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Episode 5: Finding His Own Beat

On this episode, we sit down with Isaiah Wafer, an up and coming DJ and producer. He started off at Clarkson University as a history major, but left halfway to pursue his dreams in music. Like Isaiah, many millennials secretly aspire to make art-related fields their primary focus in life. The greatest challenge, I think, is creating a stable source of income out of it. Isaiah talks to us about how he dealt with this, as well as other obstacles he has faced in chasing his passions. His...


Episode 4: Putting the Shovel to the Ground

On this episode of Chasers, we have a bit of a different story. We talk to Emma Seaver, who was the first person in her family to ever go to college. Being a first-generation college student, she always dreamed of having her family watch her as she walked across the stage to get her diploma. She spent five years working towards her degree. Just when she thought graduation was around the corner, she was told that unfortunately she hadn’t met the requirements to graduate for her...


Episode 3: Broadcasting My Own Path

In this episode of Chasers, we speak to Sam Ravech. At 22 years old, Sam Ravech is currently the youngest play-by-play broadcaster in AA baseball. He recently graduated from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism. He was raised in a household that loved and valued sports with his father, Karl Ravech, the host of ESPN's baseball tonight. Sam dreamed of following in his father's footsteps and during college did play-by-play broadcasting for Pepperdine...


Episode 2: From Banana Fibre to Pads, Period.

In this episode of Chasers, we speak to Kristin Kagetsu who is the co-founder of Saathi. From a young age, she has been passionate about empowering girls and women to make a difference. It’s this passion that led her to co-found Saathi. Saathi is a company that produces 100% biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads. The pads are made from banana tree fiber, which is an agro-waste. What is amazing about Saathi is their completely sustainable manufacturing process from beginning to end....


Episode 1: The Thing About Scholarships

In this episode of Chasers, we speak to Joseph Alim who is the co-founder of Scholarjet. When Joseph found out he was admitted into Northeastern University, he could not be more excited! That is...... until he found out that the cost of his education was going to be more than $60,000 per year. Joseph's strengths were more in engineering and science. This made it difficult for Joseph to apply and earn scholarships because the majority of them are writing based. Joseph then decided to divert...


Episode 0: What is Chasers?

In this episode of Chasers, co-hosts Ryan and Nihar share the story behind the podcast. Please Subscribe to our show! Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @chaserspodcast.