and celebrate time away from responsibility and, often, boredom. But, is the Friday story something to smile about? It can be. And, it can also be a trap that keeps people stuck in unfulfilling work and mediocrity. This episode explores the TGIF mindset. It aims to raise your awareness about the story you tell...


215: Your Worst Enemy

YOUR WORST ENEMY Have you ever heard the expression, you are your worst enemy? You’ve heard it and probably have said it. This episode explores that expression that many of us regard as innocent. We take a close look at how those words impact our lives, and, often, steal our happiness. We also look at how “You are your worst enemy” is a narrative built on other narratives. The goal of this episode is to raise your awareness about the stories that are all too familiar to us that we tell...


214: Power of Story

STORY POWER Never underestimate story power. A work of pure fiction has the power to enrich your life or to end it. Today, we live in a world where powerful narratives of division and hate are leading to death and destruction. One of the most powerful contemporary stories is the myth of white supremacy. Do you understand and acknowledge story power in your life?


213: Fired Up

FIRED UP Today’s episode is an interview with Cody Byrns, a man with a jaw dropping inspiring story about overcoming horrific obstacles and achieving success and happiness. Cody’s story is a journey from hope, through darkness and pain, to growth and enrichment. Today, he is an internationally recognized speaker and #1 best selling author of the book, Scar Release: Breaking Free of yesterday’s Troubles. As you listen, these are some fascinating discoveries you’ll make along the way: The...


212: Crazy Stories

CRAZY STORIES You’re probably familiar with the idea of self talk. Maybe, you’re too familiar with it. You just assume you know what it is, so you take it for granted. You understand self talk in your head. But, you don’t pay close attention to it in your daily life. Don’t worry. You are not alone. This episode looks closely at the real power of self talk to enrich your life, or to destroy it. When self talk happens automatically and is not monitored it can create crazy stories. Crazy...


211: Who Writes Your Story?

WHO WRITES YOUR STORY? Is your life based on lies, made-up stories, or noble beliefs? What if they are all the same thing? Then, the important question becomes, “Who writes your story?” This episode explore the idea that we all need stories to motivate and inspire our lives, and that all our beliefs serve to keep us in the game of living. But, make no mistake about it; all beliefs are constructs. They are made up. Most of us grew up with strong beliefs about the importance of formal...


210: Zero Limits

ZERO LIMITS This episode takes a deeper dive into the premise of my podcast; it explores the idea that every thought you have, every word you speak, is a story or part of a story. That means that you are making up reality; you are making up and creating your life. You have the potential to create a life with zero limits. Will you do it? I found the inspiration for today’s show in the work of Joe Vitale, one of the teachers in the famous movie, “The Secret.” Vitale co-authored, with Dr. Hew...


209: Thoughts Are Things

THOUGHTS ARE THINGS Today’s episode is truly a game changing, story changing thing. You will learn why and how your thoughts are things; they are thought things. Thoughts are things is not just an analogy. It is literal. A thought is as much a thing as a hot burning coal, a shard of glass, or a soft pillow. And, like things, thoughts affect your physical body. You’ll be amazed at what science is revealing about the power of your thoughts to create any reality you desire. Enjoy this...


208: Story Loops

STORY LOOPS We all get caught in story loops, but often we don’t know it. In fact, we may not even know what a story loop is. A story loop is a recurring thought or series of thoughts that play in our heads over and over. It’s like listening to a broken record that’s stuck in one spot. We experience three different kinds of story loops: Obsession – We are preoccupied with something or someone that we have made very important in our minds. Resistance – We have recurring unpleasant thoughts...